General Hospital's Finola Hughes weighs in on Anna Devane's lonely love life

Posted Monday, April 22, 2024 3:27:00 PM
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Anna Devane thought she finally found luck in love on General Hospital, but everything with Valentin suddenly fell apart.

A year ago, Anna Devane thought she had it all. The General Hospital heroine beat murder charges and Victor Cassadine, was able to return to Port Charles, and had Valentin Cassadine by her side, ready for romance. Flash-forward to this spring, and Valentin is out of the picture and Anna is now the police commissioner waiting to see what life has to offer.

Anna and Valentin broke up thanks to him not telling her that his daughter Charlotte was her stalker, resulting in Anna shooting the teenage girl when she thought Charlotte was an intruder with a gun. That story arc and its aftermath earned Hughes an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, as Hughes from that tale to the academy, according to Michael Fairman TV.

After playing a little game of cat and mouse with one another for nearly six years, Anna and Valentin finally admitted their feelings for each other, only to see it end when Anna realized all the lies he had told her in just a few short months. That leaves Anna alone with no man in her life, but that doesn't mean Hughes doesn't want to see more of the couple known to fans as "Vanna."

When Michael Fairman asked Hughes who the new man in Anna's life may be, she immediately thought of her last love.

"Well, I want to do some more stuff with James," Hughes said. "Obviously, James and I text all the time about how we're not working together. We all know what Valentin's up to. However, Anna doesn't quite know."

As Anna tries to put the pieces of the Pikeman mystery together, she seems to feel it's possible that Valentin could now be in charge, but she doesn't know for sure. She has questioned Jack Brennan about the matter and is working with John Cates to get to the bottom of everything, so could either of these men end up on Anna's dance card?

"I love Adam [Harrington, John 'Jagger' Cates]," she said. "He's so wonderful, and so is Charles Mesure [Brennan]. Obviously, Laura Wright [Carly] has been working with the two of them as well. They both looking like they are in love with Carly, so what can I do? I'll just take the leftovers."

Since Anna Devane shouldn't have to take anyone's leftovers, Hughes still looks toward the man who pined for Anna his entire adult life.

"I'm hoping that I get to play Valentin," she added. "The thing that's interesting is that he's a Cassadine. His father has now passed on, so he's now at the front of the wagon of the Cassadines. It's in his blood."

If Valentin and Anna do reunite, does that mean his loyalty to family might thwart them again? Stay tuned to find out.

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