Cooper comedic in accepting first Emmy, Geary wins his sixth for comedy

Posted Saturday, June 21, 2008 9:17:12 AM
2008 Daytime Emmys: Cooper comedic in acceptance, Geary wins for comedy


Anthony Geary (Luke Spencer, General Hospital

"Soap operas are becoming a young person's game, so I've become more excited to be nominated," Geary said backstage.

The now-six-time Emmy winner admitted that this year's win was a bit of a surprise. It's not that he doesn't think he's a good actor, but rather that the material that he submitted isn't typically honored by Emmy voters.

"The comedy stuff I just love doing. I am very surprised because usually comedy doesn't win awards," Geary remarked. "It was balls to the wall farce. Luke goes to hell. It was really well written and it was beautifully directed. I chose that just because it was so out there."

For his second Emmy clip, Geary submitted something much more traditional and true to the soap opera format. "It was quiet work. It was emotional, but quiet work. It took a lot of tears."

For his new on-screen foil, Jane Elliot (Tracey Quartermaine), Geary had nothing but praise.

"I first auditioned for General Hospital to play Tracy's lover back in the Punic Wars and I didn't get the part," Geary smiled. "And Gloria Monty, who was writing at the time, called me into her office and said they weren't ready for me. So Jane and I have been waiting to work together for two decades."

With his win, Geary now moves into first place as the actor with the most Outstanding Lead Actor wins. All My Children's David Canary, who was also nominated this year, has five wins.

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Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor, The Young and the Restless)

"I bet you thought I had died," Cooper cracked as she took hold of her Emmy trophy. "Oh, dear. High definition or not high definition. I tell ya, it's a bitch, isn't it?"

Cooper also poked fun of other winners who understandably refer to their shows as the best of the bunch. Since The Young and the Restless did not win in many of those categories, Cooper decided to thank them in her own unique way.

"I have so many people to thank that I won't because everybody [else seems to have] the best directors and writers," Cooper smiled. "So I would like to thank our lousy directors and writers, our lousy CBS, our lousy staff, wardrobe... all departments. We are the lousiest... but we're still number one guys!"

Later, backstage, Cooper became emotional as she talked about her first Emmy win. This is actually Cooper's second Emmy -- she won a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005 -- but the first that she won in competition with other actresses.

"This is totally shocking to me," Cooper admitted. "There were such great good actresses in the category. I received a Lifetime Achievement award and that was a thrill, but this is a big plus, because it says, 'We treasured your performance.'"

Cooper said that she knew that the media has been pulling for her to win an Emmy for some time and she let it be known how much she has appreciated their support over the years.

"So many members of the press have so wanted me to win so many times... and..." Cooper said softly, her voice cracking. "Tonight I won for all of you. And that makes me happy."

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