B&B sweep of Younger categories sets record

Posted Friday, May 18, 2001 11:57:31 PM
2001 Daytime Emmys: B&B sweep of Younger categories sets record


Like many of the other categories this year, the Younger Actor category had several first time nominees. Unlike other categories, however, it also had a "returning champion," so to speak: The Young and the Restless' David Tom (Billy). Tom was widely expected to pick up a second consecutive trophy. The win would give the Tom family its fourth Emmy. David's sister, Heather Tom, has earned two Younger Actress Emmys for her work as Y&R's Victoria.

With much of the spotlight shining on what was to have been Tom's win, The Bold and the Beautiful's Justin Torkildsen (Rick) managed to pass below the industry radar. When Torkildsen's name was read as the winner, even he appeared surprised.

Justin Torkildsen
The win came in Torkildsen's second nomination in the category. Last year, he was relatively new to the soap scene, having taken over the role of Rick Forrester from Jacob Young, who had left to take join the cast of General Hospital as Lucky Spencer. "Last year I just wanted to come and support Susan Flannery to see what this was all about. This year I get to take this [the Emmy] home. It's pretty cool -- and pretty heavy!"

Torkildsen hinted that he'd put in extra effort to make the role of Rick Forrester his own. He also explained that establishing a good on-screen rapport with his co-stars was forefront in his mind.

"Adrienne [Frantz (Amber)] and I have worked so hard ... to establish a chemistry. This makes all the hard work so worth it," beamed the young star.


As Torkildsen made his rounds backstage, the nominees for Outstanding Younger Actress were being read. The actor took a breather from the question and answer session to watch the results.

Going into the evening, All My Children's Eden Riegel (Bianca) was pegged as the heavy favorite. The newcomer played the role of Erica Kane's daughter, who was secretly struggling with her homosexuality. Torkildsen's on-screen wife, Adrienne Frantz (Amber) and three As The World Turns' actress - Terri Conn (Katie), Annie Parisse (Julia) and Kristina Sisco (Abigail) rounded out the nominees.

Adrienne Frantz
As the envelope was opened and the winner's name was read, Torkildsen reacted with a loud shout. His co-star, Frantz, had won. Torkildsen watched Frantz gave her acceptance speech on the monitors from within the press area. As a giddy Frantz ran out of time to give her acceptance speech, Torkildsen teased that he'd have to scold his co-star for forgetting to thank him during her on-stage speech. Backstage, however, Frantz explained that forgetting Torkildsen's name was certainly not intentional. "Who did I thank?" she asked, explaining that she had no idea what she said during her acceptance speech. Eventually, the on-screen couple was reunited backstage and gleefully embraced.

Frantz said she had a feeling that something good was in store for her on Emmy night. "I had a really good feeling when my limo got in a car accident on the way to the awards show tonight," Frantz chuckled. Fortunately, no one was injured in the bang up. Unfamiliar with the East Coast terrain, Frantz said that she didn't know where or even how the accident had occurred. "I showed up in a crushed limo," Frantz mused. "I was like, 'Look at me! I got a discount!'"

The witty remarks prompted one person to ask Frantz if she had ever considered doing standup comedy. Indeed, Frantz looked truly prepared for the task, having removed her microphone from its base and holding it freely in her hand. Frantz did not rule out a possible standup stint, and at the same time admitted that she enjoys the levity of some of her not-so-serious scenes.

Frantz's win gave The Bold and the Beautiful its second acting win of the night. The win also marked the most acting Emmys ever won by the show in a single year. The previous mark had been set last year by Susan Flannery (Stephanie) in her Lead Actress win. Additionally, Frantz and Torkildsen's wins were the first wins by B&B performers in their respective categories.


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