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January 2 to 6, 2017
Valentin and Nina celebrated their elopement at Metro Court and shared the news with Dante and Lulu. Dante assured his wife that she had his full support to sue for custody of Charlotte. Sam questioned her father about his association with Rudge, but Julian downplayed it and asked Sam to stop investigating the bombing because he was afraid that his enemies would strike again, and she and the baby would become targets. Jason and Curtis tracked down the man who had unwittingly planted the bomb in Julian's car. Buzz revealed that Rudge had paid him and that Rudge answered to a woman. Franco went on the hunt for Tom's killer and discovered that Alexis had been one of the last people to see Tom alive. Sonny and Carly spent New Year's Eve together and made love. Sonny asked Carly to stay, but she explained that she wanted to do the right thing and take things slowly. Andre put Anna in a hypnotic trance. Anna recalled walking down a hallway and dropping her watch, which had stopped at 11:05 on October 29th -- her birthday.
January 9 to 13, 2017
Franco discovered that Alexis had been the last person seen with Tom. Franco decided not to tell the police about Alexis because he'd caused Sam and her family enough heartache. Elizabeth became alarmed when Franco vanished. Julian forced Alexis to get sober. Alexis confessed everything to Julian and attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. A homeless man revealed that Rudge had tricked him into planting the bomb in Julian's car. Jason and Sam reported to Sonny that Julian had been the intended target of the bomb and that Rudge answered to a woman. Sonny confided to Jason that Nelle might not be what she seemed. Nathan and Maxie went to Canada to get some answers about Claudette and were told that Claudette's fingerprints matched those of a woman who had committed suicide. Nathan planned a surprise wedding for Maxie. Lulu was eager to tell Charlotte the truth about being her mother, but Valentin insisted that it was too soon. Anna remembered something from her past with Valentin. Hayden and Finn grew closer, but he continued to rely on injections.
January 16 to 20, 2017
Elizabeth warned Sam that Alexis might have killed Tom. Nathan and Maxie exchanged wedding vows, surrounded by close friends and family including Maxie's daughter, Georgie. Griffin learned that Claudette had died and angrily accused Valentin of murder. Charlotte ran to hide in a linen closet when she overheard Griffin confront Valentin about Claudette's suspicious death. Lulu followed her daughter and eventually got Charlotte to open up to her. Charlotte confessed that she missed her mother, prompting Lulu to confess that she was Charlotte's real mother. Anna recalled meeting Valentin in the past when he'd been a disfigured young man who had stuttered. Andre was disappointed when Jordan agreed to leave town with Curtis to follow a lead. Rudge sent Julian a warning by creating a health scare with Leo. Julian's sister Olivia was revealed to be alive and the one who'd been pulling his strings for a year.
January 23 to 27, 2017
Brad saw Finn persuade Griffin to write a prescription for pain medication and realized that Finn hoped to wean himself off of Zekenestrol. Brad threatened to expose Finn's secret unless Finn gave Brad credit on the patent for the serum used to treat Blackwood's syndrome. Elizabeth went to the police to report that Franco was missing and that Alexis might have killed Tom. Elizabeth questioned Seth, unaware that he'd been responsible for Franco's disappearance. Sam confronted Alexis about Elizabeth's theory, prompting Alexis to make a full confession. Sam supported her mother's decision to attend Alcoholics Anonymous, but she questioned if Alexis had really killed Tom. Sam discovered a clue that led her to Franco, who'd been locked in a storage unit and was in a weakened state. Julian took extreme measures to enlist Jason's help to take down Rudge and Olivia, but Jason refused to cooperate because Julian wouldn't name Rudge's boss. Things between Jordan and Curtis heated up during their trip to Baltimore to question a witness. Lulu told Laura and Kevin about Charlotte's angry outburst when Lulu had revealed that she was Charlotte's mother. Kevin advised Lulu to attend family therapy with Charlotte and Valentin.
January 30 to February 3, 2017
Nina and Valentin discussed how and when to tell Charlotte about the circumstances of her birth. Anna revealed her history with Valentin to Nina. Sam found Franco imprisoned in the storage facility. Alexis tried to confess to killing Tom Baker but suddenly had a flashback and realized she hadn't done it. While recuperating in the hospital, Franco escaped and saved Elizabeth at Seth Baker's house. Sam, Jason, and Sonny plotted to follow Julian to find Morgan's killer. Curtis rejoined Sonny's group. Ned and Olivia each considered marriage separately. Franco and Elizabeth made love. Bobbie and Felicia began to investigate Nelle's background. Olivia turned out to be Alexis' sponsor.
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February 6 to 10, 2017
Buzz returned to Port Charles to give Jordan an official statement. Andre decided to end things with Jordan when she told him about her passionate encounter with Curtis in Baltimore. Jason and Curtis spied on Julian during a clandestine meeting and heard Julian express his frustration with having to answer to his sister. Jason decided not to share all the details of Julian's meeting with Sonny because Jason suspected that Julian hadn't been referring to Ava. Sonny had Brick replay the surveillance recordings, which led Sonny to assume that Ava had planted the bomb. Sonny confronted Ava with a gun, but Jason managed to get to Sonny in time and urged him to put down the gun because a witness had stepped forward to clear Sonny's name. Sonny returned home before he'd been caught without his ankle monitor. Ava was arrested when Jason gave Dante the recording of Julian's meeting with his sister Olivia. Alexis confessed to Kristina and Molly that she was an alcoholic. Kristina was furious and stormed out on her mother, prompting Alexis to turn to her sponsor -- Olivia Jerome. Hayden announced that she had to cut the staff to balance the hospital's budget. The nurses decided to make a preemptive move by going on strike.
February 13 to 17, 2017
Ava was arrested for Morgan's murder, but Olivia Jerome warned Julian not to help their sister because she wanted to punish Julian by having Ava pay for Olivia's crimes. Julian gave Alexis a key to a safe deposit box with specific instructions. The nurses learned that the hospital intended cut the nursing staff, so they staged a "sick-out." Tracy called a Quartermaine family meeting to suggest that ELQ buy the hospital, but Michael feared the ELQ shareholders would pick up where the board members had left off. Olivia Falconeri suggested that the Quartermaines buy the hospital privately. Kiki and Dillon made love. Franco became jealous when Griffin paid Elizabeth a visit, but Elizabeth assured Franco that he had nothing to worry about. Elizabeth confessed to her friends that she was in love with Franco. Sonny confronted Nelle about planting a bra in his bed for Carly to find and set some ground rules for Nelle. Anna broke into Wyndemere to plant a listening device, but Valentin caught her in the act. Things took an alarming turn when Anna collapsed. Valentin rushed Anna to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with a blood clot. Finn and Griffin feared that Anna might have cancer, but they decided not to tell her until they had definitive answers. Griffin was concerned about Finn's odd behavior. Finn stole drugs from a medicine cart.
February 20 to 21, 2017
Ava was crushed when Julian refused to clear her name, but he promised that she wouldn't have to stay in jail for long. Julian settled his affairs and prepared to deal with his diabolical sister Olivia. "Liv" managed to lure Sam into a car, but Sam quickly figured out that her mother's A.A. sponsor was Olivia Jerome. Sam was left for dead when she squared off with her aunt on the footbridge. Jason enlisted Curtis' help to prove that Olivia Jerome was alive. Anna was told that she had a rare -- but treatable -- blood cancer. Robin flew to be by her mother's side. Anna was elated when Robin shared that Robin was pregnant. Nina tried to press charges against Anna for breaking into Wyndemere, but Valentin objected and put his foot down. Griffin confided to Hayden that he suspected Finn hadn't stopped using Zekenestrol. Hayden found Finn's stash of "Zen-Zen" and demanded that he go to rehab. Finn told Hayden that he loved her, but he insisted on getting clean by himself. The Quartermaines decided to buy General Hospital. Rudge secretly drugged Laura's coffee before she left to cast her vote at the hospital. Nelle and Michael ended up stranded in a cabin during a blizzard.
February 27 to March 3, 2017
Jason found Sam in time to help her deliver their second child. Jason called for help and got Sam and their daughter to the hospital, but Sam slipped into a coma when she underwent emergency surgery. Sam woke up when Jason placed her newborn daughter on her chest. Finn saved the hospital by selling the patent to the serum he'd developed then donating the proceeds to the hospital -- provided the board sold the hospital to the Quartermaines. Alexis tried to help the police capture Olivia Jerome, but Olivia managed to stash a bound and gagged Julian in the trunk of her car and escaped before the police caught up with her. Olivia was shocked when she met Griffin because she hadn't realized that Duke had had a son. Robin crossed paths with Olivia in the hospital's parking garage. Jake talked to Franco about Helena Cassadine. Carly confronted both Sonny and Nelle about their one-night stand. Michael was stunned when Nelle revealed that she was Frank Benson's daughter and angrily accused Carly of buying Nelle's kidney from Frank. Carly conceded that Nelle had taken advantage of Sonny's grief, but she was unable to forgive him for sleeping with Nelle.
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MARCH 2017
March 6 to 10, 2017
Jason and Sam named their daughter Emily Scout to honor Jason's sister. Olivia Jerome kidnapped Griffin to use his body as a vessel to resurrect Duke. Anna tracked Olivia down to the secret underground lab. Griffin managed to break free and helped Anna turn the tables on Olivia. Olivia escaped when Griffin was forced to help an injured Anna instead of taking Olivia to the police. Anna was horrified when she discovered that Olivia had left Robin standing on a pressurized bomb in an elevator. Jason saved Robin by taking her place in the elevator. Jordan evacuated the hospital as the bomb's timer ticked down. Several key personnel noticed Finn's erratic behavior. Finn and Hayden found themselves trapped in the hospital after it was evacuated. Olivia used Ava to lure their brother to Ava's apartment. Alexis was abducted. Nelle revealed that she was Frank Benson's daughter and accused Carly of coldly turning her back on him when he'd needed help. Carly argued that Frank had only been interested in Carly's money. Michael made it clear that he would never forgive Nelle. Despite the rift between Nina and Valentin, Nina sang his praises at the custody hearing. The judge decided to have a psychologist talk to Charlotte before rendering a verdict.
March 13 to 17, 2017
Jason and Curtis worked together to defuse the bomb before it detonated. Olivia Jerome kidnapped Alexis and handcuffed her to the footbridge until Julian arrived. Olivia ordered her brother to kill Alexis, but he shot Alexis' handcuffs and freed her. Alexis fled as Olivia took aim and shot Julian. The police searched the river for Julian's body, but it became clear that Julian hadn't survived the strong currents and frigid temperatures. Alexis retrieved the letter from the safe deposit box that Julian had left in the event of his death. Sonny and Carly faced their son's killer, but they decided to hand Olivia over to the police rather than risk their freedom by killing Olivia. Sonny warned Olivia that she would never be safe from him. Hayden helped Finn through the withdrawals from Zekenestrol, while they were trapped in the hospital. Elizabeth agreed to keep Finn's secret if he took a leave of absence to deal with his addiction. During an art therapy session with Franco, Jake revealed something troubling about life with Helena. Valentin was granted legal and physical custody of Charlotte, and Lulu was given supervised visitations. The judge agreed to revisit the custody matter in six months.
March 20 to 24, 2017
Jason and Sam went home with their daughter, Emily Scout, and introduced Danny to his baby sister. Elizabeth invited Franco to move in. Franco had an art therapy session with Jake that led to a troubling drawing. Finn opted to deal with his addiction privately and asked for Hayden's help. Nora Buchanan persuaded the judge that Olivia Jerome was mentally incompetent, prompting him to remand Olivia to D'Archam Asylum. Sonny warned Olivia that he would send an assassin to kill her. Nora reported to Valentin that his associate had been locked up in an institution for the criminally insane and would never see the light of day again. Valentin was shaken when he learned that Anna had cancer. Anna enlisted Liesl's help to dig up information on Valentin, and she asked Liesl to reach out to Cesar Faison, hoping he could provide some answers. Nina hired Nelle to be Charlotte's nanny. Laura and Lulu decided to use Nelle to their advantage. Jordan told Curtis that she might be open to giving him a job and invited him to dinner to discuss it. Alexis struggled to remain sober. Larry Ashton made an appearance to tell Tracy that a windfall that had fallen into his lap, and it was tied to Edward. Sonny and Carly shared a kiss, but she was unable to forgive his lies.
March 27 to 31, 2017
Ava worked out a deal with Lucy to get Morgan's prescription bottle back, but a botched robbery at the Floating Rib landed the pills in police custody as evidence. Ned proposed marriage to Olivia when she asked him to adopt Leo, but Olivia was hesitant to accept until she thought Ned had been shot while trying to save her. Alexis suffered a brief relapse, but a hallucination of Julian set her back on track. Ava admitted that she believed Julian was still alive. Sonny gave Carly an ultimatum, but she refused to be pressured to forgive him and walked out on him. Jason was furious when he learned about Franco's plan to move in with Elizabeth and threatened to take custody of Jake because he feared that Franco had manipulated Jake to dredge up the past. Elizabeth decided to slow things down with Franco. Jason paid Valentin a visit to get some answers. Curtis turned down Jordan's job offer, but things heated up romantically between the pair. Valentin revealed that Anna had seduced him in the past to get him to share classified information, which she had turned over to the enemy. Anna had no memory of sleeping with Valentin and decided to do some digging. Tracy asked Laura to accompany her to Turkey to retrieve a valuable painting that had once belonged to Edward.
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APRIL 2017
April 3 to 7, 2017
Dante found Morgan's prescription bottle of lithium among the bags of evidence collected during the robbery at the Floating Rib. Ava overheard Dante tell Sonny that the bottle of pills had been sent to the lab for DNA and fingerprint testing. The lab was unable to give Dante definitive answers, so he questioned Ava about the pills, but she denied ever seeing them. Jax paid Josslyn a visit to break the news that Lady Jane had died. Carly told Jax about Nelle's scheme to ruin Carly's life, prompting Jax to confess that he'd paid Frank Benson for Nelle's kidney. Jax told Nelle the truth and proved that Frank had cashed a check for one million dollars as payment. Valentin was left reeling when Anna revealed that her memories had returned and that she knew he'd told the truth. Anna confessed that she'd given Valentin a chance to get away because she'd grown to care for him and hadn't been able to carry out Faison's kill order. Tracy and Laura made a shocking discovery when they tracked down the portrait that Edward had purchased during his life on the run. Tracy was given a letter that her father had written. A young mystery woman haunted the hallways of the monastery where Edward had stayed. Hayden ended things with Finn because of the cruel things he'd said to her during the grips of withdrawal from Zekenestrol. Jake began therapy.
April 10 to 14, 2017
A mystery person slipped into Alexis' house and removed a photo from an album filled with snapshots taken during Alexis' marriage to Julian. Alexis noticed signs that someone had been in her home and talked to Jason and Sam about it. Jason noticed something strange in a picture taken of Alexis, Sam, and the children in the park. Alexis was shocked when she recognized Julian lurking in the background of the photo taken in the park. Sonny was furious when he found out Carly had slept with Jax. Carly vowed to make Nelle pay for targeting Carly's family. Finn decided to check into a drug treatment facility after he nearly succumbed to temptation and ended up beaten and bloody on the docks. Anna planted a listening device in a watch she gave to Valentin as a peace offering. Andre discovered Anna's secret, but she persuaded him to keep quiet by claiming it was a top-secret mission sanctioned by the WSB. Lulu had a successful visit with Charlotte. Valentin tried to hide his disappointment when Charlotte confessed that she had enjoyed her time with Lulu. Dante questioned Lucy about Morgan's prescription bottle. Ava warned Lucy not to say anything to Dante, or she would make Lucy disappear. Lucy wondered what Ava was hiding.
April 17 to 21, 2017
Alexis and Julian spent one last night together, making love and saying goodbye, but their interlude abruptly ended when Sam led the police to her mother by using an app to track Alexis' phone. Julian was arrested and turned to Ava for help. Ava panicked when she learned Morgan's prescription bottle had been returned to Sonny, but Scott promised he had replaced the placebos with lithium. Sonny tried to get Jax in legal hot water for paying Frank Benson for a kidney, but Nelle refused to testify against Jax. Carly was livid when she realized Sonny had reported Jax to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Jax wanted Carly and Josslyn to leave the country with him. A woman named Samira Adin showed up on the Quartermaine doorstep, claiming the monks in Turkey needed Tracy's painting to rescue Samira's daughter from a human trafficking ring. Samira revealed that her mother and Edward had been close friends, and she provided Tracy with Edward's signet ring and journal as proof. Tracy suspected Samira might be Edward's illegitimate daughter, so she turned to Finn for help with a DNA test. Finn was disappointed when Hayden couldn't promise to give him a second chance after he completed drug rehab. Franco suspected Jake didn't want Jason and Elizabeth to know about the drawing of the scarecrow because Jake was afraid of Jason. Jake denied being afraid of his father, but Jason and Elizabeth decided to show Jake a picture of Jason before the plastic surgery.
April 24 to 28, 2017
Ned arranged for Samira's visa to be extended six months. Nina ordered Nelle to spy on Valentin. Valentin tried to return the watch Anna had given him, but she easily manipulated him into keeping it. Tracy made plans to run away to Costa Rica with the painting, but she stopped off at the Quartermaine mausoleum, where she suffered an injury when A.J.'s plaque fell and hit her on the head. Tracy found herself on trial for her life because of all the choices she'd made in the past, but she earned a second chance when she expressed regret and a desire to do better. Tracy decided to give Samira the painting. Jax was disappointed when Carly turned down his offer to leave the country with him. Diane reminded Sonny that he had signed over his fortune to Carly months earlier when he had prepared to confess to being responsible for Morgan's death. Carly vowed to take everything from Sonny. Jason and Elizabeth were troubled when Jake had a strong reaction to seeing a picture of Jason prior to facial reconstructive surgery. Hayden agreed to give Finn a second chance when he completed rehab.
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MAY 2017
May 1 to 5, 2017
Ned discovered Samira and Larry had been working together to get their hands on Tracy's painting. A DNA test confirmed that Samira was not Edward's illegitimate daughter. Ned embraced his heritage by legally changing his last name to Quartermaine. Tracy decided to step out of her father's shadow and spread her wings by leaving Port Charles. Tracy's adventure began when she sold her painting for millions then ran into Luke in a coffee shop. Sonny spent the night with a woman he met in a bar. Sonny and the woman crossed paths again when Carly introduced Martina Morales as her divorce attorney. Ava stumbled onto Sonny's secret when she saw him leave the bar with Martina then later bumped into Martina and Carly. Nathan was hurt when Maxie extended her stay in Portland without talking to him first. Nathan had an odd encounter with Anna when she seemingly didn't recognize him. Anna blamed her reaction on medication she'd taken. Anna reminisced with Valentin about the past and mentioned the Chimera Project, but Valentin was tight-lipped about what he'd done with the project's information. Nelle saw Valentin and Anna together, but she opted not to tell Nina. Jason reached an uneasy truce with Franco for Jake's sake. Jake drew a picture of a chimera like the one Sam had found hidden in Helena's book.
May 8 to 12, 2017
Jason and Franco went to Cassadine Island. Jason had a flashback of being viciously beaten at Helena's orders. Jason realized that Jake was afraid of him because Jake had witnessed the disturbing incident. Jake received a magic box presumably sent by Spencer. The box had a hidden compartment that contained a metal cylinder with the silhouette of a chimera stamped on it. Anna questioned Valentin about the fate of the Chimera Project, but he refused to tell her that he'd sold the canister containing the deadly toxin to Helena. Valentin was crushed when Nina walked out on him because of his ongoing relationship with Anna. Curtis found the listening device planted in Valentin's watch and showed it to Nina. Nina shared Curtis' discovery with Valentin. A woman with a remarkable resemblance to Anna was revealed to be in a London hospital. Hayden and Finn were shocked to learn that Hayden was pregnant. Nelle was attacked by a mugger and left unconscious on the piers. Andre noticed the pills that Sonny had tested weren't the same dosage as the pills Morgan had been prescribed. Carly became suspicious of Sonny and Martina when she caught them spending time together. Nathan was alarmed when Maxie turned down Nina's job offer because Maxie didn't know if she would be returning to Port Charles.
May 15 to 19, 2017
Jake volunteered to do a magic act for the Nurses Ball, but he remained troubled about the chimera hidden inside the magic box. Jake swore Aiden to secrecy about the deadly canister when Aiden caught a glimpse of it. Nelle was injured during an altercation with a mugger on the piers. Michael found Nelle and called for help, but Nelle refused to see him as she recovered in the hospital. Kiki passed the nurses' aide program. Finn and Hayden set a trap to catch Brad tampering with Finn's drug test. Brad was caught holding the specimen cup, but Liesl was revealed to be the saboteur. Robin and Emma arrived for the Nurses Ball. Anna escaped from the Merrick Clinic in London, England, and made her way to Port Charles to confront her twin sister in the airport. Alex implored Anna to get the chimera from Valentin. Valentin promised Nina that Anna would not get between them again, but Nina remained determined to move forward without him. Charlotte's school called Lulu when Valentin and Nelle failed to pick up Charlotte. Valentin was not pleased when he was forced to let Charlotte spend the night at Lulu's. Sonny persuaded Martina to spend the night with him before she returned to Los Angeles. Carly walked in on Sonny and Martina in bed together. Julian turned down a deal to help take Sonny down in exchange for Julian's freedom.
May 22 to 26, 2017
The people of Port Charles gathered at Metro Court for the 2017 Nurses Ball. Nathan was shocked when he discovered that Amy penned an advice column, posing as a man and using his picture. Curtis and Jordan made love. Michael was at Nelle's bedside when she woke up. Sonny discovered a powdery residue in the bottom of Morgan's prescription bottle, which was revealed to be a placebo tablet. Sonny put the pieces together when Dante revealed that Ava had been at the Floating Rib the night that Dante had found Morgan's pills in the bar. Sonny and Carly confronted Ava about tampering with Morgan's medication. Tensions mounted when Ava confirmed Sonny and Carly's suspicions. In a fit of rage, Ava smashed a hurricane lamp on the floor, igniting a blaze as Carly was knocked unconscious. Valentin serenaded Nina with a touching song, prompting her to give him a second chance. Anna was stunned when Valentin confessed that he'd sold the Chimera to Helena Cassadine. Jake performed his magic act. Valentin was horrified when he realized that Jake had unlocked the Chimera in preparation for unleashing the deadly biotoxin.
May 29 to June 2, 2017
Nathan warned Amy not to use his image for her column. Amy agreed to take the picture down, but she was contacted by a publisher who wanted to meet "Man Landers." Sonny and Carly confronted Ava about tampering with Morgan's medications. Ava threw a kerosene lamp in a fit of rage. Sonny and Carly managed to escape the warehouse fire, but Ava was trapped and suffered second- and third-degree burns over fifty percent of her body. Kiki was horrified by what her mother had done and decided to wash her hands of Ava. Julian was granted bail and released from jail. Alexis worried that Julian would retaliate for what had happened to Ava, but Julian admitted that he didn't blame Sonny. Alexis' suspension from the Bar Association was lifted. Elizabeth managed to get through to Jake before he unleashed the Chimera. Valentin was shot by gunmen attempting to steal the deadly biotoxin. Anna made certain the WSB destroyed the Chimera. Anna was given orders to arrest Valentin for treason. Lulu warned Valentin about the arrest warrant in the hopes that he would do the right thing and sign over custody of Charlotte before he went to jail. Valentin decided to take Charlotte on the run.
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JUNE 2017
June 5 to 9, 2017
Valentin was arrested. Lulu was granted custody of Charlotte. Nina served Valentin with divorce papers. Alex Merrick escaped from WSB custody and made her way to Port Charles to let Valentin know that the WSB didn't have a case against either of them if they agreed not to testify. Ava begged Sonny to kill her, but he wanted her to live and to suffer. Sonny and Carly were shaken when they witnessed Kiki's heartache as the doctors worked to resuscitate Ava. Spencer returned home and pleaded with Laura to let him stay. Finn was suspended when Liesl tampered with his drug test. Hayden grew suspicious of Liesl because Liesl disliked Finn more than Brad did. Sonny and Carly shared a close moment and kissed. Sam had an unsettling experience during a massage when she heard her own voice whisper a warning that her family was in danger. Julian ran into Alexis and Scout. Curtis' aunt paid him a surprise visit on his birthday. Aunt Stella was not happy to learn that Curtis and Jordan were dating because she blamed Jordan for the deaths of both Curtis' brother and mother.
June 12 to 16, 2017
Amy told Nathan about her family troubles. Nathan agreed to meet with Amy's publisher. Jordan asked T.J. not to tell Aunt Stella that Shawn was his father. Valentin signed the divorce papers Nina had given him. Lulu agreed to let Charlotte view Valentin's goodbye message that Anna had recorded. Kevin surprised Laura by asking her to move in with him. Laura reminded Kevin that she was a package deal because of Spencer, but Kevin assured her that he loved her and her grandson. Julian wanted to spend time with Leo, but Olivia objected. Alexis advised Olivia to reconsider because Julian had rights as a father, but Olivia refused to compromise because she didn't want to disrupt Leo's life. Kiki was stunned when she realized that Ava had signed a "Do Not Resuscitate" form. Josslyn was furious when she caught Carly and Sonny kissing. Josslyn begged her mother to break things off with Sonny because Carly deserved better. Sonny and Carly agreed to end their marriage, but not their relationship. Jason enlisted Spinelli's help to track down the man who had dropped off Jake's magic set. Spinelli put his cyber skills to work and uncovered Helena's henchman's identity. Jason recognized Costa Phillipos and raced to the hospital in time to catch Costa stalking Elizabeth and Jake. Sam had a series of disturbing visions that she feared might be premonitions.
June 19 to 23, 2017
Ava was shattered when she saw herself in the mirror. Ned persuaded Olivia not to fight Julian about visitation with Leo. Stella was shocked when Molly inadvertently let it slip that Shawn Butler was T.J.'s biological father. Furious, Stella confronted Jordan at the police station in front of several police officers. Spencer gave his stamp of approval when Laura agreed to move in with Kevin. Spencer tried to reclaim his birthright, but Nina warned him that Valentin's assets and holdings would be put into a trust for Charlotte. Spencer implored his grandmother to let him hire an attorney. Josslyn rebelled by throwing a party while Carly was away, but things got out of hand when some of the guests showed up with alcohol. Nelle agreed to go out on a date with Michael, but she worried about Carly's reaction when Carly found out. Sonny and Carly flew to Sonny's island for business, but they ended up stranded at the resort when a storm hit and knocked out the power. Sonny and Carly's tryst turned dangerous when an enemy showed up on Sonny's doorstep with a gun. Jason arrived in time to save Sonny and Carly, but a stray bullet nicked Jason's arm. Sam continued to be plagued by troubling visions and an overwhelming sense of dread about Jason.
June 26 to 30, 2017
Michael and Nelle spent the night together. Nelle agreed to be Michael's date for Ned and Olivia's wedding. Ned asked Dillon to be his best man. Charlotte was delighted when Olivia asked her to be the flower girl at the wedding. Dante questioned Ava, but she refused to confess to tampering with Morgan's medication. Jason arrived in time to save Sonny and Carly from Garvey's deadly bullet, but Jason sustained a minor gunshot wound during the commotion. Sam was horrified when she saw Jason's injury, but he became concerned because her reaction was disproportionate to the graze on his arm. Sam agreed to talk to someone when she began to have troubling visions about Sonny. Sonny and Carly decided to call off the divorce. Josslyn was outraged by her mother's decision and announced that she wanted to move to Australia to live with Jax. Monica and Curtis helped Finn and Hayden set a trap for Liesl. Nina caught Nathan posing as Man Landers during a photo shoot. Nathan and Amy confided their secret to Nina. Nina was touched by Amy's story and offered to promote the advice book in Crimson. Andre took Anna to the dance studio where he went to unwind. Andre and Anna danced their troubles away then shared a passionate kiss. Laura set boundaries for Spencer when he tried to hire Sonny to kill Valentin.
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JULY 2017
July 3 to 7, 2017
Ned and Olivia were married despite a few mishaps along the way. Curtis invited Jordan out for a drink to celebrate Liesl Obrecht's arrest, but they ended up at his place and made love. Stella collapsed from a stroke as she blasted Curtis for dating Jordan. Valentin reached out to Nina to warn her that the WSB intended to make him disappear. Nina called Anna for help, and Anna assured her that nothing would happen to Valentin. A WSB agent collected Valentin from jail. Sparks flew between Andre and Anna after they shared a kiss. Josslyn was disappointed when Jax explained that she couldn't move to Australia because he was stuck in Abu Dhabi on business for six months. Josslyn defied her mother by sneaking out to meet Oscar on the bridge. Sam talked to a doctor who suggested that she might have postpartum depression, but Sam misled Jason by blaming her troubles on an iron deficiency. Sam kept seeing an apparition of Sonny, who taunted her about Sonny's hold on Jason. Sam had a vivid fantasy of stabbing Sonny to death. Sonny told Jason about his plans to leave the mob.
July 10 to 14, 2017
Scott received heartbreaking news that his father, Lee Baldwin, had passed away. Serena had been with her grandfather when he died, and she flew home to be with her parents. The WSB dropped all charges against Valentin to avoid the publicity of a trial. Alexis informed Valentin that she had filed a wrongful-death suit against him on behalf of Spencer. Valentin threatened to destroy Alexis' career and rip Nikolas apart in court if Alexis didn't drop the lawsuit, but Alexis stood her ground. Valentin started a non-profit racehorse rescue in Nina's name. Nina was touched by the gesture, but she remained determined to keep her distance from Valentin. Sonny took steps to make things right with Josslyn by arranging for the ban against Jax entering the country to be lifted. Carly and Bobbie enlisted Felicia's help to dig up dirt on Nelle. Nathan posed as Man Landers for a podcast as a favor to Amy because she needed the money to take care of her brother after his surgery. The producer of the show loved Nathan's segment and offered him a permanent spot. Sam's paranoia was fueled by an apparition of Sonny that taunted her about the danger he posed to Jason. Sam bought a gun to deal with Sonny. Ava was heartbroken when Avery looked away from her in fright.
July 17 to 21, 2017
Valentin was furious when he found out that Spencer had told Charlotte that Valentin had murdered Nikolas. Valentin became the prime suspect when Spencer vanished from the park. Nina was certain that Valentin was innocent, so she bailed him out of jail. Nathan warned Nina that he would not help pick up the pieces of she went back to Valentin. Valentin confided to Nina that he believed Nikolas had faked his death -- again -- and lived in hiding on the other side of the world. A distraught Laura begged Sonny to use his connections to find her grandson. Sam's mental state continued to unravel, and her fears were realized when Sonny asked Jason to aid in the search for Spencer. Sonny received a text message with a troubling picture of Spencer, sent from an unknown number. Ava was released from the hospital and went home, where she tried to hide from the world. Liesl decided the best way to hurt Finn was through Hayden, so she contacted Hayden's ex-fiancé. Finn and Hayden found their dream home. Julian asked Alexis to testify on his behalf, but Alexis was subpoenaed to be a witness for the prosecution. Curtis and Jordan broke up.
July 24 to 28, 2017
Sonny was lured to the Black Duck Distillery, where Garvey attempted to ambush him, but Sonny quickly gained the upper hand and shot Garvey. Sam followed Sonny to the distillery and confronted him with a gun. Sonny managed to get Sam to lower the gun, but the gun went off and shot Sonny in the leg. Sam kicked Sonny down a shaft then fled. Garvey sealed Sonny in then made his way to the hospital, where Carly caught Garvey attempting to kidnap Elizabeth. Jason was horrified when Sam collapsed. Sam suffered seizures and slipped into a coma. Finn diagnosed Sam with toxoplasmosis, but Scout tested negative for the bacterial infection. Liesl met with Hayden's ex-husband, Jared Preston, and persuaded him that he deserved compensation for going to jail for Hayden. Spencer escaped his captor and returned home. Dante dropped the charges against Valentin when Spencer was forced to admit that he had no idea who had kidnapped him. Maxie returned home for a surprise visit, but she left town hours later for a conference in Paris.
July 31 to August 4, 2017
Sonny grew steadily weaker from blood loss as he languished in a storage area beneath the Black Duck Distillery. Sonny has a vision of Stone Cates, who gave Sonny the strength to climb his way out of the shaft. Sonny collapsed as demotion crews prepared to tear down the distillery. Carly managed to get to Sonny, but they were caught in the blast as they tried to flee. Sonny and Carly survived the explosion, and Dante rescued them. Dante questioned Sonny about what had transpired at the distillery. Sam recovered from toxoplasmosis, but her memory of the previous day was fuzzy. Oscar turned the bullet casing he found at the distillery into a necklace pendant for Josslyn. Michael realized that there was a lot he didn't know about Nelle when she recognized the bullet casing and determined that the bullet had been fired recently. Valentin offered to restore Ava's beauty in exchange for her agreement to change her testimony about Nikolas' death, but Ava refused to betray Nikolas or Spencer. Laura decided to send Spencer back to boarding school. Finn and Hayden decided to get married. Hayden's ex-husband demanded money in exchange for his silence about a terrible secret she had been keeping from everyone.
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August 7 to 11, 2017
Sam was horrified when she realized that she had shot Sonny. Sonny told Jason what Sam had done, but Sonny decided it would be best not to tell Carly because Sam was too fragile to deal with Carly. Jason agreed that Sam might be tempted to confess to the police. Julian's trial began, and Alexis was called to testify. Valentin offered to put Ava in touch with the doctors who had helped him, but Ava vowed to help Spencer because Valentin had murdered Nikolas. Kristina was shocked when Molly revealed that Parker would be teaching at Port Charles University for a semester. Oscar asked Josslyn out on a date. Maxie decided to unmask Ask Man Landers. Stella played matchmaker by inviting Valerie to coffee to meet Stella's nephew. Valerie agreed because she had no idea that Curtis was Stella's nephew. Finn and Hayden decided to get married, but Finn overheard Hayden on the phone, using the name Rachel Berlin. Hayden confessed that she had siphoned money from the hospital, but she had decided to return it. Finn was shocked when Hayden told him about Jared and the crash. Olivia fired Monica's cook.
August 14 to 18, 2017
Ava spent time with Griffin and began to have sexual fantasies about him. The police recovered the gun used to shoot Sonny, but Sonny refused to tell Dante who had shot him. Jason arranged for the incriminating evidence against Sam to be stolen from the evidence room and delivered to him. After Jason wiped down Sam's gun, he tossed it into the river. Franco returned from Manhattan. Elizabeth surprised Franco by asking him to move in. Franco's artwork took a disturbing turn. Finn was devastated when Hayden left town and vanished. Liesl was unrepentant when her role in Hayden's downfall was revealed. Curtis agreed to find Hayden. Maxie enlisted Spinelli's help to uncover Man Landers' identity. Felicia became concerned when she noticed that Nathan and Amy were spending time together. Emma returned with Anna from California to share the news that Robin had given birth to a baby boy. A mystery unfolded when Emma showed Anna the ceramic keepsake that Spencer had given her. Kristina ran into Parker. Kristina learned that Parker and her wife had split up.
August 21 to 25, 2017
Carly was shocked when Sam confessed that she had shot Sonny. Carly didn't blame Sam because Sam had been ill, but Carly felt Jason and Sonny had betrayed her by keeping the secret. Carly and Sonny agreed that Jason hadn't been the same since his ordeal with Helena. Sam couldn't understand why the special connection that she'd always shared with Jason had failed her when she'd needed him most. Jason assured Sam that the illness had clouded her perception of things, but they were stronger than ever. Alexis was heartbroken when Julian was convicted and sent to jail. Kiki persuaded Franco to enlist Ava's help to sell his infamous artwork. Franco shared a poignant story about his past, which had inspired a painting that Elizabeth found both haunting and hopeful. Anna learned that the diamond Spencer had put in Emma's keepsake had been stolen by an international ring of jewel thieves. Parker revealed that her marriage was over. Kristina and Valerie struck up a friendship. Michael offered Ned a job at ELQ. Dillon went to Morocco to do a photo shoot for Crimson, but Kiki couldn't accompany him because she was busy with school.
August 28 to September 1, 2017
Sonny met with the Five Families to announce his retirement and his intentions to parcel out his territory to the remaining mob families in exchange for their agreement to leave him and his loved ones alone. The Russian crime boss made a bold move to take Sonny out, but the showdown took an unexpected turn when Sam showed up. Jason was shot in the chest, taking a bullet for Sam. Sonny killed Petrov, but Jason was left in critical condition and rushed to surgery. Sam was told that Jason might not wake up. Alexis fought the temptation to drink after Julian was sentenced to jail. Finn received a message that Curtis had located Hayden. Ava continued to fantasize about Griffin as her feelings for him grew. Griffin warned Ava to stay away from Valentin when she mentioned Valentin's offer to help her. Valerie kissed Kristina to send Parker a message. Nelle was arrested when a sapphire necklace went missing during a photo shoot in Marrakesh. Felicia uncovered that Nelle had been suspected of murdering her wealthy fiancé after he'd changed his will to leave Nelle millions. Valentin successfully wooed Nina back. Franco found a picture of himself as a child with a little boy, but he had no idea who the boy was.
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September 4 to 8, 2017
Jordan and Curtis reconnected as lovers. Stella decided to stay in Port Charles. Sonny realized that he needed to remain in a position of power to keep his family safe. Carly vowed to stand by Sonny's side, but she made it clear that she would not tolerate any more lies or secrets. Kristina and Valerie continued their pretense of dating to make Parker jealous. Jason lingered in a coma as Sam sat vigil at his bedside on the one-year anniversary of their second wedding. Elizabeth was overwhelmed with guilt for keeping Jason and Sam apart when Jason had returned to Port Charles as Jake Doe. Franco was stunned when Jake showed him a picture of Jason as a young boy because Jason looked exactly like the boy in a photograph with Franco as a child. Ava gave in to temptation and kissed Griffin, but he rejected her advances. Ava was crushed because she was certain that Griffin had been repulsed by her scars. Griffin insisted that he'd taken sacred vows of celibacy, but Ava accused him of hiding behind the priesthood. Ava reached out to Valentin for help, but he demanded that she retract her statement about Nikolas' death before he put her in touch with his plastic surgeons. Lulu was surprised when Valentin suggested that he and Lulu share custody of Charlotte. Bobbie was concerned when she learned about Nelle's troubles in Marrakesh. Andre gave Anna information about one of Valentin's old accomplices.
September 11 to 15, 2017
Ava retracted her statement that Valentin had killed Nikolas then she flew to Russia for facial reconstruction surgery. Ava met a mystery patient at the Boronsky Clinic whose face was hidden behind a mask and dark sunglasses, but she was warned to keep her distance from the silent man because he'd suffered a psychotic break following a violent encounter and near-drowning. Griffin realized that Ava had taken Valentin up on his offer, so he turned to Anna for assistance in tracking down the Boronsky Clinic. Anna resorted to drastic measures to get Finn to help her talk to an ex-associate of Valentin's. Nina moved back to Wyndemere. Franco invited his adoptive mother to his gallery opening. Betsy realized that she had to tell Franco the truth when he confronted her with the photograph of him and Jason. Monica advised Sam to consider putting Jason in a long-term care facility. Despite the dire test results, Jason's hand moved. Jordan was troubled when she saw Curtis and Sonny reach an agreement and shake hands. Spinelli was concerned when he witnessed Amy and Nathan hugging. Spinelli questioned Amy about Nathan, but she claimed that she barely knew Maxie's husband. Maxie supported Nathan's decision to officially out himself as Man Landers.
September 18 to 22, 2017
Betsy Frank revealed that Franco's imaginary friend had been real, and the little boy had been a twin -- but not Franco's twin. Sam made the heartbreaking decision to move Jason to a long-term care facility. Jake and Danny sang to their father. Jason's eyes snapped open shortly after the visit from his sons. The mystery patient at the Boronsky Clinic had Jason Morgan's piercing blue gaze. Ava was disappointed when she realized that the mystery patient was not Nikolas because she had let herself believe that he was. Ava and the mystery man formed an alliance when Ava discovered that he was not violent or catatonic like she'd been led to believe. The mystery patient gave Ava a phone number with a Port Charles area code. Griffin asked Anna for help finding Ava, so she contacted the World Security Bureau. Anna blackmailed Finn into accompanying her to Monaco. In Monaco, Finn met Valentin's associate from Valentin's days as a jewel thief. Lulu and Valentin agreed to share custody of Charlotte. Kristina was hurt when Parker rejected her kiss. Curtis decided not to work for Sonny because he didn't want to risk losing Jordan. Carly implored Michael to talk to Nelle's dead fiancé's parents and the police instead of taking Nelle at her word, but Michael was adamant that he trusted Nelle. Michael surprised Nelle by buying her apartment when she received an eviction notice. Zachary Grant's sister reached out to Carly.
September 25 to 29, 2017
Betsy Frank told Franco that Susan Moore had given birth to identical twin boys -- Jason and Andrew. Betsy had raised Drew until his death at the age of three from a heart defect. Ava gave Dr. Klein a piece of paper with a phone number that the masked patient had written down. Dr. Klein called the number, but he remained silent when Sonny answered. Sonny was troubled by the strange call because it was to his private number that only a few people in Sonny's inner circle had. Jason woke up from his coma. Spinelli jumped to the wrong conclusion about Nathan and Amy's friendship. Nathan was forced to claim that he was Man Landers because Spinelli had threatened to tell Maxie that Nathan had been unfaithful. Carly met with Zach Grant's sister, Sharon. Sharon revealed that Nelle had isolated Zach from his family before his death. Sharon demanded that Nelle return the diamond engagement ring that Zach had given to Nelle because it was a family heirloom that had belonged to Sharon's grandmother, but Nelle claimed that it had been lost. Michael was troubled when he found a diamond ring hidden in a secret compartment inside one of Nelle's books. Ava helped the masked patient escape. After removing his mask, the masked patient was revealed to look exactly like Jason Morgan prior to facial reconstruction surgery.
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October 2 to 6, 2017
Oscar confided that he had never met his father and didn't know the man's name. Josslyn offered to help Oscar find his father. A Russian priest aided Patient 6 by arranging passage for the patient aboard a freighter bound for New York. On the ship, Patient 6 encountered Huxley Lynch, an old foe of Nikolas and Ava's. Griffin had an encounter with Patient 6, who told Griffin where to find Ava. Griffin saved Ava from Dr. Klein's diabolical intentions. Griffin and Ava returned to Port Charles and went straight to the hospital. Ava was shocked that Dr. Klein's first treatment had drastically repaired the worst of her scars. Stella took a job at the hospital as a social worker. Michael confronted Nelle about the engagement ring. Nelle insisted that Zach had wanted her to have it, and the Grants owed it to her for falsely accusing her of killing Zach. Jason left the hospital and went home with Sam. Jason called Julian Jerome. Sam played matchmaker between Dr. Bensch and Alexis, but Alexis and David only agreed to go out as friends. Laura confronted Valentin with a gun because she wanted him to know what Nikolas had felt like staring down the barrel of Valentin's gun. Valentin was troubled when Cassandra called and let him know that she was headed to Port Charles to seek treatment with Finn.
October 9 to 13, 2017
Franco told Elizabeth about Jason's twin brother. Jason surprised Sam by purchasing Derek Wells Media, but he was unware that Valentin had also made a bid for the media empire. Huxley gifted his lucky watch to Patient 6 when they reached New York City. Patient 6 bought a bus ticket to Port Charles. Michael hired Curtis to clear Nelle's name, but Curtis uncovered proof that Nelle had lied about being a poor swimmer. Nelle snapped a picture of Valentin in a compromising position when Cassandra kissed him. Griffin was informed that his leave of absence from the church was over and he was needed at his old parish. Griffin and Ava succumbed to passion and made love, but Griffin admitted that he hadn't decided about his future. Hurt, Ava told him that their night together had been a mistake. Kevin surprised Laura by asking her to marry him, but Laura was disappointed that he'd proposed to her in Kelly's. Kevin assured Laura that he would give her the fairytale proposal that she wanted. Maxie was not pleased when a few of Nathan's fans showed up on their doorstep. Parker was fired after someone reported her to the dean for having an inappropriate relationship with a student. Kristina was certain that Alexis had been responsible for Parker's dismissal and announced that she intended to move to Oregon with Parker. Alexis found a sympathetic ear when she went to dinner with Dr. Bensch.
October 16 to 20, 2017
Betsy told Franco that Andrew hadn't died; she'd taken him to a foundling hospital outside of Port Charles after Franco had pushed the boy down the stairs. Franco lied to Elizabeth when he told her that Betsy had claimed that the boy in the photograph hadn't been any relation to Jason. Griffin decided to leave the priesthood following a night of passion with Ava. Ava delivered a note from Patient 6 to Sonny. Sonny went to the rendezvous point, but Patient 6 remained out of sight when he realized that Jason had accompanied Sonny. Patient 6 was shaken when he saw Jake in the park. Dr. Klein decided to set a trap for Patient 6 by using Sam as bait. Nina prepared to be fired when she learned that Jason and Sam had bought Derek Wells Media, but Jason surprised her by asking her to stay on. Cassandra made a business proposition to Valentin, but he claimed that he wasn't interested in helping her to peddle drugs. Anna and Finn kept up their pretense of dating when they returned from their trip. Nelle had a perfectly logical explanation for why she had lied about being a poor swimmer. Monica had a talk with Olivia about boundaries. Nathan told Amy that he wanted her to shut down the Man Landers blog because it had put a strain on his marriage.
October 23 to 27, 2017
Andre was revealed to be in cahoots with Dr. Klein. Klein provided Andre with a death certificate for "Andrew Moore" to keep Franco from uncovering the truth about Jason and his twin. Jason and Sam held a launch party at Metro Court Restaurant to unveil their new media company, Aurora Media. Klein's mercenaries took the guests at the party hostage. Elizabeth was shot by a stray bullet. Carly managed to send Sonny a text message. Patient 6 made his way to one of Sonny's safe houses in the woods. Sonny was alerted that the alarm system to a safe house had been deactivated, so he went to the cabin, where he encountered Patient 6. Patient 6 claimed that he was the real Jason Morgan. Sonny and Patient 6 raced to Metro Court and saved the hostages, but one of Klein's henchmen managed to escape with Sam, who had been drugged. Patient 6 followed the thug to the pier. After Patient 6 shot Sam's abductor, Klein tossed Sam into the water, forcing Patient 6 to save her. Michael confronted Nelle when he caught her in several manipulative lies. Nelle tried to blame Carly and Bobbie for her problems, but Michael decided to end things with Nelle because he couldn't trust her. Cassandra was determined to partner with Valentin, but he wasn't interested in the drug trade. Cassandra resorted to blackmail by letting Valentin know that she'd been in contact with Claudette.
October 30 to November 3, 2017
Patient 6 saved Sam from drowning. Sam was shocked when Patient 6 visited her in the hospital, but Jason believed that Patient 6 was part of an elaborate setup and warned him to stay away from Sam and the children. Diane, Sonny, and Carly were convinced that Patient 6 was the real Jason Morgan. Jason turned to Curtis for help uncovering the truth about Patient 6 and suggested that Curtis start with Franco. Franco admitted that Jason had had a twin, but he showed Elizabeth the falsified death certificate to convince her that Andrew had died. Elizabeth paid Patient 6 a visit in jail. Andre realized that he couldn't remain in Port Charles, so he said goodbye to Anna and left town. Anna and Finn agreed to "break up," because Finn refused to jeopardize his career by telling Cassandra that she was sick when she was healthy. Cassandra was intrigued when Valentin revealed that Finn's fiancée had recently broken off their engagement. Valentin was surprised when Cassandra assumed that Finn had been engaged to Anna. Kevin gave Laura the proposal of her dreams on Halloween, and she happily agreed to marry him.
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November 6 to 10, 2017
Dr. Klein revealed that he had never met the person who had hired him to keep Patient 6 sedated; the client had always contacted Klein on a burner phone. Brick managed to trace a call on Klein's phone from the client to a location in Port Charles. Klein gave Patient 6 a file detailing the medical procedure to repair Ava's remaining scars. Ava hoped that Griffin could help her with the final operation. Curtis uncovered Andrew Moore's death certificate and shared it with Jason. Elizabeth visited Patient 6 in jail and told him that Jason had had an identical twin. Jordan announced that DNA tests had determined that Jason and Patient 6 were an exact DNA match. Alexis was horrified when she visited Julian in jail and saw the results of his recent beating. Alexis turned to Ava for help, but Ava no longer had any underworld contacts. Alexis decided to reach out to Olivia, but she was told to contact Olivia's attorney, Nora Buchanan. Nelle's attempt to blackmail Valentin blew up in her face when he called her bluff and Nina saw through Nelle's games and fired her. Nina gave Maxie a job. Valentin agreed to help Anna take Cassandra down. Amy's brother ended up in the emergency room after overdosing on pain pills.
November 13 to 17, 2017
Jordan asked Curtis to help track down Andre. Franco confessed to Ava that he was afraid of losing Elizabeth to one of the two Jasons. Ava asked Griffin to finish Dr. Klein's work, but he refused because it was too risky. Ava searched for an "unethical" doctor online. Patient 6 learned the truth about Ava's role in Morgan's death. Monica paid Patient 6 a visit and quickly realized that he was the Jason that she had raised. Patient 6 went to the footbridge and ran into Robin. Robin was uncertain if Patient 6 was Jason until he expressed himself in a way that only Jason would. Oscar's mother accepted Carly's invitation to Thanksgiving dinner. Josslyn and Oscar's search for his father led them to a war hero from Iowa. Nelle went to the Invader and traded Amy and Nathan's secret for a considerable sum of money. The editor warned Nelle that she had likely doomed both the blog and Crimson, as well as careers, but Nelle was unrepentant. Maxie took a home pregnancy test, but she didn't have a chance to share the results with Nathan because the story about his deception hit the Internet. Valentin told Nina the truth about Cassandra's intentions and his agreement to help Anna take her down. Alexis blackmailed her brother into forcing Olivia Jerome to clear Julian's name.
November 20 to 24, 2017
Friends and family gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving. Anna had a surprise visit from Robin and Noah. Robin met Patient 6 on the footbridge and had a heart-to-heart talk with him. Jason was hurt when Robin told him that she believed that Patient 6 was Jason Morgan. Jason found himself at the Quartermaine mansion, pouring his heart out to Monica. Monica assured Jason that he was her son, regardless of what Diane's search yielded. Patient 6 told Sam that he was willing to step back and let her husband remain Jason Morgan if it made her life easier, but she told him to stay and keep pushing for answers. Sonny and Carly met Oscar's mother, Kim. Kim recognized Patient 6 as Drew. Quinn confronted Nathan and Amy about their deception and demanded that Amy make a full confession online, clearing the publishing house of wrongdoing. Fans embraced Amy and Nathan's deception when Chet revealed why they had lied about Man Landers. Maxie took a home pregnancy test. Nathan was delighted when Maxie told him that she was pregnant. Olivia Jerome issued a statement that exonerated Julian of the crimes that he'd been charged with. Ava hoped to persuade a shady doctor to finish Klein's work. Cassandra confided to Valentin that she intended to traffic an opioid formula that was more powerful and addictive than what was on the market.
November 27 to December 1, 2017
Nathan and Maxie shared with their family and friends that they were expecting a baby. Alexis was shocked when she ran into Julian at the Floating Rib. Julian explained that he was out on bail, pending a new trial. David worried that Alexis wanted to rekindle things with Julian, but she assured him that she and Julian were over. Griffin stopped Ava from going through with the procedure to fix her scars because Dr. Z was an unethical doctor. Ava told Julian that she and Griffin were involved. Julian decided to find a new place to live when Griffin made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with Julian. Spinelli arrived in Port Charles and reunited with Patient 6, whom he believed to be Jason. Josslyn and Oscar were certain that Andrew Cain was Oscar's biological father. Jordan and Curtis tracked Andre down in Havana, Cuba, and persuaded Andre to return to the United States to share his story. Andre agreed to cooperate despite facing criminal charges. Andre revealed that Jake Doe was Andrew Cain, and Patient 6 was the real Jason Morgan. Andrew demanded proof, so Spinelli advised Jordan to run a fingerprint search on Andrew Cain and Jake Doe. Jordan confirmed that the men's fingerprints were a match. Liesl contacted Faison to warn him that Sonny and Jason were looking for him.
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December 4 to 8, 2017
Maxie and Lulu donned Hazmat suits then broke into the editor's office at the Invader and found proof that Nelle had leaked the story about Man Landers. Maxie and Lulu shared their findings with Michael, who decided to cut all ties with Nelle and sell her apartment. Nelle informed Michael that she was pregnant with his child. Drew was arrested by the Navy for desertion. Sam appealed to Jason to help his brother, so Jason talked to Commander Fuller about the abduction. Kim told Drew that Oscar was his son. Sonny and Jason received a lead on Cesar Faison, but they found Britt at the location instead of her father. Britt confessed that her father had been working with a partner, but she had no idea who the person was. Julian paid Olivia a visit and made it clear that he intended to be a part of Leo's life. Olivia agreed to let Julian spend time with Leo because she didn't want to repeat the same mistakes that she had made with Dante. Monica made it clear that both Jason and Drew were Alan's sons and a part of the Quartermaine family. Franco and Elizabeth became engaged.
December 11 to 15, 2017
Kevin and Laura set a wedding date for Christmas Day. Lulu realized that she had stumbled onto a big story when she found voting ballots for the 2014 mayoral election at Wyndemere, but Nina pointed out that the ballots might implicate Nikolas in election tampering. Anna moved Finn into her home for his protection because he refused to decline Cassandra's offer to work as her chemist. Finn and Anna shared a passionate kiss. Sam told Jason that she could never regret loving Drew. Sam tried to return the wedding ring that Jason had given her, but he asked her to keep it for Danny. Alexis warned Drew that he and Sam were not legally married. Drew talked to Oscar, but Oscar was wary of his father. Britt revealed that Cesar Faison had fled Port Charles when a P.K. Sinclair manuscript had mysteriously appeared. Britt decided to turn herself in and deal with the criminal charges facing her because she was tired of living on the run. Andre told Jordan that his work had been inspired by his wife who had suffered from early-onset Alzheimer's. Andre revealed that all his work, including Jason and Drew's memory mapping, had been hidden in a Christmas ornament that he gave to Anna. Julian bought a bar when the charges against him were dropped.
December 18 to 22, 2017
Kevin and Laura's Christmas Eve wedding hit a snag, but Lesley's Italian boyfriend, Marcello, stepped in to save the day. Feuding loved ones were stranded at Julian's new pub during a snowstorm. Molly and T.J. helped their squabbling family members put aside their differences and help an overcrowded homeless shelter in the Charles Street district during the weather emergency. Carly gave Jason a house key for Christmas because she wanted him to know that he would always have a home with her. Jason dropped off a present for Jake, but Jake wanted nothing to do with his father. Ava offered Nelle a job at the gallery. Nelle manipulated her way into Sonny and Carly's home because she wanted to spend Christmas with Michael. Lulu went to Peter August with her story about Mayor Lomax's stolen election. Oscar spent the holidays getting to know the Quartermaines. Drew surprised Sam with a diamond engagement ring. A mystery person stole the Christmas ornament containing the flash drive with all of Andre's work.
December 25 to 29, 2017
Finn managed to plant a bug in Cassandra's phone, which helped the WSB and Anna locate the facility where Cassandra manufactured illegal opioids. Cassandra realized that she'd been betrayed when her henchman found the bug in her phone, but she assumed that Valentin had planted it. Cassandra kidnapped Valentin, but she soon figured out that Finn had been the mole, so she went after Anna to get to Finn. Monica offered Nelle sage advice about how to win over the Quartermaine family. Kevin was touched when Laura decided to take his last name. Mayor Lomax was forced to resign when she was indicted for stealing the election from Felicia. Alexis announced that there would be a special mayoral election, but Felicia declined to run. Kevin thought that Laura would be an ideal candidate for mayor. Peter asked Lulu to write a story about why Cesar Faison had targeted Jason and Drew. Carly played matchmaker by arranging for Jason and Sam to spend time alone on the Haunted Star. Jason and Sam shared a tender kiss as fireworks rang in the new year.
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