THE 35th ANNUAL DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS panelists predict the Emmy winners: Tony S

Posted Sunday, June 15, 2008 5:21:37 PM
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2009 Daytime Emmys: Predictions from Tony S


SWM ISO - wait ... wrong profile. Tony started watching Days of Our Lives at a tender age and his fascination with the characters of Salem has yet to wan. In October of 2007 he became a Two Scoops Columnist and has loved sharing his thoughts and opinions with other fans. When not strolling through Soapland, he writes, enjoys movies and is in the process of perfecting eyebrow communication like his idol John Black.

Previous Predictions This is the first time that Tony has "officially" made predictions.


My gut tells me One Life to Live. Last year was a big one in Llanview and, based on what they submitted, that might just be enough for them to bring home the gold. It's going to be a close race, yet One Life stood out amongst the crowd with an excellent blend of comedy and tragedy. The storylines were solid, the actors shined - all in all it was just one heck of a great show.


At the end of the night I think Christian LeBlanc will walk away a winner - again. The Days-o-Holic in me would love to see "wild card" Penghlis snag it, but unfortunately predictions aren't like potato chips and we're limited to just one. LeBlanc simply owns his scenes. He's amazingly talented, had great material to play with last year and manages to have chemistry with every actor he interacts with. In this daytime jungle, LeBlanc seems to have what it takes to remain the king.

This was by far the hardest one to pick - it's like being asked what you'd like for dessert when all the choices are delicious. In the end, however, I went with Michelle Stafford. Be it hilarious or heart wrenching, she commands the screen and drives home performances that are honest and true to the character ... characters! Phyllis had a lot going on last year and those ups and downs portrayed so perfectly will be hard to overlook when it comes down to, "And the winner is ..."


Trent Dawson. Yep, that's my pick. He's been in the race for the last few years and I think 2007 will earn him his laurels. He's just fun! He subtly (and sometimes not-so-subtly) steals the screen with his natural charisma and makes Henry a very interesting character to watch. I mean, who can resist a nerdy chic underdog with a sarcastic streak and a love of martinis? Whereas he has some stiff competition, I have a hunch this is his year.

Now, I'm not falling prey to nepotism, but I'm going with Judi Evans. Not only is she a seasoned vet who already has one Emmy, she got to play the acting trump card - two distinctive roles. Bonnie Lockhart was an eccentric schemer, yet Evans smoothly stepped back into the role of kind, supportive Adrienne Johnson after a sixteen year hiatus. Tracey Bregman was my VERY close second choice, but I believe Evans might add another golden statuette to her mantel based on how different the characters were and how skillfully she pulled them off.


I did the Hansis/Pelphrey tug of war on this one over and over again and in the end I picked Pelphrey. Whereas they're both very talented young actors, Pelphrey seems to have the deck slightly stacked in his favor. His performances were rock solid and he had stellar material to work with. With a win already under his belt he has the momentum and I think he's an Emmy freight train that can't be stopped. Sorry Darin Brooks, I still "heart" you too, don't worry!

Wow, this was another hard one, but I suspect Rachel Melvin might sneak up and snatch the win. She's a remarkable young actress who plays her character with a lot of zest. More so, she knows who her character is and that helps produce a very natural feel to her performances. Chelsea was involved in some pretty heavy storylines last year and that might tip the scales in her favor. I feel confident that her name will also be on the canvass next year as she's already produced some great material in 2008. Her biggest obstacle, however, is the Emmy powerhouse Jennifer Landon who's coming into the awards with two consecutive wins. It's true that things usually come in threes, but I think Melvin has what it takes to pull off a little Emmy upset.

I'm going with One Life to Live again on this one. It really bounced back last year and told some outstanding stories. With its own unique mix of silliness and seriousness, storylines like Asa's death and the "Paris" plot made it such a well balanced show. The writers also seemed to utilize the strengths of its seasoned actors and thrust them into storylines that made tuning in hard to resist.

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