Jordi Vilasuso, Lindsay Hartley to join AMC

Posted Friday, September 17, 2010 2:13:46 PM
Jordi Vilasuso, Lindsay Hartley to join AMC

All My Children is adding to its cast of characters. The ABC soap has hired two former soap stars for two newly created roles. Emmy-winning Guiding Light vet Jordi Vilasuso will play the role for Griffin, and Passions and Days of our Lives vet Lindsay Hartley will take on the role of Cara.

All My Children has hired two veteran soap actors in two newly created roles -- but don't look for the two actors to pop up on-screen anytime soon. The first on-screen appearances aren't scheduled until November and December.

Emmy winner Jordi Vilasuso will take on the role of Griffin Castillo in the height of the November Sweeps period.

For three years, Vilasuso appeared as Tony Santos on the long-running CBS soap, Guiding Light. In 2003, the actor was awarded his very first Daytime Emmy in the Outstanding Younger Actor category. During his post-win media interviews, Vilasuso famously revealed that he'd be vacating his Guiding Light role to pursue other opportunities.

"The experience of being on Guiding Light for a young actor like myself is priceless," Vilasuso said. However, the daily routine didn't afford Vilasuso the different opportunities that he was seeking as a performer. "I don't want to be in a very comfortable position right now. I want to take risks."

It appears that Vilasuso beat out at least one other daytime vet for the role. In a recent interview with TVGuide Canada, Greg Vaughan (ex-Lucky Spencer, General Hospital) revealed that he'd tested for a part on All My Children, but was turned down because he "wasn't Latin enough" for the part.

Vilasuso first airs on November 16.

Meanwhile, Lindsay Harley, who recently wrapped a short-term run on NBC's Days of our Lives, has been hired for the role of Cara Finn.

Hartley is best known to daytime viewers for the nine years she spent as Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald on the supernatural-leaning soap, Passions. The actress has also appeared on Broadway. Most recently, Hartley was hired last year as a high-profile recast for the role of Arianna Hernandez on Days of our Lives. A year after her hiring, DAYS execs opted to write her character off-canvas.

Hartley will first appear on December 9.

Though the details of how the two new characters will be woven into the Pine Valley canvas has not fully been revealed, a show spokesperson tells Soap Central that both Cara and Griffin "will initially be introduced through Jake and Amanda's storyline." For those viewers thinking that Hartley's character sounds familiar -- there's good reason. In 2003, Jake Martin married a woman by the name of Carolyn Finn. Coincidence? As most soap fans know, there are no coincidences on soaps!

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