Hating hate sex? How General Hospital fans really feel about Drew and Nina's surprise moment of passion

Posted Wednesday, April 10, 2024 3:58:04 PM
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Drew and Nina took hate to a whole new level on General Hospital when, out of nowhere, they had sex.

When General Hospital's Drew Cain learned that Nina Reeves was the one who turned him and Carly in to the SEC, resulting in him throwing himself on his sword and going to jail for Carly, he vowed to get revenge. However, nobody expected that revenge to include office sex, especially Drew and Nina.

Now, Nina is mortified by what happened, while Drew is more nonchalant about it -- but fans aren't nonchalant at all. Many are absolutely horrified by what they saw. From the way the scene happened to the fact that it happened at all, GH fans have a lot to say about a turn of events nobody ever asked for.

The moment Drew learned Nina was the SEC informant, he balled his fists together while assuring her that he would have assaulted her if she weren't a woman. He then literally backed her into a corner as he glared at her with rage and yelled in her face. Some audience members found that scene to be creepy and disturbing, which led to one of the main gripes they had with Nina and Drew having sex.

"In case anyone forgot, Drew said out loud he wanted to physically hurt Nina and approached her in a physically threatening manner," @jelevision pointed out in an X (formerly known as Twitter) post along with video evidence of Drew's words.

In another tweet, the same fan added, "The fact this show wrote Drew and Nina to have sex before Drew even apologized for threatening to physically assault her is disgustingly on brand for misogynistic and problematic."

The scene also seemed to come out of nowhere, with Nina grabbing Drew's shirt to keep him from walking away from their argument. The shirt suddenly ripped, Nina oddly told Drew he had a nice body -- and then performed an out-of-character act when she started unbuttoning her own shirt to seduce him.

@PricklyPundit found the whole thing to be cringe-worthy, saying, "The hate sex dialogue was so atrocious. I was embarrassed for Nina and scratching my head at Drew. The scene was supposed to be messy & risqué and the chemistry is there, but all that translated in dialogue was awkwardness. This does not bode well for the new writers."

The day after, fans were still as appalled by what they had just watched, especially how misogynistic and nasty Drew was during the not-very-glowing afterglow. First, he joked about her losing her looks and told her it would take more than some rug burns from floor sex to get him to do anything nice for her.

"Somehow the conversation between Drew and Nina is even more nasty than anything yesterday," tweeted @twilightgleams.

Others were offended by how Nina is being written. Just recently, Valentin reminded her that she is a strong, accomplished, independent woman who doesn't need a man, and now she seemed desperate as she told Drew the sex was a down payment on him helping her get back into Willow's good graces. The character had never used sex to get men to do things for her before, so why now?

"I hate this version of Nina," wrote @Lovatics820. "The disgusting & horrifying hate sex could've reminded her who tf she was. Regret but accepted that it happened & realized that she's Nina Reeves & she needs no man. Instead, she was groveling & the subject to more aggression from Drew."

However, some did enjoy this storyline turn of events, even if they didn't expect to.

"Drew/Nina sex scenes were raw and kinda hot," said @YankeesPhan23. "Can't believe I'm saying this. What's wrong with me?"

Perhaps one viewer summed it up best with his assessment of the SEC situation: "The one good thing about this Drew/Nina hate sex is that everyone can stop bitching about the SEC debacle. Why stay mad at her when the 'victim' done slept with her?"

Do you think this speaks well for the new writers? What are your thoughts on the Drew and Nina hookup? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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