How General Hospital's Maurice Benard became a "Swiftie"

Posted Wednesday, April 03, 2024 1:00:59 PM
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General Hospital star Maurice Benard discovered a love for Taylor Swift in the most adorable way.

In 2023, Taylor Swift took the world by storm once again with her sold-out Eras Tour across America. In 2024, Swift brought the tour to your small screens for you to enjoy at home, and General Hospital star Maurice Benard has done just that. However, that's not the only thing that's turned the actor into a fan.

"I'm going to admit to you I wasn't a thrifty (Swifty)," Benard posted to Instagram along with a video of his little granddaughter TT dancing to a Taylor tune. "Not because I didn't think @taylorswift was incredibly talented I get the hoopla. It just really wasn't my kind of music and her boyfriend @killatrav beat my guy @brock.purdy13 in the Super Bowl not a great thing to do!!!

"But after a week at home with my kids and grandkids, watching her concert and watching my granddaughter, TT dance. I'M A SWIFTY."

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It turns out that Benard's on-screen daughters are also Swifties, as Ava and Grace Scarola, the twins who play Avery, chimed in with, "We can be Swifties together."

Kate Mansi (Kristina) also got in on the fun, saying, "Welcome in. This yr turned me too damnit."

The actor has been chronicling TT's new life as a budding ballerina on social media for weeks, posting a video of her in class in March. "TT is improving. What do you think? So you think she can dance?" he asked.

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Benard has also never made a secret of his love for the San Francisco 49ers, posing in a team jersey while watching a game two weeks before the Super Bowl. He captioned the pic with: "Brock Purdy can't win from behind. Well, how about two weekends in a row. Does it remind you of another @49ers quarterback!!! well, let's just say @brock.purdy13 has the record for more yards in one year in 49er history."

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As the world knows, Swift is dating Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce. The Chiefs ultimately beat the 49ers in this year's Super Bowl. If you need more Taylor Swift in your life, the singer's Eras Tour (Taylor's Version) is currently streaming on Disney+.

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