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January 1 to 5, 2007
Monica grew increasingly uncomfortable with Lulu and Spinelli's investigation. She tried to get Dillon to separate the two. Lucky and Maxie appeared to be growing closer. Liz found Maxie's behavior odd and began to question whether she was really pregnant. Sam's first day on her job did not start well. While being questioned about why she was late, Sam revealed that she and Jason were at home having sex and trying to conceive a baby. Liz and Lucky were among those who heard Sam's announcement. Liz seemed plagued by a guilty conscience and went to talk to Jason. Carly was disturbed by Sonny's New Year's Eve kiss. Sonny asked her why it upset her so much. Lorenzo got the jump on Sonny and pulled a gun on him. Carly walked in just as Lorenzo fired the gun.
January 8 to 12, 2007
Sam was angry after she found Liz's scarf in the penthouse. She started drinking and then went to confront Liz at the hospital, ordering Liz to stay away from Jason. Epiphany stepped in to diffuse the situation. After Sam quit, she promptly got a job at ELQ as Edward's assistant, much to Tracy's ire. Tracy decided to do some digging into Sam's background. Sonny learned at the last minute that Carly no longer needed to testify against him, just as Carly decided to marry him.
January 15 to 19, 2007
A troubled Liz went to confession, hoping to find some answers. She unknowingly told Father Ruiz during the session that Jason was the father of her child and that she loved him. Sam went on another job search after Tracy forced her to quit ELQ by threatening to reveal some damning evidence of her past as Angela Monroe. Sam got a job at Metro Court after the manager learned the woman he interviewed was Jason Morgan's girlfriend. Lorenzo emerged from his coma. He warned Sonny to keep his nose out of Lorenzo's business or he and Jason might find themselves a target once again. As Sonny and Jason left the coffee shop, a sniper had Sonny in his sights until Jason stepped into the line of fire. Lucky stole some pills during a drug bust. He admitted to Liz that he was tempted to turn to his drug of choice after learning of Maxie's deception. Later, he came close to taking one of the pills he stole. Ric saw Alexis smoking a joint through a window. He immediately hired an investigator to take pictures and within a short time, had the evidence he needed. The police arrived at Alexis' home and conducted a search. They found her stash of marijuana and began to arrest her.
January 22 to 26, 2007
Nikolas finally located Helena. With Emily's help, he rescued Spencer. Upon their return to Port Charles, Nik announced that he had Spencer baptized and Emily stood up as his godmother. Friends and family gathered at Wyndemere to celebrate Spencer's return and baptism. Lucky proposed to Elizabeth over a romantic dinner at the Metro Court. Elizabeth was worried that a rejection would send Lucky into a relapse so she told him that she needed time to think about it. Lucky saw that as a promising sign. Sam made an appointment to see a doctor. After an examination, she learned that she was unable to bear children. Sonny ordered his attorney to keep the charges against him pending so that Carly remained married to him. Carly was shocked at what she overheard. The clock wound back 16 hours after Sam, dressed in black, managed to rappel down the side of a building and warn the SWAT team surrounding Metro Court that there was a bomb inside. Meanwhile Nik rushed out of the hotel carrying an unconscious Robin in his arms. As he rushed back inside to save Emily, the hotel exploded.
January 29 to February 2, 2007
Things went from bad to worse when Sam hit the silent alarm that triggered the vault to lock. Maxie and gunman number three were trapped inside. Carly informed Craig that once the vault locked it would remain locked for twelve hours. Craig was not happy, especially when the police arrived and announced that they had the hotel surrounded. He shot Robin as a message to the other hostages not to make any more foolish moves. Alan, Emily, and Liz went to Robin's aid. Alan was furious and demanded that Robin be released to have her medical needs met. He was struck from behind and rendered unconscious for his efforts. Lucky and Cruz managed to evacuate the rest of the building and were able to determine who was left inside. Lorenzo's health declined rapidly. He told Skye that a code needed to be entered into the briefcase every 24 hours or it would explode. Before he could give her the complete code to disarm the briefcase, he suffered a major seizure and was rushed into surgery.
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February 5 to 9, 2007
The hostage situation reached a crisis point. Emily and Carly were forced to operate on Robin in an effort to save her life. Elizabeth's expertise as a surgical nurse allowed her to sew the artery before Robin bled to death. Meanwhile, Alan seemed to suffer a cardiac crisis. Emily did everything she could to save her father but his condition was critical. The stress took its toll on Elizabeth, as well. She suffered severe cramping, indicating that she might be in labor. Craig forced Emily to make a choice of which person would be released for medical care-Alan or Elizabeth. He refused to allow Robin to be a choice.
February 12 to 16, 2007
Alan was released as a hostage. He collapsed, clutching his chest moments after stepping out of the hotel. Lucky and Luke rushed to his aid and brought him to safety. At the hospital, Monica performed life-saving surgery but the damage to Alan's heart was extensive and his prognosis was grim. She informed the family and prepared them for the worst. The Quartermaines were furious with Skye. They felt she chose protecting Lorenzo over her own family and disowned her. Spinelli managed to open the safe early. Sonny figured out the code to the briefcase when he realized that the numbers could represent letters like on a telephone. Carly held the clue, remembering that Lorenzo's first love was named Sophie-767443. He traded the numbers for Carly's release, but Carly refused to go. Jason gave Sam the signal to slip out. The hostage situation came to a climax when, moments after Craig opened the briefcase filled with slides indicating some type of biological warfare, the lights went out. Jason and Craig struggled, the hostages took cover, and the SWAT team moved in after tear gas was thrown into the lobby. Jason managed to get to Liz seconds before the hotel exploded. The fate of everyone inside was unknown.
February 19 to 23, 2007
In the aftermath of the explosion, viewers learned that everyone except a few of the gunmen were alive. Lulu had the gravest injury but was quickly rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery that stabilized her. Robin also had surgery to remove the bullet. Jason and Liz were the last two rescued. While trapped in an elevator, Elizabeth told Jason that she had promised herself if she ever made it through the crisis she would stop lying. She went on to tell Jason the truth about the baby. Jason was shocked and initially hurt that she didn't tell him sooner. Elizabeth told him what led to her keeping the secret and admitted that she made bad decisions. Jason was understanding, knowing that Liz was trying to do what was best for everyone involved. Happy that he was going to be a father and determined to put his child's needs first, Jason proposed marriage. Liz told him that she would love to marry him as much as she would love to live in Italy and win a metal for figure skating, but those were just dreams. She felt that she'd made too many choices that had pulled her away from Jason and that there was also the matter of Sam and Lucky to consider. Jason convinced Liz that it was time to tell everyone the truth. He changed his mind after they were rescued and Sam told him that she was unable to have children. Liz was equally reluctant to tell Lucky when Cruz told her that Lucky was nearly killed earlier when he confronted Craig. Believing that Liz had died, Lucky no longer had the will to live and dared Craig to shoot him. Jason left the hospital to track down Craig while Alan kept asking for his son. While Jason was in the middle of a shootout with Craig, Alan went into cardiac arrest.
February 26 to March 2, 2007
Jason was devastated when he arrived too late to Alan's bedside. He realized just how much he must have hurt his father over the years. He was plagued with guilt over all the missed opportunities when Alan reached out and Jason pushed him away. Jason took another emotional blow when Elizabeth told him that she and Lucky had decided to remarry and she would like Lucky to raise the baby as his. Jason reluctantly agreed because of the promise he made to Liz about not putting their child through a custody fight. Elizabeth appeared to be reserved as the family welcomed the happy news that she and Lucky were getting married and moving into Laura's house. Ric and Alexis were unable to reach a compromise and geared up for a nasty custody fight. Jason's loss spurred Sam into making amends with her own mother. She apologized to Alexis for sleeping with Ric. Jax had a difficult time getting past the fact that Carly and Sonny slept together. Carly insisted that Jax was the man that she loved and wanted to be with. Patrick received his HIV test results.
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MARCH 2007
March 5 to 9, 2007
Alan Quartermaine was laid to rest. Tracy was livid when she learned that he had left the bulk of his estate to Jason's children, should he ever have any. Tracy enlisted Luke to help her change Alan's will, making her the primary beneficiary. Everyone knew it was a fraudulent will-including Alan-who came back to haunt Tracy. He told her that he couldn't find rest until she admitted what she had done to everyone. Carly tried to get a divorce in the Dominican Republic but was stymied with bureaucratic roadblocks. Sam's past appeared to be catching up with her. We were introduced to Amelia, a woman who seemed to know more about Sam than Sam realized. Alexis and Ric went to court to determine who got custody of Molly. Alexis was devastated when the judge sided with Ric.
March 12 to 16, 2007
Alan continued to haunt his sister, Tracy, insisting that she come clean about the will so that he could move on. Spinelli accidentally uncovered the paternity test results showing Jason as the father of Elizabeth's baby. He shared the information with Lulu, who confronted Jason. Lulu was furious with Elizabeth and insisted that Lucky had a right to know the truth. Emily secretly witnessed a private moment between Jason and Elizabeth. Jason didn't appreciate Carly's unsolicited advice regarding Elizabeth. Maxie, Cooper, and Logan put their plan into motion to blackmail Scotty and frame Lulu. Amelia continued to toy with Sam, who remained completely oblivious. Craig was back and terrorizing Nikolas. He injected Nikolas with a poisonous substance and threatened to withhold the antidote, which needed to be administered every 24 hours, unless Nikolas cooperated.
March 19 to 23, 2007
As Liz and Lucky's wedding neared, Jason had fantasies of telling Lucky about the baby. Lulu was conflicted about telling her brother the truth about the baby, but in the end kept quiet out of fear that Lucky would relapse. Nik tried to push those he loved away in an attempt to keep them out of harm's way, while Craig forced Nik to do his bidding. Maxie, Cooper, and Logan continued blackmailing Scotty. Robin decided that moving in with Patrick would do more harm than good to their relationship. Patrick didn't share the same opinion but was forced to respect Robin's decision or risk losing her entirely. Carly slept with Jax, which only complicated things further. More clues about Sam's past as Angela Monroe were revealed. It appeared that she had been married to a man named Bill Monroe who had since died.
March 26 to 30, 2007
Lucky and Elizabeth married but decide to put off intimacy until after the baby was born. Jason continued to be haunted by his decision to let Lucky raise his child. Sam pursued a career in television by accepting Amelia's offers. More details were revealed about Angela Monroe's past. It appeared that Sam was once a grifter who married three men by faking a pregnancy. Her last "marriage" ended in tragedy, with the death of Bill Monroe. Sonny blackmailed Cole. He ordered Cole to join the police force as Sonny's mole or he would pay for his role in the hostage crisis. Scotty confronted Lulu about blackmailing him with exposing him as Rick Webber's murderer. Carly continued to bounce between Jax and Sonny. Ric wanted peace with Sonny. Craig forced Nik and Robin to pretend they were in a relationship to explain Robin's decision to move to Wyndemere. Alexis collapsed in the garden at Wyndemere. Kristina went for help and ran into Craig.
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APRIL 2007
April 2 to 6, 2007
Carly continued bouncing back and forth between Sonny and Jax. She tried to enlist Jason's help but he refused to get further involved. Michael paid Sonny a visit in an effort to pressure his dad into convincing his mother to stay married and be a family. Sonny explained to Michael that it had been Sonny and Carly, and that Michael needed to respect that. Michael decided to take matters into his own hands. With Morgan's help, he arranged for Carly and Sonny to be locked in the basement of Carly's house. Alexis began to be charmed by Craig. Emily refused to believe that Nik had stopped loving her. She was more convinced than ever after she kissed him. Logan was disgusted when he learned that Cooper and Maxie's relationship had become intimate. Lorenzo decided it was time to make a move against Sonny and Jason. Jason was haunted by his decision to let Lucky raise his child. Lulu and Spinelli pressured him to claim his rights. Sam tried to get Jason to open up but was unsuccessful. Amelia continued to play her games with Sam, while Sam remained completely unaware.
April 9 to 13, 2007
Sam's new career caused problems for Sonny, Jason, and Carly. Skye discovered that Lorenzo was faking his memory loss. Lorenzo ordered a hit on Sonny and Jason. A shootout at the Cellar ended with all of Lorenzo's men dead, Logan shot in the leg, and Sonny suffering a head injury. Jax proposed to Carly with a five-carat engagement ring during a romantic dinner in Montreal. Carly accepted. Liz went into early labor but was given medication that was able to stop the contractions. Skye decided to work with Ric to bring Lorenzo down
April 16 to 20, 2007
Sonny relented and signed the divorce papers after Carly told him that she had accepted Jax's proposal. Carly filed the papers immediately and announced that she and Jax would be marrying on Friday. Sonny was devastated by the news and was tempted to start drinking. Elizabeth told Jason that she loved him. She went on to tell him that danger was a part of his life and it wouldn't be fair to him to expect him to change for her or for the baby. Not wanting to make things more difficult for her, Jason offered to stay away from her. Amelia told her assistant the details of Bill Monroe's violent death at the hands of Angela. He was killed by a double-barreled shotgun blast to the chest. While Angela was claiming it was self-defense because he was abusing her, she was cleaning out the bank accounts. Amelia then revealed that she was Bill Monroe's daughter. As soon as the words left her mouth, Amelia notices a heavy light about to fall on Sam as she taped her show. She yelled out a warning, seconds before it came crashing down. Sam narrowly escaped injury. Lorenzo's partners were frustrated with his inability to kill Sonny or Jason. They decided to pay Sam a visit at the studio. Moments later, Jason entered. Gunfire erupted almost immediately.
April 23 to 27, 2007
Sonny signed the divorce papers. Carly learned that the divorce would be final on Thursday so she and Jax planned the wedding for Friday. After a couple of glitches, Jax and Carly married. Jax was disappointed that his brother Jerry was unable to attend. Jerry had a good reason. He was in hiding. It turned out he was Mr. Craig, the man who held up the Metro Court and was forcing Nikolas into helping him. Patrick and Emily finally learned the truth about Robin and Nikolas. Jason decided to go on the road for a few days. He returned in time for Carly's wedding. Jason and Liz bumped into each other at the wedding. Liz's feelings for Jason showed on her face and Sam appeared to become suspicious.
April 30 to May 4, 2007
Jerry washed his hands of Nik and told him to put his house in order-he would not be receiving another dose of the antidote. Amelia was late for work because of her tryst with Sonny in his hotel room. She was livid when she learned that he filed an injunction against the show that halted production. She managed to convince him to lift the injunction. Sam was reluctant to leave town with Amelia after Sonny ordered Jason to kill Lorenzo. Liz was home alone in the middle of a storm when she woke up in pain. She quickly realized that she was bleeding and tried to make it to the phone to call for help. The power was knocked out and the phone line was dead. She realized she had no choice but to try to make it to the hospital. She managed to get as far as the front door before she collapsed. Jason found her a short time later and rushed her to the hospital. Meanwhile Lucky pulled over Jerry/Craig. Jerry quickly put on a hat in an attempt to disguise himself. He hid his gun and a syringe with life-saving serum for Nik before Lucky approached the car. At the hospital, Nik went into cardiac arrest as Emily, Robin, and Patrick scrambled to save his life. Liz was rushed into emergency surgery. Jason watched helplessly as Liz flatlined and their baby appeared stillborn.
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MAY 2007
May 7 to 11, 2007
Patrick and Robin managed to come up with an antidote for the serum Jerry used to poison Nik. Nik seemed to respond well to the drug. Unfortunately they were not quite rid of Jerry/Craig. While Nik was receiving the cure, Jerry coerced Emily into setting up a bank account in her name so that a wire transfer could be deposited. He later informed everyone that if they did not continue cooperating with him, Emily would go down with him as an enemy of the state. Skye made a deal with Sonny-she would help Sonny take Lorenzo down in exchange for Sonny holding off on the hit until she could bring Lila Rae home. Ric was curious about Jason's interest in Elizabeth. Jason wrestled with keeping his promise to Elizabeth to step forward as the baby's father if anything should happen to her. As he was about to tell Lucky the truth about the baby, Elizabeth woke up. Sam overheard Liz and Jason talking about their son.
May 14 to 18, 2007
Sam got drunk after learning that Jason was Jacob's father. She ended up telling Amelia everything, and Amelia tried to use the information to her advantage. Liz wasn't easily manipulated and turned down Amelia's offer to feature her and her son on Everyday Heroes. Emily asked Elizabeth if it was intentional that Jake has the same initials as Jason. Liz insisted that Jason was in no way inspirational in the choosing of her son's name. She loved the name Jake, and Martin was the name of her beloved grandfather who died when she was a little girl. Logan saved Sonny's life when he tipped him off that Vinny was on Lorenzo's payroll and he'd been ordered to poison Sonny's coffee. Jason hunted Craig down. He had him cornered in Carly's house, but before Jason could shoot him, Carly came out of hiding and threw herself in front of Craig. She begged Jason not to shoot her brother in-law, Jerry. Tracy and Alexis warned Luke that Scott would not hesitate to bring up the fact that Luke raped a teenaged Laura. On the set of Everyday Heroes, Sam reluctantly re-enacted the events that mirrored her past. Amelia smiled with satisfaction as Sam reached for a shotgun and aimed it at the actor's head, demanding that he leave before she shot his head off.
May 21 to 25, 2007
Amelia asked Sam why she continued to hesitate confronting Jason about his son. After Jerry/Craig took Sam, Amelia, and Spinelli temporarily hostage to make a point to Jason, Amelia pretended to be so outraged that she quit her job. She "allowed" Sam to talk her into staying on but warned Sam that she needed to seriously reconsider her relationship with Jason. Jerry/Craig decided to out himself by arranging a meeting with his brother, Nik, and Emily in the lobby of Metro Court. Marty called the police. Kate and Carly squared off over Michael and Morgan's mischief. Lorenzo returned Lila to Skye on the eve that they were supposed to leave Port Charles for good. Skye let Jason into the mansion and joined Lorenzo in the nursery with Lila. When Lorenzo stepped out of the room, Skye rocked Lila and sang her a lullaby. In the background was the thump as Lorenzo's dead body hit the floor. Later, Jason confirmed that Lorenzo had been killed and disposed of. Ric started snooping around, questioning Skye and Sonny about Lorenzo's sudden disappearance.
May 28 to June 1, 2007
Jerry managed to avoid arrest thanks to the intervention of reluctant conspirators. He wasn't quite in the clear, though. DNA tests were being done to compare his DNA to Craig's. Jerry forced Cooper to help makes sure that the tests showed that they were not a match. Logan suggested that he and Cooper set some boundaries, since Logan was working for Sonny. Ric found a hidden tape recording of Lorenzo's murder. It identified Jason as the shooter. He arranged for Lucky to make the arrest. Sam continued to have difficulty dealing with the news that Jake was Jason's son. She talked to Amelia, suggesting that if she could get Jason to tell her about Jake, then she could convince Jason to fight for custody so that she and Jason could raise him. Amelia tried to be the voice of reason, but Sam was determined that only a child could save her relationship with Jason. She visited Kelly to see what her fertility options were. Kelly suggested harvesting Sam's eggs and fertilizing them with Jason's sperm, and then having a surrogate carry the baby for them. Sam was pretty sure that Jason would not cooperate. Sam later told Amelia that by the same time the next year, she would be a mother. Sonny's games with Kate escalated, and he inadvertently hurt her deeply when he had a statue shot down. The statue was from a small town in Italy where her grandfather had grown up and worked as a sculptor.
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JUNE 2007
June 4 to 8, 2007
Maxie became jealous after seeing Lulu and Cooper shared a friendly moment. She enlisted Logan's help to seduce Lulu and then dump her, to teach her a lesson. Logan was more than happy to oblige after Maxie agreed to sleep with him once he had proven that he'd bedded Lulu. The court decided Laura's fate. Guardianship was awarded to Scotty. Sam confided to Amelia that she planned on being a mother by the same time the next year. Amelia was surprised and asked her how Jason felt about the plans. Sam admitted that she would go through with her plans with or without Jason's consent. She was certain Jason would love her baby and forget all about Liz's child. Jason was arrested for Lorenzo's murder in the coffeehouse while Liz and Jake were there. Liz was furious with Lucky, feeling he handled the arrest badly. Lucky was furious with Liz for allowing a killer to hold their son. They made peace, but not for long. Lucky was not pleased when he found Liz visiting Jason at the police station. Sonny learned about Sam's past from Amelia. He realized that he might have been one of Sam's marks. Sonny visited Jason and urged him to talk to Amelia. Jason managed to get a phone and call Amelia. She was more than happy to tell all to Jason.
June 11 to 15, 2007
Sam received another blow when she was told that her eggs were barely viable and the chances for a successful in vitro procedure with a surrogate would be slim. Amelia paid Jason a visit and handed him her file on Sam. Jason was surprised but didn't accept that Sam was only with him for his money. Amelia told him that Sam knew the truth about Jake's paternity and that she planned to have a surrogate carry a child fertilized with her egg and his sperm. Patrick was uncomfortable when he saw how much Robin loved babies. He told her that he had no interest in ever becoming a father. Maxie continued to push Logan to get Lulu into bed. Lulu bailed Tracy out of jail after Scott had her arrested for aiding and abetting Luke in the kidnapping of Laura. Lucky and Liz clashed several times over her visits with Jason. Liz began to crack from the stress of keeping secrets, and from Jason's arrest. Sam spied on Liz and her children in the park. Jake was snatched out of his carriage when Liz bent down to tie Cameron's shoe.
June 18 to 22, 2007
Edward convinced Lainey to have Tracy committed. Sam went on another bender. Carly found Sam getting drunk at Metro Court and was furious. Carly accused Sam of not being supportive of Jason while he sat in jail, facing murder charges. Sam was too drunk to care and fired back, telling Carly that she was nothing more than a pawn in Jax and Sonny's game of one-upmanship. Sam then accused Carly of being in love with Jason, not Sonny or Jax. Amelia intervened before there was bloodshed between Sam and Carly. Carly was not reassured when Jax took Carly on a quick romantic trip to buy a hotel in Montreal and then left to search for Jerry. Jax's search landed him on the wrong side of a gun. Carly was hot on Jax's heels. Sam's binge landed her on Liz's doorstep where she tried to tell Liz that at least Liz had another child to make up for losing Jake. Liz threw Sam out of her home. Sam then ended up at the police station to tell Lucky the truth about Jake's paternity, but Jason's arrival stopped her. Liz was deeply hurt that Lucky suspected her of hurting her son. Tensions mounted when Jason defended Liz -- and Lucky found Liz turning to Jason for emotional support. Lucky's feelings of inadequacy resurfaced, putting even more of a strain on his marriage.
June 25 to 29, 2007
Tracy's investigator reported back to Tracy that Scotty had fathered a son in the 80s. Lulu quickly figured out that the son was actually Logan. Jerry resurfaced while Jax continued his wild goose chase. Kate was unsettled after she saw Sonny's violent side. Liz and Lucky had a heated argument about Jason. Later, Lucky and Liz appealed to Sam for help, asking if they could tape a plea to the kidnapper and air it on her show. Shockingly, Sam refused. Sam went to Jason and told him about her past cons and admitted that she knew the truth about Jake. Their relationship was further strained when Jason asked if she'd had anything to do with Jake's disappearance. Sam's claims of innocence turned out to be lies; she had witnessed Jake's abduction. A business call to Maureen led Amelia to suspect that Maureen might have taken Jake. As Amelia was about to call the police, Jason arrived to question her about her whereabouts the day of Jake's kidnapping. Amelia told him about the phone call with Maureen.
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JULY 2007
July 2 to 6, 2007
Jason and Amelia raced to Maureen's house and found Jake. Liz was thrilled to be reunited with Jake. Lucky's jealousy got the best of him and he had Jason arrested for jumping bail when he left town to rescue Jake. Ned offered Dillon a chance of a lifetime. Dillon was thrilled at the chance to work with a director he greatly admired but was hesitant to leave town. Noah appeared to be a doppelganger of a famous rock star by the name of Eli Love. Amelia told Sam that Jason knew about Sam's role in Jake's kidnapping. Sam became desperate to see Jason to explain her side of things but learned that it would be impossible. Sam sought legal advice from Alexis. Sonny confronted Sam about Jake's kidnapping. Kate decided to take her mansion off of the market. Carly refused to allow Jerry to manipulate her.
July 9 to 13, 2007
Dillon bade farewell to Port Charles in order to pursue his dreams. Georgie was determined to save up money to go abroad for a year. Sam opened up a bit to Alexis about the state of her relationship with Jason without revealing her role in the kidnapping or the secret about Jake's paternity. Alexis found herself drawn to Jerry. Amelia surprised Sonny with the news that she knew Kate's real identity. He threatened her career if she breathed a word of it to anyone. Kate was not happy when Sonny told him about Amelia's discovery. Cooper shot Logan when the police intercept Sonny's shipment. Stan and Lainey had a very uncomfortable first date. Anna Devane returned to town for the Eli Love concert. Liz and Lucky continued to drift further apart because of Jason's arrest. Liz resented Lucky for giving in to his jealousy, and Lucky resented Liz's continual support of Jason. Things reached a boiling point after Liz used Lucky's badge to see Jason. When Liz arrived home, Lucky confronted her and asked her if she was in love with Jason. Diane advised Jason to admit to Liz that he was in love with her so that he could focus on his upcoming murder trial.
July 16 to 20, 2007
Alexis and Carly joined forces to bring Jax home. Noah impersonated Eli in public. Anna was on hand to help out. Kate continued to be drawn to Sonny. Sonny was not immune to Kate's charms. Sam went to see Jason in Pentonville hoping to explain her side of things. Jason was furious that Sam would use Jake to punish him. Sam decided to end things and threatened to tell Lucky the truth about Jake. Jason warned her that if she did, he would turn her over to the police for her role in Jake's kidnapping. Sam was a woman scorned. She found Liz, Lucky, and the boys in the park and made an ugly scene. Later, Lucky went to the penthouse to talk to Sam. He asked her if Jason was in love with Elizabeth. Liz paid Jason another visit. She warned him that Sam was out for revenge.
July 23 to 27, 2007
Sonny and Kate talked about their night of passion. Sam was a woman on a mission. She let Ric know that she would tell him everything that he needed to know when he called her to testify. Liz was worried that Sam's desire for revenge would convict Jason. Jason was transported to the Port Charles Police Station for his trial, and was nearly killed. Lucky continued to question Liz's feelings for Jason. Lulu and Logan grew closer. Maxie had a change of heart and told Logan to leave Lulu alone. Robin and Patrick feared that their parents were sleeping together. Noah reminded them that they were all adults and what went on between him and Anna was none of their business. Carly walked in on Jerry and Dr. Lee having sex. Jason's murder trial began.
July 30 to August 3, 2007
Carly and Jerry took off to Caracas in their quest to help Jason. Jax had his hands full with Irina, who was determined to make Jerry pay for his betrayal by making him watch her kill Jax. Lulu and Logan had their first date. Sam's resentment against Liz grew. She asked Maxie if she would be interested in helping her ruin Liz's life. Jason's trial began. Kate and Sonny testified. Sonny was impressed by how well Kate handled Ric's questioning. Her testimony helped Jason, and Sonny showed his gratitude. Ric offered Jason the opportunity to spare Liz from testifying by pleading guilty to the charges. Liz took the stand and Ric quickly turned the questioning to personal matters. Liz admitted that she and Jason were intimate the previous summer. She perjured herself when she insisted that Lucky was Jake's father. Lucky suspected that Liz was lying.
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August 6 to 10, 2007
Alcazar's gardener took the stand and testified that he saw Jason load Alcazar's lifeless body in the back of an SUV the night Lorenzo reportedly disappeared. Jason insisted that the man was lying. Speaking hypothetically, he told Diane he'd never use his own vehicle. He went on to tell her that the gardener was the brother of a man whom Jason allegedly killed. Sam appeared to be intent on carrying through with her threat to ruin Liz's life. She spent more time with Lucky, carefully planting seeds of doubt by suggesting that Liz and Jason had been carrying on an affair since the previous summer. The rift between Lucky and Liz grew as Lucky's resentment mounted and Liz continued to visit Jason. Lucky was deeply hurt when he learned that Nik knew about Jason and Liz for months. Jerry managed to make it appear that Lorenzo was alive. Lulu's attraction to Logan grew, but so did her doubts about him. Coop walked in on a heated kiss between Logan and Maxie. Kate got cold feet.
August 13 to 17, 2007
Maxie managed to make amends with Cooper. Cooper warned Logan to stay away from Maxie. Lulu's attraction for Logan continued to grow. Robin and Patrick had a pregnancy scare. Robin was bothered by how relieved Patrick was that the test was negative. Kate was arrested for hit-and-run after she sideswiped a police cruiser. Jerry learned that Irina was alive. Carly followed Jerry to Turkey, convinced that he would lead her to Jax. Jason's trial drew to a close. He was found not guilty. He admitted to Spinelli that if Liz could handle his life, he would want to be with her. Sam continued to feed Lucky's insecurities. Elizabeth admitted to Emily that her marriage to Lucky was probably over. Liz and her children were accosted by armed gunmen in the park.
August 20 to 24, 2007
Elizabeth held back information on the gunmen when Lucky questioned her. She met Jason to tell him that the men intended to take her and the children as leverage against Jason. Before she could tell him, Jason opened up about what he wanted, including her and the boys moving in with him. He was furious when he learned about the incident in the park and heartbroken because he realized that it meant that Elizabeth's fears had been realized. Jason told her that he loved her but would do what he needed to in order to keep her and the children safe. They vowed to not see each other again. Jason had Spinelli dig up what he could on the gunmen. The search led to a confrontation and one of the gunmen revealed to Jason that Sam McCall hired them. Sam, worried that the trail could lead back to her, tried to deflect attention by telling Lucky that she was worried that she, too, could be a target. She hired Lucky as her bodyguard. Sam also lied when Ric asked her questions about the incident in the park. She led him to believe that they could have worked for a reputed drug-dealing mobster who might be trying to make a move in Port Charles. Kate reconnected with an old flame. Trevor Lansing, Ric's father, was in town. He appeared to be the attorney for the ruthless mobster, Anthony Zacchara. After a couple of last-minute glitches, Noah performed as Eli Love and rocked the crowd with "Who Killed Rock 'n Roll."
August 27 to 31, 2007
Nik's aggressive and domineering ways concerned Emily. Carly was worried that her marriage would not survive. Jax tried to help Carly come to terms with everything that had happened. Lulu admitted that she had real feelings for Logan. Spinelli was devastated when Maxie informed him that Lulu and Logan slept together. Maxie threatened to tell Lulu about her bargain with Logan if he didn't hold up his end of the deal and sleep with her. Logan slept with Maxie but had immediate regrets. Trevor Lansing was making enemies in record numbers. Kate found herself in the awkward position of being in the middle of Sonny and Trevor's feud. Jason confronted Sam after he learned that she hired the gunmen who threatened Elizabeth and the children in the park. He warned her that if she ever harmed Elizabeth or the children, he would kill her. Sam was rocked by the realization that Jason was not making an idle threat. It only fueled her hatred for Elizabeth. Sam taunted Jason with the promise that she would sleep with Lucky. Elizabeth talked to Lucky. She asked Lucky if he thought he'd be able to eventually get past his anger at her. She suggested that if he couldn't, they should end their marriage immediately because the way they were treating each other was not healthy for the children.
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September 3 to 7, 2007
Nik's odd behavior continued to concern Emily. Spinelli seemed oblivious to Georgie's growing feelings for him. Logan's private life interfered with his job. Sonny was furious when he learned that Logan left his boys unguarded during a trip to the mall for school shopping. Trevor's threats to take custody of Molly forced Ric to give Alexis custody of her daughter. Kate made an enemy of Trevor when she chose Sonny over him. Sam suffered a minor setback in her plans to destroy Liz's life and seduce Lucky when Lucky and Liz appeared to be working things out. Jax stubbornly refused to allow Sonny to handle things with Anthony Zacchara when things began to escalate. As Jax was about to get into his car, it exploded. Meanwhile, Jason and Carly returned to her home to find Leticia on the ground. Trevor placed a call to his boss, Zacchara, to let him know that everything was in place and going as planned.
September 10 to 14, 2007
Lucky was resentful when Elizabeth pushed him away, admitting that she was not ready to be intimate with him again. Frustrated, Lucky sought out Sam, who was more than happy to give Lucky what Elizabeth wouldn't. Nik tried to reason with Sam and Lucky, but to no avail. Nik decided to let Elizabeth know what was going on so that she was prepared. Elizabeth wasn't surprised by the news. Jason had his doubts about Zacchara being responsible for Leticia's murder. Jerry and Jason became uneasy allies. Things heated up between Sonny and Trevor, leaving Kate in a vulnerable position. Angered at her lack of loyalty to him, Trevor took steps to punish Kate. He had an advertiser pull out of her magazine at the last minute and laced Kate's iced tea with a drug that left her impaired. Not realizing that she was drugged, Kate took off in her car. She ended up crashing. Robin walked into the apartment to find Patrick and Layla on the sofa having fun playing with the racetrack. After Layla left, Patrick and Robin had a heart-to-heart talk and decided that it was best to end things between them.
September 17 to 21, 2007
Lucky returned home after sleeping with Sam. Lucky and Elizabeth talked and decided to keep trying to make their marriage work. Maxie told Lulu all about the bargain that Maxie had made with Logan. Lulu was hurt and left Logan. Lulu hitchhiked, and Johnny Zacchara picked her up. Trevor took further steps to destroy Kate's career. Nikolas' violent outbursts began to concern those around him. Jason told Elizabeth that Sam knew the truth about Jake's paternity. Carly and Jax enjoyed a happy reunion, unaware that danger lurked nearby.
September 24 to 28, 2007
Lucky and Elizabeth decided to divorce. Elizabeth moved in with Audrey while she found a house. With Emily's help, she found the perfect house to rent. After the judge gave Kate a blistering lecture, he ordered her to community service at the hospital. Jerry later applauded Sonny for successfully blackmailing the judge with damaging information. Trevor informed Kate that the magazine had let her go for violating her morality clause. Nik's violent nature escalated. He turned to Robin for help. At Spinelli's request, Lulu moved into Jason's penthouse. Carly was not happy to learn that Lulu had exchanged one bad boy for another.
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October 1 to 5, 2007
Sonny and Kate made love. Lucky asked Alexis to look over the divorce papers that Diane had dropped off. Alexis was concerned because Elizabeth had complete control over Lucky's visitation with the boys. Lucky decided to hire Alexis to handle the divorce. Elizabeth was not happy with the decision, given Alexis's connection to Sam. The divorce became complicated as the attorneys squared off. Nik's bouts of rages increased both in frequency and violence. Emily convinced Nik to have more tests to determine if the problem was physical. Carly put herself in danger by posing as Lulu to arrange a meeting with Johnny. The paternity results were in. They confirmed Logan's claim that Scotty was his biological father.
October 8 to 12, 2007
Carly and Jax were upset to learn that someone hijacked Carly's cell phone to take pictures of them during an intimate moment and then sent the pictures to Everyday Heroes. Lucky threatened Elizabeth with declaring her an unfit mother and asking for primary custody of Jake if she didn't agree to sign the papers that Alexis drew up. Lucky turned the tables and vowed to make his addiction the previous summer an issue if he went down that road. Jerry was brought into the ER with a potentially fatal stab wound. Nikolas was confused when he suddenly found a bloody knife in his hands. Lulu accepted Scotty's offer to drop the kidnapping charges against Luke and return custody of Laura to Nikolas in exchange for giving Logan a second chance. Lulu decided to be honest with Logan about her reasons for her change of heart. Luke returned to Port Charles and was furious to learn that Lulu and Logan were involved. Jason dragged Johnny to the penthouse for questioning. Anthony Zacchara was not pleased when he learned that his son had disappeared.
October 15 to 19, 2007
Alexis convinced Lucky to file for emergency temporary custody of Jake in an effort to force Liz to compromise. His plan backfired and he lost the petition. He also lost visitation rights with the children. Robin made a list of potential fathers for her baby and went about asking the men if they would be interested in donating their sperm. Patrick was quite upset over the idea. Lulu and Johnny found more trouble. Luke was not happy to learn that Lulu was giving Logan a second chance because she made a deal with Scotty. Kate had some information about Zacchara but was hesitant to share. Despite his increasing problems, Nik moved forward with his plans for the Black and White Ball. Jax and Carly talked about having a baby. Sonny met Anthony Zacchara.
October 22 to 26, 2007
Elizabeth and Lucky's divorce heats up as custody of Jake becomes a growing issue. Robin's search for a sperm donor becomes more complicated as Patrick is forced to face some harsh realities. Layla is annoyed when she realizes that Patrick is having difficulty letting go of Robin. Lulu's impulsive ways brought her to the attention of Anthony Zacchara. Anthony grew increasingly unstable. Nik's rages intensified. He nearly threw Sam from the parapets of Wyndemere. Carly courted trouble when she exchanged text messages with Leticia's killer. Invitations to the Black and White Ball were sent out. Kate asked Sonny to be her escort. He promised to return from a business trip in time to take her. Trevor gave orders for Sonny to be killed in Puerto Rico upon arrival. Sonny walked to his waiting limo. Seconds later, it exploded.
October 29 to November 2, 2007
Guests gathered at Wyndemere for the Black and White Ball as a storm moved in. Nik's rages increased in frequency and intensity. Anthony was at large in Wyndemere and quickly managed to arm himself. Ric appeared to be his first victim when Alexis found Ric speared to the wall with a sword. Ric's condition was grim and he was unable to name his assailant. Sam was jealous after she saw a dance between Elizabeth and Lucky. After Lucky walked away, Sam emerged from the shadows and instigated an argument. She pushed all of Elizabeth's buttons and things quickly escalated into a physical fight. Lucky was forced to pull them apart. Jason raced to Wyndemere, despite the dire weather, when Diane told him that Carly planned to meet with Leticia's killer. Nik informed the guests that the harbor had closed and everyone needed to stay overnight. Shortly afterwards, the power went out. Elizabeth found a dead body. Jason realized that there was a bomb on his boat.
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November 5 to 9, 2007
Anthony continued to terrorize the guests on Spoon Island. Nik's rages became more violent. He begged Emily to lock him up for the night after he nearly hurt her during one of his attacks. Ric received life-saving surgery from Patrick and life-saving blood from his brother. Alexis collapsed with a burst appendix. Luke suffered a heart attack. Sam was beyond furious when she learned that Jason made sure that Elizabeth was safe first. She met up with Lucky and they went to the barn, where Elizabeth, Nadine, Spinelli, and Lulu were hiding and waiting out the storm. The minute Sam walked in, she ripped into Elizabeth and seemed intent on telling Lucky the truth about Jake's paternity. Jason walked in and stopped Sam's tirade. All eyes were on Jason as he prepared to tell Lucky the truth himself.
November 12 to 16, 2007
Tragedy struck when Nik found Emily strangled to death. Jason suspected Nik of the deed but others weren't so certain. Nik had a head wound suggesting that he had recently been struck over the head with considerable force. Nik was beyond distraught and unable to answer questions coherently. Elizabeth was forced to give him a horse tranquilizer in order for him let go of Emily's body. Carly was overjoyed when she discovered that Jax did not perish in the boat wreck as Jerry suspected. Later, when she was separated from Jerry and Jax, the Text Message Killer managed to grab Carly from behind and drag her into a room. Anthony took Kate hostage. Sonny was shot while rescuing her from Anthony's diabolical clutches. Luke suffered another heart attack. Anthony shot Leyla when she jumped in front of Patrick after Anthony decided to shoot him. Her injury was serious but not fatal. Anthony managed to grab Elizabeth from behind and drag her up to the parapet. Jason, not realizing Anthony had Elizabeth, tracked Anthony down. He was given a choice, die for love or watch the woman he loved be pushed to her death. Jason dropped his gun and joined Elizabeth on the parapet, despite Elizabeth's objections. Nik decided to take his life, unable to live without Emily. He found a gun and held it to his chest, prepared to shoot as he cried out in deep grief.
November 19 to 23, 2007
Jason and Elizabeth managed to turn the tables on Anthony. Anthony jumped from the turret just as Jason managed to fire a couple of shots at him. Miraculously, Anthony survived the fall, but he was gravely injured and near death. Trevor told Anthony that he was on his own and sent the gunmen on their way. The shift of power didn't impress Johnny. He expected it. Rescue finally arrived and the survivors were slowly taken off of Spoon Island. Luke's condition required surgery and a change of lifestyle. He was not too pleased to hear the news. Lucky's whereabouts were still unknown. Nikolas' grief was profound. He didn't take his life for his son's sake but he couldn't bring himself to be around Spencer. Jason broke the news of Emily's death to Monica. Her horror at the news quickly turned to rage when she realized that the man who killed her daughter was a mobster. She blamed Jason for Emily's death and ordered him from her home. She warned him not to attend Emily's funeral. Ned and Dillon returned home to bury Emily. Skye was welcomed back into the family fold along with Lila Rae. Maxie and Coop reconciled after Mac invited him to Thanksgiving dinner. Georgie invited Spinelli, who graciously accepted as a friend. Robin joined her family alone while Patrick spent Thanksgiving with a recovering Leyla.
November 26 to 30, 2007
Lucky resurfaced and visited his father in the hospital, still wearing his tux. Not realizing that Lucky hadn't heard about Emily, Luke started talking about her tragic death. Lucky was stunned. Lucky and Elizabeth decided to put everything aside to focus on helping Nik through the funeral. Sonny made a plea to Monica to allow Jason to attend the service, but she continued to hold Jason and Sonny responsible for Emily's murder. Jason decided to go, but arrived after everyone was seated and stayed in the background. He listened in as Elizabeth gave a touching eulogy. Later, Jason waited for Elizabeth in her home. When she arrived home after the service, there were no words. They just held each other and then went upstairs to make love. Carly decided that she wanted to have a baby but was worried that it would be difficult conceiving so she opted not to tell Jax. She was afraid of getting his hopes up. Kate resented Sonny assigning guards to watch her. She broke things off until Sonny was able to respect her boundaries. Trevor was pleased when Johnny decided to take over his father's empire. He believed that he would be the puppet master, but Johnny was onto his game. Georgie paid a sick Spinelli a visit with some homemade chicken soup. Nik returned to Wyndemere and was shocked when he saw Emily still dressed in her gown. She insisted that she was not dead, but eventually was forced to face the reality that she was murdered. She was convinced that Nikolas did not murder her. She remembered everything up until seconds before her murder. Nik was convinced that it was his mind playing tricks on him. Lucky decided to talk to Elizabeth about Jake. He wanted to remain Jake's father. He was unaware that Jason was nearby listening in on the conversation.
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December 3 to 7, 2007
Jason stopped by to talk to Elizabeth but they were interrupted by Lucky's knock at the door. Jason stepped into the hallway and listened in as Lucky and Elizabeth talked about Jason and Jake. Lucky insisted on being Jake's father. Elizabeth told him that she was in love with Jason but agreed that Jake was safer with Lucky as his father. Elizabeth went to find Jason after Lucky left but realized that he had left earlier. Lucky visited Sam to tell her about his visit with Elizabeth. At first Sam expressed interest in spending time with the boys but then balked at the idea of doing it in the home he shared with Elizabeth. She craftily manipulated him into suggesting that he bring the boys over to her place. She readily accepted the offer, gushing about how they could have fun in the hot tub. Lucky warned Jason to stay away from Jake and Elizabeth. Jason had his own warning for Lucky. Jason promised to rip Jake out of Lucky's arms if Lucky ever started abusing drugs again. Elizabeth and Jason met in secret to discuss her decision to continue letting Lucky be Jake's father. Jason supported her decision completely. Jason was convinced that he couldn't leave the mob and there was nothing he could do to make Jake's life safer with him than with Lucky. Patrick had a compromise for Robin. He suggested that they table baby discussion for one year to focus on their relationship. Robin pointed out that it was not a compromise since at the end of the year Patrick wouldn't have any intention of considering becoming a father. Leyla overheard most of their conversation and realized that Patrick was still very much in love with Robin. Emily continued to remain at Nik's side. She maintained that he did not kill her and urged him to get help for what brought on his rages, which seemed to have mysteriously stopped since finding Emily dead. Maxie went to the police station to give her statement about the night of the Black and White Ball. She unintentionally left Coop without an alibi. Later, Maxie's life was in peril.
December 10 to 14, 2007
Luke had his quadruple bypass surgery. Monica froze up during surgery when she saw Emily everywhere. Julian was on hand to complete the surgery. Luke had a near-death experience while he was under anesthesia. Alexis served Sonny with a restraining order on Kate's behalf. Kate was surprised but was determined that Sonny would respect her boundaries. Georgie walked in while Maxie was being strangled and saved her sister. Sam lent Maxie her apartment for a romantic evening with Cooper. Maxie was waiting in the hot tub when someone approached her. Georgie shared her suspicions about Cooper being the Text Message Killer with Spinelli. Spinelli did some digging and made some surprising discoveries that he told Jason about. Jason was interrupted while checking Cooper's room. Johnny and Trevor had different ideas about running the empire. Johnny wanted to broker a truce. Trevor had his own plan and took steps to make sure they came to pass. He ordered a hit on Lulu to make it appear that Sonny had killed her in an ambush intended for Johnny. He also arranged a meeting with Sonny at the Metro Court on the terrace and ordered a sniper to take Sonny out. Just as the shooter pulled the trigger, Kate stepped out onto the terrace.
December 17 to 21, 2007
Georgie became the latest victim of the Text Message Killer. Spinelli found her body on the steps at the park and was unable to revive her. Mac, Maxie, and Robin were devastated. Felicia returned home to bury her daughter. She explained to Maxie that after her grandmother was put in a nursing home, Frisco had contacted her and she had been working with him ever since. During the eulogy, Maxie ripped her mother to shreds, then ordered her to leave. Robin turned to Patrick for comfort after the funeral. Kate ended things with Sonny. Lucky decided to move in with Sam. Sam received a text message indicating that she was next. Jason and Elizabeth met at a hotel and made love. They decided to have a secret affair.
December 24 to 28, 2007
Jason made arrangements for Max to set up a safe house that only the two of them knew about. Later, Jason invited Elizabeth there and surprised her with the news that it would be their secret getaway where they could spend time together without worrying about prying eyes. Cole continued to be a source of strength for Maxie as she tried to come to grips with her sister's murder. Lucky's hostility toward Jason appeared to cloud his judgment as he questioned Spinelli as a possible suspect in Georgie's murder. Jason took a moment to visit Emily's resting place and thank her for all the things he never had the chance to thank her for while she lived. Luke's bypass surgery was a success, but he bristled at the changes he would have to make. Warren offered Kate her job back. Sonny was determined to fit into Kate's world in order to make their relationship work. Trevor resorted to threats in order to get Johnny to cooperate. The people Johnny was to meet with had other ideas. They targeted Lulu, intending to use her to control Johnny. Nik returned with news that he had an inoperable brain tumor. It was genetic and he suggested that Alexis, the girls, and Sam all be checked. The mysterious Moreau, a ruthless crime boss, turned out to be none other than Jerry Jacks.
December 31, 2007 to January 4, 2008
Felicia wanted to be a part of Georgie's murder investigation. Jason and Elizabeth's plans to spend time together kept falling through. Sonny tried to fit into Kate's world and wound up arrested. Jerry arranged for Stan to be killed in a car accident. Viewers learned that Jerry had a partner. Trevor had difficulty controlling Johnny. Luke suffered a close call. Spinelli tried to warn Maxie away from Cooper. Diane and Alexis were nominated for Litigator of the Year. Jerry made arrangements for Lulu to be abducted. Carly became suspicious after she witnessed a couple of encounters between Elizabeth and Jason. Johnny was arrested for Georgie's murder.
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