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The Who's Who section allows users of SB Online to research the residents of Sunset Beach. Through this section you can review a character's marriages, their crimes, and much, much more. Plus you can hop from one character to another through the links provide within each profile. When available, you will also be given the option to view profiles on the actors on the show, family trees, photos, interviews, and more.

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Current Profiles

Below you can choose from a listing of character profiles. Please note that the list of profiles is constantly growing and being updated as needed. So while you may not see a profile for a character that you are looking for---it's on the way!

If you think that you'd be interested in acting as a volunteer in creating the various profiles, please drop us some Feedback and let us know that you're interested in helping!


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The character profiles in the Who's Who in Sunset Beach section have been compiled with the help of dozens of volunteers. Unfortunately the number of volunteers is quite lengthy and would take up a bunch of pages. But Soap Opera Central wishes to thank all of them for their time and assistance in helping out.

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