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January 5 to 9, 2015
Jake confided to Carly that he'd experienced flashbacks indicating that he might have been the gunman who had held Sam hostage while helping Cesar Faison escape. Sam turned to Nikolas for help trying to prove that Jake had been Faison's accomplice. Nikolas neglected to mention that Helena remained in town. Helena arranged a meeting with Jake. Elizabeth appeared conflicted about her feelings for Jake even though she seemed determined to move on with Ric. Olivia and Julian ended up in bed together when they tried to make Ned and Alexis jealous on New Year's Eve. Johnny's murder conviction was vacated when Delores Padilla testified that she had coerced his confession because there had been a conspiracy to convict Johnny of Anthony's murder. Julian decided to confess to killing Anthony to avoid the hit that the impostor had put out on him for failing to kill Jordan. Ava named her daughter Avery. Julian and Sonny became reluctant allies in jail. Luke learned that he was being held captive in the basement of his childhood home. Michael decided to build the new waterfront medical clinic on the site of Bobbie's childhood home but was surprised to learn that Bill Eckert owned the property even though Bill had been dead for decades. Sly Eckert assured Michael that Michael was welcome to use the property as Michael saw fit. Michael was shocked to learn that Luke and Bobbie had an older sister named Patricia.
January 12 to 16, 2015
Sonny asked Shawn to tail the impostor to find out if Luke Spencer was alive and where the impostor might be hiding him. Shawn followed the impostor to the old house on Elm Street then slipped inside minutes before Helena arrived. Michael's assistant quit after eloping in Las Vegas, so Michael hired Rosalie. Helena admitted that she had been proud when she'd learned that Nikolas had rigged the election by helping Agent Sloane rid a ballot box of votes that had been cast for Felicia. Helena gave Nikolas the shares of ELQ that Jerry Jacks had obtained from Tracy and Alice then revealed that Rosalie secretly worked for the Cassadines. Nikolas embraced his dark side by agreeing to collaborate with Helena to seize control of ELQ. Mayor Lomax fired Anna then hired Kyle Sloane as the new police commissioner. Anna persuaded Jordan to remain undercover but not to trust Kyle. Jordan agreed to report to Dante and Nathan until Anna was reinstated as police commissioner. Anna vowed to prove that Mayor Lomax and Kyle had tampered with the ballots. Helena ordered Jake to kill Sam because Helena couldn't risk Sam discovering that Jake was Helena's secret weapon. Patrick and Sam decided to pick up where they had left off on New Year's Eve by having a romantic dinner then making love.
January 19 to 23, 2015
Anna was ordered to face an inquisition in Washington, DC, about her role in imprisoning Cesar Faison in the stables on Spoon Island. Jordan reluctantly agreed to remain undercover to help take down Duke and the Corinthos organization. Sonny asked Shawn to dig up Bill Eckert's grave to find out if the impostor was indeed Luke's identical cousin. Jordan followed Shawn to the cemetery, but Shawn caught her spying on him. The impostor threatened to target Michael and Lucas if Sonny and Julian didn't back down. The impostor invited Michael and Lucas to meet him at the Haunted Star for a "surprise." Michael filed a restraining order against Shawn after he caught Shawn trying to break into the basement of the house on Elm Street. Sonny and Julian plotted to escape from Pentonville. Carly found a gun in Jake's duffel bag along with a ski mask, coat, and boots similar to the ones the gunman had worn during Faison's escape. Jake assured Carly that he had never seen the gun or the other items before, so Carly decided that they would get to the bottom of things by paying Kevin Collins a visit together. Patrick and Sam made love, but she became alarmed when she noticed that the phoenix figurine had disappeared out of her bedroom. Nina befriended an inmate, unaware that the woman who introduced herself as Diana Taylor was Heather Webber.
January 26 to 30, 2015
Franco became concerned when he learned that Heather had befriended Nina in Shadybrook. Nina was stunned when her new friend, "Diana," confessed to being Franco's mother, Heather. An unlikely alliance was formed between Sonny, Julian, Ava, and Franco when they escaped from Pentonville. During the escape, Julian crashed the van. T.J. made peace with Jordan when he learned that she was working with Shawn. Jordan reported to Dante that the impostor was still on the loose and that she and Shawn had confirmed Sonny's suspicion that Bill Eckert's grave was empty. The impostor shoved Dante down the basement stairs in the house on Elm Street when Dante ordered the impostor to unlock the door. Helena instructed Jake to plant a bomb on the Haunted Star. Jake completed his mission as guests began to arrive for the party. Carly realized that Jake had lied about his first session with Kevin, so she decided to turn over the incriminating evidence in Jake's bag to Nathan because she was certain that Jake would want someone to stop him from doing something terrible during one of his blackouts. A ballistics test confirmed that Jake's gun had been used to shoot Nathan during Cesar Faison's escape. Nathan arrested Jake on the Haunted Star. Sam was stunned when she noticed her phoenix figurine in Brad's apartment, so Lucas explained that Lucas had found it on pier 54. Sam went to the police station to report Jake for breaking into her apartment but was surprised that Jake had already been arrested. Dante was shocked when he saw that a decayed corpse dressed in an orange jumpsuit was in the basement with him and that a bomb was ticking down.
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February 2 to 6, 2015
Franco realized the only way to stay with Nina at Shadybrook was by injecting himself with an overdose of LSD that Heather had intended for Nina. Franco vowed that he would fight his way back to Nina, so she promised to wait for him. Julian managed to shoot Johnny in the shoulder before Johnny could kill Sonny. Carlos caught up to Ava on a bridge and shot her. Ava stumbled back and fell over the railing, so Carlos fled the scene with Johnny. Carlos turned to Sabrina for help patching up Johnny. Sonny found Ava hanging on for dear life under the bridge, but his attempt to save her failed when she slipped out of his grasp as he tried to pull her to safety. An injured Julian urged Sonny to get to the Haunted Star to save their sons. Nathan rescued Dante seconds before the bomb in the house on Elm Street detonated. Jake recalled planting and activating a bomb on the Haunted Star, so Sam called Lucas to warn her brother of the danger. Michael found the bomb under the bar, so he heroically picked it up and raced outside to throw it into the harbor. Michael was stunned when Sonny suddenly appeared on the deck of the ship and took the bomb from Michael before jumping into the water as the bomb exploded. Later, Sonny was fished out of the water and rushed to the hospital. A grateful Ivy introduced Sonny to her father, Governor Gatling. Nathan captured Helena and the impostor as the impostor was about to kill Nikolas. Tests on the remains found in the Spencer house revealed that the body had been dead at least two decades. Additionally, fingerprinting confirmed the man in jail was Luke Spencer.
February 9 to 13, 2015
Michael was outraged when Sonny was granted a governor's pardon for saving everyone on board the Haunted Star, including the governor's daughter, Ivy. Elizabeth and Lulu each turned to Nikolas for help to force Helena to admit that she had used mind control on both Jake and Luke. Helena agreed to cooperate in exchange for full immunity from prosecution. Nikolas threatened to have Scott removed as district attorney if Scott refused to give in to Helena's demands. Elizabeth was furious when she realized Ric had urged Jake to plead guilty in court because Ric was jealous of Jake's relationship with Elizabeth. Kiki had reservations about Sonny taking custody of Avery, but Alexis warned Kiki that Kiki would have to take Sonny to court to keep Sonny away from Avery. Ned confided to Olivia that he had concerns about Alexis' feelings for Julian. Alexis agreed to represent Julian in court to ensure he was cleared of all charges. Alexis and Ned had an argument about Julian, so Alexis admitted she wanted to be with Julian. Olivia was shocked to learn that she was pregnant. Nathan arrested Carlos at Sabrina's apartment, but Johnny got away. Nathan was livid when Maxie confessed she had helped Johnny by giving Johnny money and her car keys to flee town. Spinelli and Georgie arrived for a visit. Maxie was shocked when Spinelli confessed that he and Ellie had broken up because of Maxie.
February 16 to 20, 2015
Olivia confided to Ned that she was pregnant with Julian's child, but she wanted to slip out of town before Julian learned about the pregnancy. Ned shocked everyone by announcing he was the father of Olivia's baby. Alexis was skeptical of Ned's claims, but Ned insisted he had cheated on Alexis. Alexis secured Julian's freedom. Carly tried to persuade Michael to change his mind about petitioning for custody of Avery, but Michael vowed to raise Avery as a Quartermaine to punish Sonny for taking Michael away from A.J. Sabrina cautioned Michael not to allow revenge to consume him, but Michael insisted it was in Avery's best interest not to be raised by Sonny. Tracy and Lulu questioned Helena about Luke, so Helena revealed Luke had asked Helena to join forces to take down Sonny. Helena also mentioned Luke's odd behavior when she had paid Luke a visit at the Spencer childhood home on Elm Street. Tracy and Lulu realized Luke might have suffered psychological trauma in his childhood that had caused his personality to fracture. Jake decided to proceed with the surgery to remove a microchip Helena had implanted in his brain to control him. Helena told Nikolas that Jake was really Jason Morgan. Spinelli confessed he wanted to be a family with Maxie and Georgie. Anna returned to town as a federal agent assigned to prove Kyle and Mayor Lomax had conspired to rig the mayoral election.
February 23 to 27, 2015
Spencer's birthday party turned tragic when a candle was accidently knocked over and caught the room on fire. Spencer took Emma to safety but ran back into the room to fetch the boxing robe that Sonny had given him. Emma ran for help, so Patrick and Nikolas raced to save Spencer from the fire. Spencer was rushed to the hospital with smoke inhalation and burns, but Liesl determined that Spencer would receive better care at Shriners Hospital for Children in Boston. Tracy, Bobbie, and Lulu decided to hire Spinelli to search for Luke and Bobbie's older sister, Patricia. Ric offered to represent Sonny in court when Diane was pulled away to work on another case. Sonny and Michael faced off in court as the custody battle for Avery began. Nina learned she was free to leave Shadybrook, but she would not be allowed to visit Franco. Nina decided to fake a breakdown so she would be returned to Shadybrook. After Nina confided the truth to Franco, Franco revealed he had been faking too. Sam offered to talk to Nikolas to find out if Helena had revealed anything about Jake's past. Elizabeth told Jake that she questioned if Ric was the right man for her. Maxie resented Spinelli's interference in her relationship with Nathan. Duke vowed to bury Julian when Julian refused to turn over his territories to Duke. Silas paid Ava a visit at New York Methodist Hospital, where she was recuperating from the gunshot wound and fall into the river.
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MARCH 2015
March 2 to 6, 2015
Ava lurked outside Ryan's bar during her memorial service then slipped inside after all the guests had left. Delia was shocked to discover that her daughter had survived the fall from the bridge and that Silas had helped Ava. Ava begged Delia to keep her secret then prepared to flee with Avery, but Silas stopped Ava. Ava reluctantly agreed to return to the hospital with Silas, and he revealed there that Ava was dying. At Monica's urging, Judge Walters took over Avery's custody hearing and ruled in Michael's favor. Sonny made arrangements for Morgan and Kiki to take Avery to Sonny's island, but Kiki balked at disappearing with Avery. After attacking Scott, Luke was transferred to Shadybrook. Franco confided to Nina that he had been faking his LSD-induced insanity so he could remain at Shadybrook with her. Nina admitted that she had pretended to have another breakdown so she could stay with Franco. Luke offered Franco and Nina an opportunity to escape from the sanitarium if they helped Luke. Nathan walked in on Spinelli kissing Maxie, so Nathan suggested that Nathan and Maxie call it quits. Elizabeth confessed to Jake that she had feelings for him. Jake agreed to work as an undercover informant for Sloane to take down the Jerome organization. Olivia told Dante that she was pregnant, but she stuck to the story that Ned was the father.
March 9 to 13, 2015
Silas revealed that Ava had an aggressive form of lymphoma that was quite advanced. Silas explained that Ava might have a chance at survival if Avery's bone marrow was tested, since everyone else in Ava's family had been ruled out as a possible match. Resigned to her fate, Ava refused to subject Avery to the painful process of donating bone marrow. Michael took custody of Avery and announced that he intended to legally change her name to Avery Jerome Quartermaine, so he could call her A.J. Quartermaine. Kiki turned to her uncle for help because she wanted to fight for custody of Avery when she learned that Michael had hired Sabrina to be A.J.'s nanny. Anna made an unexpected appearance at a showdown between Duke and Julian, prompting Shawn to wonder if Jordan had tipped Anna off. Shawn shared his concerns about Jordan with Sonny and Duke, so Duke decided to put Jordan to the test by asking her to kill Julian. Carlos persuaded Julian that Duke needed to be eliminated in order to topple Sonny's empire. At Carly's urging, Jake turned to Sam for help getting a job with Julian's organization. Julian had misgivings about hiring Jake, but he agreed to do it as a favor to Sam. Spinelli was shocked when he saw Jake from behind because he assumed it was Jason. Spinelli continued to try to manipulate Maxie, but Nathan vowed not to give up on Maxie because Nathan loved her. Ric was hurt when Elizabeth broke off their relationship because she had feelings for Jake.
March 16 to 20, 2015
Morgan and Kiki conspired to drug Michael and report him to Child Services for being an addict because Morgan believed it would force the judge to return Avery to Sonny. Rosalie acted as Nikolas' eyes and ears at ELQ. Sabrina told Michael she had caught Rosalie reporting to someone Rosalie had referred to as "boss." Cameron confessed to Elizabeth that he might have started the fire at Wyndemere by accidently knocking over a candle. Spencer accused Cameron of intentionally setting the blaze and demanded Cameron's arrest for "permanently disfiguring" Spencer. Everyone defended Cameron, but Spencer stewed in anger. Duke ordered Jordan to kill Julian. Jordan suspected it was Duke's way of testing her to find out if Jordan and Anna were working together. Anna agreed to Nathan's plan for Jordan to wear a wire in an effort to record Duke discussing the hit on Julian. Anna learned that Duke had standing reservations twice a week at Metro Court Restaurant to drink tea. Anna realized Duke had been conducting business at the restaurant. Spinelli persuaded Nathan to go several rounds in the boxing ring in exchange for the loser walking away from Maxie. Things heated up between Jake and Elizabeth until a woman claiming to be Jake's wife showed up on Elizabeth's doorstep. Tracy and Lulu tracked down Patricia Spencer's daughter, Valerie. Valerie revealed that her mother was dead. Tracy and Lulu were unaware that Luke lurked in Valerie's apartment with a gun. Ava implored Silas to end her life.
March 23 to 27, 2015
Lulu and Tracy met Patricia's daughter, Valerie. Dante decided to pay Valerie a visit when Lulu mentioned hearing a loud thump in Valerie's apartment as Lulu and Tracy had left. Dante suspected Luke had been hiding out in Valerie's apartment. Lulu and Dante were shocked to discover Luke had knocked out Valerie after ascertaining that Patricia was in a convalescence home. Bobbie and Tracy followed their own lead to Patricia and encountered Luke armed with a gun in Patricia's room. Ric hired a male model to pose with Hayden for pictures, which Hayden later used as evidence to back up her story that Jake was her husband. Ric also provided Hayden with medical records, a Social Security card, marriage license, and wedding ring to support Hayden's lies, but Carly questioned Hayden's "proof," while Elizabeth believed Hayden's claims. Jake insisted his feelings for Elizabeth hadn't changed, but Elizabeth refused to pursue a relationship with a married man. Ric's plans hit a snag when Pete, the man who had posed with Hayden, blackmailed Ric for more money. Scott helped Franco avoid prosecution for all the charges Franco faced. Nina was elated when the judge agreed to release her from Shadybrook. Franco and Nina threatened to tell Julian the truth about the paternity of Olivia's baby if Olivia refused to allow them to stay for free at the hotel. Nathan decided to end things with Maxie when she blasted him for agreeing to fight Spinelli. Patrick asked Sam to move in with him, but she admitted that she needed time to think it over. Sloane learned Jordan was working with Anna. Duke realized Jordan had been wearing a wire during her meeting with him.
March 30 to April 3, 2015
At Oak Hill, Tracy got through to Luke, but he fled when police arrived. Lucas reported to Bobbie that Luke had been spotted at the house on Elm Street, so Tracy, Bobbie, and Patricia followed Luke to Port Charles. At the Spencer home, Luke watched the events that led to his mother's death unfold. Luke recalled the bitter argument he'd had with his father after the hospital had reported that Lena Spencer had died. Tracy, Bobbie, and Patricia caught up with Luke as Luke realized that he had accidently killed Lena then bludgeoned his father with a baseball bat during a blind rage. Patricia confessed that she had decided to cover up Tim's murder when she'd realized Luke had blocked the memory. According to Patricia, Bill Eckert had helped her bury Tim's body in the basement. Later, Patricia signed the house over to Bill, sold Tim's car, and moved to Philadelphia to start a new life. Patricia had been afraid to be near her siblings for fear that it would trigger Luke to remember. After Luke was arrested and taken to the hospital, Patricia's heart gave out, and she died. Bobbie vowed to take care of Patricia's daughter, Valerie. Jake informed Hayden that he intended to remain in Port Charles. Hayden was disappointed when Jake rejected her advances, but Ric urged Hayden to lie to Elizabeth by claiming that Hayden and Jake had been intimate. Jake's memories of Sam began to surface. Spencer found Jason's wedding ring in Nikolas' safe. Nikolas was shocked when Elizabeth revealed that Jake's wife had turned up. Sam agreed to move in with Patrick.
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APRIL 2015
April 6 to 10, 2015
Morgan and Kiki's plan to discredit Michael succeeded. At Morgan's urging, an Access Port Charles reporter followed Michael to record Michael confronting Sonny in Metro Court's lobby. During the argument with Sonny, Michael accidently knocked over Avery's stroller. Avery was unharmed, but CPS removed Avery from Michael's custody and temporarily placed her in Kiki's care. Someone slipped into Avery's hospital room while the baby was left unsupervised during a checkup. Maxie agreed to give Spinelli another chance. Moments later, Nathan showed up on Maxie's doorstep to confess that he wanted her back. Nikolas paid Hayden a visit to challenge her about being Jake's wife. Hayden admitted she had lied then seduced Nikolas. Elizabeth agreed to reconcile with Ric when he assured her that he would not lie to her again. Spencer tried to give Jason's wedding ring to Emma, but she refused to accept it. Spencer was hurt and threw the ring, which rolled under Patrick's sofa. Ned confronted Franco about blackmailing Olivia, so Franco agreed to leave Olivia alone in exchange for Ned's shares of ELQ. Valerie blamed Luke for Patricia's death and vowed vengeance, but Dante managed to talk Valerie out of harming Luke.
April 13 to 17, 2015
Michael and Nina were the prime suspects when Avery was snatched from the hospital. Nina denied taking the baby, but Franco had his doubts. Nina was hurt that Franco didn't believe her, but she assured him that she'd had nothing to do with Avery's disappearance. Franco decided to blackmail Ned by threatening to tell Julian the truth about Olivia's baby if Ned didn't hand over Ned's shares of ELQ. Olivia was stunned when Ned complied with Franco's demands. Ned tried to convince Michael to step down as CEO of ELQ, but Michael refused. Michael continued to have angry outbursts, prompting Sabrina to turn to Felix for help. Felix took one of Michael's allergy pills to have Brad analyze it. Kiki confessed to Julian that she and Morgan had drugged Michael to make him appear unfit to care for Avery. Bobbie persuaded Scott to agree to recommend that Luke receive treatment rather than jail time. Ellie arrived in Port Charles, hoping to rekindle things with Spinelli. Spinelli revealed that he and Maxie had decided to raise their daughter together as a family. Ava told Silas that she was ready to die, so Silas kept his promise by injecting her with medication that would end her pain. Nikolas discovered that Jason's wedding ring was missing from the safe. Pete approached both Ric and Hayden for hush money. Spinelli snapped a picture of Hayden and Pete shaking hands.
April 20 to 24, 2015
Carly was delighted when Spinelli uncovered the true identity of the man pictured with Hayden in the wedding photos. Sam was stunned when Jake found Jason's wedding ring under Patrick's sofa. Sam turned to Nikolas for answers when Emma revealed that Spencer had tried to give Emma the ring. Nikolas claimed he had found the ring after he had banished Helena to Cassadine Island, but he hadn't had a chance to return the ring to Sam because of the fire at Wyndemere. Sloane pressured Jake to find out who Julian intended to kill in the Corinthos organization, but Julian remained tightlipped about the planned hit on Duke. Duke ordered his bodyguard, Bruce, to eliminate Jordan, since she worked undercover for Anna. However, Duke instructed Bruce to make it appear that Jordan's death had been in retaliation for Jordan switching sides. Duke was livid when Bruce botched the hit and endangered Anna's life. Sabrina received proof that Michael's allergy medication had been switched with a rufie-like drug. Morgan was forced to confess to drugging Michael when Michael's allergy pills spilled out of his pocket. Morgan resented Sonny's disappointment because Morgan's intention had been to return Avery to Sonny. Morgan and Kiki were stunned to find Avery sitting in a playpen when they returned to Silas' apartment. Lulu became uncomfortable with the bond growing between Dante and her cousin, Valerie, so she suggested that Valerie move in with Nikolas for a while. Carlos' attempt to kill Duke was foiled by Hayden's untimely arrival. Ellie agreed to attend the Nurses Ball with Nathan in the hopes of opening Spinelli and Maxie's eyes.
April 27 to May 1, 2015
Carly paid Pete to attend the Nurses Ball to expose Hayden as a fraud and Ric as a liar. Jake and Elizabeth admitted that they each missed the other. Jake was surprised when Elizabeth mentioned that Hayden had claimed that Jake and Hayden had been intimate. Jake assured Elizabeth that Hayden had lied. Pete and Carly revealed the truth about Ric's deception during Ric's performance at the ball as Ric proposed to Elizabeth. Elizabeth fled the ball, so Nikolas ran after her to console her. Nikolas was forced to confess to Elizabeth that she couldn't be with Jake because Jake was really Jason Morgan. Brad was shocked when Britt slipped into town to pay him a surprise visit, so they could watch the red carpet arrivals together. Britt was happy for Brad when Brad told her that he and Lucas were living together as a couple. Brad proposed marriage to Lucas during the ball. Michael kissed Sabrina, but Sabrina feared that he had been caught up in a moment of gratitude. Michael assured Sabrina that he was attracted to her. Avery mysteriously resurfaced in Silas' apartment. Sonny was forced to return Avery to Michael in exchange for Michael dropping criminal charges against Morgan and Kiki for drugging Michael. Lulu persuaded Nikolas to let Valerie live at Wyndemere. Sam overheard Olivia and Ned talking about Julian being the father of Olivia's unborn child.
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MAY 2015
May 4 to 8, 2015
Lucas accepted Brad's proposal of marriage. Spencer endangered Cameron and Emma's lives during the Nurses Ball by dropping sandbags from the rafters as they danced. After Spencer returned to Wyndemere, Courtney paid her son a visit. Courtney explained that even though she was dead, she would always be in Spencer's heart then she showed him that his face wasn't horribly disfigured. Elizabeth was stunned when Nikolas revealed that he had known for months that Jake was Jason. Distraught, Elizabeth ran to the stage to share the news about Jason, but changed her mind at the last minute because she realized that she would be throwing away a chance at a relationship with the man she loved. Nikolas advised Elizabeth against keeping the secret, but Elizabeth was determined to take advantage of the opportunity to be with Jake. Later, Elizabeth and Jake made love. Nikolas agreed to let Hayden stay in his home in exchange for her silence about Jake's real identity. Sam told Julian that Olivia was pregnant with his baby. Olivia went into labor and delivered a premature baby boy. Anna and Duke agreed to run away and start a new life together. Duke tried to call off the hit on Jordan, but Bruce ignored the voicemail messages. Carlos cornered Duke in the parking garage. Duke and Carlos briefly struggled for the gun until a shot rang out. Anna was horrified when Duke collapsed from a gunshot wound when they met on the pier. Spinelli and Maxie agreed to break up because they were each in love with someone else.
May 11 to 15, 2015
Duke became a casualty of the mob war when Carlos shot Duke in Metro Court's garage. Sonny vowed to avenge his friend's death, but Julian denied ordering the hit. Nathan arrested Jake when Jake was found in the garage, holding the murder weapon, but Kyle arranged for Jake to be cut loose. Kyle urged Jake to use the incident to gain Julian's trust. Julian set Sonny up by claiming that Jake had gone rogue then tipping off Kyle about where Sonny intended to take out Jake. Sabrina helped Anna track down Carlos. Anna realized that Carlos might escape justice, so she shot him in the heart. Elizabeth was shocked when Lulu revealed that Hayden was living at Wyndemere. Nikolas explained that Hayden had blackmailed him because Hayden had overheard Nikolas and Elizabeth discussing Jake being Jason. Hayden continued to toy with Nikolas and Elizabeth, so Nikolas decided to call Hayden's bluff by inviting Hayden to tell Jake the truth. Jake confessed to Sam that he hadn't killed Duke, but he refused to elaborate. Jake and Sam were surprised when Hayden revealed that she had something to say that would affect both Jake and Sam. Olivia was desperate to protect her newborn son, so she asked Dante and Ned to help her disappear with Julian's son. Franco was stunned when Nina announced that she was engaged. General Hospital aired its first of two live episodes.
May 18 to 22, 2015
Franco was stunned when Nina married Ric Lansing. A sniper's bullet stopped Hayden from revealing the truth about Jake's real identity to Jake and Sam. Jordan blew her cover when she arrested Shawn for taking the shot at Hayden, but the true hit man answered to Nikolas. Patrick operated on Hayden, but she slipped into a coma during the surgery. Jake told Elizabeth the truth about his deal with Kyle then paid Kyle a visit to explain that he was through working for Julian. Anna killed Carlos, but Kyle decided to cover up the murder. Anna remained haunted by what she had done to Carlos. Jordan persuaded Scott to cut a deal with Shawn in exchange for Shawn testifying that Sonny had ordered the hit on Jake. Shawn refused to take the deal, but Jordan pleaded with Shawn to reconsider because T.J. was Shawn's son. Morgan and Kiki had a heated argument that quickly led to passion. Julian was shocked when Ned and Olivia informed him that Julian and Olivia's son had died of sepsis. Liesl played along with Ned and Olivia's deception because Ned had made a substantial donation to the hospital. Ned arranged for Olivia's son to be moved to another hospital then joined him on the pretext of leaving town on urgent L&B business. A devastated Julian turned to Alexis and told her that he was finished with organized crime. Alexis agreed to stand by Julian as he extricated himself from the mob. Julian and his loved ones were startled when a woman bearing a striking resemblance to Ava, sporting black hair and with a thick New York accent, showed up on his doorstep.
May 25 to 29, 2015
Franco made an impassioned plea for Nina to annul her marriage to Ric because Franco was certain that Ric had married Nina to get his hands on her fortune, but Nina refused, despite not having consummated her marriage to Ric. Ric secretly met with Madeline Reeves. Shawn pleaded guilty to attempted murder charges rather than accept Scott's offer to testify against Sonny in exchange for full immunity. Jordan was surprised when Shawn decided not to tell T.J. that he was T.J.'s father, but Shawn explained that he didn't want T.J. to suffer the loss of another father when Shawn went to Pentonville. Carlos haunted Anna and taunted her for murdering him. Kyle insisted Anna had nothing to feel guilty about because Carlos had been a criminal who had pulled the trigger on Duke. Kyle arranged for everyone to believe that Carlos had fled the country. Mayor Lomax fired Kyle for failing to properly do his job. Elizabeth was elated when Jake revealed that he was a free man because Kyle had agreed let Jake walk away from their plea agreement without repercussions. Julian announced to his family that he intended to leave the mob. The Jerome family was shocked when a woman bearing a striking resemblance to Ava turned up on Julian's doorstep, looking for answers. Delia made a timely appearance to explain why a DNA test revealed that Denise and Ava were closely related. Lulu was not pleased when Valerie decided to apply for a job at the police station. Lucas questioned Brad's reluctance to involve Brad's family in the wedding plans. Luke vanished from the sanitarium.
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JUNE 2015
June 1 to 5, 2015
Franco enlisted Nathan's help to try to manipulate Nina into signing annulment papers. Franco threatened to testify that Nina had confessed to kidnapping Avery if Nina didn't end her marriage to Ric, but Nina called Franco and Nathan's bluff. Ric gloated that he no longer needed Madeline to secure Nina's fortune, but Madeline warned Ric that she could prove that she and Ric had conspired to get control of Nina's fortune. Three separate DNA tests revealed that "Denise" was a close relative to Ava. Delia claimed that Denise was Ava's fraternal twin sister, but Silas knew the truth. It was revealed in flashbacks that Silas had kidnapped Avery to save Ava's life with a bone marrow transplant. Ava explained that the transplant had altered her DNA enough to pass herself off as her own twin sister. Grief turned to passion when Anna slept with Kyle, but she regretted the tryst the following morning. Anna decided to fly to Scotland to scatter Duke's ashes in a special field where he had played as a child. Luke returned to Port Charles because the doctors had deemed that he was no longer a threat to anyone. Dillon arrived in time to try to stop his mother from accepting Luke's proposal of marriage, but Tracy ignored her son's misgivings about the engagement. Rosalie secured Ned's shares of ELQ for Nikolas. Jordan accepted Mayor Lomax's job offer to replace Kyle as police commissioner. Valerie was delighted when Jordan hired her. Everyone was stunned when Laura Spencer crashed Luke and Tracy's engagement party.
June 8 to 12, 2015
Ava blackmailed Silas to keep her secret by threatening to reveal that he had kidnapped Avery. Ava paid Michael a visit under the guise of getting to know her "niece," so Michael agreed to let "Denise" hold A.J. Morgan tried to comfort an emotional Denise after her visit with A.J., which led to a heated kiss between Morgan and Denise. Morgan immediately regretted the passionate moment and blamed it on Denise's eerie resemblance to the only woman he had loved. Ava was stunned when she learned that Morgan and Kiki had rekindled their relationship. Sabrina confided her concerns about Rosalie being the mole at ELQ to Sam, so Sam agreed to investigate. Michael hired Jake as head of ELQ's security. Elizabeth feared that Jake's memories of his life as Jason would be triggered by spending time with Michael and the Quartermaines. Nikolas assured Elizabeth that everything would be fine because Nikolas had been working to secure control of ELQ. Kyle was heartbroken when Anna left town. Nikolas hired Kyle to obtain the majority shares of ELQ. Friends and family were stunned when Luke broke off his engagement to Tracy during the party. Luke explained that he wanted to try to make things work with Laura. Dillon and Lulu demanded answers, so Luke admitted that he had lied to Tracy. T.J. was arrested following an incident that had turned violent at Wyndham's Department Store, where T.J. had been wrongly detained.
June 15 to 19, 2015
Ava tried to rekindle things with Silas in an effort to keep her mind off of Morgan, but Silas rebuffed her advances because he refused to play second fiddle to Morgan. Morgan invited Kiki to Atlantic City for a short getaway, but Kiki declined because she wanted to spend time with her "aunt" before Denise left town. Passion flared between Morgan and Denise when he ran into her at ELQ. Elizabeth passed along confidential information to Nikolas about Jake and Sam's investigation. Michael realized Rosalie was the mole in his company when Sam revealed that Nina's story had checked out. Nikolas hoped to secure control of ELQ by offering to buy .5 % of Dillon's ELQ shares, which would allow Dillon to produce three independent films. Lulu realized Nikolas might be behind the hostile takeover of ELQ, so Dillon called to warn Tracy. Michael threatened to have Rosalie arrested for corporate espionage. Maxie confronted Valerie about Valerie's intentions toward Dante, but Dante assured Maxie that he was devoted to his wife. Luke and Laura confided to Lulu and Dillon the truth about their ruse. Luke and Laura implored Dillon and Lulu to keep quiet about Lucky's abduction because the kidnappers had threatened to kill Lucky if the police became involved. Valerie jumped to the wrong conclusion when she overheard Lulu and Dillon discuss a secret they were keeping from Dante. When the kidnappers instructed them to go to the Triple L dinner in British Columbia, Luke and Laura left town on the pretext of taking a romantic vacation.
June 22 to 26, 2015
Rosalie caught Morgan and "Denise" in a compromising position, but she agreed to keep Morgan's secret. Franco enlisted Denise's help to make Nina jealous. Madeline checked in with Ric to ask if he had news about Nina's fortune. Things quickly heated up when Madeline kissed Ric. T.J. decided to spite his mother by accepting Sonny's generous offer to pay for T.J.'s tuition and to stay at Greystone Manor until school started. Lucy voted for Nikolas to replace Michael as CEO of ELQ. Lucy felt that Michael needed to grow up and learn from Nikolas. Nikolas threatened to imprison Rosalie on Cassadine Island and expose her secret unless she recanted her statement about the illegal means he had used to obtain his shares of ELQ. Michael turned to Sabrina for solace and advice, so she asked if there was any possibility that he could forgive Sonny and return his sister to Sonny's care. Jennifer Smith blackmailed Luke into spending the night with her in exchange for Lucky's freedom. Luke got drunk and passed out before Luke and Jennifer had sex, so Jennifer admitted that she didn't have Lucky. Lulu and Dillon decided to help Luke and Laura track down Lucky. Dante was brokenhearted when he discovered that his wife had lied to him about her travel plans, so he turned to Valerie for comfort and kissed her. Holly Sutton turned up in British Columbia.
June 29 to July 3, 2015
Michael decided to return Avery to Sonny, but he warned Sonny that he didn't know if they could ever be father and son again. Michael found comfort in Sabrina's arms when they made love for the first time. Dante was devastated when he caught Lulu in a lie and followed her to British Columbia, where she had been sharing a hotel room with Dillon. Convinced his wife had cheated, Dante kissed Valerie. Franco warned Kiki that Morgan and Denise might be attracted to each other, but Kiki was confident that Morgan was only concerned about Denise because she was Kiki's aunt. Franco was shocked when Ava revealed who she really was. Spencer questioned his father about Nikolas' decision to steal ELQ from the Quartermaines. Nikolas claimed that he had done it to secure his son's future. Jake assured Michael that he would help Michael regain control of ELQ. Sam agreed to help Jake uncover Nikolas' secrets. Luke, Laura, Holly, Lulu, and Dillon set out to rescue Ethan and Lucky. Luke found Ethan, but Lucky had managed to escape. Luke was stunned when he discovered that Frank Smith had orchestrated Lucky and Ethan's kidnappings. Frank shot Ethan in the arm then decided to release all the hostages except Luke and Laura.
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JULY 2015
July 6 to 10, 2015
Lucky arrived in the nick of time to save his parents from Frank Smith's deadly bullet. After a brief shootout, Luke, Laura, and Lucky reunited with Lulu and Dillon. Lucky revealed that he had cooperated with Frank Smith because Lucky had been told that Elizabeth's son, Jake, was alive. Luke, Laura, and Lucky went to Cassadine Island, where Luke confronted Helena. Helena sensed it would be the last time that she would see Luke, so she admitted she had taken Elizabeth's middle child. Luke, Laura, and Lucky reunited with Jake, but Jake had no memory of them. After Luke and Laura returned to Port Charles with Lucky and Jake, Luke accompanied Lucky and Jake to Elizabeth's house. Dante was furious and hurt because he was certain that Lulu had been unfaithful to him with Dillon, so he turned to Valerie for comfort. After Dante and Valerie spent the night together, Lulu returned home. Dante confronted his wife about her betrayal, so Lulu told him about Ethan and Lucky's kidnapping. Realizing he had jumped to the wrong conclusion, Dante asked Valerie to keep their night together a secret. Jordan was determined to find a way to get her son away from Sonny by sending Sonny to jail. Tracy ran into her ex-husband Paul Hornsby at the airport. Paul explained he was in town to visit his son, Dillon. Sam questioned Nikolas about his connection to Hayden. Patrick was informed there had been a change in Hayden's condition. Ava confided her secret to Franco.
July 13 to 17, 2015
Lucky reunited Elizabeth with little Jake. Jason had a brief flashback of his firstborn when he met little Jake. Nikolas revealed to Lucky that Jake Doe was really Jason Morgan, so Lucky decided to keep the secret and leave town. Valerie confided to Jordan about her one-night stand with Dante and her hopes for a future with him. Dante realized that he had been wrong to believe Lulu had betrayed him, so he begged Valerie to keep their illicit night together a secret. Carly let it slip that Dante had kissed Valerie, so Lulu confronted Dante. Dante begged for Lulu's forgiveness, and Lulu agreed to put it behind her because she felt partly to blame for not telling Dante about Lucky's abduction. Luke was shocked when he walked in on Paul Hornsby and Tracy in bed together. Tracy was hurt when Luke explained why he had called off their engagement because Luke had been able to trust Dillon with the truth, but not her. Carly accepted Sonny's proposal of marriage and promised to love Avery as her own daughter. Michael wished Sonny and Carly well but declined to be a part of the wedding. Sabrina gave Michael some good news about the A.J. Quartermaine Memorial Clinic. Silas confronted Morgan about Morgan's attraction to Denise. Morgan insisted that he had made a mistake, but he promised that he was committed to Kiki. Silas agreed to keep quiet about Morgan and Denise, provided the couple stayed away from each other. Morgan confronted Denise about confiding to Silas, which led to a passionate encounter in the bedroom. Franco caught Ava in a lie. Ric put his plan to drive Nina insane into motion.
July 20 to 24, 2015
Everyone was stunned as news spread that little Jake was alive. Sam was eager to introduce Danny to his big brother, but Elizabeth didn't want to overwhelm little Jake by exposing him to everything at once. Tests confirmed that Josslyn did not receive a kidney donation from little Jake. Laura overheard Elizabeth and Nikolas talk about Jake Doe being Jason Morgan. Laura confronted Nikolas about the secret, and he admitted that he would lose control of ELQ if Jason learned the truth. Michael confessed to Sabrina that he was falling hard for her. Tracy explained to Luke that she loved him but couldn't marry him because he was still on a path of self-discovery. Luke gave his approval for Michael to tear down the house on Elm Street and build the medical clinic. Luke paid his childhood home one last visit, and Tim, Lena, and Patricia Spencer visited him there. Luke intended to end his life until Lena persuaded her son to be the man he was meant to be. Luke decided to leave town, and he and Bobbie shared a heartfelt goodbye. Lulu confronted Valerie about the kiss, and Valerie corroborated Dante's story. Dante confided to Nathan that Dante had slept with Valerie. Brad called off his wedding to Lucas because Brad was already married. Madeline took an instant disliking to Maxie. Nathan found the replica of Avery's baby blanket when he paid Nina a visit. Franco decided that Kiki needed to know that Morgan had cheated on her.
July 27 to 31, 2015
Luke Spencer bid farewell to Port Charles. Laura paid Elizabeth a visit to reveal that Nikolas had confided Jake Doe's real identity. Elizabeth implored Laura to keep the secret because Elizabeth suspected that Nikolas had arranged for Hayden to be shot when Hayden had threatened to tell Jake the truth. Dante showered Lulu with attention and gifts in an effort to get his marriage back on track, but Lulu explained that she would need time to move past Dante's kiss with Valerie. Valerie was upset when Maxie questioned Valerie's intentions toward Dante, so Dillon offered Valerie a solution to her problems by asking Valerie out on a date. Nathan discovered incriminating evidence in Nina's hotel suite, implicating her in Avery's abduction, but he suspected his sister had been framed. Nina asked Ric for a divorce because she still loved Franco, but Ric managed to manipulate Nina into delaying the divorce until her legal troubles were behind her. Ric persuaded Nina to check into Shadybrook for treatment. Silas was livid when he caught Ava in bed with Morgan. Silas vowed to tell Kiki about the illicit affair then warned Ava that he also intended to make a full confession to Scott about Avery's abduction and Ava's ruse. After a talk with Silas, Franco paid Nina a visit to tell her about Silas' role in Avery's kidnapping. Nina felt betrayed and stormed off to confront Silas. Franco caught up to Nina at Silas' apartment, where she was kneeling over Silas' body, clutching a bloody knife.
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August 3 to 7, 2015
Franco found Nina perched over Silas' body with the bloody murder weapon clutched in her hand, but she denied stabbing Silas. Franco believed Nina, but he urged her to return to Shadybrook before she was missed, while he cleaned up the crime scene. After Franco removed the incriminating evidence, he slipped out of the apartment just as Kiki arrived home. Kiki was horrified when she found her father's body. Franco was arrested for Silas' murder. Franco confided to Liesl that he suspected Ava had killed Silas. Ava paid Franco a visit at the police station to warn him to keep quiet, or she would reveal that Nina had been at the scene of Silas' murder. Morgan's odd behavior concerned Carly, so Carly and Sonny asked their son if Morgan had killed Silas. Hayden woke up from the coma but claimed that she had no memory of who Jake really was. Sam was certain that Hayden had lied. Nikolas confirmed that he had arranged for a hit man to shoot Hayden, but Elizabeth warned him that she did not want Hayden killed. Lulu tried to put the past behind her when she and Dante ran into Dillon and Valerie at the Floating Rib. Sonny met with the heads of four powerful east coast crime families. The head of the Russian Bratva revealed that he had bought one of Sonny's hijacked shipments from a middleman who had once worked with the Jeromes. Sonny killed the Russian mob boss as a warning to everyone.
August 10 to 14, 2015
Morgan was offended when his parents asked if he had killed Silas, but Carly noticed that Morgan never denied killing Kiki's father in a fit of rage. Ava revealed that she had snapped a picture of Nina clutching a bloody knife while kneeling over Silas' body. Ava agreed to give Franco the incriminating photo in exchange for the recording of Ava confessing to Connie's death. Infuriated, Nina paid Ava a visit to warn Ava that Ava couldn't afford to show anyone the picture of Nina because Nina and Franco would make it their mission to convince the police to test Ava's DNA a second time. Silas haunted Ava. Scott resigned as district attorney to represent Franco. Mayor Lomax hired Ric to replace Scott. Jake proposed marriage to Elizabeth. Sam urged Elizabeth to do what made Elizabeth happy, and Elizabeth agreed to marry Jake. Little Jake and Danny spent time together. Nikolas talked Hayden into recuperating at Wyndemere. Valerie decided to move in with Carly. Sonny provided Jordan with information that pointed to Julian as the mastermind behind Sonny's hijacked shipments. Julian denied any involvement in the attacks against Sonny. Paul invested in Dillon's movie, and Lulu agreed to let Dillon film on the Haunted Star. Olivia returned to Port Charles. Rosalie was revealed to be Brad's wife.
August 17 to 21, 2015
Olivia returned to town without her baby to determine if Julian had truly turned over a new leaf. Julian was shocked when "Denise" confessed that she was really Ava. Ava begged Julian to steal the incriminating recording of her confessing to Connie's murder, but Julian insisted that he was out of the mob. Ava didn't believe Julian, and she promised to help him take down Sonny if Julian helped her reclaim her life. Nathan tracked down one of the men who had hijacked Sonny's shipments. The hijacker accused Julian of being the mastermind behind the thefts and the murder of one of the hijackers. Julian promised Alexis that he had been set up. Sonny and Carly set a wedding date, but their happiness was overshadowed by concern for Morgan because Carly suspected that Morgan might have bipolar disorder. Nina confided to Nathan that Silas had kidnapped Avery and that Silas' killer was still on the loose, but she refused to elaborate. Franco's trial kicked off, but Morgan became concerned when Scott managed to plant reasonable doubt as each witness for the prosecution testified. Desperate, Morgan pulled Ric aside to tell his uncle that Franco had threatened to kill Morgan on the day of Silas' murder. Ric called Morgan to testify, so Morgan perjured himself by painting Franco as a man on a homicidal mission. Franco accused Morgan of lying, but Kiki believed everything Morgan had said. Scott called "Denise" to the witness stand to confront her with a DNA test that proved she was Ava Jerome.
August 24 to 28, 2015
Tracy and Paul decided to work on being friends for their son's sake. The lead actress in Dillon's movie quit, so he asked Lulu to step in as Marjorie. Lulu refused, but she suggested that Maxie consider playing the part. Ava was arrested after she admitted the truth about her identity in court. Ava followed through on her threat to Franco by showing the judge the incriminating picture of Nina perched over Silas' body with the bloody murder weapon clutched in her hand. Nina was taken into custody, but she begged Nathan to find the real killer. Desperate to save Nina, Franco claimed that he had killed Silas, and the judge decided to toss Franco into lockup until the police had sorted things out. Nathan quickly zeroed in on a new suspect when he and Dante took a closer look at the evidence. In a shocking twist, Ric was arrested for Silas' murder, but Ric opted to cooperate by leading the detectives to the real killer. Madeline recalled visiting Silas on the night of his murder. Sonny paid Ava a visit in jail to let her know that Carly would raise Avery, who would never be a part of Ava's life. Carly and Sonny talked to Morgan about their concerns that Morgan might have bipolar disorder, but Morgan refused to entertain the possibility. Morgan insisted that all of his problems were behind him because Ava was out of his life and Kiki was his future. Franco told Kiki that Silas had intended to tell her the truth about Ava, including Ava's affair with Morgan.
August 31 to September 4, 2015
Lulu persuaded Maxie to try out for the lead in Dillon's movie. Dillon was pleasantly surprised when he realized during the audition that Maxie was perfect for the part. Nathan and Dante confronted Ric with incriminating evidence that pointed to him as Silas' killer. Ric agreed to wear a wire to get the real killer to confess. Madeline admitted that she had forged Silas' signature on a document after she had stabbed him in the back in a fit of fury when Silas had refused to relinquish his claim on Nina's money. Nina felt utterly betrayed by her mother's willingness to let Nina take the fall for Silas' murder, so she washed her hands of Madeline for good. Franco told Kiki about Ava and Morgan's affair. Heartbroken, Kiki ended her relationship with Morgan and cut ties with Ava. Morgan spiraled out of control as he went on a drinking and gambling binge. Morgan turned up at Sonny's place to blame his father for his problems, but Sonny managed to get Morgan to accept the possibility that Morgan had bipolar disorder. Morgan agreed to talk to Kevin Collins for an evaluation. Sonny's enemy abducted T.J. and used him as bait to lure Sonny to a warehouse on Sonny's wedding day. Someone took aim at Sonny and shot him. Anna returned to Port Charles. Sam was stunned when Anna revealed that Nikolas had tampered with the mayoral election. Sam tried to use Anna's information to blackmail Nikolas. Kyle ruined Sam's plan by covering for Nikolas. Hayden had a brief flashback of arguing about Jake with Nikolas.
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September 7 to 11, 2015
Jake and Sam raced to the warehouse in time to save T.J. and Sonny from certain death. Sonny was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Patrick told Sonny's loved ones that a bullet was lodged close to Sonny's spinal cord, which made surgery very risky. Ric was desperate to see Sonny, but Carly blocked Ric's efforts. Ric reminded Carly that she wasn't legally married to Sonny and, therefore, couldn't make any decisions for his brother. Michael argued that he was Sonny's son, but Ric pointed out that Michael had changed his name and distanced himself from Sonny. Suspicion fell on Julian when Olivia revealed that she had encountered him on the docks around the time of Sonny's shooting. Morgan vowed to kill Julian for shooting Sonny. Jordan implored T.J. to cut ties with Sonny, but T.J. refused. Anna was stunned when Kyle turned on her by revealing that he had incriminating evidence linking her to Carlos' murder. Kyle threatened to expose Anna's secret if she failed to secure immunity for him. Anna reminded Kyle that he would have to testify against Nikolas, but Kyle refused. Paul officially ended his marriage to Jenny by signing divorce papers.
September 14 to 18, 2015
Sonny's heart stopped when the bullet lodged near his spine shifted, so Carly authorized Patrick to operate. Sonny's loved ones were relieved when Patrick announced that the risky surgery had been a success. Kristina returned home to reunite with her father. Julian was detained for shooting Sonny but later released when evidence failed to corroborate Julian's involvement. Julian implored Alexis to go into hiding with him until the police found the person responsible for Sonny's shooting. Alexis took Julian to a lake house that she had recently rented without anyone's knowledge. Morgan vowed to kill Julian, and he persuaded Milo to give him a gun. Morgan eventually tracked Julian down. Plagued by guilt, Elizabeth tried to tell Jake the truth about his identity, but little Jake interrupted the confession when he woke up from a nightmare. Scott struck bargain with Ava that would net him $5,000,000 in exchange for the flash drive and getting the charges against her dropped. After Ava was released from jail, she and Scott returned to his hotel room to fetch the flash drive, but it had been stolen. Paul turned up on Ava's doorstep, offering to help her. Dante was tempted to tell Lulu the truth about his one-night stand with Valerie, but he changed his mind out of fear of losing Lulu and destroying his family. Valerie confided to Nathan that she still had feelings for Dante. Patrick asked Sam to marry him.
September 21 to 26, 2015
Michael managed to talk Morgan out of killing Julian. Carly and Michael implored Morgan to see a psychiatrist, but Morgan refused. Paul revealed that he had stolen the flash drive of Ava's confession from Scott's hotel room. Paul agreed to keep the flash drive from surfacing in exchange for Ava cooperating by acting as the figurehead for the Jerome organization. Ava reluctantly agreed to Paul's demands, but she had reservations about framing Julian for the crimes against Sonny. Michael stepped in as the temporary head of the Corinthos organization. Scott secured a court order permitting Ava to take custody of Avery while Sonny was incapacitated. Carly used a loophole to delay Ava from taking Avery. Michael ordered Ric to prove himself to Sonny by having Ava's court order vacated before Ava could get her hands on Avery. Carly suggested that she and Sonny get married right away to gain the upper hand in the custody battle. Jake and Elizabeth set a wedding date. Patrick proposed to Sam, but Sam admitted that she wasn't ready to marry him. Sam went to the Noodle Buddha on the fourth anniversary of her wedding to Jason. Jake ended up at the restaurant and bumped into Sam. Sam confided that a part of her believed that Jason was still alive.
September 28 to October 2, 2015
Sonny was rushed into surgery when he suffered a seizure during his marriage ceremony to Carly. Carly was forced to hand Avery over to Ava. Ava accused Carlos of shooting Sonny and claimed that Carlos had acted on his own. Kyle turned on Anna by giving Paul a key to a safe deposit box that contained Carlos' wallet and the gun Anna had used to kill Carlos. Kyle asked for immunity in exchange for the evidence, but Paul shot Kyle instead. Anna enlisted Sam's help to find the person responsible for shooting Sonny, since Anna knew that Carlos hadn't done it. Valerie confessed to Dante that she couldn't stop thinking about him. Nathan advised Valerie to forget Dante because Dante had made his choice clear. Dillon let it slip to Maxie that he was in love with Lulu. Maxie vowed to find a way to help Dillon get over Lulu, since Lulu loved Dante. Valerie tried to make things work with Dillon, but it was clear that neither Dillon nor Valerie was attracted to the other. Dillon confessed that he had feelings for Lulu, and Valerie confided that she had slept with Dante. Dillon and Valerie were unaware that a camera had recorded their conversation. At the Noodle Buddha, Jake helped Sam let go of Jason. Patrick was overjoyed when Sam accepted his marriage proposal. Laura paid Patrick and Sam a visit.
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October 5 to 9, 2015
Sonny woke up after surgery, but the embolism had left him unable to walk. Sonny and Carly decided to get married when Sonny found out that Ava had secured custody of Avery. Tracy turned to Paul for help because she feared that Michael would get sucked into Sonny's world. Paul had a chat with Michael, but Michael resented Tracy's meddling and made it clear that he would do whatever was necessary to protect Sonny. Sabrina took a pregnancy test but kept the results a secret. Paul dropped the charges against Julian. Alexis and Julian made plans to move in together. Julian had questions when he saw Olivia holding a baby. Olivia claimed that she had adopted the baby boy. Franco and Nina decided to buy Silas' apartment and invited Kiki to live with them. Laura returned to town and was surprised to learn that Jake and Elizabeth were engaged. Laura urged Jake to look for answers about his past before he married Elizabeth. Elizabeth became defensive when Laura expressed concerns about little Jake's mental health. Jake enlisted Sam's help to find out who he really was, so they started by hacking into Nikolas' computer. Hayden overheard Nikolas confirm to Laura that he had put a hit on Hayden when Hayden had threatened to reveal that Jake was Jason. Dante and Lulu decided to move forward with plans to expand their family. Maxie told Lulu that Dillon was in love with Lulu. Dillon kissed Lulu.
October 12 to 16, 2015
Sonny and Carly were married in the hospital's chapel, surrounded by their loved ones. Maxie and Dillon made a horrifying discovery when Maxie spotted a body floating in the harbor. Paul took steps to make certain that the body was identified as Carlos Rivera. Paul was ready to move forward with his plans to dismantle Sonny's organization, but Ava begged for more time because she needed to keep her hands clean until Avery's custody was decided. Tracy realized that Sabrina was pregnant and urged Sabrina to tell Michael. Sabrina recalled a passionate encounter with Carlos, but she told Michael about the pregnancy. Kiki created a disturbance at the Floating Rib, prompting the bartender to call the police to have her arrested. Nina paid off the bartender in exchange for him dropping the charges against Kiki. Dillon kissed Lulu, but she rebuffed his advances with a reminder that she was happily married to Dante. Dante confronted Dillon about the kiss, but Dillon revealed that he knew about Dante's affair with Valerie. Spinelli briefly returned to Port Charles to help Sam search for the truth about Jake's past. Elizabeth accused Hayden of lying about having amnesia. Nikolas offered Hayden a job. Hayden called a mystery person to announce that she was "in." Alexis questioned Olivia's convenient story about adopting a baby. Alexis managed to get her hands on "Mateo's" pacifier to have it secretly tested.
October 19 to 23, 2015
Olivia was heartbroken when Ned ended their relationship because he refused to keep lying about Leo. Julian surprised Alexis with a new home reminiscent of her beloved lake house. Alexis confirmed through a DNA test that Olivia's "adopted" son was Leo. Julian demanded that Olivia hand over his son, but Alexis urged Julian to compromise with Olivia. Olivia explained her concerns about Leo's safety, but Julian promised he had left the mob. Spinelli was arrested after he was caught hacking into the hospital's files to retrieve Jake's medical records. Lulu shut down filming on the Haunted Star per the contract Dillon had signed. Dillon feared that it was the end of his film, but Nathan turned to Nina for help to finance the project and save Maxie's budding acting career. Kiki continued to lash out at those around her and drink heavily. Morgan met Molly's beautiful college friend. Sonny struggled to accept that he had a long recovery ahead of him, but he vowed to walk again. Sonny temporarily put Max in charge of the organization because Sonny refused to let either Michael or Morgan get involved in mob business. Michael was overjoyed when Sabrina told him that she was pregnant, and he shared the news with his parents. Little Jake insisted that Jake was his father. Anna discovered a discrepancy in Carlos' autopsy report, which indicated the body recovered from the harbor hadn't been Carlos. Patrick surprised Sam with an engagement ring.
October 26 to 30, 2015
The people of Port Charles celebrated Halloween. Ava was shocked when Paul passionately kissed her and promised that everything would work out with Avery. Paul urged Dillon not to give up on Lulu. Lulu agreed to forgive Dillon, but she made it clear that she was committed to Dante. Lulu and Dante were told the chances of their frozen embryo growing to term were low, but Lulu remained determined to get pregnant. Dante confided to Sonny about his affair with Valerie. Sonny urged Dante to tell Lulu the truth before it was too late. Dillon played a "sizzle reel" of his movie during the Halloween party on the Haunted Star, but it turned out to be Andy's recording of Valerie opening up to Dillon about Dante. Olivia and Julian agreed to share custody of Leo. Elizabeth and Jake decided that Jake would adopt Cameron and little Jake after the wedding. Audrey sent Elizabeth a special wedding gift. Anna was stunned when Paul revealed that he had covered up the truth about Carlos' murder as a special favor to her. Spinelli designed a software program to create an image of Jake before the facial reconstruction surgery. Spinelli left his laptop with Carly to give to Sam, unaware the program had produced a likeness of Jason. Hayden persuaded Nikolas to invite her to Jake and Elizabeth's wedding. Michael proposed to Sabrina, but she refused to get married because she was pregnant. Sabrina told Felix that there was a chance Carlos was the baby's father. Morgan and Darby had sex.
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November 2 to 6, 2015
Carly arranged for a speedy DNA test, which confirmed that Jake was Jason. Carly was eager to share the news with Jason, but Kiki was driving drunk and clipped Carly's car. Carly's car careened off the road, knocking Carly unconscious. Morgan caught up with Kiki after the accident and whisked her home before the police found her, unaware that his mother's car had been hit. Jake became concerned when he had trouble reaching Carly on his wedding day and went to look for her. Jake found Carly as she slowly regained consciousness. Carly offered Jake irrefutable evidence that he was Jason. Laura pleaded with Elizabeth to tell Jake the truth, but Elizabeth steadfastly refused and went to the church. Elizabeth was filled with dread when she saw Jake arrive late at the church with a grim expression on his face. Lulu's world crashed down around her when she watched the video of Valerie confessing to sleeping with Dante. Valerie realized that Dillon had deliberately switched the sizzle reel with the behind-the-scenes footage to expose Dante's infidelity. Lulu packed up her things and moved out of the loft with Rocco. Ric pulled some strings to get the custody hearing moved up. Ava turned to Paul for help. Paul advised Ava to exploit Sonny's weaknesses. Kevin referred Anna to a new therapist.
November 9 to 13, 2015
Jason called off his wedding to Elizabeth and revealed that he was Jason Morgan. Sam was crushed that Jason's memories had not returned and that he was still in love with Elizabeth. Jason stayed with Elizabeth, unaware that she had known the truth about his identity for months. Hayden confessed that her memories had returned shortly after moving to Wyndemere, but she promised to keep Nikolas and Elizabeth's secret. Hayden had a clandestine meeting with her co-conspirator -- Tracy. Paul hired Anna to work for the district attorney's office as a special investigator. Patrick called Robin to tell her about Jason. Robin tried to explain there was more to the story about Jason's return, but her captors forced her to end the call. Robin was punished for her insubordination by being forced to watch via a live feed as a woman approached Emma in the park, pretending to have lost a dog. Alexis explained that Sam would have to divorce Jason before marrying Patrick. Sam made a desperate plea for Jason to remember the special connection they had once shared, but Jason explained that he was in love with Elizabeth and didn't recall his life with Sam beyond a few brief flashes. Monica reunited with Jason and invited him to the Quartermaine Thanksgiving dinner. Lulu and Rocco moved in with Maxie. Julian hired Nina as Crimson's new editor-in-chief. The police academy assigned Valerie to ride along with Dante. Ava was awarded custody of Avery after goading Sonny into making damaging statements.
November 16 to 20, 2015
Emma escaped an attempted kidnapping. Elizabeth and Sam raced to Cassadine Island when Spinelli called to let Sam know that Jason intended to confront Helena. Jason threatened to shoot Nikolas unless Nikolas took Jason to Helena. Jason demanded answers from Helena. Despite being confined to a bed and gravely ill, Helena took delight in playing mind games with Jason, Sam, and Elizabeth. Michael was confused when Sabrina canceled her sonogram appointment without telling him. Maxie was determined to help Nina save Crimson. Franco was arrested for driving Carly off the road. Franco and Morgan persuaded Kiki to let Franco take the fall for the accident. Kiki agreed to run away with Morgan and start a new life, but she quickly realized that something was wrong when Morgan began to act erratic and paranoid because she decided to return to Port Charles to face the consequences for her actions. Alexis invited Olivia and Leo to Thanksgiving dinner. Anna agreed to schedule therapy sessions with Andre. Hayden went to Pentonville to talk to Shawn and tell him that she suspected he had not shot her.
November 23 to 27, 2015
Helena passed away, but she told Jason that his memory loss was a result of the car accident rather than anything she had done. Sam told Patrick that she had realized during her trip to Cassadine Island that Jason was no longer the man she had married; he was her friend. Sam insisted that she was in love with Patrick and wanted to marry him whether or not Jason's memories returned. Monica was delighted when Jason showed up for Thanksgiving dinner. Morgan persuaded Kiki to leave town with him. Kiki agreed, but she had a change of heart when she realized that she couldn't allow Franco take the fall for causing Carly's accident. Kiki called Michael for help when Morgan became paranoid and grabbed a shotgun to protect her from the police. Michael, Max, and Carly whisked Morgan to the hospital for an evaluation. Morgan's loved ones spent Thanksgiving with him at the hospital. Dante was crushed when Lulu gave him separation papers. Valerie dropped off a plate of Thanksgiving food for Dante, but things quickly heated up when they kissed. Sabrina was stunned when Carlos showed up on her doorstep and cryptically explained that he'd been given an opportunity to fake his death to further another's agenda. Carlos was certain that he was the father of Sabrina's baby, but Sabrina was adamant that Michael was the father. Anna found evidence that Carlos might be alive.
November 30 to December 4, 2015
Patrick questioned Sam's commitment to him and their life together when she balked at divorcing Jason until she proved that Nikolas and Elizabeth had conspired to keep the truth about Jason's identity from Jason. Patrick suspected that Sam wanted Jason to end things with Elizabeth and run into Sam's arms. Sam proceeded with the divorce to prove Patrick wrong, but she remained troubled and paid Elizabeth a visit. Elizabeth tried to break things off with Jason when Carly urged her to give Jason space to figure things out, but Jason refused to let Elizabeth go. Morgan was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Carlos overheard Felix tell Sabrina that she was 26 weeks pregnant, which meant that Carlos was the baby's father. Carlos wanted Sabrina to run away with him, but Sabrina refused. Anna found Paul's phone number in Kyle Sloane's apartment. Lulu was furious when Dante signed the separation papers and rekindled things with Valerie. Hayden told Nikolas that she had fallen in love with him to buy herself time, while she secretly met with Shawn's friend, who agreed to investigate her shooting and clear Shawn's name. Jordan was startled when she spotted Curtis sitting in Kelly's.
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December 7 to 11, 2015
Anna realized that Paul had likely killed Kyle Sloane and arranged for the body to be identified as Carlos. Mac decided to help Anna investigate Paul. Sam demanded that Elizabeth admit to knowing the truth about Jason's identity for months, but Elizabeth refused. Jason paid Sam a visit to ask why she had accused Elizabeth of lying. Sam told Jason about her suspicions, prompting Jason to ask Elizabeth if Sam was right. Elizabeth confessed that she had known the truth about Jason since the Nurses Ball and explained that she'd kept the secret because she'd been afraid of losing him to Sam. Jason walked out on Elizabeth but returned after a talk with Sonny. Patrick decided to break off his engagement to Sam because he realized that she would never love him as much as she loved Jason. Emma was heartbroken when Sam moved out, and Emma begged to see Robin. Jerry Jacks paid Robin a visit to let her know that she had 48 hours to successfully wrap up her project -- or she would die. Johnny Zacchara returned to town and offered to help drive Valerie out of Lulu and Dante's lives. Morgan skipped a dose of his medications to treat his bipolar disorder.
December 14 to 18, 2015
Patrick and Emma flew to Paris to visit Robin, but Patrick became alarmed when they failed to find Robin at the address that Robin had provided. Patrick realized that something was wrong when a woman connected to the Cassadines showed up on Patrick's doorstep, under the guise of helping. Felicia flew to Paris to watch Emma as Patrick and Anna met up with Robert in Greece. Jerry ordered a guard to kill Robin, since she had failed to successfully complete her work. Elizabeth's world continued to crumble as Jason packed his things and moved out. Franco reached out to Elizabeth when he overheard a heated confrontation between Carly and Elizabeth. Franco persuaded Elizabeth to hold her head high and attend the Nutcracker Gala with him. Ava became jealous over Paul's relationship with Tracy. Sabrina was relieved when Kelly Lee didn't reveal Sabrina's due date to Michael. Paul ordered Carlos to leave town. Kiki caught Morgan skipping a dose of medication. Curtis was revealed to be T.J.'s uncle. Johnny had an encounter with Valerie and figured out her weakness. Kristina returned home and took steps to delete an email from her school before Alexis saw it.
December 21 to 25, 2015
Patrick, Anna, and Robert rescued Robin from certain death on Cassadine Island. Robert and Anna captured Jerry Jacks and had Jerry transferred to Steinmauer Maximum Security Prison. Patrick realized how much he still loved Robin when he feared that he had lost her again. Robin was elated when Patrick revealed that he and Sam had ended things. Emma was overjoyed when she was reunited with her mother. Alexis accepted Julian's proposal of marriage. Johnny took steps to discredit Valerie. Monica saw the sonogram picture of Sabrina's baby and remarked that the baby appeared to be due in a few weeks. Michael realized that the baby might not be his and asked Sabrina. Sabrina reluctantly confirmed that Carlos was the baby's father. Hurt, Michael walked out on Sabrina. Kiki persuaded Ava to let Avery visit Sonny. Tracy was furious when she caught Paul in bed with Ava. Nikolas provoked Jason into an altercation. Things took a frightening turn when Nikolas tumbled over the terrace railing at Metro Court Restaurant. Elizabeth was on hand to save Nikolas' life. Hayden lied and accused Jason of instigating the fight. Jason was arrested, but Sonny and Carly pulled some strings to get him out of jail to spend time with Sam and Danny.
December 28, 2015 to January 1, 2016
Robin ran into Jason on the footbridge where they had fallen in love. Robin talked to Jason about the past and how he had helped her hope for a future when she'd been diagnosed HIV positive. Jason and Sam spent New Year's Eve together at the Floating Rib. Patrick and Robin became engaged to be married. Mac received DNA proof that Kyle was dead. Elizabeth pleaded with Nikolas to claim the fall from Metro Court's terrace had been an accident, but Hayden objected to Nikolas protecting the man who had tried to kill Nikolas. Nikolas pointed out that there would be advantages to keeping Jason out of jail. Curtis called Hayden to let her know that the ballistics report had confirmed that Shawn's bullet hadn't been responsible for her coma. Johnny recognized Curtis as a police officer. Johnny and Lulu rang in the New Year with a passionate kiss. Dante admitted to Valerie that he still had hope for a future with Lulu. Sonny and Carly were elated when Sonny was able to move his leg.
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