All My Children alum Mark Consuelos jokes he and Kelly Ripa look great because they get blood transfusions from teens

Posted Wednesday, October 09, 2019 9:02:36 AM

Former All My Children star Mark Consuelos (ex-Mateo Santos) made an appropriately Halloween-themed joke when he teased that he and Kelly Ripa (ex-Hayley Santos) get "blood transfusions of 14-year-olds" to look good.

With Halloween right around the corner, now is the time to make vampire jokes. Maybe that's what was in the mind of former All My Children actor Mark Consuelos (ex-Mateo Santos) when he recently joked that the reason he and his wife Kelly Ripa (ex-Hayley Santos) look so good is because they get "blood transfusions from 14-year-olds."

Consuelos made the joke on Monday's episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in response to a caller who asked how he and Ripa have managed to look "smoking hot for 30 years."

"We have blood transfusions of 14-year-olds," he joked before adding, "No, we're smaller people. So our heart doesn't have to work as much getting blood up and down. I don't know, we work out!"

Funny enough, Ripa recently made her own blood-related joke during a chat with her co-host Ryan Seacrest on Tuesday's episode of Live! with Kelly and Ryan. Ripa revealed she had recently undergone epigenetic testing with her doctor.

"It's so fascinating. It tests you for everything. They do a blood test and then a test where they connect you to electrodes and scan your whole [body]," she said. "I learned a lot. I learned what's living in my blood, which has escaped from my gut -- all kinds of crazy stuff."

But her biggest takeaway from the test, she says, is, "I'm 49 years old in age, my chronological age. But my biological age is 35. I was like, 'Is that all? Because I would say it's much younger!'"

Ripa and Consuelos met when their characters were paired on All My Children back in the mid-90s. Their real-life chemistry was just as intense as their Pine Valley alter egos', leading them to elope just months after meeting. The couple share three children together: sons Michael (22) and Joaquin (16), and daughter Lola (18).

For more Halloween fun featuring Ripa and Consuelos, check out this Halloween reboot of All My Children that was done last year.

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