The Young and the Restless wins Writing, GH Directing Team repeats

Posted Monday, May 1, 2017 04:23:38
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44th Annual Daytime Emmys coverage: The Young and the Restless scored another Writing Team award, General Hospital repeated in the Directing field, and B&B won yet another Guest Performer trophy at the 2017 Daytime Emmy Awards.

The Young and the Restless (Head Writer: Charles Pratt Jr.)

The Young and the Restless picked up its seventh win for Outstanding Writing Team. The writers did not appear backstage to discuss their Emmy win with the press.

General Hospital (Directors: Larry Carpenter, William Ludel, Scott McKinsey, Penny Pengra, Frank Valentini, and Phideaux Xavier)

General Hospital won its tenth Outstanding Directing Team trophy. The ABC soap is now just one behind The Young and the Restless' tally.

Typically winners will discuss the scenes that they submitted, but this year it seemed that everyone -- the directors and the media

"It's heartbreaking. I mean, I'm happy for her. It was her choice. She's great. I've known her for thirty years, and it's hard to say goodbye," Bill Ludel offered. "She's wonderful. She brings a color to the show that nobody else can bring or will ever bring, and that's going to be missed."

"I had the opportunity to do the courtroom episode that aired on Friday [April 28], where Jane was reliving all these wonderful flashbacks and the legacy of her career on not only our show, but on The City," Phideaux Xavier shared, "I've been a fan of Jane's since the first moment she withheld the pills from Edward Quartermaine, and I followed her Guiding Light where she was Carrie Todd, I followed her to Days of our Lives where she was Anjelica [Deveraux], I followed her to All My Children where she was Cynthia [Chandler], I followed her back to General Hospital as Tracey, and I'm a huge fan of when she was on Electro Woman and Dyna Girl as Cleopatra. So I'm a huge Jane Elliot fan, and the opportunity to work with her was literally a dream come true. And as my comrades have said, it's such a loss. But we're so happy for Jane, because she has put in so much in this industry. And we wish her well."

"And with Tony being gone, it's a double whammy" Ludel added. "And both of them did it on their own, and they're very happy. But there's a lot of history there that we all know that is gone.

Not surprisingly, there were a lot of tears.

"Actually, I didn't expect it from her because she's a toughie, you know," Larry Carpenter explained. "But there was a little bit here and there. There were goodbye moment with Leslie [Charleton, Monica Quartermaine]. And I went back to the booth twice and was choked up, and then I went, 'Wait a minute! I'm a hard ass!' But it was hard. It was hard to say goodbye."

With May Sweeps just around the corner, General Hospital will soon be airings its Nurses Ball episodes. No one from the show will say exactly what viewers should expect, but it seems that the show is going all out.

"I say musical numbers and shoot ‘em ups" are the hardest scenes to shoot, according to Carpenter. "Every year, when we approach the Nurses Ball, it's such a great opportunity to showcase our cast in a different way and to showcase the show and to get outside the box of what we normally do. This year, we're trying something slightly different, and we hope you like it."


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