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January 2 to 6, 2023
Britt left her birthday bash on a high note and with the intention of leaving town, but she had a change of heart as she sat on the docks. Britt interceded when the Hook was about to attack Josslyn. Dex arrived on the pier as Britt tangled with the Hook, and he fired a shot at the killer. The Hook managed to escape, and she was revealed to be Heather Webber. Britt suffered a superficial cut during the altercation with the Hook, but it proved to be deadly. Liesl's joy at Britt's return quickly turned to grief when her daughter died in her arms. Ryan told Heather about Esme's pregnancy. After washing up on the Haunted Star, Esme was taken into police custody and transported to General Hospital to be treated for hypothermia. Nikolas was forced to admit that he was the father of Esme's baby. Esme claimed that she had amnesia. Liesl had deadly intentions when she paid Esme a visit, but Nina stopped Liesl from harming Esme. After making love to Dex, Josslyn decided that it was time to break up with Cameron. Cameron was crushed when Josslyn ended things with him. Willow received good news when she learned that there was a match for her on the bone marrow registry.
January 9 to 13, 2023
Drew was stunned when Carly confessed that she had lied to him about the DNA test between Nina and Willow. Drew revealed to Carly that Willow had leukemia. Drew questioned if he and Carly had a future together because she had broken his trust. Nina and Michael had an explosive argument about how Willow's choices had impacted Wiley. Willow collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. After learning that Willow's bone marrow donor had been rejected, Carly was forced to tell Nina the truth. Drew broke the news to Michael that Nina was Willow's birth mother. Esme claimed that she had no memory of her life, including her relationship with Spencer. Spencer moved in with Sonny. Spencer told Alexis about Esme's nanny. Portia warned Trina to stay away from Spencer, but Trina reminded Portia that it was Trina's choice to make. Cameron told Elizabeth about his breakup with Josslyn. After learning about Willow's cancer, Josslyn opened up to Dex about Oscar. Robert, Jordan, and Dante questioned Josslyn about the night of Britt's attack. Cody encouraged Brook Lynn to fight for Chase. Cody and Sasha struck up a friendship. Gladys turned to Sonny for help persuading Sasha to accept an offer for Brando's garage.
January 16 to 20, 2023
Willow agreed to deliver her baby early, and she forgave Carly for keeping the secret about Nina. Michael and Carly had an honest conversation. Michael remained determined to take down Sonny. Sonny confronted Carly, and he told her that she owed Nina an apology. Nina vowed that she would never forgive or forget what Carly had done. Ava agreed to support Spencer's bid to file for custody of Nikolas and Esme's baby. Esme was remanded to Spring Ridge until after her trial. Heather tried to strike up a friendship with Esme. Portia and Curtis asked Marshall to perform at their wedding, but Marshall explained that it was not good for his mental health. Portia and Curtis urged Marshall to get a second opinion about his diagnosis. Portia warned Trina to stay away from Spencer, but Trina made it clear that it was not up to Portia. Valentin and Anna enlisted the help of someone from Valentin's past to access the catacombs and sneak into Victor's Parisian compound. Renee offered to hand Valentin and Anna over to Victor. Cameron went to Josslyn's dorm to talk to her, but he found her with Dex. Carolyn paid Elizabeth a visit. Mason threatened to harm Georgie if Austin refused to cooperate.
January 23 to 27, 2023
Nina learned that she was not a bone marrow match for Willow. A devastated Nina vowed to make Carly pay for keeping the secret about Willow. Drew and Carly reconciled, but Drew made it clear that he didn't want any secrets between them moving forward. Terry suggested that Willow could receive lifesaving stem cells from the umbilical cord when Willow gave birth. After rescuing Lucy, Valentin and Anna turned the tables on Victor by flooding the catacombs to stage Valentin's death. Victor was horrified when Laura broke the news that Valentin had perished. Martin was overjoyed when Robert and Felicia took him to a cabin in the woods, where Martin reunited with Lucy. Nikolas signed over Spoon Island and Wyndemere to Ava as part of their divorce settlement. Dante warned Heather that time was running out. Esme accepted Sam's offer to find Maggie Fitzgerald. Spencer told Trina about his plans to seek custody of Esme's baby. Cameron was crushed when he realized that Josslyn had moved on with Dex. Josslyn was forced to ask Cameron not to tell anyone about her and Dex. Selina demanded payment on Gladys' exorbitant gambling debt. Cody realized that Gladys was Sasha's guardian.
January 30 to February 3, 2023
After delivering a healthy baby girl by cesarean section, Willow began to hemorrhage. Willow had a vision of Harmony as doctors raced to save her life. Harmony tried to usher Willow into the light, but Michael's pleas for Willow to return to him stopped her from following Harmony. Loved ones gathered to say goodbye to Britt at a memorial service in the hospital's chapel. Despite Drew and Carly's efforts to appear platonic in public, Nina saw the lovebirds during a private moment. Ava gave Spencer a link to Nikolas' incriminating video confession about shoving Esme off the parapet. Spencer used the information to blackmail his father. Heather stopped Esme from signing over custody of the baby to Nikolas. Heather and Ryan decided it was time to plan an escape with their daughter. Carolyn told Elizabeth about Nikolas' attempt to keep Esme from remembering the past. Elizabeth confessed to Finn about her recent "miscarriage," and Esme's imprisonment in the north tower. Dante and Sam gave Jordan an update on their search for Esme's ex-nanny, Maggie Fitzgerald. Stella confronted Jordan about what Portia was hiding. Stella was stunned to realize that Curtis might be Trina's father. Portia gave Stella a special family heirloom. Charlotte had a secret reunion with her father. Chase warned Brook Lynn that their time working together had an expiration date.
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February 6 to 10, 2023
Austin gave Ava a helping hand when he caught her hiding Nikolas' body in the stables. Ava and Austin devised a cover story to explain Nikolas' sudden absence. Laura paid Ava a visit, looking for Nikolas, so Ava claimed that Nikolas had stormed out after an argument. Victor approved of Spencer's plan to file for custody of Nikolas and Esme's baby. Finn urged Elizabeth not to confess to the police because it was clear that Nikolas had left town. Willow and Michael named their daughter Amelia Grace. Willow received devastating news that the doctors had been unable to harvest enough stem cells from the umbilical cord for the transplant. Terry explained that Willow didn't have much time left. Liesl offered to be tested to see if she was a match for Willow. Laura stepped in when Stella bowed out of officiating Curtis and Portia's wedding. Curtis surprised Portia by arranging for her father and brother to attend the wedding. Alexis pushed Gregory to reconsider her offer of a job at the Invader. Chase informed Brook Lynn that he intended to keep up the pretense of a music career until Linc was taken down.
February 13 to 17, 2023
Jordan implored Portia to be honest with Curtis before the wedding, but Portia ignored the advice. After Portia and Curtis were married, they celebrated their nuptials with guests at Metro Court. Trina decided to pay Stella a visit to find out why Stella had skipped the wedding. Stella admitted that she hadn't been able to attend the wedding in good conscience because Portia had been keeping a secret from Curtis and Trina. Trina confronted her mother about the secret, and Portia admitted that Curtis might be Trina's father. Portia was forced to admit the truth to Curtis and Taggert. Heather gave Ryan a makeshift knife. Ryan and Heather reached the point of no return when Ryan stabbed a guard at Spring Ridge. Ryan and Heather dragged a reluctant Esme along on their escape. Dante and Sam tracked down Maggie Fitzgerald in Devon, England. Maggie revealed that Ryan Chamberlain was Esme's father. Ryan made his way to Spoon Island and took both Ava and Felicia hostage. Victor reminded Eileen that he called the shots. Anna continued to "haunt" Eileen. Elizabeth prepared to turn herself in for helping Nikolas. Michael and Willow told Carly about their plans to get married. Carly offered to be a bridge between Liesl and Willow. Austin was attacked by someone wielding a hook.
February 20 to 24, 2023
After escaping from Spring Ridge, Ryan, Heather, and Esme made their way to Spoon Island. Ryan held Ava and Felicia at gunpoint, and Heather attacked Austin with a hook. Austin survived the attack. Esme managed to escape, but Ryan gave chase and caught up with Esme on the northwest corner of the island. Heather told Ava about Ryan's plot with Esme to destroy Ava's life. A distraught Ava hunted Ryan down, and she blamed Ryan's machinations for driving her to kill Nikolas. Ava shot Ryan in the shoulder, but when she went to kill him, the gun was empty. Mac shot and killed Ryan as Ryan took a menacing step toward Ava. Esme went into labor. With Kevin and Laura's help, Esme gave birth to a baby boy whom Esme named "Ace." Heather was arrested, and she confessed to all the hook attacks. Curtis confronted Portia about her lies. After Curtis stormed out, Taggert paid Portia a visit. Taggert admitted that he was upset, but he assured Portia that Trina and Portia would always be his family. Sparks flew when Spencer and Trina shared a passionate kiss. Josslyn discovered Dex's secrets, but Dex was careful not to reveal that his boss was Michael. Sonny and Michael had a heated exchange about Willow's refusal to see Nina. Willow debated when to tell Wiley about her cancer. Scott and Elizabeth went to the police station to talk to Robert and Jordan.
February 27 to March 3, 2023
Ava and Austin were stunned when Dante found the tack room empty except for Nikolas' broken wristwatch. Ava assured Austin that Nikolas had been dead. Nikolas was revealed to be in a secret location, on life support and in Mason's care. Esme promised that Heather would never have contact with Esme's son. A furious Heather vowed that Laura would pay for turning Esme against her. Liesl blamed Elizabeth for Britt's death, and she felt betrayed because Scott had secured an immunity deal for Elizabeth in exchange for Elizabeth revealing that Nikolas had held Esme captive in Wyndemere's north tower. Kristina found Molly's pregnancy test. T.J. revealed that Liesl was a donor match for Willow. Willow asked Carly to be her matron of honor. Dex and Sonny bonded over their love for cooking, but Sonny cut Dex out of discussions about Pikeman. Eileen had a "ghostly" encounter with Anna in the morgue. Curtis confronted Jordan about keeping Portia's secret. Trina made it clear to Curtis that Taggert was her father, and she had no desire to take a DNA test. Alexis caught Gregory in a lie.
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MARCH 2023
March 6 to 10, 2023
Esme returned to Spring Ridge with her son. Spencer vowed that his brother would not remain with Esme for long. Marshall learned that he didn't have the genetic mutations for schizophrenia. Portia begged Curtis to return home, but he wasn't ready. Trina had a talk with her mom. Drew told Carly that he wanted to go public with their relationship. At Liesl's request, Willow extended an olive branch to Nina. Dex discovered a listening device on his phone. Dex saved Sonny from an assassin's bullet. Eileen revealed that she and Victor were lovers and that he needed the Ice Princess' hidden codes to find a mystery place. Lucy was not pleased when she learned that Maxie and Bobbie had made plans for the 2023 Nurses Ball. Cameron told Elizabeth that he'd been offered a soccer scholarship for Stanford in the spring. Elizabeth told Cameron about her role in helping Nikolas imprison Esme. Alexis confronted Gregory about his lies, but he reminded her that he had a right to his privacy. Molly told T.J. that her pregnancy test was negative, but they both agreed that they were ready for parenthood. Mason threatened to expose Austin and Ava's secret unless Austin cooperated. Sasha confronted Gladys about selling Brando's garage to Selina. Cody and Mac bonded over Australian beer.
March 13 to 17, 2023
Esme turned down Kevin and Laura's offer to care for Ace while Esme was in prison. After talking to Esme, Trina was convinced that Esme's amnesia was genuine. Esme was rattled when she received a letter from Heather. Diane talked to Robert about dropping the charges against Esme. Cameron shared his news about attending Stanford in the spring. Spencer told Sonny that Josslyn had ended things with Cameron because of Dex. Dex was shot in the arm while trying to protect Sonny from an assassin. Sonny shot the assassin, but the man died before Sonny could question him. Sonny decided to have Dex recuperate at the penthouse. Nina began to have doubts about her relationship with Sonny when he let her know that danger loomed. Nina decided not to do anything about her suspicion that Carly and Drew had committed insider trading. Liesl told Willow that the transplant had been delayed. Victor learned that he had a pathogen in his system that had done irreversible damage. Victor gave Eileen new orders. Cody confided in Dante that Mac was Cody's father. Sasha discovered that Gladys had sold Brando's garage. Alexis had concerns about Gregory when she saw him lose his balance. Lucy donned a disguise and returned to Port Charles.
March 20 to 24, 2023
Curtis and Trina had a heart-to-heart talk. Curtis told Portia that he didn't think their marriage could be saved. Curtis ran into Jordan at Charlie's Pub. After talking about what might have been, Curtis and Jordan shared a close moment. Spencer and Laura told Esme that Robert had dropped the charges. Esme and Ace moved in with Laura -- and Spencer. Valentin encountered Drew and Carly on the footbridge, so he filled them in about the plan to take down Victor. Desperate to be a part of the Nurses Ball, Lucy followed Maxie to the office. Anna tracked down Lucy, but it was too late to keep Maxie from discovering that both Anna and Lucy were alive. Valentin and Anna set a trap for Victor. Elizabeth had a hearing with the hospital's ethics committee, and they decided not to take action against her. Elizabeth grew concerned when she hadn't heard from Epiphany. Sonny took precautions to protect his loved ones from his enemy. Michael discovered that Josslyn and Dex were romantically involved. Josslyn realized that Michael had hired Dex. Cameron said goodbye to Josslyn. Gregory told Alexis that he was sick, but he asked her not to tell anyone. Chase tried to rekindle his romance with Brook Lynn until she confessed that she had agreed to not speak out against Linc in exchange for her music.
March 27 to 31, 2023
Tragedy struck when Epiphany Johnson died while helping at the scene of an accident. Loved ones gathered to say goodbye to Epiphany. Elizabeth was stunned when Monica shared the letter that Epiphany had intended to hand-deliver to the ethics committee. Monica revealed that she intended to honor Epiphany's final wish and recommend that Elizabeth be named the new head nurse. Cameron headed off to college. Sonny reached out to Selina Wu for help uncovering the identity of the assassin. Victor revealed to Eileen that the Ice Princess necklace contained the codes for Victor to "save the world." Eileen got her hands on Victor's decryption key, but Victor discovered Eileen's betrayal. Eileen tried to appease Victor by telling him that Valentin, Anna, and Lucy were alive and hiding out in Port Charles, but Victor shoved Eileen over the footbridge. Eileen's body was found floating in the harbor. Spencer enlisted Victor's help to deal with Esme. Trina put the pieces together when Josslyn confessed to dating someone new. Liesl was cleared to donate her bone marrow to Willow. Emma Drake paid Anna a surprise visit. Lucy was unable to stay away from the final preparations for the 2023 Nurses Ball. Victor's spy had good news for Victor.
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APRIL 2023
April 3 to 7, 2023
The 2023 Nurses Ball was dedicated to Epiphany Johnson and General Hospital's 60th anniversary. Bobbie was recognized for her years of dedicated service to the hospital and the community. Victor used Lucy's inability to stay away from the Nurses Ball to lead him to Valentin and Anna's safe house. After forcing Valentin to turn over the Ice Princess necklace, Victor shot Anna. Victor arranged for Liesl to be abducted. Victor learned that Holly was not at a Swiss clinic, so he made plans for Ethan Lovett. Sonny rescued Lucy. Cody threatened to expose Gladys' secret, so she framed Cody for stealing a valuable bracelet that had been on loan to Sasha for a photoshoot. Spencer and Trina confirmed their relationship status, but Spencer quickly landed in hot water when he confronted Dex. Spencer walked into a trap. Laura was shocked to find Esme unconscious and Ace missing. T.J. and Molly told Jordan about their desire to have a baby. Linc was arrested when Brook Lynn and Blaze publicly accused him of being a sexual predator. Milo Giambetti made a special appearance during the ball.
April 10 to 14, 2023
After talking to Felicia, Laura realized that Victor might have set course for Venezuela, where the Cassadines had a secret hideout accessible only by boat. Victor revealed his master plan to save the world from climate change and elevate the Cassadine family. Trina managed to secretly slip onto the Haunted Star. Trina and Spencer hatched a plan to radio for help. Spencer's attempt at creating a distraction backfired, but Trina was able to contact her mother. Trina was able to provide coordinates of the ship before ending the call. Esme was distraught when Ambrose abducted Ace. After receiving the news about Liesl's abduction, Willow told Michael that she wanted to get married right away. Brook Lynn, Maxie, and Sasha worked together to pull Michael and Willow's wedding together. Gladys filed a false police report. Cody enlisted Sam's help to get him out of jail, and he told Sam that Gladys had framed him for the theft of the diamond bracelet. Valentin was overjoyed when Anna made it through surgery and woke up. Brook Lynn showed up for Chase's meeting with the review board. Sonny knew the truth about Josslyn and Dex's relationship.
April 17 to 21, 2023
Felicia and Holly teamed up in Venezuela to rescue Ethan Lovett from a dire situation, but things took an unexpected turn when Tracy Quartermaine tried to save the day. Robert and Diane shared a passionate kiss. Greogry revealed to Alexis that he had ALS. Brook Lynn gave an impassioned speech to the review board about why Chase should be given a second chance. Chase was reinstated as a detective with the Port Charles Police Department. Kristina was touched by a special gesture that Sonny made. Willow persuaded Michael to invite Sonny to the wedding. Nina was devastated that she had not been included in the invitation to her daughter's wedding. Nina decided it might be time for Carly to face the consequences of insider trading. Dex gave Michael an update on the Pikeman shipment. Portia blamed Spencer for Trina's predicament. Curtis asked Drew about Victor and Project Demeter. Curtis and Drew found a map that they hoped would lead them to Victor. Victor's henchmen caught Trina. Victor threatened to toss Spencer and Trina overboard, but Liesl insisted that she needed test subjects to determine the efficacy of the vaccine that she developed for Victor's deadly pathogen. Dr. Navarro recommended a biopsy to find out why Molly's menstrual cycles were irregular. Cody told Sasha that he believed Gladys had framed him for the theft of the bracelet.
April 24 to 28, 2023
Tracy returned home in time for Michael and Willow's wedding. Nina made the decision to have Martin anonymously report Carly and Drew to the SEC for insider trading. Ava warned Nina that it had been a mistake to go after Carly because Nina would pay a high price if Sonny found out. Michael and Willow were married surrounded by family and friends. The wedding reception was cut short when the SEC showed up to question Carly. Willow worried that Michael might face charges, too. Dex planted a camera in the warehouse to record the Pikeman shipment. Diane was hurt when she realized that Robert had known that Holly was alive. Robert, Holly, and Anna realized that Victor's evil plot centered around biological warfare. Anna called in reinforcements -- Andre Maddox. Jordan learned about Victor's evil intentions. Laura, Valentin, Drew, and Curtis joined forces to hunt down Victor in Greenland. Victor located the deadly pathogen hidden in an old bunker. Victor offered to return Liesl to Port Charles with enough of the pathogen's antidote to save her family in exchange for her cooperation.
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MAY 2023
May 1 to 5, 2023
Victor ordered Liesl to inject Valentin with the deadly pathogen. As Valentin succumbed to the ravages of the pathogen, he hallucinated about Helena. Anna was determined to save Valentin, but he told her that it was too late. Anna chose to be with Valentin and risk infection. Agent Hursley refused to listen when Robert raised the alarm that people were headed to Greenland to stop Victor. Felicia told Robert that Frisco had been removed as the director of the WSB, and the new director had ordered an airstrike on the island to stop Victor and contain the pathogen. Curtis rescued Trina, Spencer, and Ace, and he instructed them to get to the seaplane. Laura and Curtis discovered that Victor had another weather machine -- and it was aimed at Port Charles. Holly received a helping hand from Drew to stop Victor from fleeing with Liesl. Victor managed to escape with the pathogen. Liesl revealed that she had stolen the antidote while Victor hadn't been looking. Michael told Willow about his arrangement with Dex. Willow collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. T.J. warned Willow's loved ones that Willow was out of time. Nina had second thoughts about tipping off the SEC, but Martin assured her that the tip could not be traced back to her. Willow asked Nina to drop her vendetta against Carly. Brook Lynn thanked Tracy for helping Chase.
May 8 to 12, 2023
Victor's body was recovered from the water. Spencer and Trina were reunited. Drew was intercepted by the SEC. Drew sucker-punched Ned and accused his cousin of tipping off the SEC. Willow began the process for a bone marrow transplant. After talking to Willow, Michael decided not to use the incriminating video of Sonny. Dex feared that Sonny would retaliate if he learned about Dex's mission. Michael suggested that Dex leave town. Sonny talked to Valentin about Pikeman -- and the hit man who had tried to kill Sonny. Sam advised Nina to ask Carly for help with Willow. Portia told Taggert that they needed to find a way to get Trina away from Spencer because Spencer would continue to drag Trina into dangerous situations. Taggert warned Portia not to interfere because it might push Trina away. Trina decided to have a DNA test to find out who her biological father was. Curtis received a job offer from the WSB. Tracy collected on the debt that Brook Lynn owed her for helping Chase. Chase received a warm welcome when he returned to work. Maxie persuaded Sasha to debut a new product for Deception on the Home & Heart show. Diane walked in on Robert and Holly during a passionate kiss. Diane made it clear that she didn't want to be Robert's second choice. Cody asked for a seat at Selina's card game. Esme raced to the hospital to reunite with Ace. Liesl told Scott that she loved him, but she couldn't be with him.
May 15 to 19, 2023
Sasha faced her fears by appearing on Home & Heart to promote a new product for Deception. Haven de Havilland and her producer tried to sabotage Sasha by playing a recording of a crying baby in Sasha's earpiece, but Cody intervened by threatening to streak on the show if the audio feed to Sasha wasn't cut. Sasha realized that she no longer needed a guardian. Gladys' gambling debt mounted, and Selina demanded payment. Scott approached Cody with a proposal to search the wreckage of the Haunted Star for the missing Ice Princess necklace. Scott explained that Cody had a claim to the necklace because Cody was Leo Taub's son. Michael and Sonny reached an understanding. Dex told Josslyn that Michael had decided not to use the incriminating video of Sonny. Josslyn asked Sonny to let Dex walk away from the organization without repercussions. Holly made the heartbreaking decision to say goodbye to Robert so that she could save Ethan from deadly enemies. Carly agreed to help Nina be a part of Willow's life -- but on Willow's terms. Jordan and Curtis shared a passionate kiss. Portia was determined to get Spencer out of Trina's life, but Taggert warned Portia that her meddling would only drive Trina further away. Invitations were sent for the reading of Victor's will.
May 22 to 26, 2023
Sonny proposed marriage to Nina, and she accepted. Nina decided that it was time to take the gloves off with Carly. Sonny told Nina there was a rumor that the DOJ intended to make Carly an offer to drop the SEC charges in exchange for help taking him down. Carly and Drew decided that their best option was to dig up dirt on Tracy and use it to blackmail Ned into calling off the SEC investigation. Tracy manipulated Chase into reconciling with Brook Lynn. Trina was furious when she learned that Spencer had taken a swing at Dex. Josslyn accused Michael of endangering Dex by not using the incriminating video against Sonny, but Michael stood firm in his decision. Willow underwent a bone marrow transplant. Molly reeled from her endometriosis diagnosis and the possibility that she might not be able to carry T.J.'s baby. Curtis decided to move back home with Portia, but he wasn't ready to share a bed with her. Kristina talked to Alexis and Sam about her plans for the Corinthos-Davis House, and Sam had concerns about Kristina's priorities. Selina agreed to give Gladys a little more time to settle Gladys' gambling debt. Sasha made an appointment with her doctor to start the process of having the guardianship ended. Robert told Anna that he and Holly had said goodbye, and Holly had left town.
May 29 to June 2, 2023
The reading of Victor's will was eventful. Victor arranged for Anna's past with the DVX to be exposed to the world. Anna was arrested for treason and forced to resign from the WSB in exchange for her freedom. Victor left a family estate in Chechnya to Nikolas, so Laura decided to go to Chechnya in the hopes of finding Nikolas. Valentin insisted on accompanying Laura. Taggert was devastated when a DNA test revealed that Curtis was Trina's biological father. After learning that Curtis had moved back home to work on his marriage, Jordan decided it was time for her to let Curtis go. Trina encouraged Spencer to use the key that Victor had bequeathed to him. The key opened a safe deposit box that contained the proof of Esme's crimes. Michael told Carly about his efforts to spy on Sonny and the flash drive with the evidence to take down Sonny. Dex told Josslyn that he was in love with her. Molly realized that her diagnosis would not prevent her and T.J. from starting a family. Esme made a disastrous mistake during her first day on the job, but Gregory saved the day. Alexis assured Gregory that her job offer was still open. Mason resurfaced.
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JUNE 2023
June 5 to 9, 2023
After overhearing a revealing conversation between Martin and Nina, Ned confronted Nina about tipping off the SEC. Ned was about to tell Drew about Nina's secret, but a horrific accident left Ned unconscious and fighting for his life. After Drew threatened to reveal that Tracy had used Brook Lynn to infiltrate Deception, Tracy falsely accused Drew of attacking Ned. Valentin informed Sonny that Pikeman was ready for another shipment, but Sonny refused to help until Sonny and Pikeman had a discussion about the threat facing Sonny. Michael confessed to Carly about his plot with Dex, and he gave Carly the flash drive of the incriminating footage of Sonny. Carly asked Michael to give Dex a new mission. Josslyn implored her mother to use the flash drive to save herself, but Carly destroyed the flash drive instead. Dex told Josslyn that he had decided to remain in Sonny's organization. Elizabeth was promoted to head nurse. Jordan had a one-night stand with Zeke Robinson -- Portia's brother. Spencer decided to hold on to Victor's evidence against Esme because he feared that Victor might have fabricated it. Portia reminded Esme of her rights. Kevin decided to accompany Laura to Chechnya.
June 12 to 16, 2023
Tracy was forced to retract her accusation that Drew had attacked Ned because a security tape of the incident cleared Drew of wrongdoing. Ned was sedated and given medication to reduce his brain swelling. Ned woke up, but Olivia's joy was short-lived because Ned woke up claiming to be Eddie Maine. Gladys tried her best to persuade Sasha to reconsider petitioning to have the guardianship terminated, but Sasha insisted that she was ready to take control of her life. Gladys discovered that the psychiatrist who would help Sasha gain back her independence was one of the card players at the Savoy. Trina gave Curtis a special birthday gift. Taggert opened up to Jordan about his heartbreak over learning the results of Trina's paternity test. Zeke was surprised to discover that Jordan was the police commissioner -- and Curtis' ex-wife. Jordan implored Zeke not to tell Portia about the kiss that Jordan and Curtis had shared. Dex accepted Michael and Carly's job offer to act as Sonny's secret bodyguard. Drew told Carly that he planned to take full responsibility for the insider trading charge, so she wouldn't have to go to prison. Sonny told Nina that the church would be available for a fall wedding. Nina decided that it was time to be honest with Sonny. Austin urged Ava to comply with Mason's demands to help take down Sonny. Sam reached out to Spinelli for help.
June 19 to 23, 2023
The judge rejected Drew's plea deal for insider trading and sentenced him to three years in Pentonville. Zeke persuaded the judge to give Drew a week to get his affairs in order before reporting to prison. Zeke told his sister about the kiss between Jordan and Curtis. Curtis confirmed to Portia that the kiss had happened, but he promised that his future was with Portia. Portia confronted Jordan, so Jordan admitted that the kiss had been a mistake. Jordan decided to step down as police commissioner and accept Laura's job offer as the new deputy mayor. Trina was disappointed to learn about Curtis and Jordan's kiss. Kevin had a theory about why Ned woke up believing that he was Eddie Maine. Ned vanished from the hospital. Nina had a change of heart about confessing to Sonny when she learned that Ned didn't have any recollection of the moments leading up to the accident. Selina returned to town and collected a payment from Gladys. Selina ordered Gladys to find a way to get the charges against Cody dropped. Dr. Montague had a proposition for Gladys. Austin advised Ava to find a way to get Pilar fired, so they could find a replacement nanny to spy on Sonny. Molly received more devastating news about her fertility.
June 26 to 30, 2023
Violet played matchmaker by arranging a romantic dinner for Finn and Elizabeth. Laura, Kevin, and Valentin left for Chechnya. Anna received a disturbing message spray-painted on her door. Portia suggested that Spencer and Esme attend parenting classes together for Ace's sake. Spencer initiated a physical altercation with Dex. Esme asked Spencer about their past. Trina admitted to her mother that she couldn't stand Spencer being around Esme. Lucy asked Felicia to find out what Martin was hiding. Brook Lynn took advantage of Maxie's unattended computer by downloading all the files on Deceptor and handing the flash drive over to Tracy. Tracy received a call from her mysterious partner. Carly learned that she would have to pay a heavy fine to the SEC. Drew and Carly spent their final night together. Cyrus looked forward to Drew's arrival at Pentonville. Austin set Pilar up to be fired by making it appear that Avery had gone missing. Ava was furious with Austin, but their heated confrontation quickly turned to passion. Nina tried to manipulate "Eddie" into leaving town, but Sonny promised to support "Eddie's" music career if "Eddie" stayed in Port Charles. Sonny and Sasha had a heart-to-heart talk about Sasha's future. Diane set some boundaries with Robert.
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JULY 2023
July 3 to 7, 2023
Sonny asked Dante to be his best man. Willow was cleared to go home, but she was warned to keep her visitors to a minimum during her recovery. Nina was stunned when Willow added Nina to the small circle of people approved to visit. Drew arrived at Pentonville and received a welcome gift from Cyrus. Carly and Sam cleared the air between them. Carly decided to sell her house, but Diane offered Carly a solution. Elizabeth and Portia had a heart-to-heart talk about the men in their lives. The larceny charges against Cody were dropped. Cody and Scott moved forward with their plan to claim the Ice Princess necklace. Dr. Montague assured Gladys that -- per their discussion -- he had prescribed Sasha benzodiazapines. Brook Lynn was forced to confess that she had downloaded a file on Deceptor from Maxie's computer, but she claimed that it had been for Deception business. Tracy hired Diane to represent her in a lawsuit against Deception. Mac stepped in as interim police commissioner. Felicia discovered that Martin had been receiving monthly $50,000 payments from someone in Pine Valley. Lucy decided to accompany Felicia to Pennsylvania. Tracy proposed that Martin run ELQ during Valentin's absence. Kristina suggested that she be Molly's surrogate. A shot rang out at Metro Court's pool.
July 10 to 14, 2023
Curtis was shot when a sniper took aim at Metro Court's pool. Curtis was rushed into surgery, but the bullet caused significant damage to his spine. During surgery, Curtis had a vision of his mother, Irene. Dante learned that the gun used in the shooting had ties to the WSB. Sasha was arrested for shoplifting, but Maxie was able to intervene and persuade the store manager to drop the charges. Selina was furious when she caught Cody intentionally losing card games. Cody was forced to offer Selina a cut of his money from the WSB to appease her. Kristina and Molly had a heated argument about Kristina's desire to be Molly's surrogate. Felicia and Lucy took a trip to Pine Valley and met legal eagle Jackson Montgomery. Anna suggested that the real reason Martin didn't want to marry Lucy was because his $50,000 alimony payments every month would end. Brook Lynn confessed to Chase that Tracy had helped to get him reinstated. Brook Lynn thought she was free of Tracy's blackmail until Tracy reminded Brook Lynn that downloading the file on the Deceptor had been an act of corporate espionage. Michael and Wiley arranged a special surprise for Willow. Finn and Elizabeth were honest about their feelings for each other. Mac caught Sam spying on Cody.
July 17 to 21, 2023
Lucy and Felicia uncovered tantalizing information about Martin in Pine Valley. Dante insisted on helping Anna uncover who had left the threatening message on her door. Leo began to act up, so Tracy paid "Eddie" a visit and demanded that he go home and deal with the devastated family. "Eddie" was able to explain the situation to Leo in a way that Leo was able to accept. Gladys continued to undermine Sasha, and disaster struck when Sasha -- caught in the grips of a hallucination -- stabbed Cody. Sasha was arrested and sent to Ferncliff. Cody was suspicious of Sasha's sudden declining mental health. Alexis told Esme that no one trusted Esme, and Esme couldn't run from her past. Esme went to Pentonville to talk to Heather. Heather hinted that Esme had had a role in the deaths of Esme's adoptive parents. Everyone was overjoyed when Curtis woke up, but Curtis was horrified to realize that he was paralyzed. Portia told Spencer that he should end things with Trina because his living situation with Esme hurt Trina too much. Taggert turned to alcohol to ease his troubles. Molly and Kristina received a helping hand from Sam and worked through their problems. Carly paid Drew a visit, and he told her about his encounter with Cyrus. Sonny overheard a damaging exchange between Austin and someone that Mason owed money to.
July 24 to 28, 2023
Laura and Valentin resurfaced in Chechnya, Russia. While surveilling Austin, Dex discovered the body of a man that Mason had murdered. Mason sent a woman named Betty to step in as Avery's new nanny. Ava told Sonny about Nikolas' "death" and Mason's blackmail, so Sonny decided to use Betty to lure Mason's boss out of hiding. Carly took over as Kelly's new owner. Nina asked Michael if they could make peace for Willow's sake. Michael and Willow enjoyed spending time together with their children. Dante took Charlotte to visit with Lulu. Cody confessed to Dante that Selina paid him to play cards at high-stakes poker games at the Savoy and that Gladys was a regular who was indebted to Selina. Sasha was horrified when she woke up at Ferncliff, strapped to a bed. Dr. Montague and Gladys tried to convince Sasha that her life had been a series of delusions for the past few months, but Sasha realized that she had been doing fine until Dr. Montague had prescribed her medication. Cyrus received a helping hand from Drew. Curtis told Portia that he wanted an annulment, but Portia refused to give up on her marriage. Finn and Elizabeth enjoyed a romantic date. Yuri and Terry decided to exchange keys to their apartments.
July 31 to August 4, 2023
Cyrus suffered a heart attack, but Drew intervened and saved Cyrus' life. Cyrus woke up with a new mission. Drew was thrown into solitary confinement. Laura and Kevin parted ways with Valentin in Chechnya. Laura and Kevin went to Cassadine Island to search for any sign of Nikolas. Valentin returned to Port Charles, and Anna filled him in about the shooting at Metro Court. Chase questioned Austin about the murdered man in the alley. Austin learned that Dex Heller had been seen lurking in the hospital before Gordon's murder. Austin demanded to know what Ava had told Sonny. Spencer and Trina agreed to keep their relationship low-key. Curtis continued to push his family away. T.J. and Molly took an important step in starting their family. Josslyn went to work at Kelly's to help her mother. Nina was surprised to get unexpected support from Kristina. Michael agreed to give Kristina a helping hand with her charity. Willow talked to Michael about her future as a nurse. Finn arranged for a romantic date with Elizabeth. Olivia and "Eddie" found some common ground. Tracy learned that Sasha's scandal had hurt Deception.
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August 7 to 11, 2023
While being questioned by the WSB, Anna made an interesting discovery about Pikeman, and she began to connect the dots between the mercenary group and the recent trouble in Port Charles. Anna questioned Valentin's association with the Pikeman Group, but Valentin's answers only raised more questions -- and suspicion about Valentin. A mystery person broke into Anna's home and set fire to it. Valentin paid Spencer a visit, and the two Cassadines reached an understanding. Portia was delighted when Trina moved back home, but Portia quickly made it clear to Spencer that he was not welcome under her roof. Trina enlisted Finn's help to visit Curtis. Montague continued to gaslight and drug Sasha. Cody told Diane that he refused to press charges against Sasha. After enlisting Brook Lynn's help to sneak a visit with Sasha, Cody was horrified by the state he found Sasha in. Nina was pleasantly surprised when Olivia insisted on taking charge of planning Nina and Sonny's wedding. Carly and Olivia's night out took an unexpected turn when "Eddie" took an interest in Carly, and Mason made a drunken pass at Olivia. Finn asked Elizabeth to be Violet's guardian. Sam talked to Dante about renting his and Lulu's house to Maxie. Alexis was impressed with Kristina's efforts to do her best with the charity.
August 14 to 18, 2023
Dante caught Valentin in a lie about Valentin's whereabouts during the fire at Anna's house, and Dante shared the news with Anna. Anna found incriminating evidence between Valentin and Pikeman. After taking a tumble while watching Violet, Gregory was forced to tell Finn about his ALS diagnosis. "Eddie" and Olivia reached a new understanding. Tracy warned "Eddie" that she would never stop fighting for Ned. Esme took advantage of Trina's absence to spend time with Spencer and Ace. Trina was delighted when Ava agreed to rehire Trina at the Jerome Gallery. Selina offered to buy the Savoy, but Curtis refused to consider it. Marshall promised to run the Savoy until Curtis was ready. Gladys had a restraining order issued against Cody to keep him away from Sasha. Cody vowed to expose what Gladys was really up to with Sasha. Montague had Sasha's nurse practitioner reassigned when Mandy expressed concern that Sasha might be on illegal drugs. Molly and T.J. interviewed candidates to be their surrogate, and they settled on a young woman named Andrea. Sonny set a trap for Betty. Betty gave Mason a flash drive with the Pikeman information that she had downloaded from Sonny's computer. Nina bristled when she realized that Sonny and Ava had a secret. Felicia told Mac that she wanted to help the community, so he advised her to look for opportunities at the hospital.
August 21 to 25, 2023
Cyrus was revealed to be Mason's mystery boss. Austin paid Cyrus a visit at Pentonville to make it clear that he was done helping Cyrus and Mason. Dex advised Book to get on Sonny's good side by watching over Drew. Drew agreed to let Carly hire Diane to explore his options for an appeal or early release. Selina offered to buy the Savoy. Marshall informed her that he was shutting down the backroom card games, and she would not be welcome at the Savoy. Cody asked for Sam's help getting him committed to Ferncliff. Gladys was horrified when she saw the state that Sasha was in, but Montague warned Gladys that Sasha would not leave Ferncliff until Gladys had paid him $50,000. Selina demanded payment in full from Gladys. Gladys was frustrated when she learned that Sasha's stocks in Deception could not be sold. Lucy announced that someone had filed a lawsuit against Deception. Brook Lynn realized that Tracy had been responsible for Deception's trouble. Stella returned to work at General Hospital as a patient advocate. Felicia was inspired when she saw Stella help a patient's daughter. Gregory met with a doctor to discuss his ALS diagnosis. Gregory opened up to Liz about his concerns. Anna told Dante that she suspected that Valentin was being blackmailed into helping Pikeman.
August 28 to September 1, 2023
Ava decided that it was time to sell Spoon Island. Nikolas was revealed to be out of a coma. Maxie showed Georgie and James their new home. Lucy was shocked when Tracy showed up in court with Jackson Montgomery. Tracy offered to drop the lawsuit in exchange for 75 percent of Deception's stock. Maxie and Lucy realized that Brook Lynn had given Tracy the evidence needed to proceed with the lawsuit. Brook Lynn decided to move out of the Quartermaine mansion, so Chase invited her to move in with him. Diane suspected that Judge Kim had given Drew a harsh sentence at the behest of the WSB. Curtis called Portia to let her know that he would be going home to her when he left the rehab facility. Selina made an appeal to Sonny, but he refused to help her. Gladys was forced to tell Nina that she was being blackmailed by Sasha's doctor, but Gladys was careful to paint herself as an innocent victim. Sam helped Cody get admitted to Ferncliff as a patient. Dex narrowly avoided arrest when a Pikeman shipment was raided by federal agents. Sonny was taken into custody.
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September 4 to 8, 2023
Sonny remained in federal custody on a 72-hour hold, while his loved ones scrambled to figure out who had turned against him. Anna followed Valentin to a house where he had arranged to meet his contact at Pikeman, but Valentin claimed that he had met his contact at a café. Valentin assured Anna that Pikeman had nothing to do with Sonny's arrest. Alexis warned Nina that those close to Sonny -- including his children -- were in danger from Sonny's enemies. Nina turned to Carly for help, but Carly cautioned Nina to remain calm. Dex was filled with remorse because he feared that he'd been instrumental in the FBI getting their hands on incriminating evidence against Sonny. Cody didn't waste time seeking out Sasha at Ferncliff, and he quickly put the pieces together when he discovered that Montague was Sasha's doctor. After Cody's confrontation with Montague turned violent, Cody and Sasha escaped. Sam confessed to Dante that she had helped Cody get into Ferncliff. Molly and T.J.'s surrogate took the next step in the journey to help Molly and T.J. become parents. Trina vented to Josslyn about Esme. Olivia and Leo accompanied "Eddie" to the recording studio. Portia made it clear that Anna was not welcomed.
September 11 to 15, 2023
Anna and Valentin returned to their suite to find that someone had ransacked the room and left an ominous message on the bathroom mirror for Anna. Tracy offered to take a 51 percent share of Deception in exchange for Lucy returning the one percent voting share in ELQ, but Lucy refused to consider it. Martin Grey received an unpleasant surprise when he saw his ex-wife Blair Cramer meeting with Tracy. Maxie fired Brook Lynn. Sonny told Carly that Austin and Mason had blackmailed Ava, but he was careful not to mention Nikolas. Sonny enlisted Drew's help to find out who Austin had met with at Pentonville. Cyrus overheard Drew asking a guard about Austin's visit. The warden and Cyrus were revealed to have history. Agent Moss told Mac, Jordan, and Chase that the investigation into Sonny's role in the illegal arms shipments remained open. Nikolas decided that it was time to resurface and keep the Cassadine estate from falling into Spencer's hands. Spencer and Trina made plans to take a short trip to New York City. Trina asked Josslyn for advice. Sam took Dante to Cody and Sasha's hideout. Sasha was stunned when Cody explained why Gladys had been in cahoots with Dr. Montague. Gladys told Nina that Cody had been working with Montague. Jake and Charlotte spent time together.
September 18 to 22, 2023
Security footage revealed that Charlotte had secretly entered Anna's hotel suite. Valentin and Nina decided to delete the security footage to protect Charlotte from potential criminal charges. Valentin was shaken by the possibility that Charlotte had been responsible for the fire at Anna's house. Anna warned Sonny that she suspected Sonny had been the target of the shooting at Metro Court's pool. Drew was rushed to the hospital when Cyrus took steps to neutralize Drew. Diane received information from Robert that suggested Carly might be approached with an offer to turn on Sonny in exchange for Drew's early release. Kristina was excited to meet with Blaze. Finn persuaded Gregory to agree to see another doctor about Gregory's treatment plan. Gregory confided to Tracy that he'd been diagnosed with ALS. Maxie learned about Tracy's offer to Lucy to drop the lawsuit. Cody confessed everything to Sasha, including his role in Selina's card games and why he'd been reluctant to tell Sasha about Gladys' gambling debt. Willow returned to work at General Hospital, and she helped Sam gather evidence against Montague. Molly was delighted to learn that Andrea was pregnant.
September 25 to 29, 2023
Sasha confronted Gladys about conspiring with Montague. Gladys agreed to go to the police and make a full confession, but she quickly betrayed Sasha. Sasha was returned to Ferncliff, and she was horrified when she saw Montague lurking outside her room. Sonny was furious when Nina told him about Gladys' secrets. Sonny and Nina decided to elope. It was revealed that Victor had sent Charlotte the tarot cards and a letter warning her about Anna. Valentin surprised Charlotte by taking her to their new home. Laura visited the Cassadine banker in Switzerland for help finding Nikolas. "Eddie Maine's" performance at the Savoy was a huge success, but Olivia felt guilty about being drawn to him. Molly and T.J. shared their baby news with family, but things remained strained between Molly and Kristina. Blaze and Kristina struck up a friendship. After undergoing emergency surgery, Drew was expected to make a full recovery. Michael told Carly that he had cultivated a contact at the SEC, and he would soon learn the identity of the tipster. Cyrus was certain that Ava had tipped off Sonny about Betty, so he ordered Mason to make Ava pay for double-crossing him. Mason went to Wyndemere and abducted Ava. Spencer and Trina embarked on their romantic getaway and consummated their love. Things got steamy when Liz caught Finn in the shower. Willow had an unsettling dream of Harmony trying to warn her.
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