THE 32nd ANNUAL DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS panelists predict the Emmy winners: Dan J Kroll

Posted Thursday, May 19, 2005 11:12:38 AM
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Dan is the founder and editor of Soap Opera Central. His "must see" soap is All My Children, but Dan does get a chance to watch all of the soaps on a regular basis. Dan started Soap Opera Central as part of his personal home page in 1995. Dan lives in Philadelphia and does somehow find time to do things other than Soap Opera Central, including sports, music, and enjoying the great Pennsylvania countryside.

Previous Predictions
2004: 0 for 8
2003: 2 for 8
2002: 2 for 8
2001: 1 for 8


After reviewing mounds and mounds of episodes burned to DVD from my Tivo units -- I'm ready to make some predictions. I honestly think that All My Children is the front runner in this category. The show devoted an entire year to pretty much a single storyline: its baby swap. However, the episodes that the show submitted for Emmy consideration weren't really the best of the bunch. Meanwhile, General Hospital submitted two consecutive episodes from its big hotel fire story. I think that this will give the show the edge.
Who should win: All My Children
Who will win: General Hospital


I say this just about every year that I've done the predictions: Grant Aleksander did a great job last year. I am not sure how he has been in daytime television for so long without an Emmy win. Meanwhile, Christian Leblanc earns his first Lead Actor nod this year. I think Leblanc is also a wonderful actor -- so much so that earlier this year he was "loaned" out to As the World Turns for an episode or two.
Who should win: Grant Aleksander
Who will win: Grant Aleksander

I think every actress on daytime television is nominated in this category. Juliet Mills nabbed Passions first lead acting nomination, but I don't think that she'll get the nod simply because Passions has a negative view associated with it. Erika Slezak is the most victorious performer in this category -- when she's nominated, she wins. However, I think that a first timer will win: Kassie DePaiva. DePaiva had a very strong year and in her submissions she included scenes in which she acted opposite Slezak. Two powerful actresses in one set of submission reels. You can't beat that.
Who should win: Kassie DePaiva
Who will win: Kassie DePaiva

This is a rally tough category for me. I question some of the nominees, but that isn't really my place to do so. Justin Deas pretty much wins every time he gets a nomination. I think the man has more Emmy wins than years I've been alive. Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration -- but he has won a lot of Emmys. I think that Greg Rikaart, however, has done some great things on Y&R this past year and I'd like to see him get some praise for his work. Meanwhile, the two AMC nominees nullify each other. Christopher is a dark horse because he played dual roles on GH.
Who should win: Greg Rikaart
Who will win: Justin Deas

It's no secret that I am a fan of Robin Christopher -- her work as Skye has no only spanned three soaps, but it has entertained for some time. I'd love to see her win an Emmy. I am not sure if Emmy voters do the whole "we should have given them the award before and blundered" thing like the Oscars do. If that's the case, Jeanne Cooper may be the frontrunner. Cooper has never won an Emmy (not counting last year's Lifetime Achievement Award). I think that, coupled with some good scenes and the fact that she is in the Supporting Actress field this year, may change that little footnote. However, you also have Heather Tom, who is an Emmy darling. This is the first time she nominated for a role other than her former Y&R role.
Who should win: Heather Tom
Who will win: Jeanne Cooper

This is an interesting category because there are a lot of new names and faces here. Only one nominee -- Jacob Young -- has previously been awarded an Emmy. I like Young's work on AMC, but I am not sure that he will get the Emmy this year. His scenes are all tied to the babyswap -- and that might be a bit too much for voters to deal with. I think that David Lago deserved to win in previous years and now that he is done at Y&R that might give him some extra bonus points. Voters love to give exiting (or exited) stars awards. However, Tom Pelphrey turned in some excellent work over on CBS's Guiding Light. But expect newcomer Graziadei to win because the scenes that he chose were probably the best selections of all this year's Younger Actor nominees.
Who should win: Tom Pelphrey
Who will win: Michael Graziadei

Eden Riegel. I've picked Eden three times before -- and she's lost all three times. I almost want to not pick her because I want to see her win. One of Riegel's submission scenes -- the episode where she was informed that her baby had died -- still haunts me. The actual reveal and reaction is done off-screen, but Riegel's shriek of pain and sorrow echoes through the hospital scene's corridors. The piercing scream not only sent chills up my spine, but also tears down my cheek. Eden Riegel performed miracles with otherwise subpar material (see AMC's non-nomination in the Writing category) and deserves to win an Emmy.
Who should win: Eden Riegel
Who will win: Eden Riegel

I admit that I am very much biased in this category. I am a big fan of Hogan Sheffer and think that his work during his tenure at As the World Turns was great. Sure, he suffered a bit of a handicap because he was unfamiliar with the show when he started, but the work that he did was... great stuff.
Who should win: As the World Turns
Who will win: As the World Turns

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