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January 6 to 10, 2020
Laura was overjoyed when she saw that Nikolas was alive, but her happiness was short-lived when she learned that Nikolas had chosen to remain "dead" until he could take Valentin down. Laura and Lulu blasted Nikolas for needlessly hurting Spencer. Nikolas informed Valentin that Valentin was not a Cassadine. According to Nikolas, Valentin was Helena's son. Valentin tried to slip out of town with Charlotte, but Jordan caught up with him at the town's square and arrested him. Nikolas and Ava were married. Ava invited Liesl to stay at Wyndemere as a chaperon because Ava refused to turn over the codicil until she and Nikolas had signed a post-nuptial agreement. An enemy made a move against Sonny. Gladys gave Sonny some information about a doctor in New York City who might be able to help Mike. Jason and Sam offered to assist Robert in exposing Peter's crimes against Andre and Drew in exchange for Robert assigning a new parole officer to Sam's case. Finn was uneasy when Anna neglected to tell Mac about Peter's connection to the gunman at the hospital. Lucy was impressed with Maxie's business acumen and offered her a job at Deception. Jordan learned that someone from her past had died from an opioid overdose.
January 13 to 17, 2020
At Jordan's request, Marcus Taggert returned to Port Charles. Maxie was pleasantly surprised when Spinelli and Georgie stopped in for a visit and shared some news about their future. Nelle showed up at Shiloh's memorial service and announced that she was Shiloh's widow; Nelle had been granted parole for risking her life to thwart Ryan Chamberlain's escape. Willow was stunned when she discovered that Nelle was staying with Brad. Willow warned Chase and Michael that Wiley was not safe with Brad. Neither Dev nor Josslyn was able to forget about the kiss they had shared. Neil told Alexis that he'd had his medical license pulled because of his relationship with her. Anna was evasive with Robert when he questioned her about the investigation into the hit man who had tried to kill Andre at the hospital. Lulu was surprised when Brook Lynn recognized Dustin. Dustin explained that he and Brook Lynn had briefly dated back when he'd been a struggling songwriter and Brook Lynn had worked in a Manhattan bar. Ava urged Nikolas to sign the post-nuptial agreement because he would not get his divorce until Ava had what she wanted. Tracy warned Ned that ELQ was in jeopardy. Laura talked to Ned about her plans for the waterfront district and the piers.
January 20 to 24, 2020
Nikolas reunited with Spencer, but things did not go as Nikolas had anticipated. Spencer was deeply hurt that his father had chosen to take down Valentin rather than reveal that Nikolas was alive. Ava tried to act as peacemaker, but Spencer was too angry to forgive his father. Nina set her terms for working with Sasha. Charlotte took a pair of scissors and destroyed a Crimson cover photo of Sasha. Laura told Jax her plans for the waterfront district. Carly agreed to take Gladys to Sonny's coffee warehouse for a tour. Michael invited Nelle to stay at the Quartermaine mansion to keep her away from Wiley. Jordan gave Marcus Taggert a warm welcome then shared her concerns about the death of their friend, Bob Massicott. Taggert assured Jordan that he would help her look into the suspicious death. This week had preemptions due to the impeachment trial of Donald Trump.
January 27 to 31, 2020
Willow questioned Brad's fitness as a parent. Liz learned the truth about Nikolas' role in Hayden's decision to disappear. Nikolas agreed to sign Ava's post-nuptial agreement -- provided she remained faithful to him. Ava accepted Nikolas' terms on the condition that he also remain faithful to her. Shots rang out in three separate locations that left no doubt that Sonny and his family had been targeted. In Brooklyn, Jason shot a gunman who had taken aim at Sonny. On the docks, a gunman fired at Michael, but Laura fell victim to a stray bullet. Josslyn credited Dustin with chasing a gunman away and saving lives. At Sonny's warehouse, Carly was rescued by a man who was revealed to be Gladys' son, Brando Corbin. Brando was shot and taken to the hospital. Martin assured Valentin that Nelle had no idea that Valentin had been responsible for Martin representing her. Martin managed to get the serious charges against Valentin dropped. Sonny decided to return to Port Charles instead of admitting Mike to the trial program for Alzheimer's patients. Sasha had second thoughts about moving in with Michael. Jax and Nina shared a passionate kiss. Nina made it clear to Valentin that they were over.
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February 3 to 7, 2020
Taggert and Jordan feared that their long-buried secret might have led to Bob Massicotte's death. Gladys confessed that she and Brando had had a falling-out, and she had found it easier to tell people that her son had died rather than admit the truth about their estrangement. Sonny instructed Gladys to stick to the story that Dev was Brando's son. Sonny met with a drug lord named Cyrus Renault. Cyrus warned Sonny that the coordinated shootings had been a taste of what Cyrus had planned if Sonny refused to work out a deal with Cyrus. Nina told Maxie about the kiss that Nina and Jax had shared. Emma arrived for a visit. Sam tried to enlist Finn's help to expose Peter's crimes. Julian drugged Brad's coffee, but Brad never had a chance to drink it because Lucas woke up from the coma. Lucas didn't recall the details of Brad's confession, but he did remember the moments leading up to it. Lucas decided to hire Willow to help out with Wiley until Lucas was back on his feet. Nelle confided her plans to Martin, but she was careful not to mention that she intended to disappear with her son. Nelle was annoyed when Michael moved her into the boathouse rather than the main house. Laura slowly recovered from her injuries, and she offered Nikolas advice about his thirst for revenge. Lulu confessed to her mother that she had reservations about Dustin. Martin and Valentin had a surprising connection to Brook Lynn's troubles.
February 10 to 14, 2020
Brando answered Carly's questions about his estrangement from Gladys, his drug addiction, and how he'd turned his life around. Dev met Brando. Spinelli announced that he, Ellie, and Georgie were moving back to Port Charles. Brad told Nelle that he and Lucas were taking Wiley and moving to Portland, Oregon. Brad was pleasantly surprised when Lucas didn't raise any objection to moving. Nelle moved up her plans to sell her shares of ELQ to Valentin. Jax and Nina decided to explore a relationship and made love. Valentin was stunned when a DNA test revealed that he was not a Cassadine. Valentin contemplated killing Jax but instead got drunk and thought about Helena's lies. Finn told Jason and Sam about Anna's efforts to safeguard Peter. Finn packed up Violet and walked out on Anna when he realized that Anna was determined to protect Peter at all costs. Peter made a phone call to get Sam sent back to Pentonville. Sam and Jason had a close call with Delores, but Epiphany intervened to help Sam.
February 17 to 21, 2020
Peter was selective with the truth when Anna questioned him. Valentin bought Nelle's shares of ELQ. Trina persuaded Cameron to attend the Midwinter Formal with her as a friend, so Josslyn would see Cameron in a different light when the girls at their school went "gaga" over him. Trina shared a happy reunion with her father -- Taggert! Curtis confronted Jordan about her relationship with Taggert, and he questioned if she was Trina's mother. Jordan told Curtis the truth about her history with Cyrus Renault. Cyrus let Jordan know that he was in Port Charles for her. Sonny and Jason made a move against Cyrus. Lucas recalled Brad's shocking confession about Wiley on the night of the accident. Michael was stunned when Lucas revealed that Wiley was Jonah. Nelle knocked Willow out then attempted to abduct Wiley, but Michael and Chase arrived in time to rescue Wiley from Nelle's clutches. Nelle and Brad were arrested. Nelle put all the blame on Brad by claiming that he had taken advantage of her when she had been fading in and out of consciousness. Brad kept quiet about Julian having learned the truth about Wiley. Chase broke the heartbreaking news to Willow that her son had died of sudden infant death syndrome.
February 24 to 28
Michael settled Wiley into the Quartermaine mansion then introduced Monica to her great-grandson. Michael asked Willow to remain a part of Wiley's life. Lucas tried to pick up the pieces of his life. Julian promised to help Brad in exchange for Brad's silence. Brook Lynn easily pieced together Julian's role in Lucas' accident and blackmailed Julian by threatening to share her theory with Sonny. T.J. proposed marriage to Molly, but she told him that she had no desire to ever get married. Franco and Liz celebrated their wedding anniversary. Cameron and Trina were kidnapped by the driver taking them to the Midwinter Formal. Later, the teens were used as bait to lure Taggert to his death. Taggert enlisted Curtis' help to rescue the teens, but shots rang out, and Cameron fled with one of the gunmen hot on his heels. Jason arrived in time to save Cameron from certain death. Taggert was shot during an exchange of gunfire with Cyrus' men. Laura asked Sonny to deal with Cyrus. Carly visited Nelle at the jail to make clear that Nelle would never get near Wiley. Carly was stunned when she found a bullet in Dev's backpack. Sonny and Brando agreed that it would be too dangerous for Dev to go to boarding school. Josslyn perked up when she heard Dustin would chaperon the school dance.
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MARCH 2020
March 2 to 8, 2020
Taggert succumbed to his gunshot wound. A devastated Trina blamed Curtis for her father's death. Cameron offered Trina support. Dr. Portia Robinson raced to Liz's house to be with her daughter. Portia opened up to Liz about her history with Taggert. Molly became concerned when T.J. seemingly vanished. Jordan had heard from T.J. via a text message, so she suggested that T.J. just needed some time to cool off before he faced Molly. Nelle's lawyer managed to get the charges against Nelle dropped when evidence vanished from the police evidence room. Nelle expressed her gratitude to Valentin for making her problems disappear. Alexis and Neil had a chance encounter at the opera. Michael asked Ned to temporarily run ELQ while Michael took a leave of absence to bond with his son. Olivia expressed her concern when Ned opted not to tell Michael about the threat that ELQ faced. Michael decided to legally change Wiley's name to Wiley Quartermaine Corinthos. Michael and Sasha persuaded Willow to remain a part of Wiley's life, but Chase worried that it was a mistake. Brook Lynn's sleazy music producer Linc offered to let Brook Lynn out of her contract in exchange for her shares of ELQ. Peter framed Liesl. Anna arranged for the WSB to arrest Liesl Obrecht for the murder of Drew Cain and the attempted murders of Franco Baldwin and Andre Maddox. Violet confided to Anna that she missed Anna.
March 9 to 13, 2020
Sonny paid Brad a visit to persuade Brad to plead guilty to all charges. Brad took responsibility for his crimes, but he insisted to the judge that Nelle had been complicit. Julian breathed a sigh of relief that Brad hadn't named him as an accomplice. Lucas said goodbye to Brad. Britt surprised Brad with a visit. Britt stopped by to talk to Julian about Brad. Finn apologized for thinking the worst of Peter. Anna was delighted when Finn and Violet returned home with her. Diane suggested that Michael might strengthen his case against Nelle if he were married. Sasha insisted on marrying Michael if it meant that it kept Nelle away from Wiley, but Diane explained that Michael's wife had to be a paragon of virtue without a criminal record. Willow spent time with her mother. Stella returned to Port Charles. Curtis was surprised to meet Trina's mother at Taggert's memorial service because he had known Portia in the past. Jordan was horrified when she realized that Cyrus had abducted T.J. Cyrus sent Harmony to deliver a message to Jordan. Liesl assured Franco that she was innocent and that Peter had set her up. Brook Lynn went to work for ELQ. Alexis and Neil succumbed to temptation and slept together. Neil's medical license was reinstated when Alexis lied about her relationship with him.
March 16 to 20, 2020
Brando agreed to take the job at Sonny's auto shop, but Brando refused to do anything illegal. Julian and Britt woke up in bed together, but they kept things casual. Britt refused to believe her mother's claims of innocence. Robert decided to look into Liesl's accusation that Peter had framed her. Neil joined the staff of General Hospital. Finn and Elizabeth were desperate to find Hayden before Violet's birthday. Nikolas admitted to Elizabeth that he had no idea where Hayden had vanished to, but he feared the worst because Hayden should have returned to Port Charles when she'd heard the news that Nikolas was no longer living in hiding. Brook Lynn accidently posted a photo of a confidential ELQ contract online that Lulu took to the Invader as a story. Valentin recorded a violent confrontation between Brook Lynn and Lulu. Nelle secured supervised visitation with Wiley then taunted Carly with a photo of Nelle and Wiley's visit. Willow told Jason her concerns about Harmony. Sasha suggested that Michael marry Willow. Cameron and Trina shared a kiss. Curtis confronted Portia about Trina, but Portia assured him that he was not Trina's father. Carly decided to ask Dustin to tutor Josslyn at home until the danger that Cyrus posed passed. Maxie quit her job at Crimson. Lucy accepted Valentin's offer.
March 23 to 27, 2020
Sam's parole officer caught Spinelli spying on her during an illicit tryst with a married lover. Delores had Spinelli arrested, but Sam called on Alexis to help Spinelli. Delores agreed to drop the charges against Spinelli in exchange for his silence, but she warned Sam that the attempt to blackmail her had only made Delores more determined to keep a close eye on Sam. Sam lashed out at Alexis but immediately apologized to her mother for the harsh words. A shaken Alexis succumbed to temptation and drank a shot of alcohol, but she called Julian before taking a second drink. Ned was forced to fire Brook Lynn from her job at ELQ. Hurt, Brook Lynn decided to give her shares of ELQ to Linc in exchange for being released from her contract with the sleazy record producer. Jordan's hopes were dashed when Cyrus refused to release T.J. until Cyrus had been released from Pentonville. Sonny and Jason realized that Cyrus had used T.J. to control Jordan, so Curtis persuaded Jordan to work with Sonny to take down Cyrus. Sonny received a call when Mike was taken to the hospital for an injured wrist. Nina hired Nelle so she could keep a close eye on Nelle. Maxie and Sasha were stunned when Lucy revealed that Valentin had invested in Deception. Michael was alarmed when Wiley had trouble breathing. Monica determined that the hole in Wiley's heart had not closed; she recommended surgery, but Nelle refused to consent to the operation because it was considered elective. Cameron had a session with Neil. Britt thought that Neil seemed familiar, but he did not recognize her. Britt blasted Nikolas for hurting Spencer. Finn and Anna moved ahead with their wedding plans.
March 30 to April 3, 2020
Alexis attended a meeting and confided to Finn that she had relapsed. Julian publicly confronted Neil and accused him of seducing Alexis and compromising her sobriety. Brook Lynn was evasive when Ned asked how she had managed to persuade Linc to release her from her contract. Brook Lynn accepted Lulu's apology then asked Dustin to collaborate on a song. Jax worried that Nelle would turn the tables on Nina. Using a secret burner phone, Jordan reached out to a mystery person to ask for advice before she took steps to secure Cyrus' freedom. Trina refused to believe that her father had broken the law to convict a criminal. Cameron talked to Franco about the kiss that Cameron and Trina had shared. Sonny was forced to acknowledge that his father was declining. Laura and Kevin conspired to have Cyrus committed to Ferncliff, but Robert had another plan to neutralize the infamous drug lord. Molly confronted Jordan about T.J.'s whereabouts, but Jordan told Molly that it was time for Molly to accept that T.J. didn't want to talk to Molly. Molly met Brando when she had car trouble after hitting a curb. Jason decided that he and Sam needed space because he didn't want to risk Sam being sent back to Pentonville.
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APRIL 2020
April 6 to 10, 2020
Trina had trouble accepting Jordan's claim that Taggert had conspired with his DEA partners to frame Cyrus. Cameron turned to Josslyn for help because he was unable to find the words to comfort Trina. Trina found herself turning to Ava for advice. An unconscious T.J. was dumped outside of General Hospital's Emergency Room entrance. Molly was stunned when she learned that T.J. had been admitted to the hospital. Molly was apologetic as she told Brando that their night together had been a mistake. Molly and T.J. were reunited, and Molly happily accepted T.J.'s offer of a domestic partnership. Sam was crushed when Jason told her that they needed to stay apart because of the threat that Cyrus posed to everyone close to Sonny and Jason. Jason confided the truth about T.J.'s abduction to Sam, but Jordan implored Sam not to tell anyone. During a heated confrontation in Nina's office, Carly and Nelle rehashed the past. According to Frank Benson, Bobbie's Aunt Ruby had sold Carly to Virginia Benson. Carly recalled meeting Nelle for the first time. Nelle had a special -- and familiar -- keepsake from her mother. Jax offered to have his security people search for Nina's daughter, so Nina showed him the necklace that was her only link to her daughter.
April 13 to 17, 2020
Robert informed Liesl that she would be transferred to The Hague to stand trial. Liesl was surprised when Robert admitted that he believed her claims that Peter had framed her, but he explained that he needed Peter to believe the plan had succeeded if Robert had any hope of exposing Peter's crimes. Peter made a phone call to arrange a distraction for Robert. Robert slipped into Maxie and Peter's apartment while everyone was out. Olivia received an update on Dante. Maxie confessed to Lulu that Valentin was Lucy's business partner in Deception Cosmetics. Lulu cautioned Maxie against working with Valentin. Nina warned Jax that she was more like Nelle than he realized, but Jax disagreed because Nina would never use her child to hurt someone. Chase worried that Willow would never forgive herself if she did not marry Michael and thwart Nelle's attempt to be a part of Wiley's life. Finn pulled out all the stops to throw Violet a special birthday party. Charlotte put a snake in Ava's purse during the birthday festivities. Cyrus reached out to Jason to arrange a meeting with Sonny. Sonny gave Nikolas a warning.
April 20 to 24, 2020
Valentin questioned Charlotte about the snake in Ava's purse because he knew that Charlotte had purchased a harmless snake from a reptile store using his credit card. Charlotte explained that she knew Ava was the enemy because she had seen Valentin shove Ava off the parapet. Charlotte was angry and blamed several people, including Lulu, for standing in the way of Charlotte returning to Wyndemere and being a family with Valentin and Nina. A heartbroken Valentin asked Laura to be a guiding force in his daughter's life because he didn't intend to fight Lulu for custody. Robert caught Spinelli breaking into Maxie's apartment. Spinelli persuaded Robert to join forces to take Peter down. Robert received the crushing news that Holly Sutton had died. Chase and Sasha set a plan into motion, designed to send Willow into Michael's arms. Nelle overheard Willow confide to Nina that Chase and Sasha had been having an affair. Sonny was faced with the harsh reality that the end was near for Mike. Cyrus introduced himself to Julian. Jordan worried that T.J. might remember something that would link his abduction to Cyrus. Molly bumped into Brando at Charlie's. Sam was not impressed with Brando. Alexis told Sam and Diane about her night of passion with Neil and lying to the medical review board, which had led to Alexis' relapse and Julian's public confrontation with Neil at the hospital.
April 27 to May 1, 2020
Sonny and Cyrus reached an uneasy truce, while each made plans to take the other down. Molly confided to her sisters that she had slept with Brando. Brando learned that Molly was Sonny's niece. Sam warned Brando to leave Molly alone, or he would have to deal with Sam. Sonny announced that Brando was free to return to Chicago, but Brando wanted to keep running the garage. Neil admitted to Alexis that he was angry with himself and with her because they had lied to the medical review board. Alexis received a summons from the bar association. T.J. recalled that one of his kidnappers had had metal taps on his shoes and a "My Old Kentucky Home" ringtone on his phone. Chase told Finn the truth about his breakup with Willow. Sasha moved out of the Quartermaine mansion. Carly saw through Sasha's lies. Charlotte overheard Laura tell Lulu that Valentin had decided to walk away from Charlotte for his daughter's own good. Charlotte appealed to Nina to reconcile with Valentin so they could be a family. Valentin assured his daughter that he would not leave her, but he was determined that she learn the difference between right and wrong. Charlotte admitted to Lulu that she resented how Lulu treated Valentin. Lulu and Valentin vowed to do better for their daughter's sake. Dustin and Brook Lynn worked on a song for the Nurses Ball. Portia decided to apply for a position as the head of internal medicine.
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MAY 2020
May 4 to 8, 2020
Alexis was notified that she had been disbarred. Alexis was shocked when Molly confessed that she had slept with Brando. During a heated argument, Kristina warned Sam that while Jason loved Sam and would die for her, he would always put Sonny and Carly first. Julian advised Neil to fight for Alexis. Spencer wrote Nikolas a letter offering his father a second chance, but Spencer demanded that Nikolas divorce Ava. Ava reminded Nikolas of the terms of their prenuptial agreement. Robert mourned Holly Sutton by drowning his sorrows at the Floating Rib. Peter's goon denied any involvement in Holly's death. Franco told Elizabeth that he had been offered a lucrative deal in exchange for helping a producer finish the documentary on Ryan Chamberlain. During a confrontation, a furious Brook Lynn punched Sasha in the nose. Chase was forced to arrest Brook Lynn when she ripped up her citation for assault. Nina told Jax that Nelle might be able to turn things around if someone believed in Nelle. Nelle appealed to Nina to testify in the custody hearing on Nelle's behalf. Mac was perplexed that T.J.'s kidnappers had used T.J.'s phone to text message Jordan reassuring messages rather than demanding a ransom. Jason and Curtis discussed plans for Cyrus. Carly and Laura were unnerved by an encounter with Cyrus. Curtis became protective when Cyrus approached Portia and Trina. Mike continued to decline as his Alzheimer's advanced.
May 11 to 15, 2020
At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael and Willow were surrounded by family as they exchanged wedding vows. Willow told Chase about her marriage. Lucy broke the news about the nuptials to Sasha. Sasha succumbed to temptation when someone handed her drugs to take the edge off during a photo shoot. Dustin and Olivia cleared the air between them. Brook Lynn called Julian for help. Nelle overheard Brook Lynn and Julian discuss his role in Lucas and Brad's car accident. Nelle showed up for the custody hearing, wearing a wedding dress and flashing a new wedding ring. Mac gave Robert the WSB report on Holly's death, and he revealed that Anna had found something to indicate that things were not as they seemed. Robert suspected that Holly was alive. Sonny faced a difficult decision as Mike's health continued to decline. Trina confronted Cyrus at the hospital, but Curtis quickly intervened and warned the drug lord to keep his distance from both Portia and Trina. Trina demanded that Jordan clear Taggert's name, but Jordan insisted that she had told the truth about Taggert's role in framing Cyrus. Valentin asked Martin to find out who controlled Scout's shares of ELQ. Nina admitted to Jax that she wanted to find her daughter, but she declined his help.
May 18 to 22, 2020
Nelle announced that she had married Julian Jerome, but the judge was not amused by Nelle's courtroom antics. Julian recalled how Nelle had blackmailed him by threatening to expose his secrets. A furious Sam informed Julian that he was dead to her and Lucas. Diane broke the news about Julian's marriage to Alexis. Alexis was depressed because she could no longer practice law. Sam apologized to Brando for the way that she had talked to him at the garage. Elizabeth explained to Jason that Mike's decline was a sign that he was ready to let go, but Mike needed to hear from Sonny that it was okay. Scott warned Franco to be careful because Elizabeth and Nikolas had history. Franco insisted that he trusted his wife, but an encounter with Nikolas left Franco's confidence shaken. Cyrus hoped to do business with Ava, but she made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with the man who had been responsible for the death of Trina's father. Josslyn was surprised when Dev revealed that Cameron had romantic feelings for her. A desperate Olivia consulted a psychic about Dante. Robert decided to reach out to Luke for help investigating Holly's disappearance and presumed death. A dizzy spell and bout of nausea had Maxie checking her calendar. Maxie's assistant gave Sasha more drugs.
May 25 to 29, 2020
A week of episodes featuring memorable performances from recent Nurses Ball galas. Some of the acts featured included Magic Milo & the Magic Wands, Eddie Maine, the Haunted Starlets, and a double dose of Liesel Obrecht singing "Willkommen" and "99 Red Balloons".
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JUNE 2020
June 1 to 5, 2020
A week of episodes featuring memorable performances from the 2016, 2017, and 2018 Nurses Ball galas. Some of the acts featured included Magic Milo and the Magic Wands, Emma Drake and Eddie Maine singing "Don't Go Breaking My Heart", and Valentin Cassadine crooning a Billy Joel song.
June 8 to 12, 2020
A week of episodes featuring memorable performances from the 2018 and 2019 Nurses Ball galas. Some of the acts featured included Valentin Cassadine singing "The Book of Love," Mike Corbin crooning "Summer Wind" with a little help from Sonny, and Ava Jerome declaring "You Don't Own Me."
June 15 to 19, 2020
A week of episodes shining a spotlight on Carly and Sonny's relationship. The episodes included the February 7, 2007, hostage drama at Metro Court; Sonny going off his medication on September 24, 2013; Sonny clinging to life on September 14, 2015, after a shooting; a surprise October 14, 2015, ceremony in the hospital chapel, and the aftermath of Morgan's death on October 12, 2016.
June 22 to 26, 2020
A week of episodes that explored Jason Morgan and Sam McCall's relationship. The episodes spanned from their December 3, 2003, first encounter in jail, of all places, to their September 22, 2011, wedding at the Noodle Buddha. Tucked in between those episodes was the heartbreaking November 2004 episode where Jason told Sam that her baby had died, an October 2005 water gun fight, and a July 2011 proposal with an unusual ring.
June 29 to July 3, 2020
A week of episodes chronicling Sonny's often tempestuous relationship with his kids. The episodes shown were the January 29, 2010, episode in which Sonny shot Dante, unaware that he was shooting his son; Kristina and Sonny attending therapy on June 4, 2010); the November 7, 2014, episode where Michael held a gun on Sonny to make him pay for killing A.J.; Michael giving Avery back to Sonny on June 29, 2015; and Sonny talking Morgan down from a literal ledge on February 26, 2016.
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JULY 2020
July 6 to 10, 2020
A second week of episodes documenting Sonny's relationships with his children. The episodes included Michael taking a bullet intended for Sonny on April 4, 2008; Michael's May 4, 2010, confession that he killed Claudia Zacharra and subsequent prison sentencing on September 30, 2010; Sonny visiting Kristina on January 6, 2011; and a July 25, 2016, conversation between Sonny and Kristina about Parker.
July 13 to 17, 2020
The first of three weeks of re-airing episodes that aired on General Hospital just before the show was forced to halt production due to the coronavirus pandemic. The episode started with Sonny's meeting with Cyrus on April 28, 2020, and ended with the May 5, 2020, strategy session between Martin and Nelle.
July 20 to 24, 2020
The second of three weeks of re-airing episodes that aired on General Hospital just before the show was forced to halt production due to the coronavirus pandemic. The episodes started with Alexis learning that she had been disbarred on May 6, 2020, and ended with the May 13, 2020, aftermath of Michael and Willow getting married.
July 27 to 31, 2020
The third of three weeks of re-airing episodes that aired on General Hospital just before the show was forced to halt production due to the coronavirus pandemic. The episodes started with Nelle announcing her surprise marriage to a stunned courtroom on May 14, 2020, and ended with Nina preparing to testify for Nelle on May 21, 2020.
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August 3 to 7, 2020
Nina testified at Wiley's custody hearing that Nelle was a manipulative liar who had blackmailed Julian into marriage to score points with the judge. Michael and Willow were delighted when Nelle had a meltdown in court. Valentin gave Nelle the documents necessary for her to disappear but warned her not to kidnap Wiley because Michael had the resources to hunt them down. Nelle planted a tracking device in Wiley's favorite stuffed animal. Neil paid Alexis a visit after learning she'd been disbarred, but Alexis wasn't ready to welcome him back into her life. Olivia was disappointed by Ned's lack of compassion as she struggled with Dante's choices. At a WSB facility, Dante continued to battle his demons. Sonny decided not to authorize the procedure for Mike to receive a feeding tube. Jason explained his wishes to Carly and gave her power of attorney. Laura was outraged that Cyrus had his sights set on General Hospital. Shortly after Cyrus stopped by Brando's garage, Jason picked up his motorcycle, which Brando had repaired. Later, Jason lost control of the motorcycle and was rushed to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, in need of life-saving surgery. Confident that Sonny and Jason had been neutralized, Cyrus turned the heat up on Jordan. Valentin persuaded Brook Lynn that he only wanted to help ELQ, so she agreed to remain silent about his plans in exchange for his help jump-starting her career. Maxie took a pregnancy test. Robert remained determined to get answers about Holly's disappearance.
August 10 to 14, 2020
Sam agreed to give Valentin the voting proxy for Danny and Scout's ELQ shares in exchange for having her parole officer reassigned. Jason recovered from his injuries, and he recalled that his motorcycle had malfunctioned prior to the crash. Sam accused Brando of sabotaging the stabilizing bar that had been replaced on Jason's bike. Maxie worried that Peter wouldn't welcome the news of her pregnancy. Lulu was stunned when Cyrus revealed that he'd been named the new chairman of the board because he had bailed the hospital out of financial trouble. Nikolas touched base with Spencer to let his son know that their plan to manipulate Ava into filing for divorce had been put into motion. Michael and Willow were elated when they were awarded sole custody of Wiley. Jax arranged for a jeweler to take a look at Nina's heart pendant necklace. Lucy was the deciding vote when Valentin seized control of ELQ. A furious Ned tossed Brook Lynn out of the mansion because she had betrayed her family by siding with Valentin. Sasha once again succumbed to the temptation of drugs to deal with her problems. Mike was transferred back to Turning Woods to live out his final days. Anna talked to Finn about inviting his father and stepmother to the wedding.
August 17 to 21, 2020
The 2020 Nurses Ball kicked off as a telethon. Familiar faces entertained viewers with musical numbers to raise money for HIV/AIDS research, frontline workers, and first responders. Marcus Taggert was revealed to be alive when he slipped into town to meet with Jordan. Nelle told Spinelli that Shiloh had been blackmailing Peter. Peter learned that he was going to be a father when Maxie spoke about her pregnancy during a hot mic moment. Partygoers were shocked that Ava's portrait had been vandalized and sported Franco's infamous CO77X tag. Ava overheard Lulu tell Dustin that Nikolas and Spencer were plotting against Ava. Liz eavesdropped as Ava confided to Nina about Nikolas and Spencer's plot. Robert told Olivia that he had found a way for her to visit with Dante. Sam ran interference for Molly when T.J. met Brando. Lulu walked in on Brook Lynn kissing Dustin, but he rebuffed Brook Lynn's advances and made it clear that he was happy with Lulu. Nelle blackmailed Julian into helping her abduct Wiley. After eavesdropping on Nelle's incriminating phone call with Julian, Brook Lynn confronted Nelle, but Nelle attacked Brook Lynn with a pair of shears. Julian had a change of heart when he rendezvoused with Nelle.
August 24 to 28, 2020
At the pier, Jason found Taggert very much alive but suffering a gunshot wound. Jason took Taggert to an undisclosed location, where he arranged for Epiphany to care for Taggert. Willow and Nina both admitted that they missed having Sasha in their lives. Josslyn and Trina discussed Cameron, and Trina admitted that she and Cam had kissed. Alexis injured herself in a gym mishap. Dante refused a new assignment, one that involved someone that he was close to. Jason agreed to help Jordan. Brook Lynn made it out of surgery. Despite being told not to try to talk, Brook Lynn told Michael that Nelle had installed a tracking device that could lead him to Wiley. Michael found Wiley safe and sound. Carly confronted Nelle, and Nelle tumbled over the edge of a cliff.
August 31 to September 4, 2020
Neil and Alexis rekindled their relationship, but tragedy struck after a night of passion when Alexis found Neil dead in bed. Preliminary autopsy results revealed that Neil had died of respiratory failure from a drug overdose. Jason officially moved back home with Sam, Danny, and Scout. Alex called asking for her twin Anna's help because Alex wanted to return home. Anna enlisted Valentin's help to deal with Alex. Jason planted a camera in Brando's garage to keep tabs on Brando, which captured two of Cyrus' thugs beating up Brando. Spinelli set a trap for Peter, using the camera in Brando's garage. Sonny spent an idyllic day with Mike at the race track. Brook Lynn refused to forgive her father for kicking her out of the Quartermaine mansion. Ned was disappointed when Olivia decided to fly to Geneva with Robert to see Dante while Brook Lynn remained in the ICU. Cyrus fired both Bobbie and Monica. Jax's jeweler provided Nina with a promising clue about the heart pendant necklace. Carly went along with Jax's plan not to reveal Nelle's true fate. Michael told Willow that he wanted her to adopt Wiley.
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September 7 to 11, 2020
An autopsy revealed that Neil had died of an opioid overdose. Julian found the syringe under Alexis' bed. Jordan confronted Cyrus about Neil's overdose, but he denied knowing Neil. Olivia was crushed when Dante refused to see her. Robert answered a call from an unknown number and heard Holly's voice. Olivia insisted on accompanying Robert to Monte Carlo to follow the lead. Nina and Jax visited the jeweler who had split the heart pendant necklace, but he did not recognize a photo of Madeline. The receipt for the necklace showed that the buyer had been a woman named Phyllis Caulfield. Britt was hired as the hospital's new chief of staff. Both Epiphany and Liz were demoted. A camera captured a kiss between Nikolas and Liz as well as a kiss between Franco and Ava. Julian learned that Martin kept all important documents -- including Nelle's incriminating letter -- in his briefcase. Loved ones gathered as Mike's health declined. Josslyn shared a special goodbye with Mike. Josslyn, Cameron, Trina, and Dev agreed to attend the school dance together as friends.
September 14 to 18, 2020
Robert received a call from someone who sounded like Holly pleading for his help. Olivia insisted on accompanying Robert to Monte Carlo, where they encountered Winston Rudge. Robert and Olivia received a helping hand from Ethan Lovett, but the WSB found compelling evidence that Holly had been killed. However, Rudge's true partner held Holly captive in an undisclosed location. Ned insisted that Alexis see a doctor when her wrist injury proved to be far worse than she had led him to believe. Portia suspected that Alexis had osteoporosis. Franco found himself out of a job because of Britt's budget cuts. Kevin suspected that Cyrus had hired Britt to do his dirty work by getting rid of the old guard in order for Cyrus to use the hospital for illicit activity. Loved ones gathered to say a final goodbye to Mike. Mike was filled with joy when he saw his daughter, Courtney, waiting for him in the light. Nikolas and Ava made love. Avery found Nelle's necklace. Chase invited Brook Lynn to stay with him until she got back on her feet. Molly was uncomfortable when she realized that T.J. and Brando had been hanging out. Nina recalled that Phyllis Caulfield had once been her nurse.
September 21 to 26, 2020
Carly told Sonny and Jason the truth about Nelle's last moments on the cliff. Nelle's body was recovered from the river and taken to General Hospital for an autopsy. Sasha continued to spiral when she realized that she no longer had a place in Michael's life. Chase remained hopeful that Willow would return to him when she learned the truth about him and Sasha. Ned learned that Brook Lynn had erased Olivia's voicemail message. Ned took a swing at Valentin. Ethan accompanied Robert and Olivia back to Port Charles. Scott used incriminating photos to blackmail both Nikolas and Ava. Scott was revealed to be in cahoots with Franco and Liz in the blackmail scheme. Dev turned to Brando for advice about Josslyn. Alexis was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Valentin accompanied Alexis to Neil's memorial service. Neil's brother ordered Alexis to leave because he blamed her for Neil's death. Later, Alexis ordered a drink. Molly and T.J. discussed postponing their commitment ceremony. Despite his misgivings, Dr. Kirk cleared Dante for a mission. Lulu moved forward with plans to expose Cyrus' true intentions.
September 28 to October 2, 2020
Dante learned that his assignment was to investigate Peter August. Liesl Obrecht was pleased when Dr. Kirk reported to her that Dante had accepted the mission. Olivia and Robert returned to Port Charles, but Olivia was reluctant to face Ned because she feared there was little left of her marriage. Ned took a swing at Valentin, but Valentin declined to press charges. Ned and Alexis commiserated over drinks at the Floating Rib. Nina was shocked when she was told that Nelle's body had been recovered from the river. Sonny let Jax know that Carly had told Sonny and Jason the truth about Nelle's last moments. Martin was struck from behind, and his briefcase was stolen. Julian was frustrated when he got his hands on Nelle's letter, only to discover that she had been a step ahead of him. Chase questioned Julian about the attack on Martin, but Cyrus offered Julian an alibi. Josslyn and Cameron shared a kiss. Ryan Chamberlain reached out to Ava.
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October 5 to 9, 2020
Loved ones gathered to lay Mike Corbin to rest. Sonny was overjoyed that Dante returned home. Liesl was revealed to be a prisoner at the WSB and one of Dr. Kirk's patients. Dustin and Lulu decided to move in together. Jackie Templeton returned to Port Charles to work on a story with Lulu. Finn was shocked when he saw Chase's mother -- Jackie. Valentin and Anna decided to take steps to lure Alex out of hiding. Cameron confided to Dev that he was torn between Josslyn and Trina. Dev urged Cam to tell each that he just wanted to be friends until Cam figured things out. Ned and Alexis decided to keep their one-night stand a secret. Alexis continued to drown her sorrows in alcohol. Olivia set Ned straight about what had transpired in Monaco with Robert. Ryan threatened to share Nelle's letter about Julian with Sonny unless Ava agreed to visit Ryan weekly and divorce Nikolas. Brando pressured Jason to proceed with plans for Brando to infiltrate Cyrus' organization. Gladys made an appearance after Mike's funeral. Brook Lynn asked Amy to secretly record a song for Deception, which Brook Lynn intended to pass off as her own.
October 12 to 16, 2020
Despite Liz's reservations, Franco and Scott proceeded with their blackmail scheme. Scott was shocked when Liz and Franco ripped up the checks that Nikolas and Ava had given to Scott. Ryan demanded to see Ava's signed divorce papers before he handed over Nelle's letter to her. Ava confided to Julian that she had slept with Nikolas. Nikolas confessed to Alexis that he wanted to stay married to Ava. Sonny agreed to go along with Brando's plan to infiltrate Cyrus' organization. Cyrus asked Jordan for a police file on an old case. Dante's return home was not what he had expected when Lulu introduced him to Dustin. Dante and Olivia enjoyed an emotional reunion. Chase told his mother about his breakup with Willow. Jackie warned Chase not to try to fix things between Finn and his father because Chase would end up getting hurt. Peter and Maxie decided to get married. Anna told Valentin that Alex might be Peter's mother. Sasha was a disaster at the Deception presentation, and Brook Lynn was caught lip-syncing. Brook Lynn overheard Ned tell Monica that he had cheated on Olivia. Nina decided to take charge of Nelle's funeral arrangements when no one else expressed an interest in claiming Nelle's body. Dev shared a damaging entry from Josslyn's journal about Cameron that Dev had secretly written, but Cam was furious that Dev had invaded Josslyn's privacy.
October 19 to 23, 2020
The police questioned Carly about the night that Nelle had died, but she stuck to the story that she and Jax had concocted. Carly was plagued by nightmares about Nelle. Nina called Jax when Carly became agitated at Nelle's graveside. Brook Lynn and Valentin commiserated over drinks then found comfort in each other's arms. Cameron admitted to Trina that he had romantic feelings for her -- and for Josslyn. Trina kissed Cam, and they both agreed that they were only friends. Dev continued to manipulate Josslyn. Brando accepted Cyrus' work offer. Cyrus turned up the heat to force Julian to sell Charlie's Pub, but Julian stood firm in his refusal. Ava realized that Scott had also blackmailed Nikolas. Nikolas admitted that he had "inconvenient" feelings for Ava, so she dared him to prove it by giving her a divorce. Michael accepted Sam's job offer at Aurora Media. Michael and Willow agreed to annul their marriage, but they also decided to make the most of their time together. Alexis continued to indulge in alcohol to deal with her grief. Sonny inherited Mike's share of a race horse that Mike had secretly invested in. Dustin offered to step aside if Lulu wanted to give Dante a second chance, but Lulu insisted that her future was with Dustin.
October 26 to 30, 2020
Passion ignited between Nikolas and Ava when she accidentally pricked him with a knife. Ava showed Ryan paperwork that she had divorced Nikolas in exchange for Nelle's letter about Julian, but Ryan saw through the ruse. Ryan vowed that Ava would pay for her deception. Liz confessed the truth about the blackmail scheme to Nikolas. Epiphany confided to Liz that she and Milo had drifted apart, and the relationship was over. Franco collapsed, and he was rushed to the hospital. Terry told Franco that he had a malignant brain tumor that appeared to be inoperable. Franco decided not to tell Liz about the tumor. Brook Lynn's attempt to sing karaoke ended in disaster. Michael and Willow each had reservations about going through with the annulment. Dante took a job working for Peter. Finn and Jackie discussed their past. Anna enlisted Kevin's help to confirm that Alex was Peter's birth mother. Alex knocked out her twin. Peter was shaken when he received an ominous phone call from Helena Cassadine. Spinelli and Sam were behind the call to Peter. Sasha's drug use became apparent to several, especially when she was seen in Cyrus' company. Cyrus made certain that Sasha had a fresh supply of drugs. Taggert resurfaced in Port Charles on Halloween.
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November 2 to 6, 2020
On election day, Josslyn and Trina learned about the struggles that the women of Port Charles had faced when they'd first cast their votes a hundred years earlier. Ava discovered that Taggert was alive. Taggert shared incriminating information about Julian and Nelle with Sonny. Julian cut a deal with Cyrus to silence Ryan. Sonny and Ava were shocked when they found Ryan barely clinging to life with a knife in his back. Portia joined forces with Jordan and Curtis to buy the police commissioner time to dig into Cyrus' past. Franco confided to Kevin about the brain tumor. Later, Franco asked Jason to kill him if Jason saw signs of Franco's homicidal nature returning. Alex's plan to hide in plain sight by taking over Anna's life went awry when Anna and Valentin managed to escape Alex's deadly clutches. Alex connected with Peter, but she was careful not to give herself away. Alex shot Finn, and she kidnapped Maxie. Sam warned Alexis that she would not allow Alexis near the children if Alexis refused to get sober. Peter confronted Spinelli about the phone call from Helena. Jackie told Chase that she and his father were divorcing.
November 9 to 13, 2020
Josslyn was taken aback when Dev lashed out at her about Oscar. Jackie called Gregory to let him know that Finn had been shot. Gregory raced to his son's side as Finn recovered from the shooting. Anna gravely wounded Alex during a shootout on the Haunted Star. Alex was presumed killed when she threw herself overboard in open waters. Anna lied to Finn about the test results of Faison's genetic markers. Peter walked in on Dante downloading files from Peter's computer, but Dante managed to explain his presence in Peter's office. Franco revealed to Liz that his brain tumor was back. Jordan and Curtis crossed paths with Laura on their search for information about Cyrus' past. Laura reached out to a mystery person when she learned that Cyrus was interested in an old case. Carly asked Brando to watch over Sasha. Sasha collapsed after Cyrus gave her drugs. Chase confided the truth to Brook Lynn about his ruse with Sasha. Michael and Willow decided not to sign their annulment papers. Phyllis told Nina about the baby girl that Nina had given birth to. Carly recognized Avery's new good luck charm -- Nelle's necklace.
November 16 to 20, 2020
Dr. Kirk was pleased when Dante provided a flash drive that proved that the evidence that had landed Liesl in jail had been fabricated. Nikolas took responsibility for arranging the hit on Ryan to stop Sonny from questioning Ava. Sam arranged an intervention for Alexis. Carly showed Jax the heart pendant necklace that Avery had found then confided to Jax that Nelle was Nina's daughter. Brook Lynn left town without revealing to Valentin that she might be pregnant with their child. Liz reached out to Patrick Drake to help Franco. Laura told Scott about Cyrus' interest in an old case that involved her. After Sasha suffered a heart attack from a drug overdose, Michael caught Cyrus attempting to turn off Sasha's life support. Chase confessed to Willow the truth about his ruse with Sasha. Michael was stunned when Carly revealed that Sasha had never slept with Chase. After being attacked in jail by one of Cyrus' men, Brad was rushed to the hospital. Britt decided to secretly work with Jason to help take down Cyrus. Cyrus demanded that Julian kill Jason in exchange for Cyrus silencing Ryan. Julian tried to bargain with Cyrus by revealing that Taggert was alive, but Cyrus insisted that Julian plant a bomb at the Floating Rib. Dustin proposed to Lulu just as an explosion tore through the Floating Rib.
November 23 to 27, 2020
At Cyrus' order, Julian planted a bomb at the Floating Rib. Several were injured in the blast, and the popular bar was left in ruins. Dev and Dustin succumbed to their injuries. Lulu collapsed from a head injury just as she told Dante that she loved him. After emergency surgery, Lulu fell into a coma. Sam and Diane were forced to leave Alexis' intervention when word of the explosion reached them. Sam breathed a sigh of relief that Jason and Danny had left the bar prior to the bomb detonating. Britt told Sonny and Jason that Julian had known for months about Nelle and Brad switching babies. Julian turned to Ava for help. Ava was furious with Julian, but she urged him to leave town and not look back. Franco suffered a life-threatening head injury that required surgery with an uncertain future. Laura confided to Sonny about Cyrus' interest in the murder of David Hamilton -- and her role in David's death.
November 30 to December 4, 2020
Tracy returned to Port Charles for a brief visit. After slipping into a coma, Lulu was transferred to a long-term care facility in Manhattan. Trina turned to Josslyn for help when Cyrus revealed that Taggert was alive. Curtis was surprised when Laura told him about her role in David Hamilton's death, that her biological father was Gordon Grey, and that Gordon had been married to a woman named Florence. Ava decided to give her brother a quick death when she learned that Lulu had been one of the victims of the bombing. Ava admitted to Nikolas that she loved him and that their marriage was real to her. Julian managed to escape by jumping from Wyndemere's turret then making his way to Martin's office, where he found an incriminating photo of Martin that Julian used as blackmail. Martin was revealed to have a past with Cyrus. Jason and Sonny hoped to use Julian against Cyrus. Valentin fired Martin. Brando talked to Sasha about his own struggles with addiction. Sasha was furious when she learned that Chase had told Willow the truth.
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December 7 to 11, 2020
Jason told Sam about Julian's role in the bombing. Sam asked Jason to move out because she could no longer ignore the danger that his lifestyle presented to her children. Julian discovered that Kim Nero had given birth to a baby boy a few months after leaving Port Charles. The nanny assured Kim that Julian had no idea the baby was his son. Sasha decided to take Cyrus down for peddling drugs that he knew were lethal. Sonny and Diane were stunned to learn that Martin Grey and Cyrus Renault were brothers. Laura gave Curtis a lead on Florence Grey when Cyrus offered to refer Lulu to a long-term care facility in Vermont. Monica told Tracy about Ned's one-night stand with Alexis. Tracy put a plan into motion that would keep Alexis from talking to Olivia. Valentin asked Anna to check into Dante's treatment because he had concerns about Dante's mental state. Franco showed up at the clinic in Switzerland for an appointment with Dr. Kirk. Scott and Franco had an encounter with Liesl that turned deadly when Dr. Kirk threatened Liesl with a knife. Trina enlisted Josslyn and Cameron's help accessing Taggert's medical records. Epiphany warned Jordan that Taggert had returned to town. Finn introduced Violet to his father. Maxie suggested that she and Peter have a double wedding with Finn and Anna. Ryan woke up.
December 14 to 18, 2020
Brick gave Sonny and Jason a lead on Julian as a wounded Julian attempted to flee to Canada. Jason was forced to deal with Cyrus' hit man as Sonny gave chase to Julian. Sonny caught up to Julian on a footbridge, where the encounter turned deadly. Jason arrived as the footbridge collapsed, taking Sonny and Julian with it. Laura was shocked to learn that Martin Grey and Cyrus Renault were her paternal brothers. Martin revealed that Cyrus was responsible for Gordon Grey's death. Curtis was hurt when Jordan admitted that she had helped Taggert stage his death. Portia and Trina were reunited with Taggert at the police station. Mac arrested Taggert to keep Taggert safe. Ryan was deemed to be in a vegetative state. Alexis was arrested when Tracy framed her for driving under the influence. Scott and Liesl were able to keep Franco from discovering that Dr. Kirk had been killed. Liesl informed Franco that she could treat his brain tumor. Maxie set ground rules for Sasha to remain at Deception, which Sasha agreed to. Michael and Chase cleared the air between them.
December 21 to 25, 2020
Maxie and Peter learned that they were having a girl. Finn told Anna the truth about why he walked away from his father and Jackie on their wedding day. Anna wondered if there was a chance that Chase was Finn's son. Diane and Sam refused to help Alexis unless she agreed to go to rehab. Molly bailed Alexis out of jail. Franco was stunned to learn that Dr. Kirk was dead. Liesl decided to return to Port Charles to treat Franco. Florence Gray was not impressed by Cyrus' wealth and power because she blamed him for his father's death. Laura asked Martin to join her and Kevin for Christmas dinner at Kelly's because she wanted to get to know her newfound brother. Brando invited Sasha to spend Christmas Eve with him. Julian's body was recovered from the water near the bridge collapse. Jason was unable to find any sign of Sonny. Carly decided not to ruin Michael's first Christmas with Wiley by sharing the news of Sonny's disappearance. Michael invited Lucas to spend Christmas Eve with the family -- and Wiley. Portia urged Curtis to hear Jordan out about why Jordan hadn't told him that Taggert was alive.
December 28, 2020 to January 1, 2021
Sonny remained missing as news slowly spread that Julian had died. Britt decided to work with Jason to take Cyrus down. Laura confided to Carly that Cyrus and Martin were Laura's brothers. Carly arranged for Cyrus' mother to be spirited out of the long-term care facility. Curtis was unable to get past Jordan's lies and secrets. Molly confessed to T.J. that she had slept with Brando. T.J. felt betrayed when he learned that his mother had played a big role in Molly's heartbreak. Liz was elated when Franco arrived home in time for Christmas. Liesl donned a disguise to gain access to Franco's records at General Hospital. Michael and Willow grew closer over Christmas. Willow received a helping hand from Chase when they each attended the annual Polar Bear Charity Dive. Willow agreed to have dinner with Chase. Jackie returned to Port Charles. Anna supported Finn's decision to remain silent about his long-before one-night stand with Jackie.
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