Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams, daytime's first Black supercouple, returns to AMC

Posted Saturday, December 15, 2007 7:29:50 PM

All My Children promised to revisit its glory years in the months ahead and the show is already making good on that promise. In January, Emmy winners Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams will return to the show as former supercouple Angie and Jesse.

Daytime's first African American supercouple is returning to daytime television. Emmy winners Debbi Morgan (Angie Hubbard) and Darnell Williams (Jesse Hubbard) are headed back to Pine Valley in early 2008.

"Angie and Jesse made an eternal imprint on All My Children viewers, and many fans will not believe he's alive," said Brian Frons, president, Daytime, Disney-ABC Television Group in a statement. "We will continue to build upon the history of this core family and rekindle what made them a supercouple."

Since it has been nearly 20 years since Jesse and Angie's story began, many younger viewers may be unfamiliar with the pair. And some long-time fans may need a little refresher. Back in 1982, Jesse and Angie's story began when the two met as teenagers. The pair fell in love and eventually got married and had song, Frankie. Their time together was cut tragically short when Jesse, a police officer, was shot and killed in the line of duty in 1988.

Angie's story would later continue on the ABC soap Loving and later on the Loving spinoff, The City. There Angie met and fell in love with Jacob Foster, a man that bore an uncanny resemblance to her late husband.

AMC's Angie and Jesse are returning to town. What is your reaction?
 I am overjoyed. Bringing them back is a very smart move on AMC's part.   45% 
 I want to be excited -- but Jesse is dead. I hate back-from-the-dead plots.   24% 
 I would rather AMC focus on current characters instead of 'new' old ones.   12% 
 It's too soon to tell. It all depends on what type of story AMC creates.   11% 
 I never cared much for Angie and Jesse. I'd rather they not return to AMC.   3% 
 I am a newer viewer and I am not really sure who Angie and Jesse are.   2% 
 I have no opinion about Jesse and Angie's return to Pine Valley.   2% 
 Other   0% 


Born in London, England, Williams joined All My Children in 1981. During his seven-year run with All My Children, Williams picked up two Daytime Emmys. The first, in 1983, was for Outstanding Supporting Actor. Two years later, Williams took home the trophy in the Outstanding Lead Actor field. He also tallied an Outstanding Supporting Actor nod in his first year with the show. Williams later returned to All My Children in spirit form in 1994, when Tad Martin was nearly killed, and in 2001, when he helped usher a murdered Gillian to Heaven. But Williams' work was not limited to in front of the camera. The actor turned director on AMC in 2003 and has served as an acting coach for some of the show's younger talent for several years.

The actor's most recent daytime gig was earlier this year as Griggs on CBS's Guiding Light.

Morgan joined All My Children in 1982 and remained with the show through 1990. During those eight years, Morgan was nominated for a Daytime Emmy as Outstanding Ingénue (Younger Actress) in 1986 and won an Emmy in 1989 for Outstanding Supporting Actress. Morgan also appeared on NBC's Generations and as Ellen Burgess on the General Hospital spinoff, Port Charles, in 1997 and 1998.

In addition to her acclaim in daytime television, Morgan has scored critical acclaim in feature film. Morgan won the Chicago Film Critics Association and Independent Spirit Awards awards for Best Supporting Actress for her work in the 1997 film "Eve's Bayou."

Morgan is also known for her role as a judge on SOAPnet's reality series, I Wanna Be A Soap Star.

Like, Williams, Morgan also appeared on daytime television this past year. The actress portrayed a district attorney on CBS's The Bold and the Beautiful.

The pair was reunited recently when they worked together on the touring production of the stage play U Got Me Bent & Twisted.

Angie and Jesse's son, Frankie Hubbard, returned to Pine Valley in 2002, but his storyline wrapped up within the calendar year and the character was written out.

Morgan's Angie returns to Pine Valley on January 18 -- a Friday cliffhanger? -- to consult on a medical case. Williams is first seen a week later, on January 25 -- but AMC is tight-lipped about whether or not Jesse is "still" dead. Both actors have signed long-term contracts.

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