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January 4 to 8, 2016
Patrick and Robin announced that they were moving to Berkeley to start new jobs. Emma insisted that her parents get married before the move because Emma wanted friends and family to attend the wedding. Maxie helped Patrick and Robin throw together a quick wedding with Mac officiating the ceremony. After the wedding, Patrick, Robin, and Emma left for California. Elizabeth kept her distance from Jason when she saw him spending time with Sam, but unsettling events continued to occur at her house. Nikolas agreed not to press charges against Jason in exchange for Jason allowing Nikolas to keep Jason's voting shares of ELQ, but Jason refused to take the deal. Tracy threatened to expose Hayden's true identity if Hayden failed to hand over the reigns of ELQ within 30 days. Hayden suggested that she and Nikolas could safeguard his control of ELQ by getting married. Nina was horrified when her first edition of Crimson was printed with a green overlay, but she quickly decided to spin it to her advantage by claiming that it had been an intentional way to promote an eco-friendly environment. Jordan went on a second date with Andre. Kiki helped Morgan get back on track with his medications. Maxie caught Johnny hiding out on the Haunted Star.
January 11 to 15, 2016
Johnny put the final phase of his plan to ruin Valerie's career with the police department into motion, but things went awry when Valerie realized who Johnny was. Johnny kidnapped Valerie and tied her up in a cabin until he could make a clean getaway. Valerie knocked over a candle during her struggle to break free. Dillon told Dante and Nathan that Lulu had let Johnny hide out on the Haunted Star. Sam persuaded a doctor and his mistress to step forward with the truth about what they had witnessed during Nikolas and Jason's altercation at Metro Court Restaurant. Jason insisted that Elizabeth and Jake stay with him until the police figured out who had been skulking around Elizabeth's house. Sam was surprised when Elizabeth answered Jason's door. Hayden and Nikolas made love. Julian was not pleased that Nina's edition of Crimson had been a success because it had opened him up to possible tax evasion charges. Carlos used emotional blackmail and lies to convince Sabrina to leave town with him. Robert agreed to help Anna.
January 18 to 22, 2016
Lulu rescued Valerie from the burning cabin. Valerie realized that Lulu had to have been in cahoots with Johnny in order for Lulu to have found Valerie. Lulu promised that she had never intended for Valerie to get hurt. Dante managed to track Valerie down by reviewing traffic camera footage leading away from the park where Valerie had last been seen. Dante was stunned when Valerie revealed that Lulu had helped Johnny. Lulu explained that she had been desperate to save her marriage, but Dante couldn't forgive Lulu and decided to file for divorce. Nathan apprehended Johnny as Johnny tried to flee town. Johnny claimed that he had coerced Lulu to cooperate by threatening her loved ones. Jason enlisted Sam's help to figure out who had been terrorizing Elizabeth and the children. Sam concluded that Elizabeth had faked the incidents to manipulate Jason. Elizabeth denied the accusation, but Jason was skeptical. Jason experienced a special memory of Sam that resonated with him. Franco showed Kevin some of Jake's "strange" drawings. Nikolas confessed that he was in love with Hayden and proposed to her. Sonny managed to pull himself up from the wheelchair and stand for the first time since the shooting. Anna was surprised when Robert enlisted Andre's help to find Carlos and Sabrina.
January 25 to 29, 2016
Carly saw Sonny standing on his own, but he lied about the extent of his recovery and demanded that she not tell anyone. Hayden accepted Nikolas' marriage proposal. Tracy ran into Larry Ashton in Mexico. Valerie told Dante that she wished him well, but she couldn't be with him. Lulu enlisted Maxie and Olivia's help to win Dante back. Sabrina gave birth, but she and the baby vanished with Carlos before Robert and Anna managed to catch up with them. Morgan wanted to rekindle his romance with Kiki, but she only agreed to go out on one date with him. Julian warned Ava that he would not allow her illegal activity to ruin the life he had built with Alexis. Franco was alarmed when Sam mentioned that Elizabeth had a stalker. Jason became concerned when he saw one of Jake's drawings. Franco warned Jason and Elizabeth that Jake was filled with rage and was likely acting out. Sam realized that Jake had been behind the strange incidents at Elizabeth's house. Jake ran to the basement to hide from Sam, but she followed him and took a nasty fall down the stairs. Parker showed up on Kristina's doorstep.
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February 1 to 5, 2016
Nikolas and Hayden eloped in Las Vegas. Hayden had an unsettling encounter with someone from her past. Jake was struck by a car and rushed to the hospital for surgery. Sam suffered a concussion when she fell down Elizabeth's basement steps. Weak and dizzy, Sam managed to plug in a space heater to stave off the cold, but the cord was frayed and caused an electrical fire in the wall. Jason realized that Sam was missing and went to Elizabeth's house to look for her. Laura was invited to the reading of Helena's will. Franco balked when Nina admitted that she wanted to start a family. Morgan experienced a side effect from his medications that made intimacy impossible. Frustrated, Morgan threw out his medications. Kristina confided to Molly about Parker without revealing that Parker was a woman. Mac and Felicia rescued Robert and Anna from a Halifax jail. Robert and Anna realized that Paul had been behind the arrest. Dante and Lulu decided to file for divorce. Valerie refused to accept Lulu's apology. Dr. Griffin Munro joined the staff at General Hospital.
February 8 to 12, 2016
Jordan cautioned Valerie about Curtis' past drug problem. Jason reached Sam moments before the oil heater in Elizabeth's basement exploded. Jake was filled with remorse because he thought he had killed Sam. Sam paid Jake a visit to assure him that he wasn't to blame for her accidental fall. Jason took Sam and Danny to the penthouse and later kissed Sam. Nikolas decided to do an Internet search on Baxter Corbin -- the man who had referred to Hayden as Rachel. Nikolas' investigation was waylaid when he read about Elizabeth's tragedy and raced to the hospital to invite her and the boys to stay with him. Kristina told her parents that she intended to take online courses for the semester. Molly realized that Kristina's professor was a woman and asked if Kristina was gay. Kristina turned to Lucas and Brad for advice. Spurred by something Kristina had said, Molly invited T.J. back to her dorm room to make love for the first time. Griffin and Sonny reached an understanding. Dillon persuaded Maxie to pose for the Crimson issue spotlighting real women. Nathan and Maxie arranged to lock Dante and Lulu in a hotel room together on Valentine's Day.
February 15 to 19, 2016
Jordan told Valerie that Curtis had battled an addiction to cocaine in the past and was trouble. Olivia had an unsettling vision of Julian with blood on his hands. Elizabeth and Jason agreed to send Jake to Shriner's Hospital in Philadelphia for further treatment. Sam was hopeful that she and Jason would find their way back to each other. Nikolas turned to Sam for help investigating Hayden's past. Hayden asked Diane to draw up documents transferring the bulk of Nikolas' fortune to Hayden. Sonny and Carly realized that Morgan had stopped taking his medications as Morgan continued to spiral downward. Kiki ended things with Morgan when she caught him having sex with Darby at the warehouse. Morgan overheard a revealing conversation between Raj and Raj's boss Landon Dixon. Morgan decided to prove that he wasn't a "screw-up" by taking matters into his own hands. Paul confessed to Anna that he had killed Kyle because Kyle had beaten and savagely raped Paul's daughter Susan. Anna was shocked when Paul revealed that he had been working with the Justice Department to take down an arms syndicate in Port Charles.
February 22 to 26, 2016
Morgan was in the grips of a manic episode when he confronted Dixon and Paul with a gun on the pier during an arms deal. Things went from bad to worse when Dixon wrested the gun away from Morgan and took aim. Kiki jumped into the path of the bullet meant for Morgan and was critically injured when the bullet lodged near her spine. A guilt-ridden Morgan contemplated suicide, but Sonny managed to talk Morgan down from the hospital's ledge. Raj took Lulu hostage and threw her overboard when he saw the commotion on the pier from his vantage point on the Haunted Star. Dante managed to find Lulu in the murky water before she drowned. Minutes after Alexis and Julian were married, Dixon stormed the church and held the wedding guests at gunpoint. Nathan was shot trying to overpower Dixon. Sonny sprang into action when Dixon threatened to leave the church with Kristina. Paul informed Jordan that Ava was untouchable because the Justice Department had given Ava an immunity deal. Elizabeth apologized for all the pain she had caused Monica. Jason assured his mother that Elizabeth had made amends.
February 29 to March 4, 2016
Ava agreed to let Sonny take care of Avery during Kiki's stay in the Intensive Care Unit. Paul reminded Ava that she had a clean slate and was free to live her life, but she argued that she would never truly be free until he gave her the flash drive of her confessing to Connie's murder. Jason and Sam grew closer when Jason spent the night in her hotel room. Elizabeth agreed to move into Wyndemere when her sons got excited at the prospect of living in a castle. Maxie urged Nina to get a second opinion about Nina's infertility because Britt could not be trusted. Tracy suffered a seizure and was taken to the hospital, but she made it clear that she wanted her health issues to remain private between her and her doctor. Anna met Griffin and thought he seemed familiar. Maxie caught Nathan in a lie but decided to have faith in their love. Dante and Lulu's divorce was finalized. Sonny and Carly made the heartbreaking decision to have Morgan committed to the Freedman Clinic for treatment. After Morgan said goodbye to Kiki and left, Kiki opened her eyes and quietly called out his name. Sonny asked if Carly intended to leave him because of his lies.
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MARCH 2016
March 7 to 11, 2016
Anna realized that Paul had been helping Carlos. Paul agreed to persuade Carlos to return to town by offering Carlos full immunity in exchange for Carlos' testimony against Julian and keeping quiet about Paul and Anna's crimes. Carlos turned down Paul's offer. Anna told Sonny that Carlos was alive and on the run. Sonny vowed to hunt Carlos down, but Anna explained that she needed Carlos alive. Sonny told Michael that Sabrina had willingly left with Carlos. Griffin confessed that he had been following Anna, but he was called back to the hospital before he could explain why. Dante and Lulu agreed to work through their problems and get back together. Tracy was stunned when Dr. Mayes revealed that she might have brain cancer. Griffin suspected that something else was ailing Tracy. Jason paid his family's mausoleum a visit and took steps to move forward with his life. Sam questioned Baxter about Rachel, but Baxter remained tightlipped. Nikolas told Sam to drop the investigation, but she reached out to Spinelli for help.
March 14 to 18, 2016
Anna was stunned when Griffin revealed that he was Duke Lavery's son. Griffin asked Anna to help him understand the kind of man his father had been. Nina told Franco that she had decided to get a second opinion about her infertility issues. Franco remained adamant that he didn't want to be a father. Maxie suspected that a saboteur was at work when the new issue of Crimson arrived unbound. Julian warned Nina that there was only enough money in the budget for one more issue of Crimson. Kristina panicked when Sonny confronted her about being suspended from school, but she quickly realized that Sonny had no idea that the professor she had propositioned was a woman. Sonny manipulated Ava into letting Avery stay with him indefinitely by arranging for Ava to receive an ominous warning from her enemies. Kiki woke up. Sam asked for a divorce because she wanted a fresh start with Jason. Helena bequeathed several unusual "gifts" to various people in Port Charles. Mayor Lomax had the Health Department shut down Metro Court when Olivia refused to drop the lawsuit.
March 21 to 25, 2016
People noticed a striking resemblance between Dr. Hamilton Finn and Silas Clay. Finn diagnosed Tracy with a parasite she had picked up in Mexico and promised that it was treatable. Nina proceeded with plans for a second opinion about her infertility despite Franco's objections. Nina hired Curtis to find Crimson's saboteur. Anna questioned Griffin's intentions and wondered if he truly was Duke's son. Griffin readily offered a sample of his DNA to test. Nikolas grew suspicious of Hayden when he caught her taking steps to transfer ELQ to her. Elizabeth stumbled across the truth about Hayden. Hayden tried to deny that she was the infamous Rachel Berlin -- the daughter of an investment advisor who had bilked his clients out of billions with an elaborate Ponzi scheme. Nikolas was livid when Elizabeth told him about Hayden's deception. Laura's search for answers about the key that Helena had bequeathed her led her to a steam trunk in Wyndemere's attic, where Laura found mementos of her life with Scott. Paul tipped off the media that Carlos was alive.
March 28 to April 1, 2016
Finn periodically injected himself with an unknown substance. Carly struck up a friendship with Finn when her hotel staff refused to go near his suite because of his pet lizard. Curtis helped Jordan foil a robbery attempt at Kelly's. Curtis learned the identity of the saboteur. A DNA test confirmed that Griffin was Duke's son. Emma visited her grandmother. Kiki paid Morgan a visit and encouraged him to focus on getting healthy because she needed him in her life. Julian had a meeting with a lieutenant in the Jerome organization to strike a bargain to keep Ava safe. Sonny arranged for Paul's phones and office to be tapped. Kristina told Alexis about Parker but was hurt by Alexis' reaction. Alexis decided to call Parker. Nikolas walked out on Hayden, but she warned him that it wouldn't be easy to end their marriage. Jason and Sam had questions about Hayden's shooting and decided to talk to Shawn. Ned returned home to visit Tracy. Nathan admitted to Maxie that he had been married to Claudette.
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APRIL 2016
April 4 to 8, 2016
Jason and Sam reconnected as lovers. Shawn told Jason and Sam that Hayden had been asking questions about the shooting that had landed Shawn in jail and Hayden in a coma. Jason and Sam realized that Nikolas had likely sent a hit man to kill Hayden in order to retain control of ELQ. Hayden used the proof that Curtis had gathered to blackmail Nikolas into remaining married to her. Sonny and Anna decided to go after Carlos. Carly feared for Sonny's safety and turned to Jason for help, but Jason was unable to change Sonny's mind about hunting down Carlos. Tracy suffered a devastating seizure and was rushed into surgery. Julian was forced to resume control of the Jerome organization to keep Ava safe. Alexis had a long talk with Parker, who helped Alexis see things from Kristina's perspective. Alexis and Kristina had a heart-to-heart talk and cleared the air. Nina seized control of Crimson when she learned that Julian was the saboteur. Dr. Lee confirmed that Nina was infertile, which caused a deep rift between Franco and Nina.
April 11 to 15, 2016
Paul told Jordan that Anna had tried to kill Carlos, but he was careful not to mention his own crimes. Jordan and Andre's jobs created tension in their relationship when Jordan questioned him about Anna. Anna and Sonny flew to Ecuador to capture Carlos. Carlos was shot during a struggle with Sonny, but Anna managed to patch Carlos up and take him back to Port Charles. Paul urged Carlos to turn on Julian and to keep quiet about Paul's crimes in exchange for a lenient sentence. Julian confessed to Ava that he was back in the Jerome organization on a temporary basis. Ava urged Julian to deal with Carlos before Carlos turned against Julian. Laura had an unexpected encounter with Kevin. Kevin agreed to help Laura unravel Helena's mystery. Dante and Lulu grew closer as they worked on their marriage. Carly was alarmed when she found Finn unconscious with a needle and track marks on his arm. Finn claimed that he had diabetes, but Carly knew it was a lie. Jason forced Nikolas to take a generous payment in Spencer's name in exchange for Nikolas' shares of ELQ. Nathan proposed marriage to Maxie. Griffin recognized Nathan.
April 18 to 22, 2016
Anna confessed that she had shot Carlos after Duke's murder, but Carlos had been wearing a bulletproof vest. Anna also informed Jordan that Paul had murdered Kyle Sloane because Kyle had raped Paul's daughter Susan. Jordan arrested both Anna and Paul, but Paul called Janice Lomax, who threatened to fire Jordan if Jordan didn't dismiss the charges against Paul for lack of sufficient evidence. Mac and Felicia retained Scott to represent Anna. Carlos agreed to let Alexis represent him because it was in Julian's best interest for Carlos to stay out of jail. Michael and Felix went to Puerto Rico to search for Sabrina. Sabrina's aunt claimed that she hadn't seen Sabrina, but Michael spotted an infant's toy on the floor. Tracy was elated when Finn revealed that all signs of infection were gone. Tracy asked Ned to remain in Port Charles and help Michael run ELQ. Dante and Lulu made love and decided to move back in together. Maxie accepted Nathan's marriage proposal. Franco's efforts to make amends with Nina ended disastrously.
April 25 to 29, 2016
Tracy persuaded the hospital's board of directors to vote for Monica to replace Liesl as chief of staff. Monica immediately offered Finn a job, which he accepted with certain conditions. Maxie hired Sam to look into Nathan's past with Claudette. Nathan and Liesl agreed that Maxie could never know the truth about Nathan's ex-wife because it would land him in Pentonville. Michael was stunned when Carlos revealed that he and Sabrina were married. Carlos agreed to tell Michael where Sabrina was if Michael helped Carlos break out of jail. Julian stole a glance at a witness statement in Alexis' briefcase and ordered Hammer to take care of the eyewitness who had identified Carlos as Duke's killer. Kristina confided her secret about Parker to Morgan. Dillon helped Kiki get past her fear of leaving the apartment. Franco and Nina decided to end their relationship because of their different views on children. A mystery person followed Jason and Sam to a barn on a rainy night and spied on them as they made love. Sonny asked Ric to find the donor of the kidney Josslyn received. Jordan eavesdropped on Andre and Anna's conversation after Anna was granted bail because of Andre's favorable testimony. The FBI picked up Hayden for questioning.
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MAY 2016
May 2 to 6, 2016
Molly was surprised when she met Kristina's date because she had expected Aaron to be a woman. Sonny admitted that Aaron had made a good first impression. Alexis made a grisly discovery in the parking garage when she found Hale unconscious with a needle sticking out of his arm. Hale was rushed to the hospital, but died of an overdose. Anna tried to force Julian to confess by accusing Alexis of murdering Hale, but preliminary tests ruled the death an accidental overdose. Alexis questioned Julian about his possible involvement in Hale's death, but Julian lied and assured Alexis that he was out of the mob. Carly obtained a list of the hospital staff who had worked on the day of Josslyn's kidney transplant. Jason and Sam caught Franco lurking in bushes and spying on them. Jason persuaded Elizabeth to pull Jake out of art therapy sessions with Franco. Nathan noticed that Griffin had a scar from a gunshot wound, but Griffin refused to discuss it. Sam gave Maxie an update on Claudette. Jordan and Andre made love. Paul arranged for Carlos to be transferred to another jail and provided Carlos with the means to escape. During the drive, Carlos managed to overpower Dante, but the van collided with Jason's motorcycle.
May 9 to 13, 2016
Jordan and Andre made love. Carlos turned to Paul for help when Sonny threatened Carlos. Paul slid Carlos a paper clip and pen before arranging for a prison transfer for Carlos. Carlos managed to break free and stabbed Dante with the pen, but the driver lost control of the van. Jason skidded off the road to avoid a collision with the van. Jason escaped with only minor injuries, but his memories began to return as he raced to save Dante's life with special help from significant people in his life. Anna immediately hunted Carlos down when she heard about his escape, but Carlos gained the upper hand during a fight and tossed Anna into a meat locker on the piers. Carlos reached out to Julian for help. Julian went to the piers and stabbed Carlos with the dagger used to murder Alexis' mother. Carlos died at the hospital without revealing his secrets. Andre located and rescued Anna. Griffin revealed that he was a priest and gave Carlos last rites. Alexis grew increasingly certain that Julian had been responsible for the eyewitness' drug overdose and Carlos' murder. Franco made a startling confession during his visit with Heather. Elizabeth moved out of Wyndemere. Nikolas and Hayden each hatched a plan to break their stalemate.
May 16 to 20, 2016
Tracy was delighted when a baby boy was left on her doorstep. Michael recognized the baby's rattle and realized that the baby was Sabrina's son. A DNA test confirmed Michael's suspicions about the baby. Tracy secured custody of Sabrina's son. Michael reached out to Sonny for help to find Sabrina. Michael and Sonny flew to San Juan when Sonny received a tip about Sabrina. Sabrina's life was in peril when the man holding her decided that she was a liability because Carlos had died. Liesl demanded an official review when a second patient of Finn's died. Finn was cleared of wrongdoing, but Liesl vowed to uncover his secrets and contacted his previous employer. Diane informed Nikolas that he owed taxes for the transfer of ELQ to Jason. Nikolas decided to sell one of the diamonds he had taken from Hayden to cover his expenses. Alexis was shattered when Julian confessed that he'd returned to the mob and had killed Carlos. Alexis stayed with Julian, but unbeknownst to Julian, she hid evidence of his role in Carlos' murder. Ava urged Morgan to end things with Kiki. Carly took steps to keep Ava from taking Avery home. Jason revealed that his memories as Jason Morgan had returned. Lucas and Brad decided to get married on stage at the Nurses Ball.
May 23 to 27, 2016
The 2016 Nurses Ball kicked off with a visit from Robin and Emma. Robin overheard Paul assure Anna that the criminal charges against Anna had been dropped. Robin was stunned that Anna had tried to kill Carlos to avenge Duke and urged Anna to find a way to move forward. Anna shared a poignant final goodbye with Duke. Lucas rushed Bobbie to the hospital when she fainted following the ball's opening number. Lucas walked in on someone intending to inject his sleeping mother with a drug. The mystery person attacked Lucas and fled. Griffin and Finn were on hand to save Lucas, but Lucas remained unconscious and in critical condition. Sonny and Michael rescued Sabrina. Sabrina made a surprise appearance at the Nurses Ball. Jordan agreed to let Sabrina return home with Michael, provided Sabrina reported to the police station in the morning. Morgan witnessed a passionate kiss between Dillon and Kiki. ELQ's assets were frozen when Nikolas filed a lawsuit against Jason. Jason decided to try to work things out with Nikolas, but tragedy struck when Nikolas' body ended up bloody and motionless at the bottom of the cliffs. Sam and Jason tried to rescue Nikolas, but Nikolas' body was swept out to sea. Carly found evidence of Ava's affair with Paul and used it to blackmail Ava into relinquishing custody of Avery. Alexis turned to Diane for legal advice.
May 30 to June 3, 2016
Elizabeth told Jordan that Hayden had motive to kill Nikolas because Nikolas had found Hayden's hidden cache of diamonds from Raymond Berlin. Jordan decided to contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who arrived at Wyndemere with a search warrant and found incriminating evidence that could send Hayden to jail. Hayden tried to flee town, but Elizabeth physically restrained Hayden. Hayden was shocked when her mother turned up at Wyndemere. Jason and Sam hid out at a safe house and tried to unravel the mystery of what had happened to Nikolas. Jason suspected that Nikolas had staged the disappearance. Tracy was shocked when Sabrina revealed that she had named the baby "Eduardo" after Tracy's father. Sonny worked out a custody arrangement with Ava in the hopes that Avery would one day see Ava for who she truly was. Carly confronted Finn about a rumor that he was a drug addict, but Finn was hurt by her lack of trust. Liesl accused Finn of injecting Lucas with a lethal dose of muscle relaxer that was exclusively used in surgery. Lucas emerged from the coma and revealed that remembered the altercation. Dillon and Kiki agreed to take things slowly. Laura leaned on Kevin for support.
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JUNE 2016
June 6 to 10, 2016
Hayden's mother arrived in Port Charles, claiming to want to make peace with Hayden. Hayden questioned Naomi's intentions when Naomi asked about the missing diamonds. Spencer gave Emma a special gift. Jason suspected Nikolas was alive and had staged the disappearance. Lucas emerged from the coma, but he couldn't recall the identity of his attacker. Monica decided to clear Finn's name by asking him to take a drug test. Alexis and Julian's relationship crumbled when Alexis agreed to turn over Julian's bloodstained shirt to the police. Julian remained a step ahead of Alexis and destroyed the incriminating evidence. Alexis vowed to make Julian pay for his crimes. Kiki and Dillon grew closer and agreed to go out on a date. Kristina reached out to Parker. Anna persuaded Paul to drop the charges against Sabrina and reinstate Anna as a special investigator for the district attorney's office. Tracy agreed to transfer guardianship of Eduardo back to Sabrina. Sabrina accepted Tracy's offer to move into the Quartermaine mansion. Maxie questioned if she could trust Nathan when he confessed that he'd shot Claudette's lover in a drunken rage.
June 13 to 17, 2016
Ava encountered Nikolas on a flight bound for London. Nikolas and Ava met a mysterious stranger named Huxley Lynch on the flight. Hux lured Nikolas and Ava into a car and whisked them to a manor house in the country. Hux revealed that he had business with Ava. Spencer left Nikolas a voicemail message to update his father. Jason and Sam closed in on Nikolas and Ava. Alexis told Julian that she wanted a divorce, but Julian objected. Nina agreed to provide Julian with an alibi in exchange for a favor. Sonny was stunned when an arrest warrant was issued for Alexis. Carly called Jax to talk about Josslyn. Andre told Jordan that he loved her. Andre failed to mention that he'd ended his friendship with Anna because he had romantic feelings for her. T.J. overheard Curtis and Jordan mention that Shawn was T.J.'s father. Finn was suspended from the hospital when Liesl found his syringe kit in his locker. Finn turned to Hayden for help when he had a health crisis in public. Valerie graduated from the police academy. Kevin told Laura that he'd found Lloyd and Lucy Johnson living in Port Charles. Maxie forgave Nathan for keeping another secret.
June 20 to 24, 2016
Ava and Nikolas managed to escape from Lynch Manor, but Jason and Sam joined forces with Hux to hunt the pair down. Morgan was released from the Freedman Clinic and paid Kiki a visit. Dillon decided to do the honorable thing and stepped aside because he knew that Kiki still had feelings for Morgan. Nina urged Dillon to keep fighting for Kiki. Franco and Elizabeth shared an unexpected kiss, but each denied that they were attracted to the other. Nina wanted to rekindle things with Franco. Silas confided to Hayden that he was dying from an incurable disease that had killed his wife. Anna decided to go on a blind date, but things took didn't go as planned when Paul, rather than her date, showed up. Alexis begged Julian to help her by confessing to Carlos' murder, but Julian refused because he was certain that Alexis would be acquitted. Julian had visions of Carlos, who urged Julian to kill Alexis. Sabrina's son was rushed to the hospital when Finn recognized signs of a life-threatening illness.
June 27 to July 1, 2016
Nikolas and Ava escaped from Lynch Manor before Jason and Sam caught up with them. Nikolas decided to rent a private jet and fly to Cassadine Island. Ava persuaded Nikolas to take her with him until she could sell the real Weeping Naiad. Julian was stunned when Sonny told him that Alexis was pregnant. Julian confronted Alexis and demanded that she take a pregnancy test. Julian was overjoyed when the pregnancy test confirmed that Alexis was expecting his child. Alexis implored Julian to confess to killing Carlos, but Julian thought that Alexis could secure an acquittal by using the pregnancy to her advantage. Alexis agreed to Anna's request to wear a wire in the hopes of getting a recording of Julian confessing to his crimes. T.J. confronted Jordan about Shawn being his father. Franco and Elizabeth kissed. Nina realized that Franco was no longer interested in her because he was attracted to Elizabeth. Franco turned to Heather for advice. Elizabeth was alarmed when she found Dr. Mayes unresponsive in a patient's hospital room. Finn was arrested for treating a patient. Hayden managed to sneak Finn's medications into his jail cell as his health steadily declined.
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JULY 2016
July 4 to 8, 2016
Jason and Sam tracked Nikolas and Ava to Cassadine Island. A violent storm stranded Jason, Sam, Nikolas, and Ava on the island before Jason could force Nikolas to return to Port Charles. A mystery person lurked on the island. Alexis wore a wire as she persuaded Julian to confess to his crimes. Julian realized that Alexis had betrayed him when he discovered the wire. Anna, Jordan, and Paul raced to rescue Alexis, but Julian kidnapped Alexis and escaped. Julian threatened to kill Alexis, but Sonny tracked down Julian and Alexis. Alexis stabbed Julian in the back as Julian and Sonny struggled over a gun. Sonny took responsibility for the stabbing when the police arrived. Kristina and Aaron made love. Carly spoke to a woman named Ramona who claimed that Helena had provided the kidney for Josslyn's transplant. Ramona checked in with an accomplice to share the details of her meeting with Carly. Finn was cleared as a suspect when the medical examiner determined that Dr. Mayes had died of an overdose of derisifol. Maxie unwittingly hired Claudette when Claudette applied for a job using the name "C.J. Bolland." Laura realized that Nikolas might be alive.
July 11 to 15, 2016
Jason, Sam, Nikolas, and Ava encountered a man named Theo who claimed to be a fisherman taking refuge on Cassadine Island during the storm. Theo had a tattoo of the Cassadine family crest on the inside of his wrist, which he kept hidden from everyone, including Nikolas. Spencer reluctantly told his grandmother that Nikolas was alive. Laura, Kevin, Lulu, and Dante flew to Greece and reunited with Nikolas, but Theo pulled out a gun and held everyone hostage. Nina asked Curtis to dig up dirt on Nathan's ex-wife. Maxie and Curtis joined forces as they searched Claudette's hotel room. Claudette decided that Maxie was a problem and needed to go. Griffin was cleared as a suspect in the killings at the hospital. Alexis stabbed Julian when he attacked Sonny. Julian was rushed to the hospital and placed under arrest. Kristina learned that Parker had been invited to be a keynote speaker during a conference at Port Charles University. Franco was upset when Elizabeth started to avoid him, but she explained that she was afraid of her growing feelings for him. Tracy got Finn reinstated at the hospital. Michael and Sabrina kissed. Kiki bristled when Dillon went out on a date with Darby.
July 18 to 22, 2016
Theo confirmed that he was Mikkos Cassadine's illegitimate son Valentin. Valentin demanded compensation for growing up in squalor and threatened to kill the hostages unless Nikolas signed over Nikolas' entire inheritance. Despite Nikolas' cooperation, Valentin took aim at Ava. Nikolas intervened and struggled for the gun, but Valentin gained the upper hand and shot Nikolas. Nikolas stumbled back and tumbled over the balcony. Kevin was shot taking a bullet meant for Laura. Dillon and Darby went out on a date and slept together. Kiki and Morgan spent an intimate evening together. Kristina visited Parker, who confessed that her marriage was over. Kristina spent the night with Parker. Sonny saw Kristina and Parker kissing. Finn reached out to Sonny for help. Sonny agreed to provide Finn access to the lifesaving medication in exchange for a favor. Carly's search for Josslyn's kidney donor led to an encounter with a scam artist. Ric was stunned when Elizabeth asked Franco out on a date. Alexis took a pregnancy test, which turned out negative. Julian took steps to remain in the hospital to avoid being arraigned and sent to jail. Naomi suffered panic attacks when she heard both Heather and Jeff Webber's names. Carlos' look-alike brother Joe paid Sabrina a visit.
July 25 to 29, 2016
Jason broke free and turned the tables on Valentin. Valentin fled to safety as the hostages escaped on a jet plane piloted by Jason. Shortly after takeoff, Jason and Dante realized they were losing fuel as the jet lost altitude and crashed. Sonny talked to Kristina when he caught her kissing Parker. Kristina revealed that she had spent the night with Parker and had strong feelings for her professor. Sonny assured Kristina that he loved and accepted her. After a chat with Alexis, Parker broke things off with Kristina and left town. Heartbroken, Kristina decided to be honest with Aaron about her sexuality. Josslyn demanded that Carly drop the search for Josslyn's kidney donor because Josslyn felt it was an invasion of privacy. Carly refused until Josslyn threatened to live with Jax. Maxie's plan to get Claudette terminated backfired. Claudette pretended to take the high road by resigning from Crimson and offering to leave town. Claudette and Nathan ended up stranded on the side of the road when Nathan drove her to the airport. Julian was arraigned and sent to jail without bail. Naomi paid Heather a visit to remind Heather not to discuss the secret about Elizabeth. A cloud of suspicion fell on Franco when the killer struck again.
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August 1 to 5, 2016
The castaways survived the plane crash and were rescued by Greek authorities. Sam paid her father a visit and made it clear that she'd washed her hands of him. Julian was alarmed when Sam fainted. Valentin made his way to Port Charles and had an encounter with Nina that led to a night of passion. Valentin tried to whisk Spencer away, but Sonny and Jason thwarted his efforts. Jordan arrested Valentin. Jax showed up at Metro Court to urge Carly to respect Josslyn's wishes and drop the search for their daughter's kidney donor. Later, Jax checked in with someone to assure the person that he had things under control. Franco was caught leaving a patient's hospital room with an empty vial of derisifol that he claimed he'd found on the floor. Elizabeth cleared Franco's name by proving the killer had turned off the latest victim's monitors after Franco had left the hospital. Griffin was shocked when he saw Claudette, but he quickly realized that she had an agenda. Maxie and Nathan moved up their wedding date. Alexis received a summons to the American Bar Association.
August 8 to 12, 2016
Finn revealed that Sam was pregnant. Sam's joy was short-lived when Jason fell ill and Finn suspected malaria. Sam decided to wait to share the news about the baby with Jason until she knew if she'd contracted malaria too. Lucy gave Kevin her blessing because she realized that he had romantic feelings for Laura. Lucy and Scott got drunk and hit the sheets. Morgan warned Ava not to meddle in his relationship with Kiki because he intended to marry Kiki. Hayden leaned on Finn after Lulu broke the news that Nikolas had died. Alexis asked Julian to testify on her behalf at the hearing before the American Bar Association, but he would only agree if she claimed his confession had been coerced. Kristina was livid when she realized that Alexis had meddled in her relationship with Parker. Sabrina questioned Joe's intentions, but he assured her that he respected her relationship with Michael. A woman named Nelle showed up on Carly's doorstep and revealed that she might be Josslyn's kidney donor. Liesl told Franco that Elizabeth had exonerated him. Valentin claimed that he had no knowledge of the skeleton found in the access tunnels on Cassadine Island.
August 15 to 19, 2016
Sam told Jason about the pregnancy. Sam happily accepted Jason's proposal of marriage. Jason and Sam were overjoyed when Finn confirmed that Sam baby was fine. The New York State Bar Association suspended Alexis' license for a year. Nina thwarted Julian's attempt to escape from jail and forced him to sign over control of Crimson to her. Valentin vowed to see Nina again. Nina warned Alexis that Julian was in such denial about Alexis that he believed he could win back his family. Elizabeth decided not to pursue a romantic relationship with Franco. Claudette was hired at the hospital. Nathan and Maxie walked in on Griffin and Claudette during a heated kiss. Nathan quickly figured out that Griffin had been Claudette's lover during her marriage to Nathan. Maxie was shocked by Nathan's violent reaction and feared that Nathan was still in love with Claudette. Preliminary tests and a background check confirmed that Nelle was Josslyn's kidney donor. Valerie found a clue that might lead to the identity of the serial killer. Valerie and Curtis made love. Laura and Kevin kissed.
August 22 to 26, 2016
Sam and Jason set a wedding date for September 2nd. Nina told Franco about her night of passion with Valentin. Elizabeth opened a box from Greece containing Nikolas' personal items. Upon close inspection, Elizabeth found the diamonds hidden inside Nikolas' boot. Elizabeth decided to turn the diamonds over to the police. Franco confessed that it was too painful for him to keep going back and forth with Elizabeth and insisted that she make a decision about their relationship. Elizabeth conceded that Franco made her happy and agreed to explore a relationship with him. Heather told Franco that Naomi had been paying Heather to keep quiet about Jeff Webber and Hayden. Naomi urged Hayden to leave Port Charles. Hayden was hurt when Finn didn't ask her to stay. Kristina paid Parker a visit, but Parker revealed that she had reconciled with her wife. Laura and Kevin made love, but their happiness was shattered when she discovered that he'd written a manuscript about her quest to unravel Helena's mystery. Robert Scorpio paid Laura a visit to let her know that Luke was alive. Dante and Lulu received devastating news about their frozen embryo.
August 29 to September 2, 2016
Paul was revealed to be the serial killer. Paul feared that Elizabeth had seen him holding a deadly syringe when he'd been riffling through Monica's desk, and he took action by knocking out the hospital's power and pushing her down a flight of stairs. Elizabeth suffered a mild concussion and an injured spleen. Hayden became the prime suspect and was arrested when Elizabeth told Jordan that Hayden had slapped Elizabeth fifteen minutes prior to the fall. A nurse confirmed that she'd heard Hayden vow to shut Elizabeth up. Finn and Hayden shared a tender kiss minutes before her arrest. Finn was determined to help Hayden and reached out to Curtis for assistance. Franco told Naomi that he knew Hayden and Elizabeth were sisters. Ava found Paul's kit with vials of derisifol and decided to use it as leverage to force him to find a way to set Julian free. Jason and Sam's wedding day arrived. Jason had arranged for Spinelli to officiate the wedding. Nina met with a young lady who wanted to give her baby up for adoption, but Ava saw them in the park and quickly warned the woman away by sharing the details of Avery's premature birth and kidnapping.
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September 5 to 9, 2016
Jason and Sam were married. Elizabeth suffered a dire medical crisis when her spleen ruptured and the hospital ran low on her rare blood type. Finn and Curtis found a picture on Elizabeth's phone that was taken seconds before she was pushed down the stairs. Paul was relieved that the picture only showed him from the knees down, which made it impossible for anyone to identify him as Elizabeth's attacker. Hayden refused to donate blood to Elizabeth unless Franco agreed to her terms. Robert revealed that the World Security Bureau had recovered an empty freezer from the ruins at Crichton-Clark. Lulu was certain that her frozen embryo had been in the freezer and that Helena had absconded with it because it had been Helena's last link to Stavros. Lulu wanted to return to Cassadine Island to search the lab and question Daphne, but Dante feared it was a trap. Morgan began to exhibit alarming behavior that made Carly question if his medications were working. Nelle accepted Carly's offer to work as Carly's personal assistant.
September 12 to 16, 2016
Hayden agreed to donate blood to save Elizabeth's life in exchange for Franco's promise to hand over the diamonds. Elizabeth recovered from surgery and enlisted Sabrina's help to take Hayden's stolen diamonds to the police. Elizabeth and Hayden were stunned when Franco told them about Jeff's affair with Naomi and revealed that they were sisters. Two FBI agents arrested Hayden. Finn vowed to help Hayden. Michael decided to propose to Sabrina, but Carly objected because she didn't think that Michael and Sabrina were in love. Sabrina caught Paul leaving Monica's office seconds after he had injected Monica with derisifol. Sabrina saved Monica's life. Paul strangled Sabrina to keep her from exposing his secret. Alexis fell apart on the witness stand and fainted in Julian's arms. Lulu remained determined to find her frozen embryo, but Dante and Kevin questioned if she was prepared to raise Stavros' child. Tracy and Monica agreed that it was time to close the hospital before someone else was murdered.
September 19 to 23, 2016
Naomi confirmed that Jeff Webber was Hayden's father. Hayden was shocked when Naomi took the fall for stealing the diamonds to spare Hayden from going to prison. Naomi encouraged Hayden to remain in Port Charles and follow her heart. Finn opened up to Hayden about his wife Reiko. Franco made arrangements for Elizabeth to recover at home. Julian was acquitted. Carly implored Sonny not to avenge Duke by killing Julian. Ava urged Paul to stop killing while he was ahead and to leave town before anyone else uncovered his secret. Paul blurted out to Tracy that he had killed Sabrina. Kiki expressed concern about Morgan's increasing volatility. Claudette claimed that she and Nathan had a daughter named Charlotte, prompting Maxie to demand a paternity test. A grief-stricken Michael lashed out at Carly. Joe took custody of Teddy and left town. Loved ones gathered for Sabrina's funeral. General Hospital closed its doors.
September 26 to 30, 2016
A DNA test confirmed that Nathan was the father of Claudette's daughter. Nathan demanded to see Charlotte, but Claudette was terrified that Valentin Cassadine would discover the child's whereabouts. Kevin flew to Geneva and managed to talk his way into the seat next to Laura as she headed home to Port Charles. Kevin apologized for hurting Laura and persuaded her to read the book he'd written, which he promised would never be published. Paul decided to kill Tracy when he realized that she'd overheard him confess to his deeply traumatized daughter that he had killed everyone who had hurt Susan. Anna returned to Port Charles and stumbled across evidence that pointed to Paul as the hospital killer. Anna and Dillon arrived at Paul's lodge just as he prepared to inject Tracy with derisifol. Sonny and Julian each took steps to strike before the enemy attacked. Sam was concerned about Alexis' drinking, prompting Alexis to agree to stop until Sam's baby was born. Franco turned to Heather for financial help, but she encouraged him to return to painting full-time. Hayden wanted to contact Jeff for money, but Elizabeth advised her sister to get a job because Jeff was a humanitarian who helped the underprivileged. Morgan discovered that a paper he'd bought and submitted for a class would be scanned for possible online cheating.
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October 3 to 7, 2016
Several expressed concern about Alexis' drinking. Ned returned to Port Charles and rekindled things with Olivia. Jordan contemplated resigning, but Andre talked her out of it. Nathan assured Maxie that he intended to have another paternity test to confirm that Charlotte was his daughter. Griffin questioned Sonny's faith when Sonny tried to justify killing his enemies. Sonny ultimately decided to call off the hit on Julian. Paul was arrested and pleaded guilty to all charges. Ava was relieved when Paul agreed to keep her secret, but he refused to turn over the flash drive with her confession. Kiki shared a passionate kiss with Dillon and admitted that she wanted to be with him, not Morgan. Morgan jumped to the wrong conclusion at the boathouse and ended up at the Floating Rib, drowning his sorrows in alcohol. Drunk, hurt, and angry, Morgan stole Julian's car, but Jason managed to catch up with the car and convinced Morgan to pull over. Jason watched in horror as the car exploded just as Morgan stepped out of it.
October 10 to 14, 2016
Lives were rocked when Morgan was killed in a car explosion. Dante and Michael were overwhelmed with regret because they each believed they had failed their brother when Morgan had needed them most. Kiki ended things with Dillon because she was wracked with guilt when she learned that Morgan had been upset after seeing her with Dillon. Ava was brokenhearted when she realized that she might have played a role in Morgan's death by tampering with his medications. Carly walked out on Sonny when she discovered that he might have been responsible for the bomb that killed their son. Julian hired Curtis to investigate the explosion. Sam wanted to make peace with Elizabeth for the sake of their children, but Elizabeth wondered if Sam and Jason could accept that Franco was a part of her life. Lulu learned that Claudette had a connection to Valentin. Claudette introduced Nathan to Charlotte, but Maxie was more convinced than ever that Charlotte was not his daughter. Maxie secured Charlotte's DNA sample to be tested. Tracy and Monica joined forces to save the hospital.
October 17 to 21, 2016
Julian promised not to retaliate for the bomb in his car that killed Morgan and suggested that he and Sonny end their war, but Sonny was not receptive. Sonny tried to save his marriage, but Carly blamed Sonny for Morgan's death and for failing to put his family first. Ava managed to slip into Morgan's bedroom and retrieve the bottle of pills she had tampered with. Nelle offered to care for Avery and tried to help Sonny through his grief. Felicia became concerned when Maxie seemed to vanish. A man kidnapped Maxie, mistakenly believing she was Claudette. Claudette was forced to admit that Griffin was Charlotte's father when a DNA test ruled out Nathan. Griffin turned to Anna for help to keep Charlotte safe. Anna accepted Robert's offer to work for the WSB. Franco suspected Heather of attacking Bobbie and Lucas in a misguided attempt to clear Franco's name, but Heather refused to confess to the crime.
October 24 to 28, 2016
Sonny contemplated suicide on the footbridge, but Robin walked up to pay her respects to Stone. Robin realized what Sonny had intended to do and urged him to find a way to honor Morgan's life and death. Sonny continued to drink heavily as he sank ever deeper into despair until he had hallucinations about Morgan. Carly admitted that she couldn't look at Sonny without seeing the man who had killed her son. Bobbie questioned Nelle's intentions when she noticed how indispensable Nelle had made herself to Carly. Michael doubted that he could let go of his anger over Sonny's role in Morgan's death because Sonny continued to endanger his family. Curtis betrayed Valerie's trust when he snapped photos of a police report without her consent. Alexis was surprised when Sam mentioned that she and Jason had talked about moving away. Things heated up between Finn and Hayden when they shared a steamy kiss. Franco gave Jordan a recording of Heather's confession and asked that the hospital be cleared because people needed to get back to work. Laura decided to sell Wyndemere, but she discovered that Spencer did not own the property -- Valentin did. Claudette left Charlotte with Griffin and disappeared when Valentin caught up to her.
October 31 to November 4, 2016
General Hospital reopened. Sonny set up a foundation in Morgan's name to help young people with mental illness. Nelle found Morgan's journal and shared it with Carly. Ava received a text message from a blocked number, and the sender claimed to know what Ava had done to Morgan. Lulu had an opportunity to question Daphne. Lulu's hopes of having another biological child were dashed when Daphne explained that she'd been hired to carry a frozen embryo fathered by Stavros, but the embryo hadn't been viable. Anna was certain that she'd met Valentin in the past, but he denied it. Later, Valentin looked at an old snapshot of Anna that he'd kept hidden in a safe. Valentin offered Alexis a job to help clear up the Cassadine estate and confirm that he was the legal heir. Alexis informed Valentin that the document that Nikolas had signed had not been notarized, making it invalid. Griffin decided to take a DNA test to prove he was Charlotte's father, but Valentin announced that he was Charlotte's father. Franco's jealousy caused friction in his relationship with Elizabeth. Hayden was hired as the hospital's new financial manager. Julian's driver was shot while Jason was questioning him.
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November 7 to 11, 2016
Jax returned to Port Charles for Morgan's funeral and to help Carly bury her son. Sonny wrote a letter then asked Nelle to give it to Carly after the service. Everyone was stunned when Sonny pulled out a gun during his son's eulogy and explained that he had to ensure that Morgan could rest in peace. Laura was shocked when Alexis revealed that Mikkos had changed his will before he'd died and that Valentin was the legal heir to the Cassadine empire. Alexis drank wine and passed out while babysitting Danny, but she averted disaster when she woke up in time to stop an oven fire from spreading. Sam questioned her mother about the incident with Danny, but Alexis denied that she'd been drinking. Brad found Finn's stash of Zekenestrol, which Liesl promptly reported to Monica. Finn was horrified when a lab accident infected Hayden with the deadly virus that he'd been battling. Hayden quickly fell ill and had to be treated at the Quartermaine mansion because Finn had been blocked from entering his lab. Elizabeth learned that the man who had raped her had been paroled. Franco vowed that he would not let Tom Baker hurt Elizabeth. A DNA test proved that Griffin was not Charlotte's father.
November 14 to 18, 2016
Jax urged Alexis to get help when she got drunk at a bar, picked up a stranger, and passed out in a run-down motel room. Carly invited Jax to stay at her house. Josslyn's matchmaking efforts paid off when Jax and Carly kissed. Bobbie was certain Nelle had a hidden agenda. Nelle snooped through Carly's wallet. Bobbie was offered a job at the hospital. Tracy arranged for Finn to treat Hayden at the Quartermaine mansion. Franco paid Elizabeth's rapist a visit and threatened to harm him if Tom went near Elizabeth again. Tom sought Elizabeth out to apologize and ask her to keep Franco away from him. Sonny was arrested after he confessed in church that he'd been responsible for Morgan's death, but he had a change of heart when Jason revealed that someone else had ordered the hit on Julian. Julian received a call from a man named "Jessup" who'd been pulling Julian's strings for months. Jason followed up on the lead that Sonny's broker provided, but Sam learned that Oscar Jessup had died in 1990. Valentin petitioned for custody of Charlotte and won.
November 21 to 25, 2016
Carly and Jax kissed, but Jax sensed that Carly still had feelings for Sonny. Nelle overheard Carly and Jax agree to forget about the kiss they had shared. Sonny was granted bail and placed under house arrest with an ankle monitor. Nelle decided to tell Sonny about Cary and Jax's kiss when she saw Jax comfort Carly. Alexis hosted Thanksgiving dinner, but she cracked under the pressure of not drinking and escaped to a bar on the pretext of fetching something at the store. Julian saw Alexis drinking and insisted that she needed help. Alexis ignored Julian's warnings and dashed out of the bar. Julian tried to stop Alexis from driving, but she threw the car in gear and took off. Alexis was horrified when she realized that she'd struck Julian with the car. Scott seduced Lucy and managed to switch the placebo pills in Morgan's prescription bottle with lithium tablets. Scott warned Ava that she owned him for all he'd done for her. The Quartermaines spent Thanksgiving together and ended up ordering pizza. Dante and Lulu surprised their guests by getting married.
November 28 to December 2, 2016
Nelle drugged Sonny then slipped into bed with him. Sonny was horrified when he woke up with Nelle, and he begged her not to tell Carly about their night together, unaware that Nelle secretly recorded their conversation. Carly and Sonny took steps to repair their relationship. Michael asked Nelle to attend a charity gala with him. Alexis called 9-1-1 to report Julian's injuries after she struck him with her car, but she fled the scene before the authorities arrived. Julian was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery. Julian called Alexis and asked her to visit him. Alexis confided to Jax about the hit-and-run, prompting Jax to insist that she seek treatment for her drinking. Alexis agreed to Jax's terms, but she had a change of heart when Jax was called away to Australia. Franco had an altercation with Tom at the hospital. Franco was certain that Tom hadn't changed his ways, and he turned to Heather for advice. Tom saw Kiki leave Kelly's and followed her. Laura surprised Dante and Lulu with an overnight honeymoon stay at Metro Court. Laura and Kevin made love. Valentin used Nina's interest in Charlotte to his advantage. Hayden appeared to make a full recovery despite testing positive for the deadly disease she'd been exposed to.
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December 5 to 9, 2016
Elizabeth reached out to one of Hayden's parents when she learned that Hayden was gravely ill. Franco enlisted Kiki's help to neutralize Tom as a threat. Nelle agreed to attend the Toys for Tots benefit with Michael. Sonny tried to pay Nelle to leave town and start over somewhere else, but Nelle refused to take the money. Jason walked in on Sonny and Nelle as she promised not to say anything to Carly. Nelle continued to record her conversations with Sonny. Jason traced an incriminating piece of evidence to Julian. Julian threatened to expose Alexis' hit-and-run unless she took care of him when he was released from the hospital. Anna asked Andre to consult on her investigation into Valentin's past. Andre recognized Valentin's alias. Nina and Valentin made love. Lulu had a strong reaction when she heard Charlotte's voice and saw the little girl. Lulu discovered medical documents confirming that Claudette had been a surrogate and not Charlotte's biological mother. Valentin revealed that he and Lulu were Charlotte's parents.
December 12 to 16, 2016
Jason and Curtis' investigation led them to a pawnshop where a mystery person spied on them as they questioned the shop's owner. Julian reached out to the mystery person at the pawnshop. Ava figured out that Alexis had been drinking on the night she ran Julian down with a car. Sonny told Jason about the tryst with Nelle. Jason urged Sonny to be honest with Carly, but Sonny feared that he'd lose Carly for good. Nelle vowed to make Carly pay. Hayden's health continued to deteriorate. Finn stumbled across something that might help Hayden. Kiki helped lure Tom to Franco's studio. Franco knocked Tom out and locked him in a dog crate. Tom begged to be let go, but Franco was determined to make the streets of Port Charles safe for women. Elizabeth invited Franco to spend Christmas with her. Lulu found evidence that Claudette had been a surrogate rather than Charlotte's biological mother. Valentin confessed that he and Lulu were Charlotte's parents. DNA tests confirmed Valentin's claim.
December 19 to 23, 2016
Nelle spent Christmas Eve with the Corinthos family, and Carly was unaware of the tension between Sonny and Nelle. Maxie surprised Sam with a gender-reveal cake at the baby shower, but Sam refused to cut into the cake until she and Jason were alone. Julian blackmailed Alexis into letting him recover in her home when he learned that Kristina had moved out. Julian and Alexis shared a passionate kiss. Lulu told Dante that she intended to sue for full custody because she did not want her daughter raised by her brother's killer. Nina assured Valentin that she'd help him retain custody of Charlotte. Valentin told Anna a story about his past that was identical to something that had happened to her. When Anna heard Charlotte humming a familiar tune, she had a brief flashback to her early days as a spy. Emma showed Anna a photo that Emma had found of her grandmother in Valentin's box of mementos. Tom escaped from the cage Franco had imprisoned him in and turned the tables on his captor. Dante informed Franco that Tom had been found stabbed to death. Finn saved Hayden's life with an experimental serum. Naomi returned to Port Charles after her jail sentence was commuted.
December 26 to 30, 2016
Franco was taken in for questioning when Tom was found dead. Franco confessed to Elizabeth that he'd kidnapped Tom, drugged him, and kept him locked in a dog crate, but Franco denied killing Elizabeth's rapist. Elizabeth was horrified when she saw the murder weapon used to kill Tom because she recognized it as a knife that artists like Franco favored. Lulu spent time with Charlotte, but Charlotte remained distant. Laura advised Lulu to work out a custody arrangement with Valentin until Anna could build a case against him. Valentin and Nina were married. Anna asked Andre to hypnotize her to help uncover her memories from her early days at the World Security Bureau. Alexis overheard an alarming conversation between Julian and Winston when Winston threatened her. Hayden slowly recovered from her illness. Sonny invited Carly to spend New Year's Eve with him. Dillon and Kiki rang in the New Year together. Nathan and Maxie were forced to postpone their wedding when Nathan learned that his divorce from Claudette hadn't been filed.
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