Behind-the-Scenes Emmy Coverage

Posted Saturday, May 21, 2003 1:00:09 AM
Behind-the-Scenes Emmy Coverage

Not everything that goes on at The Daytime Emmys makes it to the live broadcast. Some of the most memorable - and crazy - things happen behind the scenes!


Susan Lucci
Erica Kane, AMC
Much ado is made about Sweeps months. But not many of this year's Emmy nominees felt very hyped up about Sweeps.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, Sweeps is a term for a month-long period in which television programs pull out all the stops to get the highest ratings possible. These ratings are used to determine the amount that the networks can charge advertisers to advertise during that program. Sweeps periods come in February, May and November.

The most popular month for clips submitted by this year's nominees was actually December. 13 clips -- 8 by the men and 5 by the women -- were submitted from work during December 2004. The next most popular month was November with 12 submissions. As for the other two Sweeps months, May had 7 clips and February just 4. In case you are wondering, the most popular month for the female nominees' clips was March. December was the most popular month among all the male nominees.

In more random Emmy clip numbers, Friday was the most popular day for submissions. 16 of the clips submitted aired on a Friday. And for those playing the home game, Wednesday has 15, Monday 14 and Tuesday and Thursday each tallied 13.

Five performers submitted back-to-back episodes for their Emmy submissions this year. Some analysts think that submitting consecutive episodes allows the Emmy voters a better understanding of the work that they are viewing (and ultimately voting on). Submitting back-to-back episodes this year were Christian LeBlanc and Jack Wagner (Lead Actor), Jeff Branson (Supporting Actor), Jacob Young (Younger Actor) and the sole female on the list, Martha Byrne (Lead Actress).


Soap Fans
Along the Red Carpet
One popular soap is currently penning a major summer storyline that involves a natural disaster. The storyline is so top secret that even the show's behind-the-scenes crew doesn't know about it.

Meanwhile, Days of our Lives is planning to focus on more traditional storytelling in the months ahead. "This summer we're going back to supercouples and love stories and we're going to have some amazing surprises," previews Deidre Hall (Marlena Evans). And as for the serial killer storyline... "It's not over yet," Hall noted coyly, hinting that there may very well be yet another surprise twist ahead.


Kassie DePaiva
Blair Manning, OLTL
Every year there are one or two fans who jump the police barricades outside Radio City Music Hall for a chance to shake hands, hug or kiss their favorite soap stars. But this year, it was Daytime Emmy nominee Kassie DePaiva (Blair Manning, One Life to Live) who decided to scale the barrier.

DePaiva spotted Joe Wilmore, the man who had helped her land her first daytime acting gig on Guiding Light, clear on the other side of 52nd Street. She then hiked up her CD Green dress, crawled over and through a metal barricade -- and took off after him. Several police officers wandered over to make sure that everything was okay. Smiling devilishly and knowing that she may have created a bit of a scene, the giddy DePaiva returned to the Red Carpet to discuss her nomination.

DePaiva referred to herself as "the $2 ticket," noting that she is the only non-Emmy winner in the Lead Actress category. So what is the difference between being an Emmy nominee and being part of the audience? "Y'all wanna talk to me," DePaiva winked. "You get to be first on the Red Carpet. Otherwise you're coming in late with steak in your teeth."


Adrienne Frantz
Amber Moore, B&B
Catching up with the always lovely Adrienne Frantz (Amber Moore, The Bold and the Beautiful) and hoping that she made it to the Emmys unscathed has become somewhat of a yearly Soap Central tradition. The check in started back in 2001 when the actress was involved in a car accident on her way to the Emmy ceremony. She was uninjured -- and ended up winning an Outstanding Younger Actress trophy. In 2003, Frantz's hairstylist was a no-show and she was forced to take care of things herself at the last minute. Last year, the hotel in which Frantz was staying somehow lost her Emmy gown. This year Frantz "I got a horrible sunburn yesterday," Frantz sighed. "There's always a drama! I don't know why, but it always happens to me."

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