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January 6 to 10, 2014
Nathan told Sam that Silas was married, so Sam confronted Silas about the information. Silas admitted that he was married, but he explained that his wife had been lingering in a coma for over twenty years. According to Silas, his wife had taken an overdose of pills after she had learned about his affair with Ava. Nathan met his new partner, Dante. Dante was surprised when Nathan theorized that Silas had tried to kill Nina Clay. Rafe feared that he might have gotten T.J. into big trouble by informing Anna that T.J. had witnessed the shooting at the warehouse. Shawn made it clear to Anna that she couldn't question T.J. without an attorney present. Heather kidnapped Carly and then forced Carly to sign a letter that Heather had composed explaining Carly's disappearance. Michael was certain that Franco had harmed Carly. Kiki and Franco feared that Ava might have followed through on a threat against Carly. Julian decided to plant Morgan as a mole in Sonny's organization, so Julian insisted that Morgan end things with Ava to convince Sonny that Morgan had broken ties with the Jeromes. Robin overheard Felix tell Patrick that Sabrina was pregnant. Carlos suggested that he and Sabrina leave town and raise her baby together. Patrick went to Sabrina's apartment to talk to her about the baby.
January 13 to 17, 2014
Heather hid Carly in the Quartermaine boathouse and then took steps to frame Franco for Carly's "murder." Carly tried to persuade Heather to stop things before they went too far, but Heather was determined to punish Franco for stabbing Heather and then burying her alive. Scott was forced to issue an arrest warrant for Franco. Tracy sent Luke to the boathouse to take care of a vermin problem. Luke was shocked when he found Carly bound, gagged, and tethered to the boathouse floor. Shawn questioned if Morgan could be trusted, but Sonny assured Shawn that Morgan had truly cut ties with the Jeromes. Sonny confided to Morgan that Duke had been secretly helping Sonny to take down Julian. Olivia evicted Julian from the hotel. Bobbie called Lucas to tell him about Carly's disappearance, so he raced to his mother's side. Julian learned that Lucas was his biological son. Lulu met Nathan but didn't tell Nathan that she was Dante's wife. Carlos claimed that he was the father of Sabrina's baby, so Sabrina went along with the lie. Robin was relieved when Patrick told her that he wasn't the father of Sabrina's baby. A.J. had a flashback that made him realize that someone else might have been at Crimson on the night of Connie's murder.
January 20 to 24, 2014
Everyone was stunned when it was announced that Liesl Obrecht was the hospital's new chief of staff. The chairman of the board explained that Liesl had cut a deal with the World Security Bureau. Liesl contacted a mystery person to thank the person for securing the chief of staff position for her. Heather and her henchmen arrived at the boathouse as Luke tried to set Carly free. Heather decided to move Carly to the Wyndemere stables. Heather made up a story to explain her presence in the stables when Cam, Emma, and Spencer encountered Heather. Sonny and Duke set a trap that confirmed Sonny's suspicions that Morgan still worked for the Jeromes. Lucas learned that Julian was alive when Lucas had an encounter with his father. Lucas spent the night with Brad. Anna caught Duke in a lie. Scott and Lucy made love again. Mac confronted Scott when Felicia told Mac about Scott and Lucy's indiscretion. Franco turned to Kiki for help and explained that he had been framed. Kiki lied to Michael when he asked if Franco had contacted her. Elizabeth overheard Felix promise Sabrina that he wouldn't tell Patrick that Patrick was the father of Sabrina's baby. Sam met with Mr. Nakamura, the pharmacist who had filled the prescription for the antidepressant that Nathan accused Silas of using in an attempt to kill Silas' wife. Mr. Nakamura claimed that he had filled the prescription for Silas, so Nathan arrested Silas.
January 27 to 31, 2014
Julian confronted Duke on the piers, but Duke turned the tables on Julian when Sonny and Shawn stepped out of the shadows. Sonny invited Duke to take the first swing at Julian. Later, Julian went to the police station to tell Anna that Duke had been working for Sonny. Duke confessed the truth to Anna and made it clear that he would continue to work for Sonny until Julian was no longer a threat to Duke's loved ones, including Anna. Robert bid farewell to Port Charles when Holly called to ask for Robert's help because Ethan had landed in some trouble. Britt became jealous when she saw Nikolas and Elizabeth during a close moment. Elizabeth admitted that she was not happy that Nikolas and Britt were involved. Heather tried to enlist Spencer and Cameron's help to kill the "chupacabra" under a blanket where Heather had hidden a tightly bound and gagged Carly. Emma overheard Elizabeth urge Sabrina to tell Patrick that he was the father of Sabrina's baby. Robin received a visit from the new director of the World Security Bureau, Victor Cassadine. Victor revealed that he needed Robin's help because Helena and Stavros were not dead. Silas was arrested when a pharmacist revealed that Silas had filled the prescription of the antidepressant that had put Nina Clay in a coma. Sam learned that Silas had a strong motive to kill Nina. Franco turned to Kevin for help, but Kevin put Franco's fate in Scott's hands. Scott sent the police to pick Franco up. Kiki decided to pay Heather a visit at Miscavige to make certain that Heather was locked up. Kiki was unaware that the patient that she saw was actually Luke wearing a wig. Sonny agreed to give Morgan a second chance, provided that Morgan ended things with Ava. Alexis shared a heated kiss with Julian.
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February 3 to 7, 2014
Victor Cassadine, the new director of the World Security Bureau, returned to Port Charles to ask Robin to revive Helena and Stavros Cassadine, who lingered in a cryogenic stasis. Robin refused to consider it until Victor revealed that Jason Morgan was also in suspended animation and would remain so unless Robin helped Helena and Stavros. Robin was shocked when Victor explained that she had to leave town for an undetermined time and not tell anyone where she was going or the real reason that she was leaving. Sabrina decided to tell Patrick the truth about the baby because Emma had overheard Sabrina and Elizabeth talking about Patrick being the baby's father. Julian was not pleased to learn that Lucas was gay. Nikolas confided to Elizabeth that Brad was not Ben's father. Elizabeth became suspicious when she discovered that Dante and Ben suffered from latex fruit syndrome, so she enlisted Felix's help to collect a DNA sample from Dante, while she obtained a sample of Ben's DNA. Kiki was arrested after she helped Franco escape. Michael felt betrayed by Kiki's support of Franco. Franco was stunned when he discovered that Heather's grave was empty except for a bloody sheet and a note written in blood, vowing revenge. Franco turned to Scott for help. Carly and Heather were buried beneath the rubble when a portion of the catacombs collapsed. A.J. recalled seeing Ava arrive at Crimson on the night of Connie's murder.
February 10 to 14, 2014
After meeting Danny, Robin decided to go along with Victor's plan. Ava agreed to turn on Julian and help Sonny, so she and Morgan could be together. Elizabeth and Felix ran a DNA test that confirmed that Dante was Ben's father. Elizabeth confronted Britt with the results of the test and advised Britt to tell Nikolas the truth because Elizabeth intended to tell Dante about his son. Lulu had a dream that Ben was her and Dante's son. Nikolas decided to propose marriage to Britt and enlisted Spencer's help to pick out an engagement ring. Brad told Lucas that he and Lucas could only be friends because Brad wanted a relationship with Felix. Julian turned to Alexis for advice about Lucas. After a heart-to-heart talk with Alexis, Julian reached out to Lucas and apologized for the way that he reacted when Lucas had revealed that he was gay. Lucas accepted Julian's apology when Julian made it clear that he wanted a relationship with his son. Scott went to the Miscavige Institute to check on Heather but was shocked when a drugged Luke was in Heather's room. Heather's henchman locked Scott into a padded cell with Luke. Franco was shot while rescuing Carly. Heather was taken into custody and returned to the Miscavige, while Carly and Franco were rushed to the hospital. Michael continued to blame Franco for what had happened to Carly and felt betrayed because Kiki had helped Franco escape.
February 17 to 21, 2014
Anna rescued Luke and Scott from Miscavige. Tracy became alarmed by the change in Luke, which was attributed to the drugs that Luke had been given during his weeks at Miscavige. Robin confessed to Patrick why she had to leave town. Patrick objected to Robin abandoning her family to save Jason, but Robin insisted that she couldn't live with herself if she didn't help Jason. Emma was heartbroken when she was told that Robin would be leaving. Britt was forced to reveal that Dante was Ben's father, but she carefully placed all of the blame on her mother and denied that she had known that Liesl had used Dante's sperm. Britt remained quiet about who Ben's real mother was. Nikolas believed Britt's lies and proposed. Britt happily agreed to marry Nikolas. Dante met his son, but it was bittersweet for Lulu. Nikolas was shaken by Elizabeth's declaration of love and insisted that he had moved on as she had asked. Julian confronted Ava about downloading information from his laptop. Ava made it clear that she wouldn't hesitate to kill her brother if he made a move against her. Sonny informed Ava that Julian had a silent partner who had been bankrolling Julian's business ventures for years. Franco underwent lifesaving surgery and then was reunited with Carly. Felix discovered that Brad had been spending time with Lucas. T.J. rented a room at Metro Court for a special night with Molly.
February 24 to 28
Molly was furious that her mother had interrupted Molly's special night with T.J. and accused Alexis of treating her like a child. Alexis was stunned when Ric sided with Molly. Olivia realized that Ric might be in town because Ric was bankrolling Julian's organization. Sonny confronted his brother, but Ric insisted that he was in town to spend time with Molly. Ava confessed to Carlos that she had murdered Connie, so she enlisted Carlos to kill A.J. before A.J. could implicate Ava. Luke and Tracy thwarted Carlos' attempt to kill A.J. A.J. realized that Ava had killed Connie when he remembered that Connie had been alive when he had left Connie's office. Franco tried to persuade Carly to walk away from him because he didn't want to cause problems between Carly and Michael, but Carly insisted that she loved Franco. Michael and Kiki agreed to slow things down because they realized that they didn't know each other as well as they had thought. Sam and Silas went to New York City to enlist Delia's help to trick Mr. Nakamura into confessing that he was in cahoots with Ava. However, the plan went awry when it was revealed that Mr. Nakamura was dead. Nathan confronted Silas about Mr. Nakamura's "suicide." Sam revealed that Ava had been in town and could have killed Mr. Nakamura. Silas decided that it was time to pay Nina a visit. Robin and Anna shared a touching goodbye. Robin promised to find her way back home. Nikolas assured Elizabeth that she would always be part of his family and his best friend.
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MARCH 2014
March 3 to 7, 2014
Molly resented Alexis keeping Molly and T.J. apart, so Molly decided to move in with her father. Ric reconnected with Elizabeth and invited her out to dinner. A.J. recalled Connie being alive when he had left her office, so he realized that Ava had murdered Connie. Ava pulled a gun on A.J. when he confronted her with the truth. Sonny shot A.J. when he walked in on a violent altercation between Ava and A.J. Sonny and Ava covered their tracks and left A.J. bleeding to death in Ava's apartment. Julian became the prime suspect when he was found holding the gun that had been used to shoot A.J. A.J. was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Alexis asked Ric to represent Julian. Silas and Sam became concerned when Nina disappeared from the Crichton-Clark facility. A cloud of suspicion fell over Silas when Mr. Nakamura died of an overdose in the same hotel where Silas had been staying. A mystery person watched Silas and Sam at Ryan's bar. Robin left town with Victor and was taken to the Crichton-Clark facility where her work to revive Jason, Helena, and Stavros would begin. Tracy accepted Luke's proposal of marriage, but she realized that something was wrong with Luke after a nasty confrontation between Luke and Monica. Duke was put in a difficult position when Sonny asked Duke to provide Sonny with an alibi and then Anna questioned Duke about Sonny's whereabouts during the time of the shooting.
March 10 to 14, 2014
Duke provided Sonny with an alibi. Ric agreed to be Julian's attorney. A.J. woke up and cleared Julian of the shooting but suffered an aneurysm before he could reveal that Sonny had pulled the trigger. Ava slipped into A.J.'s hospital room, determined to make certain that he didn't wake up, but A.J.'s survival instincts kicked in and foiled her plans. Carlos was rattled when he overheard Anna tell Dante that the key to solving A.J.'s shooting was to find the intruder who had tried to kill A.J. in the Quartermaine mansion. Nikolas wasn't pleased when Elizabeth agreed to attend Nikolas and Britt's engagement party with Ric. Tracy became concerned when Luke cruelly lashed out at Monica for suggesting that he wanted to marry Tracy for her money. Tracy turned to Kevin for help, so Kevin paid Scott a visit to get insight into what had happened to Luke at Miscavige. Kiki was horrified when Luke groped her, but she decided to keep silent about the incident when she learned that Luke and Tracy were engaged. However, Luke continued to make unwanted advances until Morgan was forced to intercede on Kiki's behalf. Morgan warned Luke to stay away from Kiki, but Luke wasn't intimidated. Nina's mother, Madeline, stopped by Silas' office to ask him to sign papers relinquishing all rights to Nina's fortune, but Silas refused to cooperate until he knew what had happened to Nina. After Madeline left Silas' office, she paid Nathan a visit. Patrick had an angry outburst in Kelly's that left Emma in tears. Lulu continued to dream that Ben was her son. Britt and Liesl had an emotional breakthrough when Britt told Liesl about the engagement. Felix walked in on Brad and Lucas kissing. A woman from Shawn's past stopped by Kelly's.
March 17 to 21, 2014
A.J. slipped into a coma during surgery to repair an aneurysm. Patrick felt responsible for A.J.'s condition because Patrick realized that he might not have been ready to operate after everything that had happened with Robin. Sonny enlisted Alexis' help to question Julian about Julian's association with Ric. T.J.'s mother, Jordan, arrived in Port Charles and decided to stay when T.J. refused to return to Maryland with her. Luke continued to make inappropriate passes at Kiki despite her insistence that she was not interested in him. Tracy became suspicious when she saw Luke hovering near Kiki, so Luke lied and claimed that he had rebuffed Kiki's advances. Nikolas ordered Luke to leave the engagement party when Luke remarked that Britt was "one hot piece of ass." Brad encouraged Britt to write Lulu a letter of apology and then burn it to purge Britt's feelings of guilt over stealing Ben from Lulu. Britt unwittingly grabbed the wrong envelope, not realizing that she had left the letter of confession behind in the conference room at the hospital. Cam made an origami heart for Emma with the flyer that Britt had written on and then gave the present to Emma. In a fit of jealousy, Spencer snatched the origami heart away from Emma and then threw it on the ground. Later, Elizabeth found the crumbled origami heart and discovered that it was a letter from Britt to Lulu. Olivia noticed that Ben looked a lot like Lulu and mentioned it to Lulu. Nathan was revealed to be Nina's brother. Julian had a clandestine meeting with Luke in the stables.
March 24 to 28, 2014
Spencer secretly overheard a revealing conversation between Luke and Julian when Luke was revealed to be Julian's moneyman. Elizabeth found Britt's letter of confession to Lulu and then shared with Lulu. Lulu confronted Britt during the engagement party about stealing Dante and Lulu's frozen embryos and giving birth to their son, Ben. Nikolas lashed out at Elizabeth and publicly humiliated her before throwing her out of Wyndemere. Crushed, Elizabeth returned home with Ric. Ric declared his feelings for Elizabeth and kissed her, but she rebuffed his advances because she still loved Nikolas. Nikolas broke off his engagement to Britt and ended their relationship. Liesl kidnapped Ben and showed up at Elizabeth's house, where Liesl held Elizabeth at gunpoint until Britt was released from jail. Dante arrested Britt for stealing the embryos. Britt denied any involvement with Ben's kidnapping and offered to help the police find Liesl and Ben. Lulu made it clear that she wanted Britt to pay for what she had put Dante and Lulu through. Nathan was devastated when Madeline revealed that his sister, Nina, had died of pneumonia weeks earlier. Silas proved that he had never been interested in Nina's money by signing documents relinquishing all claims to her estate, but Madeline insisted that it had been an empty gesture because Silas was a successful doctor. Nathan received proof that Silas' alibi for the time of Nakamura's death had checked out. Carly was stunned when A.J. woke up from the coma and revealed that Sonny had shot him because of Ava. Monica and Michael were horrified when A.J.'s vitals crashed as they entered his hospital room. Julian and Alexis made love.
March 31 to April 4, 2014
A.J. suffered a fatal seizure and died. Monica was heartbroken by the loss of her son and wondered why she should go on when all of her loved ones were dead. Emily and A.J.'s spirits visited Monica in her time of need to assure Monica that she was not alone because she had Michael and Danny. Emily, with the help of Lila, Edward, and Alan, guided A.J. to heaven. Carly confronted Sonny about A.J.'s deathbed confession that Sonny had shot A.J. because of Ava. Sonny confided everything to Carly and asked if Carly would keep his secret. Carly agreed not to tell Michael the truth about who had murdered A.J. because she believed that Sonny had been a better father to Michael than A.J. ever could have been. Sam and Silas enlisted Nathan's help to set a trap for Ava to prove that Ava had been the one to kill Nina and Nakamura. Nathan was shocked when the person they ensnared was his mother, Madeline. Liesl took Ben to Elizabeth's house and hid there until Britt was released from jail. Diane pointed out that Britt hadn't broken any laws by stealing Dante and Lulu's frozen embryos. Liesl reached out to her daughter to let Britt know where Ben was. Britt turned against Liesl by returning to the police station. Nikolas was certain that someone had been at Elizabeth's house, but Lulu assured him that Ric hadn't spent the night with Elizabeth. Nikolas decided to return to Elizabeth's house to investigate and was greeted by Liesl. Luke revealed that he intended to open a drug trade in Port Charles.
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APRIL 2014
April 7 to 11, 2014
Madeline confessed that she had given Nina an overdose of antidepressants because Nina had been pregnant with Silas' baby, and Madeline had hoped to trigger a miscarriage. Nathan was forced to arrest Madeline for the murders of both Nina and Mr. Nakamura. Britt helped the police rescue Ben from Liesl as Liesl hid out at Elizabeth's house and held Nikolas and Elizabeth hostage. Elizabeth was shot while Nikolas and Liesl struggled for the gun. Elizabeth was rushed to the hospital and was expected to make a full recovery. Dante and Lulu decided to name their son Rocco. Liesl was arrested and, in a shocking twist, was revealed to be Madeline's younger sister and Nathan's biological mother. Liesl asked to see Dante to request that he drop all charges against her in exchange for information about his and Lulu's other child. Nathan and Britt bumped into each other at the Floating Rib and decided to drown their sorrows. Afterwards, Britt accepted Nathan's invitation to go home with him. Maxie returned from her trip abroad with a lover named Levi. Maxie was delighted when she learned the news about Dante and Lulu's son. Carly confided to Franco that Sonny had shot A.J. and that Ava had been present at the time of the shooting. Carly suspected that Ava had another secret and was determined to find out what it was. Sonny was startled when Ric revealed that Luke had warned him that Sonny was gunning for Ric. Nikolas told Spencer that Britt and Ben had moved out. Spencer warned Nikolas that Luke intended to hurt Sonny.
April 14 to 18, 2014
Liesl revealed to Dante and Lulu that she had possession of their third frozen embryo, which Liesl would turn over to Dante and Lulu in exchange for complete immunity for herself and for Britt. Britt admitted that Liesl didn't make idle threats, so Dante and Lulu should believe that Liesl had the frozen embryo. Nathan was stunned when Madeline confessed that Britt was his sister and that Liesl was his birth mother. Levi urged Maxie to evict Nathan, but Maxie decided against it. Nikolas insisted that Elizabeth recuperate at Wyndemere because she needed help taking care of the boys. Sonny was haunted by visions of A.J. Sonny's visions ultimately drove Olivia away. Michael made it clear that he would not find peace until his father's killer had been found and put behind bars. Carlos feared that he would become Ava's scapegoat when DNA tests confirmed that Carlos had been the intruder at the Quartermaine mansion. Ava threatened Sabrina's life if Carlos cooperated with the police. Ned returned to town for A.J.'s funeral. Luke was not pleased when Ned demanded that Luke sign a prenuptial agreement. Kiki was left shaken after Luke paid her a visit. Spencer decided to confront Luke about the threats that Luke had made against Sonny. Jordan approached Julian about being a part of the distribution of drugs in Port Charles. Shawn revealed to Duke that Jordan had given Shawn guardianship of T.J. because Jordan had been sent to jail for two years. Franco found a unique way to help Carly find out what Ava was hiding.
April 21 to 25, 2014
Ric was not pleased when he learned that Elizabeth had decided to recuperate at Wyndemere. Despite Sonny's reservations, he attended A.J.'s funeral to support Michael. Monica was offended by Sonny's presence because of the history of acrimony between Sonny and A.J., but she agreed to allow Sonny to stay for Michael's sake. Haunted by his secret, Sonny remained at the mausoleum, following the funeral. Ava was hurt when she saw Morgan comforting Kiki and ended up in the mausoleum with Sonny. Ava warned Sonny that he would lose Michael if Sonny confessed the truth about A.J.'s murder. Sonny and Ava's hurt and pain flared into passion. Shortly after Sonny and Ava had sex, Morgan walked in and quickly figured out what had happened. Ned learned that Kiki had been forced to defend herself against Luke's unwanted advances. Ned's plan to expose Luke's true nature to Tracy backfired. Spencer confronted Luke and warned his uncle that he intended to tell Sonny about Luke's plans. Luke told Spencer to keep quiet by making a veiled threat against Emma. Franco landed in jail as planned and befriended Carlos. Carlos eventually revealed that Ava had sent Carlos to the Quartermaine mansion to kill A.J. Carlos was horrified when he learned that Patrick, Sabrina, and Emma had been involved in a car accident. Patrick and Emma were unharmed when a car drove them off the road, but Sabrina went into labor. Britt arrived on the scene and delivered Sabrina's premature son. Sabrina and the baby were rushed to the hospital.
April 28 to May 2, 2014
Madeline confided to Nathan that Nina was alive, but she begged Nathan not to tell anyone because Madeline had been destitute and had needed access to Nina's money. Madeline was transferred to Riker's Island to await trial for killing Nakamura and injecting Nina with an overdose of antidepressant. A mystery woman woke up in a hospital and called out for Silas. Scott agreed to drop all of the charges against Liesl and Britt in exchange for Liesl returning Dante and Lulu's last remaining frozen embryo. Nathan asked Liesl who his father was, but she refused to identify the man. Victor returned to give Patrick an opportunity to talk to Robin. Patrick was hurt and angry when Robin refused to return home during the crisis, so he made it clear that they were over if she continued to put Jason first. Maxie apologized to Lulu and admitted that she hoped that she and Lulu could one day be friends again. Lulu surprised Maxie by confessing that Lulu had missed Maxie. Mac was not impressed when he met Maxie's new boyfriend, Levi. Shawn was certain that Jordan had become involved in drug trafficking again. Jordan threatened to tell T.J. the truth about how T.J.'s father had died. Morgan was devastated when he realized that Sonny had slept with Ava. Luke ordered Julian to kill Ava when Morgan revealed that Ava had been feeding Sonny inside information about the Jerome organization. Carly and Franco found A.J.'s cell phone and discovered that a recording had been in progress when the battery had died.
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MAY 2014
May 5 to 9, 2014
The 2014 Nurses Ball kicked off with a bang when Liesl hijacked the opening number with a cabaret version of the traditional welcome that the nurses performed every year. Levi surprised Maxie by agreeing to take her to the Nurses Ball. Spencer accused Nikolas of looking at Elizabeth as if Nikolas wanted to marry her. Elizabeth agreed to attend the gala with Ric. Luke ordered Julian to kill Ava when Julian revealed that Ava had been feeding Sonny inside information for months. Julian balked at murdering his sister, but Luke threatened to have Julian killed if Julian failed to carry out the order. Sonny made arrangements for Ava to hide out on his private island before Julian could retaliate. Olivia put the pieces together and realized that Sonny had slept with Ava, so she ended things with Sonny. Julian warned Shawn that Ava had been responsible for Olivia's shooting on the terrace of the Metro Court Restaurant, but Ava blackmailed Shawn into keeping her secret. Franco and Carly found A.J.'s cell phone, which had recorded A.J.'s encounter with Ava before the shooting. Carly was frustrated that the static on the recording continued to hide Ava's secret. Patrick and Sabrina's premature newborn son remained stable. Robin refused to return home when Patrick told her about the accident. Liesl arranged for Victor to hand over the last frozen embryo to Dante and Lulu. Nathan demanded to know who his father was, but Liesl refused to name the man. Ned enlisted Kiki's help to expose Luke, so Kiki decided to tell Michael about Luke's unwanted advances. Luke took advantage of the spotlight to persuade Tracy to marry him during the ball. Lucy officiated the wedding.
May 12 to 16, 2014
The 2014 Nurses Ball concluded with a shocking finale when Lucy ended up on stage in her underwear, kissing Scott. Lucy desperately tried to claim that the kiss had been part of an act, but Kevin saw through the lie and walked out on his wife. Mac took Kevin to the Floating Rib to drown Kevin's sorrows, but Scott ended up at the bar. Kevin punched Scott, but Scott left without pressing charges. Kevin was hurt when he realized that Mac had known about the ongoing affair. Things took a violent turn when Bobbie confronted Lucy about stringing Scott along. Felicia bribed a reporter and the photographer by giving them her Aztec necklace in exchange for the photographs of Lucy and Bobbie's catfight and a promise to bury the story. Luke persuaded Tracy to marry him at the Nurses Ball, but his plans for ELQ went awry when Ned announced after the wedding that the shareholders had secretly voted to replace Tracy with Michael as CEO of ELQ. Tracy assured Luke that she would regain control of the company -- after their honeymoon. Luke pretended that Tracy was Kiki in order to consummate the marriage. Duke received information that the Jeromes expected a new shipment of drugs, so Sonny agreed to let the police handle the situation. Shawn was certain that Jordan had used drug money to buy a new car for T.J. as a graduation gift. Alexis asked Julian to leave the mob, so Julian made it clear to Luke that Julian was out. Infuriated by Julian's decision, Luke loaded a gun and then paid Alexis a visit. Elizabeth told Nikolas that she intended to move back home and that she wanted a relationship with Ric because she didn't think that she and Nikolas were meant to be together. Nikolas refused to accept Elizabeth's decision because he believed that she had picked Ric out of fear of what might happened if she had picked Nikolas.
May 19 to 23, 2014
Anna and her team busted the drug shipment that Luke had been expecting. Jordan, several Jerome associates, and Julian were arrested. Jordan was forced to reveal to Anna that Jordan was an agent for the DEA, working undercover to identify and arrest Julian's boss. Anna agreed to help Jordan remain undercover. Luke arranged for a hit man to go to the gallery to shoot Lucas as a message to Julian that Julian could not quit the mob. Later, Luke covered his tracks my killing the hit man. Lucas survived the gunshot, so Luke decided to pay Lucas a visit at the hospital to finish the job. Ned was stunned when Luke threatened to kill Ned and make it appear as if it had been a suicide, but Tracy's timely arrival stopped Luke from carrying out the deadly plan. Luke denied Ned's accusations of attempted murder and claimed that he had merely mistaken Ned for an intruder until Ned had stepped out of the shadows. Tracy sided with Luke and ordered Ned to leave the mansion. Ned vowed to get to the bottom of what was going on with Luke. Sonny called Ava to let her know that her brother had been arrested, so it was safe for Ava to return home. Carly and Franco turned to Spinelli for help with the damaged recording that A.J. had made prior to being shot. Carly was shocked when the cleaned-up recording revealed that Ava had murdered Connie and then had framed A.J. Shawn told Sonny that Ava had been responsible for Olivia's shooting at Metro Court Restaurant. Carly returned to town and paid Sonny a visit, so he could hear the recording that A.J. had made. Maxie received a summons to appear in court to revisit the issue of Georgie's custody.
May 26 to 30, 2014
Carly played the recording for Sonny that A.J. had made of Ava confessing to Connie's murder. Furious that Ava had driven him to kill an innocent man, Sonny flew to his island to confront Ava and then kill her. Ava pleaded for her life and then revealed that she was pregnant. Sonny refused to believe Ava, but she produced a pregnancy test to prove her claim. Luke threatened to kill Ned and then make it appear that it had been a suicide, but Tracy didn't believe Ned's claims and asked Ned to leave the mansion. Tracy talked to Lulu about Luke's odd behavior and unexplained disappearances, so Lulu revealed that Luke had been planning to surprise Tracy with a honeymoon trip of a lifetime. The real Luke Spencer was revealed to be at Miscavige, confined to a straitjacket and heavily sedated. Julian decided to protect his loved ones by secretly returning to the Jerome organization and then claiming to want to cooperate with the police by revealing the identity of his boss. As instructed, Julian claimed that Ric was the true head of the Jerome organization. Ric's romantic evening with Elizabeth ended in his suite. After Ric and Elizabeth made love, Anna showed up to arrest Ric. Anna told Dante that Jordan was an undercover DEA agent trying to uncover the identity of Julian's boss. Shawn was shocked when the charges against Jordan were dropped because of a technicality.
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JUNE 2014
June 2 to 6, 2014
Patrick and Sabrina's son, Gabriel, suffered a heartbreaking setback and died. Elizabeth helped a grief-stricken Patrick, while Felix watched over a devastated Sabrina. After declaring their love for each other, Sam and Silas were shocked when Nina Clay crashed Danny's birthday party. Nina appeared unaware of Silas' relationship with Sam as Nina happily greeted her husband. Nina assumed that she and Silas could pick up where they had left off because he had never filed for divorce, so Sam encouraged Silas to take Nina home to talk things out. Sam feared that Silas would choose Nina over her. After a run-in with the law, Rafe stole money from Sam to score drugs. Sonny decided to take Ava for a blood test to confirm that Ava was really pregnant. Morgan and Carly were stunned when Ava revealed that she was pregnant with either Sonny or Morgan's baby. Sonny made it clear that the baby had only bought Ava a nine-month reprieve from retribution for murdering Connie and then insisted that Ava move in with him, so he could keep an eye on her. Molly was certain that Julian had framed Ric, but she was unable to talk to her father because the FBI had picked Ric up for questioning. Elizabeth leaned on Nikolas when the overwhelming evidence against Ric convinced her that Ric had lied to her. Nathan was at Maxie's side when she went to court to request a new hearing for visitation with Georgie. Judge Walters was reluctant to grant the request until Nathan stepped forward to take full responsibility for Maxie missing the previous week's hearing. Levi questioned if something was going on between Maxie and Nathan. Carly decided that Franco should move in with her and then focus on building a new life for himself.
June 9 to 13, 2014
Patrick was shocked Sabrina greeted him, wearing her wedding gown, when he paid her a visit. Patrick was forced to explain to Sabrina that they were headed to the church the following day to say goodbye to their son rather than to get married. Sabrina wept inconsolably as her memories about Gabriel flooded back. Anna told Ric that she knew that Julian had framed Ric, but she couldn't risk Ric or his family's lives by setting Ric free because it would tip off Julian's boss. Anna enlisted Nathan's help to make it appear that Ric had been killed during an escape attempt. Ric was put into the witness protection program until Julian's boss was unmasked. Tensions were high between Maxie and Levi because of Maxie's decision to seek visitation with Georgie. Maxie had issues with Levi's outlook on things and ended up spending time with Nathan, who was relieved that Maxie had finally started to think for herself. Nathan reunited with Nina and told her what Madeline had done. Nina was devastated when she realized that Madeline had caused Nina to miscarry Silas' child. Silas told Nina that he was in love with Sam, so Nina offered to move in with Nathan, but Silas insisted that she stay with Silas. Rafe was rattled when Sam told him about Gabriel's passing. T.J. confronted Rafe when T.J. caught Rafe snorting cocaine in the park. Morgan felt betrayed by Sonny when Sonny explained that Ava had to live under Sonny's roof to keep Ava safe from Julian's wrath. Liesl fired Elizabeth, but Nikolas vowed to get Elizabeth reinstated. Britt asked her mother to help Britt get Nikolas back. Sonny confided to Duke that Ava had murdered Connie.
June 16 to 20, 2014
Patrick and Sabrina buried their son, Gabriel. After the funeral, Sabrina returned to Puerto Rico with her cousin, Juan, to spend time with her family. Ric went into the witness protection program until Julian's boss was identified and arrested. Molly resented Alexis' support of Julian because Molly was certain that Julian had framed Ric, so Molly decided to move in with Sam. Nina carefully planted seeds of doubt in Silas' mind about Sam's readiness to move forward with a new relationship after losing Jason. After Silas left for his date with Sam, Nina's friendly veneer dropped as she stood up then recalled trashing his apartment months earlier in a fit of rage. Lulu decided to go through the procedure to increase her chances of carrying a baby to term. Maxie was stunned when her custody hearing was moved up because Judge Walters had reason to believe that Nathan had lied about why Maxie had missed the first hearing. Maxie refused to allow Nathan to risk his job for her, so she told the judge that Nathan hadn't been aware that she had seen the court summons before Nathan had tossed it out with the junk mail. The judge denied Maxie visitation with Georgie. Tracy and Luke cooked up a scheme for Tracy to return to work at ELQ. Michael offered to let Morgan live at Bobbie's brownstone rent-free in exchange for Morgan supervising the building's renovation. Josslyn was not happy with Carly's decision to invite Franco to move in. Carly warned Sonny to stay vigilant around Ava because Ava would use the pregnancy to manipulate Sonny.
June 23 to June 27, 2014
Patrick and Sam visited the site of the car accident and discovered evidence of a black sports car that had sustained damage on the passenger side. Patrick and Sam tracked the car down to a custom auto body shop. Sam was stunned to discover who owned the car that had hit the guardrail on the night of Patrick's accident. Nathan vowed to prove that Levi had called the judge to sabotage Maxie's request for visitation with Georgie. Maxie refused to believe that Levi would do anything to hurt her. Levi persuaded Maxie that they should protest the waterfront revitalization project. Morgan and Kiki moved into the brownstone to begin the renovations. Nina and Rosalie conspired to ruin Sam and Silas' special evening out and to destroy those who had wronged Nina. Liesl offered Franco a job. Franco was furious when he spotted Sonny hugging Carly in the park. Franco demanded that Sonny stay away from Carly, but Sonny refused. Franco reminded Sonny that Franco knew that Sonny had killed A.J., but Sonny wasn't intimidated. Franco went to ELQ to have a talk with Michael. Tracy managed to manipulate Michael into rehiring her and then allowing her to work on the waterfront project. Alexis paid Molly a visit to give Ric's personal effects to Molly. Molly asked Alexis to stay while Molly went through the envelope. Rafe cleared the air with Molly.
June 30 to July 4, 2014
Ava invited Delia to move in and enlisted Delia's help to find A.J.'s incriminating audio recording. Levi and Maxie were arrested when they trespassed on the brownstone to protest the waterfront revitalization project. Levi was carted off to jail, but Maxie found herself handcuffed to Nathan without a key. Alice caught Tracy plotting with Luke on the phone to oust Michael from ELQ, so Alice called Michael. However, Alice collapsed before she could warn Michael about Tracy's scheme. Michael and Morgan raced to ELQ to help Alice but Tracy had already called for an ambulance. Ned met with Alexis to ask her to confirm that Tracy's annulment from Luke was legitimate. Britt enlisted Spencer's help to manipulate Nikolas into inviting Britt to spend the Fourth of July with Nikolas and Spencer. Emma asked Patrick if he intended to divorce her mother, so he admitted that it was likely. Patrick and Sam learned that Silas' car had been responsible for the accident that had caused Gabriel's death. Patrick confronted Silas, but Sam quickly determined that Rafe had been driving the car. Rafe realized that his secret had been discovered, so he raced home to collect his things. Rafe was stunned when he caught Nina walking. Nina gave Rafe money in exchange for his silence. Molly was stunned when T.J. told her about Rafe's drug use, so she decided to pay Silas a visit to talk about Rafe. Molly bumped into Rafe in the parking garage, so she jumped into the car to try to talk to him. Molly was stunned when Rafe confessed that he had been responsible for the crash that had killed Patrick's son and then revealed that it hadn't been an accident. Tragedy struck when Rafe's car careened into a police roadblock.
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JULY 2014
July 7 to 11, 2014
Tragedy struck when Rafe suffered a devastating seizure from a brain injury he had sustained in the car accident. Molly escaped with minor injuries, but Rafe was rushed into surgery to relieve pressure on the brain. Patrick was the only neurosurgeon available, so Liesl ordered Patrick to perform the life-saving surgery on Rafe. During surgery, Patrick wrestled with his conscience about whether or not to allow Rafe to die. A blood vessel burst, leaving Rafe brain-dead. Silas was certain that Patrick had somehow been responsible for Rafe's condition because Patrick had wanted Rafe to die. Monica broke the news that Alice had collapsed at ELQ from a heart attack and would need a heart transplant because of Alice's advanced coronary disease. Alice was determined to warn Michael about Tracy's scheme to oust him from ELQ but fate continually intervened on Tracy's behalf. Nathan and Maxie complained about each other, prompting Dante and Lulu to each question if Nathan and Maxie were falling for each other. Levi revealed that his visa had expired, but he assured Maxie that new paperwork had been filed. Maxie was stunned when an agent from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement showed up on her doorstep, looking for Levi, because of an anonymous tip. Maxie was certain that Nathan had reported Levi. Lulu was delighted when she was told that she could carry a child to term. Brad became jealous when he learned that Felix had spent the night under the same roof as Lucas and that Lucas was attracted to Felix. Lucas decided who he wanted to pursue a relationship with, but he changed his mind when he walked in on Brad kissing Felix during a heated argument.
July 14 to 18, 2014
Kiki approached Silas about donating Rafe's heart to Alice, since Rafe and Alice had the same blood type. Silas agreed to the transplant, but a toxicology report revealed that Rafe had been exposed to heroin, so Rafe's heart could not be donated to Alice. Rafe's loved ones gathered to say goodbye to Rafe. Silas turned off Rafe's life support. Nina briefly considered confessing the truth to Silas when she had an unsettling vision of Rafe taunting her. However, Nina's attack of conscience passed when she overheard Silas and Sam argue about Patrick's role in Rafe's death. Anna was disappointed when Patrick revealed that he had asked Alexis to draw up divorce papers. Tracy promised that she would continue to use ELQ's resources to find Alice a new heart provided Alice agreed to keep quiet about Tracy's plans to unseat Michael as CEO. Michael noticed Morgan and Kiki's renewed closeness. Levi took steps to make it appear that Nathan had notified Immigration that Levi's visa had expired. Maxie was hurt by what she believed was Nathan's betrayal, so she evicted him from the apartment. Lucas talked to Julian about Brad and Felix. Spencer helped Britt spend time with Nikolas but Elizabeth's unexpected arrival forced Spencer to take drastic action by disappearing for a while.
July 21 to 25, 2014
Ava reached out to her brother for his help. Julian agreed to rescue Ava from Sonny's clutches in exchange for information, so Ava told Julian that Sonny had killed A.J. Julian suggested that he and Alexis see each other in secret, so Molly would return home. Alexis reluctantly agreed to Julian's plan but only on a temporary basis until she could persuade Molly to give Julian another chance. Spencer took his matchmaking scheme too far by running away. Spencer stayed in contact with Britt as she helped Nikolas search for his son. Levi confessed that he would be arrested if he returned to Australia, so Maxie suggested that they get married to keep him from being deported. Mac and Felicia objected to the quickie green card marriage, but Maxie was determined to go through with the ceremony. Nina overheard a revealing conversation between Sam and Silas about Patrick's personal struggle in the operating room during Rafe's surgery. Nina shared the information with a reporter, knowing that Sam would assume Silas had leaked the information. Silas denied telling the press about Patrick's confession, but Sam was unable to trust Silas. Sam broke up with Silas because she couldn't ignore the growing distance between her and Silas since Nina's arrival. Liesl fired Patrick when he admitted that he had considered killing Rafe. Sam realized that Nina might have overheard her conversation with Silas, so she set out to find proof to expose Nina. Lucy was hurt when she realized that Scott had moved on with Bobbie. Shawn and Jordan shared a heated kiss.
July 28 to August 1, 2014
Sam found proof that someone had been eavesdropping when Sam had told Silas about Patrick's confession. Sam walked in on a heated kiss between Silas and Nina, unaware that Nina had drugged Silas. Patrick and Sam decided to work together to prove that Nina had been lying about being wheelchair-bound. Nathan caught Nina out of the wheelchair, so Nina pretended that she had only just learned to stand briefly on her own. Mickey planted a bomb in Alexis' home to teach Julian a lesson. The bomb destroyed the lake house, but no one was at home at the time. Julian shot Mickey in a fit of rage. Mickey tried to warn Julian that Jordan was an undercover agent with the Drug Enforcement Agency, but Jordan managed to distract Julian by urging him to leave Mickey's hotel room before the police arrived. Tracy's hopes soared when she overheard a nurse mention that Mickey was brain-dead, but Elizabeth broke the news to Tracy that Mickey had not been an organ donor. Alice was touched when Morgan arranged for professional wrestling champion David Otunga to visit her. Olivia tried to evict Sonny from Metro Court, but Carly put her foot down. Olivia warned Franco that Carly would always be loyal to Sonny above all others. Ned offered Olivia an understanding shoulder as she drowned her sorrows at the bar. Nikolas was beside himself with worry when the police were unable to locate Spencer. Britt was plagued with guilt over her deception but was too afraid to risk losing Nikolas by telling the truth. Ava promised to get rid of Sonny once and for all if Franco helped her obtain Carly's copy of the incriminating recording A.J. had made. Ava used trickery to get in contact with Julian's boss. Spencer struck a bargain with Franco when he caught Franco trying to hack into Carly's email.
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August 4 to 8, 2014
Patrick and Sam went to the Crichton-Clark clinic to get some answers about Nina. Patrick was stunned when he bumped into Robin as she left her lab. Shocked, Robin demanded to know how Patrick had found her, but Patrick pushed his way into her lab to find Jason. Robin claimed that Jason had died after she'd been forced to give Jason an experimental drug protocol. Patrick realized that Robin didn't have any reason to continue to help Victor because Jason was dead, but Robin insisted that her work could save lives, so she needed to stay. Hurt, Patrick made it clear that he would file for divorce. Victor was pleased that Robin had lied to Patrick about Jason, but Robin accused Victor of being a monster for masterminding Patrick's crash that had killed Gabriel. Molly remembered the shocking confession Rafe made prior to the crash, so she told Silas. Nina spied on Sonny and Carly as Sonny kissed Carly to prove that she was not in love with Franco. Sonny arranged for a woman to pose as Mickey Diamond's sister to make certain that Alice received a new heart. Alexis confronted Julian with her suspicions that he had not left the mob. Julian confessed that he had lied to protect his family. Alexis ended things with Julian for the sake of her family, despite being in love with Julian. Josslyn told Cam that Spencer had been hiding out at her house, so Cam told his mother. Nikolas was overjoyed when Elizabeth returned Spencer to him. Britt was frustrated because Elizabeth had stolen Britt's thunder. Lucas settled the dispute between Felix and Brad by suggesting that he date both men. Shawn and Jordan made love. Dante and Lulu decided to move ahead with having a second child. Maxie and Levi's wedding day arrived.
August 11 to 15, 2014
After Felicia's Aztec's necklace was stolen, Nathan followed the trail straight to Levi as Levi prepared to marry Maxie on the Haunted Star. Levi managed to overpower Nathan then left Nathan bound and bloody on the cabin floor. Concerned about Nathan's sudden disappearance, Dante slipped into Levi's cabin during the wedding ceremony and found Nathan. Maxie was stunned when Nathan interrupted her wedding to arrest Levi. Levi and his accomplice, "Agent" Scribner, took Maxie and Lulu hostage, shot Mac, and escaped with the rest of Felicia's Aztec jewels. Brad, Lucas, and Felix made plans to spend the evening together at Brad's place, so Brad asked Britt to stay away for the night. As Lucas and Brad waited for Felix to arrive, Lucas confessed that he had intended to choose Brad until the kiss in the locker room. Britt wrangled an invitation from Nikolas to spend the night at Wyndemere. Britt took advantage of her time alone with Nikolas by kissing him as they sat before a fire making s'mores. Sonny and Carly's thoughts kept straying to their kiss. Carly remained in denial about her growing feelings for Sonny, but Sonny was determined to make her realize that Franco was not the one for her. Franco and Nina found themselves stuck in an elevator overnight. Franco was shocked when Nina confessed that she had seen Sonny and Carly kiss. Patrick asked Sam to find out who had put Rafe behind the wheel of the car on the night of Gabriel's birth. Robin announced that she'd had a breakthrough with her research to revive Jason, Helena, and Stavros. Victor tested Robin's serum on Jason. Robin was overjoyed when Jason emerged from stasis, but Victor quickly dashed her hopes when he revealed that he had special plans for Jason. Robin reminded Victor of their agreement, but Victor was unmoved and informed Robin that her services were no longer needed. Milo asked Epiphany out on a date.
August 18 to 22, 2014
Franco was furious when Nina revealed that she had witnessed a kiss between Sonny and Carly. Sonny and Carly slept together. Carly was filled with remorse when she realized that she had betrayed Franco. Sonny reluctantly agreed to slip out of Carly's bedroom window when Franco arrived home unexpectedly. Bobbie helped cover for Carly with Franco, but Franco had an uneasy feeling that Sonny had been in Carly's bedroom. Patrick told Sabrina about Rafe's role in the accident that led to Gabriel's death. Sabrina was shocked that someone would intentionally target her and Patrick. Silas found a business card to the Crichton-Clark facility among Rafe's things. Britt kissed Nikolas, but he confessed that he had feelings for Elizabeth. Jordan reminded Shawn that it was imperative for them to keep their affair a secret for T.J.'s sake. Levi and his accomplice dragged Maxie and Lulu to a cabin in the woods. Alice told Michael about Luke and Tracy's plan to seize control of ELQ. After Michael fired Tracy, Ned tossed his mother out of the mansion with Monica's blessing. Ava and Kiki felt Ava's baby kick for the first time. Luke ordered Ava to kill Michael. Julian confided to Ava that the man they answered to was not the real Luke Spencer.
August 25 to 29, 2014
Ava changed her mind about poisoning Michael when she realized that Luke wanted Michael out of the way to get to Kiki. Julian warned Ava that she couldn't cross their boss, so he advised Ava to give the impostor a copy of A.J.'s recording that proved that Sonny had killed A.J. Franco's suspicions about Carly and Sonny were reignited when he caught Bobbie in a lie about meeting Scott for a nightcap. Lucy advised Scott to make a choice between her and Bobbie before it was too late and he lost both women. Nina confessed to Silas that she wanted to live with Silas as husband and wife and start a family. After Silas and Nina made love, Nina turned to Britt to find out if Nina had conceived a baby. Britt revealed that Nina was in menopause and unable to get pregnant. Nina vowed to have Silas' child one way or another. Still reeling from the news that she couldn't get pregnant, Nina bumped into Ava. Levi Dunkleman was revealed to be an alias for Peter Harrell, the son of Felicia's ex-fiancé who had once stolen the Aztec treasure during the 1980s. Lulu managed to make a call to Dante. Levi prepared to flee with his hostages, but the police surrounded the building before Levi could make good on his escape. Sabrina paid Carlos a visit at Pentonville to talk to him about the accident that claimed her son's life. Carlos revealed that Ava Jerome might have put Rafe behind the wheel of the car that drove Patrick and Sabrina off the road.
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September 1 to 5, 2014
Victor foiled Dante and Nathan's rescue attempt by having his henchmen flood Levi's hideout with gas that quickly rendered everyone unconscious. Victor was stunned when he realized that Nathan was Liesl's son, so he demanded to know who Nathan's father was. Nathan admitted that he neither knew nor cared. Sabrina paid Carlos a visit at Pentonville to tell him about Gabriel's death and Rafe's confession. Carlos reluctantly revealed that Ava had arranged for Rafe to force Patrick's car off the road. Sabrina vowed that Ava would pay for killing Gabriel. Britt broke the news to Nina that Nina would not be able to conceive a child because Nina was in menopause. Nina remained determined to have a baby one way or another. Ava had an unsettling encounter with Nina during which Nina appeared fixated on Ava's unborn child. Nina decided to target Kiki next by demanding that Rosalie seduce Michael away from Kiki. Julian refused to give up on Alexis. Sam was startled when Alexis suggested that Sam consider dating Patrick to get over Silas. Silas talked to Patrick about the business card from Crichton-Clark that had been among Rafe's things, but Patrick decided not to share the information with Sam. Sam was hurt when she realized that Patrick had lied to her. Kiki inadvertently learned that Sonny and Carly had slept together, but Carly managed to persuade Kiki not to tell Franco.
September 8 to 12, 2014
Jordan pushed for a name when Ava agreed to consider Jordan's offer to take down their boss, but Ava appeared to go into labor. Sabrina couldn't hide her animosity toward Ava as she coldly suggested that Ava might be suffering a miscarriage. Ava was relieved when the doctor assured her that the cramps had been harmless "pre-term contractions." Patrick was on the verge of telling Sam about what he had discovered at Crichton-Clark when Emma revealed that Spencer knew who had arranged for Rafe to force Patrick's car off the road. Patrick and Sam were shocked when Spencer told them about Luke's threat to hurt Emma if Spencer revealed that Luke intended to go after Sonny. Nina set her sights on Kiki by demanding that Rosalie seduce Michael away from Kiki. Rosalie overheard Morgan and Kiki talking about Sonny and Carly's tryst. Liesl told Anna that Victor was behind Maxie, Lulu, Dante, and Nathan's disappearance. Anna was shocked when Liesl added that Victor was also the head of the World Security Bureau. Liesl confirmed to Victor that Nathan was his son. Maxie met Levi/Peter's father, Peter Harrell Sr. Dante and Lulu were stunned when Stavros made an appearance and announced that he had extracted an egg from Lulu prior to putting her in a cryogenic chamber then fertilized it with his sperm. Lulu was horrified when Stavros explained that he intended to have the frozen embryo implanted in Lulu.
September 15 to 19, 2014
Maxie killed Levi/Peter when she plunged a knife into his back as Peter prepared to shoot Nathan. Lulu was injected with a powerful hormone treatment to prepare her for the implantation of the frozen embryo, but Dante managed to stop Stavros before Stavros and the doctor carried out their diabolical plan. Stavros was killed during a violent altercation with Dante. Liesl shot Victor to keep Victor from revealing to Nathan that Victor was not Nathan's father. Victor activated a destruct sequence to destroy the Crichton-Clark Clinic as he lay dying. Jason escaped his captors then made his way to Robin. Helena managed to secure Stavros and Lulu's frozen embryo then waylaid Jason and Robin. Jason overpowered Helena's men then grabbed Robin's hand and fled. Anna, Liesl, and the hostages managed to escape the clinic before the explosion. Rosalie confided to Nina that Rosalie had overheard Morgan and Kiki discuss Sonny and Carly's affair. Nina told Franco what Rosalie had heard, but Franco refused to believe it. Carly planned a special birthday party dinner for Franco. Sabrina paid Ava a visit to apologize for behaving unprofessionally and callous while Ava had been in the hospital with cramps. Sabrina gave Ava pills that Sabrina claimed the doctor had wanted Ava to take. Later, it was revealed that Sabrina had given Ava pills that would send Ava into premature labor. Patrick and Sam kissed, but Sam pulled back because she was hesitant to get involved in another relationship.
September 22 to 26, 2014
In the aftermath of the Crichton-Clark Clinic explosion, Robin and Jason made their way to Port Charles. Robin told Jason that Danny was his biological son and that Jason and Franco were not brothers. Robin realized that she and Jason were being followed so she instructed Jason to seek shelter with Sonny while Robin headed to her mother's suite. Helena and her henchmen thwarted Jason and Robin's efforts by recapturing the pair before Jason and Robin could make contact with their loved ones. Jason managed to escape by rolling out of a moving car. After Jason climbed up an embankment, he stumbled into the path of Ava's car as she fled from Sonny's men who had attempted to kidnap her. Ava reached out to Jordan for help, so Jordan took responsibility for the accident while Ava left the scene in another vehicle. Ava turned to Morgan for help. Due to Jason's injuries, no one recognized him as he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Patrick told Anna that Robin had been working at the clinic for Victor. Helena whisked Robin to Paris after forcing Robin to give Patrick and Anna a plausible explanation for Robin not returning home. Franco confronted Kiki about Sonny and Carly's tryst, so Kiki confirmed that it was true. Franco stunned everyone by proposing marriage to Carly during his birthday party. Sabrina waited anxiously for Ava to go into premature labor because of the pills that Sabrina had given Ava to take. Neither Julian nor Olivia was happy about Alexis and Ned's date. The impostor's lies began to catch up with him as people began to talk about Luke's odd behavior in recent months.
September 29 to October 3, 2014
Ava explained to Morgan and Kiki that Sonny intended to kill Ava after the baby was born because Ava had witnessed Sonny shoot A.J. Morgan and Kiki refused to believe it until Morgan recalled a conversation with Sonny when Sonny had cryptically referenced Ava's claims. Kiki felt conflicted about keeping secrets from Michael, but Morgan insisted that it would destroy Michael if Michael were to learn the truth about Sonny's role in A.J.'s murder and A.J.'s deathbed confession to Carly. Rosalie found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time when she paid Michael a visit because the Luke impostor had sent a hit man after Michael. Jordan warned Shawn about the hit against Michael, so Shawn managed to foil Kobe's plans. Michael killed Kobe during a violent struggle for the gun. Sonny had his men get rid of Kobe's body even though Rosalie insisted that Michael had killed Kobe in self-defense. Sonny feared that another hit would be made against Michael, so Sonny and Carly sent Michael to Sonny's private island. Franco decided to give Carly an "evil eye" necklace that contained a hidden spy camera that he could monitor through an application on his phone. Franco was stunned when his surveillance of Carly revealed that Sonny and Carly had slept together again. Elizabeth felt drawn to the critically injured mystery patient, unaware that the man beneath the bandages was Jason. Danny unwittingly found his way into his father's hospital room. Jason's monitors indicated that he was fighting to wake up when he heard Sam talking. The impostor agreed to meet Tracy in Amsterdam, so Patrick and Sam decided to follow Tracy to question "Luke" about Spencer's accusations. Maxie met Nathan for dinner.
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October 6 to 10, 2014
Franco learned about Sonny and Carly's affair. Silas caught Nina out of her wheelchair. Nina claimed that she had kept quiet about her recent ability to walk because she was afraid of losing Silas. Silas claimed to believe Nina, but in truth, he began to question everything she had told him since arriving in Port Charles. Ava took the pills Sabrina had given her to induce labor, believing that they would stop Ava's sudden onset of cramps. Sabrina confided to Carlos what she had done because she'd begun to question Ava's guilt in the crash that had killed Gabriel. Carlos conceded that Ava could have lied about orchestrating the accident, so he urged Sabrina to get the pills away from Ava before it was too late. Patrick, Sam, and Tracy flew to Amsterdam to rendezvous with Luke. Patrick and Sam spent the night together in a hotel room, sharing a bed as friends. However, Sam had a vivid dream of Patrick making love to her. Jason woke up but couldn't recall his name even though he had a brief flashback of Elizabeth from years earlier. Jason reluctantly agreed to have his fingerprints run through the system, hoping to learn his true identity. Nathan and Maxie's date was ruined when Judge Walters warned Maxie that he would not grant her custody of Georgie as long as she dated Nathan because Nathan had lied to the judge. Sonny decided that it was time for Franco to be eliminated. Nikolas asked Britt to move back in with him and Spencer. Milo and Epiphany went on a date. Liesl was surprised when Madeline greeted her at Nathan's apartment.
October 13 to 17, 2014
Sabrina confessed to Jordan that the pills Ava had been given induced labor, but Sabrina was careful to blame the mix-up on a clerical error. Jordan called to warn Ava not to take the pills, but it was too late because Ava was already in labor. Ava feared that Sonny's men would nab Ava if she went to the hospital, so Kiki decided to fetch Silas. Silas confronted Nina about her lies. Nina continued to try to cover her tracks by trying to blame Rosalie for everything, but Silas didn't believe Nina. Nina turned violent when Silas suggested that he and Nina visit Kevin Collins. Britt was plagued by a guilty conscience when she moved in with Nikolas and Spencer. Madeline returned to town to announce that she was a free woman thanks to her legal team. However, Madeline claimed that she was destitute because Nina had regained control of the family's fortune months earlier when Nina had emerged from the coma. Nathan didn't believe Madeline, but Madeline warned Nathan that Nina had always been a troubled soul and was dangerous. Madeline had an unexpected encounter with Nina. Patrick, Sam, and Tracy were shocked when Jerry Jacks showed up at a café in Amsterdam, claiming that Luke would be held hostage until Tracy turned over controlling shares of ELQ. Sonny decided to kill Franco then frame Heather Webber for the crime. Franco paid Heather a visit to invite Heather to the wedding. Helena managed to remove the files from CODIS before Dante could match Jake Doe's fingerprints to Jason. Sabrina told Michael that Carlos had not killed A.J.
October 20 to 24, 2014
Silas managed to stop Ava's labor. Afterwards, Silas and Ava talked about the past and Kiki. Ava revealed that she hadn't told Silas about Kiki because Ava had been afraid that the police would charge Silas with attempting to murder Nina if the police knew about his secret love child. Madeline agreed to help Nina get Ava's baby. Madeline resorted to threats to get Rosalie to divulge Ava's whereabouts. Franco decided to enlist his mother's help to exact his revenge against Carly for sleeping with Sonny. Meanwhile, Sonny sent Shawn to Ferncliff to collect Heather because Sonny intended to carry out the plan to frame Heather for Franco's murder. Sonny had a vision of Connie, who tried to dissuade Sonny from killing Ava and Franco. Julian was surprised when Alexis mentioned that Jerry Jacks had resurfaced and claimed to have kidnapped Luke. Tracy turned to her loved ones for help securing shares of ELQ to meet Jerry's ransom demands. Everyone except Alice denied Tracy's request. Jerry agreed to accept the shares that Tracy had managed to pull together in exchange for Luke's release. Michael asked Anna to talk to Sabrina because Carlos claimed that Ava had forced Carlos to falsely confess to A.J.'s murder by threatening Sabrina. Jason remained unaware of his true identity so he continued to use the name Jake. Jake/Jason and Elizabeth grew closer. Carly had an encounter with Jake/Jason in Franco's art room.
October 27 to 31, 2014
Madeline and Nina hid out in Liesl's office to plot their next move to get Ava's baby. Madeline lured Silas away from Ava's side when Morgan left to confront Sonny, so Nina seized the opportunity to slip into the brownstone with vials of medications: one to paralyze Ava and another to induce labor. Ava was horrified that Nina intended to steal Ava's baby. Heather managed to foil Shawn's plan to kill Franco by taking Jordan hostage when Jordan went snooping around Sonny's warehouse. Franco took Shawn's gun and phone then sent Sonny a text message that Franco was dead. Heather waited until Shawn arrived to rescue Jordan to lock the couple in a room. Morgan was stunned when Sonny confessed to killing A.J. before he played the recording of Ava admitting to murdering Connie. Jason took his first steps with Elizabeth's assistance, so Liesl decided that "Jake" could be discharged from the hospital. Tracy was furious when Jerry tricked her by sending Larry Ashton, Ned's father, rather than Luke in exchange for the shares of ELQ. At the Haunted Star, Spencer revealed to Carly that Franco had known that Spencer had been hiding out at Carly's house. Spencer explained that Franco had kept quiet about Spencer because Spencer had caught Franco trying to hack into Carly's email to gather proof against Sonny. Franco assured Carly that it would never happen again, so Carly agreed to go through with the wedding. However, Franco had an unexpected shocking surprise for Carly as Franco and Carly exchanged wedding vows.
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November 3 to 7, 2014
Franco played the video recording of Sonny unwittingly confessing to A.J.'s murder and Carly admitting that she had helped Sonny cover up the crime. Michael stormed out of the Haunted Star, determined to hunt down Sonny. After locking Shawn and Jordan in the room at Sonny's warehouse, Heather made her way to Sonny's mansion. Heather shot Max then told him to let Sonny know that Heather had sent her regards. Afterwards, Heather hid out on the piers until she spotted Carly. Heather was about to shoot Carly when Franco suggested that they find a more private setting for Carly's demise. Heather was stunned when Franco turned the tables on his mother by locking her in the room with Shawn, Jordan, and Carly at Sonny's warehouse. Nina followed through with the plan to force Ava to give birth. Ava revealed that Madeline had paid Ava to seduce Silas away from Nina, but Madeline accused Ava of lying out of desperation. Morgan confessed to Sonny that Ava had been hiding out at the brownstone, so Sonny made his way to Ava, unaware that moments earlier, Nina and Madeline had fled with Ava's newborn daughter. Ava was forced to appeal to Sonny for help. Sonny promised to find the baby but reminded Ava of his vow to kill Ava for murdering Connie. Michael's timely arrival spared Ava's life as Michael confronted Sonny. Anna arrested Duke for providing Sonny with a false alibi for the time of A.J.'s shooting.
November 10 to 14, 2014
Michael confronted Sonny about killing A.J. Sonny put his fate in Michael's hands as Michael aimed a gun at Sonny, but Dante and Morgan arrived in time to stop Michael from pulling the trigger. Sonny was arrested for A.J.'s murder. Franco turned the tables on Heather by locking Heather in the warehouse room with Carly, Shawn, and Jordan. Franco implied that he had rigged explosives to the door then left. Sonny warned Dante that Heather was on the loose, so Dante and Nathan went to the warehouse then entered the room where the "hostages" had been held. Carly was infuriated that Franco had played another one of his infamous mind games to manipulate her. Carly was arrested for helping Sonny to cover up A.J.'s murder. Franco discovered that Nina had been hiding out at the Rendezvous Motel with Madeline and the baby. Nina's grasp with reality continued to deteriorate as she attacked Madeline. Franco whisked Nina and the baby to Canada before the authorities caught up to her. Madeline was taken to the hospital, where she revealed that Franco had aided Nina. Jason agreed to stay at Elizabeth's house until he could get on his feet or his memory returned. "Jake" recognized pictures of his father and grandparents but had no idea why. Michael broke off his relationships with Kiki and Morgan when he learned that they had known the truth about A.J.'s murder. Kiki was hurt when she walked in on Michael and Rosalie in bed, but Michael was unapologetic because he claimed that he no longer loved Kiki. An agent with the Justice Department paid Britt a visit to explain that there was reason to believe that Robert Scorpio and Anna had murdered Cesar Faison.
November 17 to 21, 2014
Sonny decided to plead guilty to A.J.'s murder to spare Carly from going to Pentonville for aiding him in the cover-up of the shooting. An agent with the Justice Department threatened to launch an investigation into Cesar Faison's murder, so Anna revealed that Faison was not dead. Anna revealed that Faison had been imprisoned on Spoon Island. Patrick was reinstated at the hospital, so he decided to celebrate by helping Sam with the investigation. Patrick and Sam overheard Larry on the phone, conspiring with Jerry Jacks. Kiki was heartbroken when she walked in on Michael and Rosalie in bed together. Michael announced his intention to legally change his name to Quartermaine and move in with Monica. Monica welcomed Michael into her home with open arms. At Michael's request, Sonny had Shawn give Michael the recording of Ava's confession, which Michael promptly turned over to Anna. Ava manipulated Silas into helping her flee town when she got wind that the police intended to arrest her for Connie's murder. Julian was thrown into lockup because Anna was certain that he had helped Connie escape justice. Lucas urged Julian to be completely honest with Alexis, so Julian reached out to her. Alexis was stunned when Julian revealed that there were two Luke Spencers. Franco helped Nina face the reality of her situation. Shawn and Jordan confessed to T.J. that Shawn had killed Thomas when Thomas had confronted Shawn in a rage about Shawn's past affair with Jordan. Luke managed to escape from the straitjacket and his padded cell but encountered his double.
November 24 to 28, 2014
The good citizens of Port Charles celebrated Thanksgiving as various infamous villains lurked in their midst. Anna was stunned to discover that Cesar Faison had escaped from his underground prison in the stables on Spoon Island shortly after Anna and Robert had left him there with a secret WSB agent posing as a stable hand in charge of Faison's care. Liesl was overjoyed when she saw Faison. Luke managed to wiggle out of his straitjacket and tried to escape but he was stopped when his double who confronted Luke with a gun. Helena paid Luke a visit. Julian spilled all of his secrets to Alexis including that Ric had not been the head of the Jerome organization and that the real Luke had been hidden away. Alexis demanded to know where Luke was, so Julian agreed to take her to Luke. Alexis rescued Luke then took him to the Quartermaines to reunite with his family. Jordan's boss reminded her that it was imperative to wrap up her undercover assignment because Ric was eager to return home to his family. Carly was stunned when Michael signed the papers to legally change his name to Michael Alan Quartermaine. Patrick and Sam spent Thanksgiving celebrating with Elizabeth, Jake, and the children.
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December 1 to 5, 2014
Tracy and Lulu reunited with Luke unaware that he was the impostor and that the real Luke remained Helena's captive., Faison helped to mislead the police by donning a mask of Luke then setting himself up to be caught by the police. Liesl was heartbroken that Faison had been arrested, but Helena assured Liesl that there was a plan in motion to free Faison. Nikolas was livid when Britt was forced to confess that she had been behind Spencer's brief disappearance over the summer, so Nikolas ended things with Britt and threatened to press criminal charges against her. Nikolas turned up on Elizabeth's doorstep to admit that she had been right about Britt. Elizabeth became alarmed when Jake showed her a picture of Helena in the newspaper then revealed that Helena had been the woman who had stopped by Elizabeth's house on Thanksgiving. Sam was stunned when Faison revealed that Jason had not died in the harbor after being shot. Sam's disbelief quickly turned to anger when Faison revealed that Patrick had known the truth about Jason. Jake was stunned when Helena revealed that Jake was Jason and that he had been programmed to do her bidding. Molly was furious when Alexis admitted that Julian had lied about Ric being the head of the Jerome organization. Anna confided to Alexis that Ric was alive and in the Witness Protection Program. Franco and Nina decided to keep Ava's baby, so they named her Jaime. Silas learned that Ava had murdered Connie but he agreed to continue to help her find her daughter.
December 8 to 12, 2014
The impostor continued to pass himself off as Luke without anyone being the wiser. At Ryan's bar, Kiki met her grandmother, Delia, and then spotted Silas and Ava as they arrived to meet with someone with information about Franco. After an impassioned appeal from Morgan, Beth Frank agreed to tell him where Franco was hiding. In Canada, Dante apprehended Franco when a boat captain agreed to disclose Franco's location in exchange for immunity. Ava was reunited with her daughter but promptly arrested for Connie's murder. Helena told Jake the truth about who he was but revealed that he had been conditioned to be her soldier. Helena ordered Jason to help Faison escape, so Jason donned a mask then went to the police station. Later, as Helena had instructed, Jake's mind erased the shootout, including his true identity and his association with Helena. Maxie rushed to Nathan's side when he was injured during the shootout. Sam bumped into Jake, who said something that triggered a memory of a similar remark the masked gunman made during Faison's escape. Britt decided to leave Port Charles with her father to avoid prosecution for helping Spencer run away over the summer. Jordan was stunned when her boss fired her from the FBI for failing to successfully complete her undercover assignment. Anna learned that Ric had disappeared from the Witness Protection Program. Johnny Zacchara revealed that he had Ric Lansing and would cut him up piece by piece unless Sonny agreed to allow Johnny to take over the Corinthos territory.
December 15 to 19, 2014
Johnny threatened to kill Ric if Sonny refused to sign over Sonny's criminal organization to Johnny. Shawn reported to Sonny that Ava's baby had been rescued and that Franco, Nina, and Ava had been arrested. Sonny thanked Shawn for the update then told Shawn about Johnny's threat. Sonny ordered Shawn to find Ric within the forty-eight hour window Johnny had given Sonny, or Sonny would give in to Johnny's demands. Duke agreed to string Julian along until Shawn could locate Ric. Julian was furious when Carlos revealed that Ric was hidden in the trunk of a car stashed at Johnny's old auto shop. Julian reminded Carlos that Carlos worked for Julian, not Johnny, so Carlos agreed to release Ric if Sonny refused to meet Johnny's demands. Anna implored Jordan to remain undercover until Ric was returned home. Nathan asked Alexis to represent Nina in court. Nina insisted that Alexis also help Franco. Judge Walters denied Maxie's request for visitation with Georgie because Maxie had defied the judge's orders by spending time with Nathan on several occasions. Elizabeth was outraged that Sam suspected Jake of being the gunman who had helped Faison escape based on an expression that Jake and the gunman had used. Jake had a flashback of taking Sam hostage. Helena warned Nikolas that he would lose everything if he failed to take his place as the patriarch of the Cassadine family. Michael evicted Morgan and Kiki. Silas ran a DNA test to determine the baby's paternity.
December 22 to 26, 2014
Nina became upset when the judge ordered that Nina undergo a psychiatric evaluation, but Franco insisted that it was better to go to a sanitarium rather than jail. Franco was deemed a flight risk, so he was sent to Pentonville until his trial. At Pentonville, Sonny arranged for Franco to be thrown into solitary confinement. Morgan and Kiki kissed. Carlos prepared to carry out the order to kill Ric, but Shawn and Jordan arrived to rescue Ric. Ric reunited with Molly and Elizabeth. Jake was hurt when he saw Ric and Elizabeth kiss. Elizabeth confided to Epiphany that she was conflicted about her feelings for Jake. After a talk with Ric, Jake decided to move out of Elizabeth's home. Maxie was stunned when Judge Walters reversed his decision by allowing Maxie unlimited visitation with Georgie, unaware that Nathan had interceded by asking for Liesl's help. Maxie and Nathan exchanged Christmas presents before Maxie left to spend Christmas Eve with Georgie. Judge Walters explained to Monica why he had been hard on Maxie. DNA tests revealed that Sonny was the father of Ava's baby. Patrick and Sam kissed under the mistletoe. Julian learned that the impostor had been in cahoots with Faison to keep everyone in the dark about Luke's captivity. The impostor ordered Julian to kill Jordan for her role in helping Ric to escape. Anna offered Jordan a job with the Port Charles Police Department to remain undercover and go to work for Duke. Jordan realized that Anna was determined to take down Duke.
December 29, 2014 to January 2, 2015
Frisco was named the new head of the World Security Bureau. Carly offered Jake a job and place to stay at Metro Court. Jake was jealous when Ric showed up with Elizabeth at Metro Court's New Year's Eve party. Carly felt bad for Jake as he watched Ric and Elizabeth, so Carly kissed Jake. Later, Carly told Jake about her troubled history with Ric. Agent Sloane spent New Year's Eve with Anna when his date, Ivy, decided to attend the party with Nikolas. Duke and Lucy felt an unexpected attraction toward each other when they shared a kiss at midnight. Maxie and Nathan encountered travel snafus as they desperately tried to get back to each other in time to spend New Year's Eve together. Olivia reluctantly kissed Julian when she saw Ned and Alexis share a New Year's Eve kiss. Alexis accused Julian of playing games when she saw Julian and Olivia kiss. Passion flared between Julian and Olivia when they spent time alone in a hotel suite. Sam asked Patrick to spend the night with her, but their plans fell apart when they each received calls that their children needed them. Jordan managed to persuade Julian not to kill her by claiming that she worked for Duke. Duke and Shawn agreed to give Jordan a chance, provided she proved her loyalty.
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