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January 3 to 7, 2005
Luke discovers that the woman who was following Emily and Connor around was paid to do so. Emily and Connor work on becoming more comfortable with each other. Diego learns that his sister, Maria, is really his mother. Sonny plans to take his children and Jordan to his island but agrees to let Kristina get used to Ric before taking her on vacation. Sonny buys Greystone out from under Ric and Alexis. Someone knocks Jordan unconscious and takes a mold of the key to Sonny's new house. Carly convinces Jason that even if Bridget takes her baby back in the year he can't deprive her of the love he has to give her now. Sam wants to name the baby "Hope." Courtney shows up at Jason's just as he and Sam are going to make love and tells them about Bridget's issue in her new school.
January 10 to 14, 2005
Alexis finds out that Ric knew about Kristina's parentage all along. Helena comes out of hiding and plans to kill Emily. Steven and Lorenzo are arrested but later released. Bridget moves in with Courtney and gets a job at Kelly's. Jordan visits Sonny on his island. Jason proposes to Sam. Carly and Lorenzo kiss. Alexis apologizes to Mike for keeping his granddaughter away from him.
January 17 to 21, 2005
Jason declared his love for Sam and Sam agreed to marry him. Later, a court hearing over baby Hope's future caused uncertainty for both sides. Brook Lynn and Diego were reunited. Ric asked Sonny not to pursue sole custody of Kristina. Trying to prove that she didn't have feelings for Alcazar, Carly kissed Steven. Connor became violent towards Emily and sexually assaulted her.
January 24 to 28, 2005
Jason suggested to Sam that they give up on adopting Hope after the adoption process fell apart. After being prodded by Carly to tell Jason how she feels for him, Courtney learned from Jason that he is in love with Sam. Brook Lynn was worried by Bridget's growing relationship with Diego. Steven challenged Carly to date a "normal" guy. Michael and Kristina were spied upon by a mystery person. Ned earned Lois' appreciation by being firm with Diego. After being sexually assaulted by Connor, Emily shot and killed Connor to fend off any more attacks. Helena witnessed the shooting and mistakenly believed that Emily had killed Nikolas. Later, Elizabeth tried to get Emily to confide in her, but Emily was haunted by nightmares of the attack. Helena kidnappeed Emily and locked her in a crypt. When she later tried to kill a fleeing Emily, Lucky jumped in front of Emily and took the bullet.
January 31 to February 4, 2005
Forensic evidence links Sam to Sonny's bedroom and she is arrested. Mike and Lady Jane refuse to give Courtney and Jax their blessing as Jax proposes marriage to Courtney. Alcazar tells Sonny that neither he nor his son and anything to do with Kristina's disappearance. Elizabeth and Emily both go to Lucky's bedside to make individual pleas for him to wake up. Lucky has a stroke and is placed on life support. Emily is upset with Elizabeth's refusal to believe that she was not raped. AJ calls Skye and has her give a message to Courtney: They were never divorced. Bobbie refuses to believe that her nephew's condition is permanent. Luke shows up and asks Tony about Lucky's condition and then later wonders what Laura would have wanted if she could make a decision.
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February 7 to 11, 2005
Reese shot Jason as he tried to escape with Sam. Monica agrees to go to the safehouse with Sam to treat Jason. Luke asks Justus to see if he can legally obtain the right to let Lucky die, if he chooses, since there is no living will. The Quartermaines are shocked to hear of AJ's death. Lois and Ned tell Brook Lynn that she can no longer see Diego. Alcazar tells Diego that he can no longer see Brook Lynn. Courtney confesses to Jax about her marriage to AJ and her trip to the Bahamas. Alan thinks that Courtney was involved with AJ's murder. Alexis makes a televised plea for Kristina's return.
February 14 to 18, 2005
Rachel admits to Courtney that she killed AJ and wants Courtney to return the favor by killing Steven Webber. Alexis and Ric discover that Alexis is going to have a baby. Sonny is angered to learn that Alexis told Reese about the kidnapper's request for him to meet in the park. Skye gives a touching eulogy for her brother AJ and says that she doesn't think he ever got over the car accident that caused Jason's injuries. Alan is angry with Jason when his son refuses to help track down AJ's killer after Alan insists that it was Courtney. Lulu visits her brother Lucky and tells him that he has to wake up. Despite Elizabeth and Nikolas' pleas, Luke is granted permission to turn off Lucky's machines whenever he wishes.
February 21 to 25, 2005
Luke disconnects Lucky's machines and discovers that he is able to breath on his own. Michael and Morgan are kidnapped from Carly's apartment. Sonny intercepts a phone call and learns that Faith is the kidnapper. Jason and Sam head to a bordello in Louisiana to explore some leads on the children's whereabouts. Ric is forced to tell Alexis about Michael and Morgan's kidnapping. Emily visits Nikolas and tells him that she wants a divorce. Michael tries to find a way to get help for himself and his younger siblings. While Emily is at Lucky's bedside, he opens his eyes. Rachel tells Courtney why she wants Steven dead.
February 28 to March 4, 2005
Lucky was angry at Luke for risking Lucky's life by removing Lucky from life support. Faith was shot during a shootout with Sonny, Jason, and Reese. Kristina and Morgan were returned to their parents. Carly, Jason, and Sonny tried not to give up hope that Michael was still alive. Ric told Elizabeth that Faith, not Sonny, was the one that had pushed Elizabeth down the stairs and caused the miscarriage. Courtney tried to get Rachel to change her mind about wanting Steven dead. Alan asked Steven to investigate A.J.'s death, even if the evidence pointed to Courtney. Skye, Luke, and Justus each confessed their roles in Faith's escape. Skye and Emily mourned the assumed loss of their nephew, Michael. Carly leaned on Lorenzo for support. Alexis felt guilty over Michael's "death;" she said that he had been a good big brother to Kristina and that she knew he had done all he could to protect his younger siblings. Alan, Monica, and Edward were shocked when Emily informed them that Michael was believed to have been killed by Faith.
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MARCH 2005
March 7 to 11, 2005
Lucky agrees to move into Wyndemere with Emily. Faith dies from complications of a gunshot wound after claiming she was paid to kidnap Sonny's children. A photo is recovered that proves that Michael is dead. Dillon and Georgie make love for the first time. John and Bobbie urge their daughter, Carly, to enter the witness protection program so that she can protect her remaining child from Sonny. Skye accidentally discovers that Emily was raped by Connor and that Luke raped Laura years ago. Rachel continues to upset Courtney by attempting to get closer to Jax.
March 14 to 18, 2005
Members of the Corinthos, Quartermaine and Spencer families gather for Michael's memorial service. Dillon and Georgie make love for the first time. Michael is alive and with a very much alive AJ It's revealed that Rachel helped AJ fake his death. Jason believes that Michael is still alive. Durant is furious that Reese's file on the kidnappings do not mention anything that could incriminate his ex-son-in-law. Rachel admits to Courtney that she caused Jax to have a seizure so that Courtney couldn't tell him the truth about Rachel. Emily has a nightmare when she falls asleep after taking Lucky to Wyndemere to stay with her. Luke and Sonny come to an agreement that allows Luke to stay alive.
March 21 to 25, 2005
Jax demanded to know who the mystery woman was interfering in his relationship with Courtney. Ric and Alexis were run off the road by a hit-and-run driver. Though both were injured, they survived as did little Kristina. Alexis confronted Sonny with the intention of getting Kristina removed from his home. Emily confided in Jason that she has been raped by Connor. Emily later faced off with Elizabeth after Liz told Lucky about Emily's sexual assault. Reese assured Durant that she was working on a plan to bring down Sonny. She was later forced to plead with Carly, Jason and Ric to talk Sonny out of launching a revenge plot on a rival named Sandoval. AJ tried to turn Michael against Sonny. Later, Michael was stung by a scorpion.
March 28 to April 1, 2005
Jason tells Alcazar that if Maria keeps silent about seeing him at the Metro Court then he will make sure no one harms her. Reese is convinced that Sonny ordered the murders of the Sandoval family. AJ tricks Michael into believing that Sonny and Carly don't want him to return and are happy with "their" son, Morgan. Sam decides to take Jason's mind off of Michael by surprising him with a romantic dinner and dancing. Emily, after hearing of Alan's involvement in Alexis and Ric's hit and run, convinces her father to admit to his crime. Lucky and Elizabeth make love at Wyndemere. To Ric's disapproval, Alexis asks Dara to help her get sole custody of Kristina. Courtney tells Jax about meeting Rachel on the plan from the Bahamas and says that Rachel killed AJ but would frame her for it if she tells anyone. Carly becomes uneasy when Alcazar starts talking about when he and Maria were together. Reese and Sonny start to become passionate and she stops him and accuses him of trying to use sex to get her to stop investigating him or any crimes he has committed.
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APRIL 2005
April 4 to 8, 2005
Monica discovers that Alan has continued drinking. The judge refuses Alexis' petition to give her full custody of Kristina. AJ continues to try to convince Michael that his parents no longer love him and have continually lied to him. Reese tells Carly about her son who was kidnapped and murdered. Jason and Sam head to the Bahamas to find out who was working with Faith. Durant frames Diego for having a controlled substance in order to convince Maria to change her statement and say that she saw Jason at the Metro Court on the day of the Sandoval murders. Rachel wakes up and tells everyone that she didn't kill AJ
April 11 to 15, 2005
Courtney discovers that AJ is alive. Carly accuses Durant of orchestrating Michael's kidnapping and "murder." Dillon tells Georgie that he isn't going to film school. Jason tells Sam that once they get Michael home they can start trying to start a family of their own. Emily babysits Cameron while Elizabeth and Lucky have a romantic dinner together. Monica announces that she is selling the mansion. Sonny and Reese make love.
April 18 to 22, 2005
Jennifer Bransford debuted as Carly Corinthos. Reese hid in Sonny's mansion. Alan helped AJ and Michael by hiding them in the Quartermaine attic. Carly fled after seeing Sonny in bed with Reese. Later, Alcazar kissed Carly. Elizabeth and Lucky made the decision to live together. Courtney had difficulty getting a divorce in the Dominican Republic. AJ shot and wounded Alan after Alan decided the return Michael to Sonny and Carly. Jason and AJ got into a physical confrontation and both fell over a banister at the Quartermaine Mansion.
April 25 to 29, 2005
While in his hospital room, the life was smothered out of AJ by someone wielding a pillow. Sonny was unable to get through to Michael. Reese issued Sonny a warning. Luke devised a new plot to lure Helena out of hiding. Skye received bad news about the Quartermaine fortune. Jax and Courtney postponed their wedding. Carly was arrested for AJ's murder.
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MAY 2005
May 2 to 6, 2005
Luke was not pleased to learn that Skye was doing business with Lorenzo. Helena shot Luke and fled, unaware that he was wearing a bulletproof vest. Emily confessed to Nikolas that Connor had raped her. Carly was arrested for A.J.'s murder. Later, Michael revealed that he had seen Carly in A.J.'s room. Helena took Emily hostage. Alexis was barred from seeing Kristina, but Sonny offered to reinstate visitation if Ric took a dive in his case against Carly. Michael had a nightmare in which he saw himself smothering the life out of A.J.
May 9 to 13, 2005
Sonny and Carly were furious when Ric announced his intentions to have Michael testify about AJ's murder. Alexis and Durant believed that Sonny might confess to killing AJ in order to save Michael, thereby allowing Alexis to get rid of Sonny. Reese comforted Michael after a nightmare in which he saw himself killing AJ. Monica told Jason that she saw the person who had killed AJ. Jason surprised Samantha with a romantic evening. Helena taunted Emily about the rape. Nikolas professed his love for Emily. Alcazar urged Carly to grab her children and flee the country with him. Durant blackmailed Alexis into helping him get Ric's job. Ric realized the truth about Michael.
May 16 to 20, 2005
Emily resolved to overcome her rape. Courtney and Jax postponed their wedding. Luke sought out a reluctant Dillon for help. Alcazar pressued Skye to boot Tracy as CEO of ELQ.
May 23 to 27, 2005
As Diego grows closer to Lorenzo, Brook Lynn feels like he's changing too much and breaks up with him. Ric and Reese turn to each other for comfort and make love. Carly schemes with Rachel to keep Courtney from marrying Jax. Sam and Jason's baby plans are put on hold after Dr. Meadows advises Sam to wait a year before trying to get pregnant or she will put herself and her baby at risk.
May 30 to June 3, 2005
Carly and Sam engage in a brawl at Jakes. Liz and Lucky move in together. Maxie learns that she needs a heart transplant. Courtney sees Dr. Meadows and is told that her chances of having a baby are still slim. Jax reassures her that they will seek the advice of fertility specialists or adopt. They marry but not without a few bumps along the way. Luke tricks Tracy into agreeing to a divorce but decides that he doesn't want one. Carly proposes to Lorenzo.
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JUNE 2005
June 6 to 10, 2005
Courtney encountered a few comical problems when she planned a few surprises for her wedding night with Jax. Jax dreamed of Courtney telling him that she was pregnant. Emily warned Carly not to sabotage Jason's relationship with Sam. Reese and Sonny made love, but later Sam paid Reese a visit and asked her to end things with Sonny for Michael's sake. Reese had one more night of passion with Sonny before he learned that she intended to leave town. Later, Reese was involved in an accident. Sonny rushed to Reese's rescue. While she was unconscious, Reese had flashbacks of another car accident and two teenage girls cheerleading. Lucky learned that someone had cut Reese's brake lines. Emily and Nikolas kissed, but Emily was having a difficult time with it. She hid her concerns from Nikolas, but shared her worries with Elizabeth. Tracy gave Coleman his walking papers after she overheard him say some unflattering things about her. Skye informed Luke that she would not be intimate with him until he divorced Tracy. Maxie graduated from high school in the hospital. Michael met a friend named Jodie who offered him advice about Dr. Thomas. Michael's sessions didn't go well. Carly and Lorenzo married.
June 13 to 17, 2005
Reese's ex-husband, Evan, demanded money in exchange for his silence about her true identity and motive for turning up in Port Charles. Reese sent Sonny on a wild goose chase so that she could meet Evan. Reese was stunned to discover that Evan had been murdered. Loved ones were forced to consider the possibility of donating Georgie's heart to save her sister's life. Emily became increasingly uncomfortable around Nikolas, so she found reasons to avoid him. Alan and Dr. Thomas' attempt to persuade Michael's family to live with the Quartermaines for a while failed. Elizabeth offered to be Courtney's gestational surrogate to pay off Lucky's medical bills. Courtney explained that she needed someone to not only carry a baby, but to also donate an egg because Courtney's eggs were not fertile. Elizabeth agreed, but Lucky was uncomfortable with the idea of Elizabeth's decision to help Courtney and Jax have a baby.
June 20 to 24, 2005
John Durant is shot and taken to the General Hospital. After surgery, he discovers that he's paralyzed. Durant suspects that Bobbie is somehow responsible and decides to sue both General Hospital and Bobbie for malpractice. Georgie enjoys a full recovery from her fall and goes home. Maxie shows marked improvement in her condition and is hopeful that she will not need a heart transplant after all. She also meets someone new: Jesse, a young undercover police officer who is accused of being a bad cop responsible for shooting John Durant. He claims he's innocent and hides at the hospital. Sonny offers his penthouse to Reese who accepts under the condition that she pay rent. Carly is furious when she learns of it. Jodie's mom makes an appearance when she discovers Michael near her daughter in the park and makes it clear that she does not want her daughter to have anything to do with the mobster's son. Skye decides to update Coleman's look for a charity event that she plans to take him to. Courtney and Jax take steps to expand their family with Liz's help.
June 27 to July 1, 2005
John Durant follows through with his threat to sue General Hospital and Bobbie Spencer. Tracy announces to the family that Alan allowed General Hospital's insurance to lapse. She enlists Luke's help and he in turn enlists Skye's help to seduce Lorenzo into bailing out the hospital. Initially Lorenzo declines the proposal but decides to help the hospital provided that Carly is appointed the head of the hospital's charitable endowment. Maxie is released from the hospital and goes home. Jesse is shot in the arm and ends up hiding in the Jones's attic with Georgie's help. Brook Lynn is jealous over Diego's attention toward Maxie. Jason has a few flashes of memories of waking up from his coma years earlier. His doubts over Dr. Thomas increase. Carly is convinced that Reese means her harm and goes to great lengths to find out what Reese's agenda is. Sonny decides it's time that Michael and Morgan get used to Reese being a part of his life so he plans an outing for the four of them.
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JULY 2005
July 4 to 8, 2005
Lorenzo agrees to help General Hospital with its financial brought on by John Durant's lawsuit. In exchange for his help, Lorenzo expects Carly to be appointed head of its charitable endowment. Tracy reluctantly agrees. Jesse and Maxie find a place to hide out but are forced to pose as husband and wife when the owner of the cabin they thought was deserted confronts the intruders. Jenna takes an immediate interest in Jesse and strikes a bargain; free room and board in exchange for Jesse working on the property and Maxie running errands. Justus learns that Dr. Thomas may have more than a professional interest in Sam and shares his discovery with Jason. Lucky feels threatened by Jax's displays of wealth. Carly plans a gala for the endowment fund. On the eve of the event, Lorenzo gifts Carly with a black evening gown at the same time Sonny presents Reese with the identical gown. Tensions are high when both women wear the gown to the cocktail party. As a hurricane draws closer to Port Charles, residents find themselves stranded.
July 11 to 15, 2005
Port Charles is hit by a hurricane, stranding many of the residents. At the Alcazar home, Lucky proposes to Liz who gladly accepts. Jax isn't happy about the proposal fearing that a marriage will complicate things because Lucky will have a legal claim to the baby that Liz may be carrying if he is her husband. Words are exchanged and Lucky, in the heat of the argument ends the engagement to Liz. Courtney has a car accident and is found by Nik. After she wakes up, she and Nik return to the house. Courtney isn't happy with Jax's reaction to the news of Liz and Lucky's engagement. She goes to the barn where she accidentally overhears Nik and Emily argue about the problems in their marriage. After Emily storms out, Nik and Courtney talk. Alexis's starts to run a fever, further endangering her and the baby. Lorenzo goes to find help. Dr. Thomas leaves Sonny's to meet with Mac Scorpio, much to Jason's dismay. Officer Murphy turns a lightbulb into a homemade bomb which kills Jenna when she turns on the light in the cabin. Jesse and Maxie are able to overpower Murphy and cuff him to the porch. Later they take a chance and turn up at General Hospital in the hopes that Mac will hear Jesse out. When Mac sends an officer to investigate the cabin, he finds Jenna but there is no sign of Officer Murphy.
July 18 to 22, 2005
When Carly wakes up in the hospital, she doesn't seem to remember realizing that Reese is actually her high school friend, Charlotte. Corrupt police officer Murphy is finally brought down by Jesse and Lucky with Maxie's help much to Mac's dismay. Jesse tells Maxie that he appreciates the help she gave him, but that he was only using her. Emily and Nik's marriage becomes more strained when Nik overhears Emily confiding to Jason that she's only going through the motions for Nik's sake. Courtney continues to feel resentment towards Liz for being able to carry Jax's child while she can't. Durant finds a tape in Dr. Thomas's office that reveals Michael to be the one responsible for AJ's murder. He takes steps to have Michael arrested but Jason and Sam manage to hide Michael in the tunnels of Wyndemere. With Sonny and Carly's help, Jason and Sam spirit Michael out of town. They board a private ship which they take to the Caribbean. Jodie stows away on the ship and gives Michael the shocking news that he did not kill AJ. When Michael decides to introduce Jason and Sam to Jodie they make a startling discovery. Jodie is not real!
July 25 to 29, 2005
After staging an "intervention" to give them more latitude in dating, Mac finally concedes to Maxie and Georgie's wishes. Brook Lynn becomes jealous when she sees Maxie and Diego dancing. When Reese questions Rachel Adair about AJ's murder, Rachel reveals that she witnessed Dr. Thomas leaving AJ's room at the time of the murder. Lurking nearby, Dr. Thomas overhears the exchange and has an excuse ready when Reese questions him about his whereabouts the night of AJ's murder. Michael is brought home after to face charges after Sonny makes a deal with John Durant. Durant is able to get temporary custody of Michael but it is only for a night. The following day, Jesse and Lucky discover Rachel's dead body. Apparently she committed suicide and left a note confessing to AJ's murder. Unbeknownst to anyone, Dr. Thomas was the last person to see Rachel alive. In several flashbacks we learn that AJ enlisted Dr. Thomas's help to kill Jason 10 years earlier after the accident that left him brain damaged. We also learn that Dr. Thomas entered AJ's room and smothered him because AJ had threatened to reveal Dr. Thomas's secrets if he did not help AJ by claiming he was insane at the time of Michael's kidnapping. During a session with Dr. Thomas, Michael is hypnotized and reveals that he saw Dr. Thomas. Dr. Thomas is able plants the suggestion that Michael actually saw Rachel Adair. Upon hearing a strange noise, Monica goes to investigate. She sees Alan on the veranda. He works a brick loose from the house and pulls out a plastic bag containing something.
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August 1 to 5, 2005
Lucky moves out of the apartment that he shares with Liz and Cameron on the eve that it catches fire. Fortunately for Liz, Jax happens along and rescues both Liz and Cameron. Jax and Courtney offer a place to stay to Liz until she can find other living arrangement. Courtney has reservations which she shares with Liz when they sit down and have a heart to heart talk. It's a week of secrets revealed when Monica learns that AJ had hired someone to kill Jason after the drunk driving accident 10 years earlier. His intention had been to spare Jason the misery of spending the rest of his days on life support in a vegetative state. It is also revealed that Dr. Thomas had injected Jason with a serum that stopped his heart but that Alan happened along moments afterwards and resuscitated Jason. Guilt ridden after it became clear that Jason was not in a vegetative state, AJ wrote a letter confessing to his crime. Alan found the letter before AJ could turn himself into the police and had stopped AJ from following through with his plans. Monica is furious with Alan. She feels that the horrible secret was instrumental in the destructive choices that AJ made during the last 10 years. As Jason once again lays unconscious in the hospital after taking a memory invoking drug and crashing his motorcycle, Dr. Thomas makes another failed attempt on Jason's life. Carly interrupts the evil doctor and soon everyone learns of Dr. Thomas's homicidal ways. Sam is taken hostage as Dr. Thomas makes his escape from the hospital via a medical helicopter.
August 8 to 12, 2005
Jason and Sam's romantic getaway turns sour when they are kidnapped by a woman determined to force Sam into taking her look alike daughter's place at a wedding to a wealthy man. Allegra threatens to have Jason killed if Sam doesn't consummate the marriage and sign over the fortune to her. Jason receives help from Allie, Allegra's daughter, who has been imprisoned in the room next to Jason's. Nik and Courtney continue to have difficulty keeping their friendship platonic. When Sonny asks Reese to move in with him, she decides to tell him the truth about whom she really is. Carly uncovers the truth about Reese around the same time and decides to rush over to Sonny's with the information. Carly is surprised to learn that Reese has already confessed her secret to Sonny and rather than break off his relationship with Reese, he is defending her. More revelations about Carly and Reese's past emerge including that their argument that fateful day that Reese crashed stemmed from Reese walking in on her father and Carly in bed together. Asked to leave by Sonny, Carly returns home only to find a furious Lorenzo waiting for her. Suspecting she had lied about her destination when she walked out of the door earlier, he decided to have her followed and learned she had gone to Sonny's. He doesn't mince words as he tells her that he wants her out of their home. At an end of the Summer party at the Pizza Shack both Maxie and Brook have something slipped into their drink by an unknown person. Brook staggers away from the party and ends up in a possible dangerous situation on the docks. Meanwhile, Maxie is overcome by the drug she has ingested and collapses at the party.
August 15 to 19, 2005
Carly appears to be unraveling as everyone close to her refuses to give her the support she is expecting now that the truth about Reese is out. A brawl with Reese in Kelly's doesn't help matters. After Lorenzo files for divorce from Carly, he delivers another shattering blow to Carly when he decides to name Skye as the new head of General Hospital's Charitable Endowment just before a board meeting. On the heels of Michael's rejection when he refused to spend a day with his mother, Carly does not react well and begins to breakdown at General Hospital. Ric refuses to accept Sonny's offer to take him on as a client under the condition that he drop Reese as his law partner. Nik and Courtney's marriages fall apart after Emily learns that Nik kissed Courtney on the docks and tracks her lying husband down to the Bahamas. When Emily arrives at the hotel she discovers Nik and Courtney wearing robes after a rain storm. She naturally assumes the worst. While Emily tells Nik it's over in his hotel room, Jax arrives to join Courtney. She has no choice but to tell Jax what has transpired. A furious Jax confronts Nik in the hallway and as the ladies watch, Jax beats Nik up and then tells Courtney that their marriage is over. After Emily and Jax fly back to Port Charles, Jax stops by Liz's apartment to tell her that he intends to raise his child as a single father. Liz has strong objections. She wants her child to have a mother. After being drugged at a party, Brook and Maxie begin receiving strange calls from the man who spiked their drinks.
August 22 to 26, 2005
Elizabeth is rushed to the hospital with signs of a miscarriage after staging a reconciliation intervention for Emily, Nik, Jax and Courtney. Everyone is relieved that Liz was only suffering from a mild case of dehydration and that the baby is fine. Later, Emily and Jax try to save their marriages. Nik and Courtney are preoccupied with thoughts of each other. Jason suffers extensive memory loss as a result of painful headaches that cause him to loose consciousness. He wakes up not recognizing Sam or pictures of Michael and Morgan. When Allegra kidnaps Sam and takes her back to the island, Jason is forced to act on instinct and ends up shooting two of Allegra's goons. When he follows Sam to the island, it is revealed that Sam was taken into police custody for Andrew's murder. Alicia confesses to the murder when she confronts Allegra hoping to strike a bargain. Allegra helps Jason to free Sam from jail and put Alicia in her place. Carly's descent into madness reaches its climax on a rainy night in Port Charles. Standing outside on the terrace, Carly watches as Sonny forgives Reese, makes love to her and then asks her to move in with him. Reese accepts. After they leave the penthouse Carly walks in and snatches up a pair of scissors which she uses to shred pillows and destroy articles of Reese's clothing. When Carly finds a gun while ransacking Reese's penthouse, Carly picks it up and goes to Sonny's house. Reese finds her penthouse in shambles and calls Sonny moments before Carly walks in, pointing a gun at Sonny and ordering him to put the phone down. Sonny tries to calm down Carly but Carly is past the point of reasoning. As Reese listens, Carly pulls the trigger.
August 29 to September 2, 2005
Nikolas and Emily call it quits after Nikolas admits that he has feelings for Courtney. Jax convinces Courtney that he wants to save their marriage but he isn't sincere. He plans to divorce Courtney the moment Liz gives birth to the baby and follows through with the surrogacy arrangement. Courtney soon learns the truth and turns to Nikolas for comfort. Jason's lost memory may be a sign of a potentially fatal problem. The news is grim when he is checked into General Hospital and undergoes various tests. Carly's descent into madness continues. After stealing a gun from Reese's penthouse she goes over to Sonny's and begins shooting. Luckily no one is injured. Determined to help Carly, Sonny insists on keeping Carly at his compound instead of sending her to Shadybrook. Carly slips out and ends up in the Florida town where she grew up. On a hunch Reese tracks her down to the high school they attended, hours before the deserted town is scheduled to be flooded. Ric soon joins Reese to help her bring a reluctant Carly home before they become trapped by the flood waters. Unfortunately, Carly is deep in the grips of insanity and uncooperative. Ric manages to be rescued but Carly and Reese remain trapped in a cabin while the waters rise. Reese apologizes to Carly for holding her responsible for the destruction of her family when the true party responsible for all the ugliness was her father, Dan Roberts. Carly is too far gone to appreciate Reese's apologies. She pulls out a knife and quietly approaches Reese from behind.
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September 5 to 9, 2005
John arrested Jason in an effort to force Sonny to produce Carly. Sam explained that Jason might die without his medication, but John was unmoved. Courtney and Nikolas made love and decided to be open about their relationship. Lucky was offended on Emily's behalf, so he confronted his brother about the affair. Sonny's new enemy, Manny Ruiz, opened fire on Sonny's home. Rick and Max were shot. Ric was rushed to surgery in grave condition. Maxie was determined to find the person responsible for slipping a date rape drug in women's drinks and then photographing them nude.
September 12 to 16, 2005
Liz agrees with Jax that shared custody is the best option but Lucky continues to have concerns. Nik and Courtney's determination to not hide their relationship has consequences when they bump into Michael and Emily outside of Kelly's. Michael is not happy with his aunt and lets her know it. Ric, still recovering from his gunshot wound, decides to set up a meeting with Manny Ruiz with terrible results. Jason reacts out of instinct and kills Manny's goons while Ric shoots Manny at point blank range. Sonny remains unaware of how far Ric has gone in the name of trying to protect his brother. After Sonny and Jason are brought in for questioning in the shooting, Ric goes to the police station to represent them. After Sonny and Jason are released, Ric collapses. His wound has apparently reopened. Reese's behavior towards Ric has Alexis questioning the nature of their relationship. Reese is livid when Alexis shares her concerns with Sonny. Carly's mental health continues to deteriorate. She is convinced that Sonny has asked her to marry him and is secretly planning their wedding.
September 19 to 23, 2005
Evidence seems to point to Dillon that he is the stalker who is drugging campus women and taking nude pictures of them while they are unconscious. Dillon insists that he is being set up but everyone, save Georgie, has doubts. Skye returns to Port Charles, having been unsuccessful in locating Luke. Lorenzo is happy to see her and lets her know that his interest in her is more than platonic. On a romantic vacation with Nik, Courtney begins to experience nausea, which she attributes to having spent the day surfing. Danger arrives in the form of Javier Ruiz. He is determined to avenge the shooting of his brother Manny who is in a vegetative state after being shot. Javier warns Lorenzo to stay out of the way while he guns for Sonny. Carly's erratic behavior lands her on the street as Jax is driving Liz home. Swerving to avoid hitting her, Jax ends up crashing. Sonny spirits Carly away while Jax attends to an unconscious Liz. Later, Sonny sends Emily to the hospital to check up on Liz's condition and ascertain whether or not anyone saw Carly at the scene. Emily reports that Liz is fine and that everything happened too quickly for anyone to recognize Carly. Sonny is relieved to hear the news. Unfortunately, after Liz is released with a clean bill of health, she collapses in her kitchen with severe cramping.
September 26 to 30, 2005
Javier retaliates for his brother Manny's shooting by planting a bomb in Ric's apartment. Jason inadvertently saves Javier's life when he mistakes Max as one of Javier's goons sent to kill Sonny's enforcer. Sonny is furious that Jason prevented Max from carrying out the hit. He warns Jason to stay out of the way or suffer the consequences. Jax and Liz are heartbroken after Liz has a miscarriage following the car accident which Carly caused. Emily agrees to keep the secret provided Sonny is more vigilant in keeping Carly confined to the compound so that she doesn't pose a threat to innocent people. Carly's mental state continues to decline and she begins having hallucinations of Faith. Convinced that Faith is trying to kill her sons, Carly becomes increasingly more violent especially towards Emily. After fleeing Sonny's home, Carly ends up in the park where she sees Emily at a park bench. Thinking she is Faith, Carly picks up a scythe from a nearby wheelbarrow filled with gardening tools and slowly approaches Emily. Courtney suspects that her bouts of nausea could be signs of pregnancy and decides to take a home pregnancy test.
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October 3 to 7, 2005
Sonny comes to the realization that he can't help Carly, after she stabs Emily in the park during a hallucination. Sonny has her committed to Roselawn Sanitarium but regrets it when he learns that he is prohibited from seeing her. Lainey explains that Sonny's visits would be more detrimental than helpful to Carly during her recovery. Skye finally gets a tangible lead on Luke and tracks him down to a hotel room which she finds in disarray. Suspecting he was entertaining another woman in the room, Skye slaps him. Liz asks Courtney to step aside and allow Nik and Emily to reconcile. Courtney decides to keep her pregnancy a secret from the potential fathers, Jax and Nik. Georgie and Dillon spend time with other people. A guy slips Lucas a piece of paper then leaves a party at the dorm moments before Seth suddenly passes out.
October 10 to 14, 2005
After overhearing Sonny and Courtney, Emily confronted Courtney about the pregnancy. She threatened to tell Nikolas about the baby if Courtney didn't. Nikolas told Courtney that he cared for her and would love the baby whether he was the father or Jax was. Diego was revealed as the stalker who had been terrorizing the campus girls. Lucas told Georgie that he was gay. More of Jesse's past was revealed when he talked about his abused sister. Dr. Robin Scorpio left the hospital in Paris and called her Uncle Mac. Manny Ruiz woke up from his coma, bent on revenge. He tracked Jason down and stopped just short of killing him, feeling honor-bound, since Jason had spared his brother Javier's life. The police quickly arrested Manny, who vowed to return for Sam. Jason returned to Port Charles just as Javier made his move against Sonny. Durant agreed to look away while Javier eliminated Sonny. Gunfire erupted as Javier's men stormed Sonny's hideout. Sonny and Reese returned fire, but they were woefully outnumbered.
October 17 to 21, 2005
After shots are exchanged at the Metro Court as Javier Ruiz's men move in to kill Sonny, Reese and Sonny are injured and Javier is dead. Durant decides not to press charges against Jason for Javier's murder. Manny commits patricide when he is unsuccessful in convincing his father to immediately move against Sonny. Reese and Sonny recover from their wounds. Jason's headaches continue to grow worse as Manny begins terrorizing him and Sam. As Jason is taken in for a CAT scan, Tony gives Sam the hopeful news that Robin has been working on a drug that may help Jason. Emily is feeling conflicted about moving out of Sonny's home. Alan blackmails her, warning her that if she doesn't leave Sonny's then he will make sure that she is expelled from medical school. Nik decides that his future is with Courtney. Courtney admits that she is in love with Nikolas. Skye tells Luke that it's over. The police arrest Kenny for stalking the women on campus and drugging them. Jesse and Lainey insist that he does not fit the profile of the stalker.
October 24 to 28, 2005
Nik and Emily make arrangements for Lucky and Liz's dream wedding which is to take place on Spoon Island at Wyndemere. Everyone gathers including Lulu, Leslie, Bobbie, and Audrey. Helena returns to town just in time to learn that Courtney may be pregnant with the new Cassadine heir. Courtney learns the paternity of her child. Jax suspects that Courtney is keeping a secret after an encounter with Helena moments before the wedding when she comments that Courtney should not exert herself. Sonny overhears Ric and Reese talking about their one-night stand at the Metro Court. After Ric leaves, Sonny enters Reese's room. He tells her that she's lied one too many times and ends their relationship. Jason's health continues to deteriorate and Sam is beginning to realize that the only person who may help him is Robin. Unfortunately Jason remembers only Robin's betrayal and doesn't want any help from her. Robin learns from the head of the hospital in Paris that her research program has been shutdown. She realizes immediately that it's because she spurned a doctor who happens to be the son of the man who had to the ability to pull the grant. After being arrested and extradited to Hawaii, Manny manages to overpower his police escort to Hawaii and knocks out the piolet before donning a parachute and jumping from the plane. Durant finds Sonny and Jason in the hospital and informs them that the plane Manny was in crashed. A three-mile debris field along the coastline led the authorities to believe all onboard had perished, but Jason and Sonny didn't agree. They are certain Manny managed to escape and is headed back to Port Charles.
October 31 to November 4, 2005
Liz and Lucky exchange marriage vows, surrounded by their loved ones. They kick off their marriage with a fairytale ball. After Courtney tells Jax that she's pregnant with his child, she tells Nik. Jax is convinced that he and Courtney should work on their marriage for the sake of their child. Courtney insists on ending her marriage to Jax because she no longer loves him, she loves Nik. Nik is disappointed that he is not the father but is eager to raise the baby with Courtney. Manny returns to Port Charles and goes to Rose Lawn Sanitarium to see Carly. Agitated by his visit, Carly escapes. Jason's headaches worsen. Despite the grim prognosis, Jason refuses treatment and surgery. Sam goes to NY to talk to Robin about Jason's condition. Robin, having had every intention of going to help Jason, joins Sam on a return trip via a train to Port Charles. Unbeknownst to them, Carly and Manny are also on the train. On a train bound for NY, Emily, Nik and Courtney join Liz and Lucky for their honeymoon trip. Alexis, having decided to leave Ric after he confessed to having had an affair with Reese, is also a passenger as are Jax, Reese, Ric and Sonny. After the trains collide in a tunnel, everyone is trapped. Alexis is in labor, Robin is trapped and Lucky clings to live with extensive injuries. Their situations become even more dire as a portion of the tunnel collapses.
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November 7 to 11, 2005
Lucky is in critical condition when he is finally rescued from the tunnels thanks to the help of Luke, Nik, Lorenzo and Jax. Liz is later reunited at the hospital with Lucky who after a few tense moments appears to be recovering well. Jason is able to clear the debris off of Robin who did not sustain any injuries beyond a few bumps and bruises. Manny pursues a terrified Carly. Jesse rescues Carly a short time later and Carly is eventually reunited with Lorenzo. Jason's headaches and seizures continue, each one more intense than the last. Robin manages to secure the medication she will need in order to treat Jason. Manny plants a few explosives and then armed with a gun, he takes Sam hostage. After an emergency C-section performed by Robin, Alexis gave birth to a baby girl named Molly, after the "Unsinkable" Molly Brown, a survivor of the Titanic. Alexis has difficulty recovering from the difficult labor and birth and begins to slip away. Robin prepares Ric for the worst if they are not rescued soon.
November 14 to 18, 2005
Help finally arrives for those stranded in the tunnels after the trains collide. Unfortunately, Reese succumbs to internal injuries before she is rescued. Emily is guilt ridden for not having realized the extent and seriousness of Reese's injuries and has a difficult time dealing with her death. Jason remains in the tunnels determined to find Carly. Unbeknownst to Jason, Carly has already returned to Rose Lawn. Complicating matters is a series of bombs Manny planted throughout the tunnels which are rigged to detonate by a remote. Jason manages to diffuse several of the bombs but not all of them so when someone accidentally steps on the remote, several of the bombs explode. Everyone but Sam is certain that Jason did not survive the explosion. Carly returns to Rose Lawn but only for a short while. She soon leaves, intent on reconciling with Sonny. Nik insists on paying Lucky's hospital bill when he learns that Liz and Lucky's financial woes continue. Leslie takes Lulu to the Quartermaines and insists that Luke take an active role in his daughter's life by taking custody of her. Lulu doesn't want anything to do with Luke, who continues to reject her, so she turns to her brothers for help. Courtney decides to give her relationship with Jax another try for the baby's sake but changes her mind when Nik tells her that he's in love with her. After Jason returns to Sam's side, he proposes marriage to her. Sam happily accepts. Robin begins Jason's treatment. After receiving the experimental drug, Jason has a dream about Robin.
November 21 to 25, 2005
Brook Lynn finds nude pictures of herself in Diego's camera case leading her to realize that he's the campus stalker who has been drugging women. Diego is forced to tell his father, Lorenzo, the truth. Lorenzo is disgusted to learn that Diego was motivated by a twisted need to avenge his dead cousin, Sage's honor. The experimental drug Robin is using to treat Jason puts him into cardiac arrest. Monica and Robin are able to start Jason's heart. Distraught, Sam orders Robin to stop the treatments. Jason wakes up and insists on resuming the treatments rather than opting for surgery. While under the medication, Jason remembers falling in love with Robin and when he wakes up he finds Robin standing at his bedside. He immediately reaches for her and kisses her just as Sonny and Sam enter the room. Sonny makes it clear to Carly that while he loves her he has no interest in reconciling with her. Carly realizes that she left Rose Lawn too soon and returns with a new determination to get better. Unfortunately when John Durant visits her at Carly's request, he suggests to her that Sonny's relationship with Emily is more than platonic. Carly is not happy to hear the news and decides to confront Emily when she brings the boys to visit.
November 28 to December 2, 2005
After a few tense moments, Jason wakes up with his memories of the past 10 years restored. Unfortunately the prognosis is grim after test results that Jason is still suffering from the condition that took his memories. Surgery appears to be his only hope of survival but Jason refuses to consider it, fearing he will end up a vegetable for life. He and Sam decide to return to Hawaii to live out Jason's last days in idyllic splendor. Robin refuses to give up and finds a doctor who is capable of performing the life saving surgery that Jason desperately needs to survive. She tracks down a hopelessly drunk Noah Drake in a bar. Sonny, meanwhile, flies to Hawaii to convince Jason to have the surgery by offering to end Jason's life if the worst should happen and Jason ends in a vegetative state. Carly demands a divorce from Lorenzo after he refuses to help her leave Rose Lawn. Luke, seeing an opportunity to best Tracy and make some money, decides to visit Carly in an effort to talk her into turning over Lorenzo's shares of ELQ. Carly convinces Lorenzo, as part of her divorce settlement, to give her his shares of ELQ. She surprises Luke when she announces that she has no intention of handing the shares over to Luke. Jax enlists Liz's help in reuniting Emily and Nik, unfortunately the tryst Liz arranges on their one year wedding anniversary doesn't go as planned. Emily and Nik are more determined than ever to end their marriage. Unbeknownst to anyone, Jax arranges for Coleman to take some incriminating pictures of the couple which he plans to show Courtney in the hopes of her ending her relationship with Nik. After being arrested for stalking and drugging the campus women, Diego manages to flee custody and take Georgie hostage. In the end though, Georgie convinces Diego to turn himself back into the police.
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December 5 to 9, 2005
Luke hits a roadblock in his plans, when Jax refuses to accept Carly's offer to buy Metro-Court. Luke decides to follow Jax in an effort to find something that will help him to force Jax to reconsider. He soon finds exactly what he needs when he witnesses a clandestine meeting between Jax and Dr. Meadows. After he watches Jax walk away, Luke talks to Dr. Meadows. Later, he hands Jax the information he gained from Dr. Meadows and threatens to make it public knowledge if Jax doesn't sell Metro-Court to Carly. Jax has no alternative but to sign the hotel over to Carly. Emily signs her divorce papers during a confrontation with Courtney, who arrived at Greystone to spend some time with her nephews. When Nikolas arrives just as Emily is trying to hand the papers to Courtney, he decides to sign his copies of the divorce papers as well. As he and Courtney are leaving, a freak accident causes a tree to fall on Courtney breaking her leg. Nik carries an unconscious Courtney back into Greystone where Emily freezes up. She tells him about her decision to quit medical school. Hoping she'll reconsider leaving school, Nikolas reassures her that she will make a wonderful doctor. Carly's decides to invite the Quartermaines for a meeting at Rose Lawn. Laney is concerned by Carly's behavior, fearing it will keep her from continuing her much needed therapy. Sonny feels that Carly's determination to reclaim her life is an indication that she's recovering. Laney's concerns grow when Carly learns of Jason's impending brain surgery and insists on going to General Hospital to be at his side. Carly arrives just in time to help Sam and Robin to convince Patrick Drake to perform Jason's difficult life saving surgery. While in surgery, things go from bad to worse when the hospital loses power and Manny Ruiz disables the generator. Patrick is forced to race to finish the surgery by flashlight while Manny manages to slip unnoticed into the operating room.
December 12 to 16, 2005
Luke uncovered information that he used to blackmail Jax into accepting Carly's offer for Metro Court. After being arrested for siphoning $15,000.00 from Tracy's bank account, Lulu was taken to the police station. Manny managed to sneak into Jason's operating room but was eventually arrested. Later, at the police station, Manny took Maxie hostage but suffered an apparent seizure and collapsed before he could escape. Diego was found guilty and sentenced to ten years. Georgie alienated herself from her friends and Maxie when she expressed sympathy for Diego's harsh sentence. Robin and Patrick continued to clash as they treated Jason. Carly was convinced that Emily was in love with Sonny; she turned to Jason for help and then tried to talk to Sonny. Sonny told Emily that he appreciated all that she had done for his children, but he felt that it might be time for her to step back. Emily reluctantly agreed to move out of Greystone Manor. Nikolas was suspicious of Jax's behavior, so he convinced Courtney to take another paternity test. Fearing Jax might have altered the first paternity tests, Courtney and Nikolas decided to have the test at another hospital and ask for a rush on the results.
December 19 to 23, 2005
As Christmas neared, the residents tried to focus on the holiday. Alexis and Ric went searching for a tree and ended up with two. They donated the smaller tree to the children at the hospital. Alexis received a shock when she discovered that she'd been appointed to represent Manny Ruiz, who was in the hospital, recovering from brain surgery. He claimed to have deep remorse for his actions and began to apologize. According to Robin, the surgery that Manny had undergone had been to correct a brain anomaly that had contributed to his homicidal behavior. Carly was heartbroken after being told by the doctors that spending Christmas with her children would be a mistake and would not help her during her recovery. Resigned to stay at Rose Lawn, Carly prepared for the holidays. Emily made an impassioned plea on Carly's behalf. Carly reunited with her sons at the hospital on Christmas Eve after Alan read his annual Christmas story to all the children. Nearby, Lulu, Georgie, and Maxie were dressed as elves. Courtney was hurt after Sonny told her that she was not welcome in his home with Nikolas. Intending to spend the holidays with Nikolas, Courtney was disappointed when she learned that Nikolas would be stranded out of town over Christmas. When Jax showed up drunk on Courtney's doorstep, Courtney decided to let him stay with her until he sobered up. Jax used the opportunity to try to convince Courtney to reconcile with him.
December 26 to 30, 2005
Carly plans a birthday party for Michael but hits a snag when Alexis informs her that Kristina will not be attending. When Robin runs into Carly in the lobby of the hotel, heated words are exchanged as well as a slap. Standing nearby during the confrontation, Patrick overhears Carly mention Robin's HIV status. Nikolas finally returns home on New Years Eve and ends up unexpectedly spending it with Emily. Emily confides to Liz that she is falling in love with Sonny while Sonny assures Jason that he has made it clear to Emily that they are just friends. Alexis finds strong opposition when everyone learns that she has been ordered to defend Manny. Lucas tells Dillon that he's gay after Dillon misreads Lucas's feelings for Georgie. Courtney becomes suspicious after she sees Jax and Dr. Meadows arguing. After confronting Dr. Meadows outside of the hospital someone runs Dr. Meadows down.
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