2019 Creative Arts Winners: The Bold and the Beautiful wins two Emmys

Posted Saturday, May 4, 2019 12:00:34 PM

The 46th Annual Creative Arts and Entertainment Daytime Emmy Awards, honoring excellence in technical achievement, were handed out on Friday, May 3, 2019.

Outstanding Original Song

Composers & Lyricists: Bradley P. Bell, Anthony Ferrari, Casey Kasprzyk
Composer: Matt Pavolitis

Do you remember specifically writing this song and what the process was like?
Casey Kasprzyk: This is the third Emmy that this team has won for The Bold and the Beautiful, and we've had a lot of success for writing songs for Hope and Liam. They have the most tumultuous relationship, and I really connect as a lyricist with Hope and Liam in a lot of ways... it was actually the first song we recorded at Tony's home studio, as well. And it felt really magical when we recorded it, but I have to say, Annika [Noelle] and Scott [Clifton] were the ones that did the scene for the song, and it came out perfect.

Technical Team for a Drama Series

Technical Director: Gary Chamberlin
Camera Operators: Ted L Morales, John Carlson, Dean LaMont, Nico Svoboda
Video Control: Roberto Bosio, Scha Jani
Video Recordist: George Forbes

You're someone the fans really rely on.
Nico Svoboda: Yeah, we've got to make it look sexy. [Laughs]

What's key to making B&B look sexy?
Nico Svoboda: Not shooting too low, that's a big one.

John Carlson: I think working with the directors. The directors are the ones who have the vision, and we sort of bring it alive with them.

What is the most challenging type of scene to shoot? Is it the big events, the biggest divas?
John Carlson: No, we have a great cast. That's never a problem on our show! It's probably the big events, where there are a lot of elements involved, a lot of scenes where we have to bring our best to the table.

Where are you going to keep your Emmys?
John Carlson: I've got to rethink having it on my subwoofer.

Nico Svoboda: My fiancée [Hunter King] has one in her bathroom, just on top of the toilet, and it's so brilliant. Every time I see it, I'm so proud.

So what is she going to think of this?
Nico Svoboda: Oh, she's going to love this. Hers won't be alone.

Did you meet on set?
Nico Svoboda: Yeah, we met at The Young and the Restless. I was doing boom over there, and I just hit her with the mike, and she looked at me, and that was it! [Laughs] I don't know why; I got lucky, I guess.


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