Victoria Hudson McKinnon
Actor History
Ellen Wheeler (April 1985 - September 1986)
Rhonda Lewin (September 1986 - January 1987)
Anne Heche (July 1987 - July 1991)
Jensen Buchanan (July 1991 - May 1994; September 1994 - August 1998)
Cynthia Watros (August 1998 - September 1998)
Jensen Buchanan (September 1998 - June 1999)
Also Known As
Vicky Carson (adoptive name)
McKinnon Cottage
Marital Status
Married (Jake McKinnon
Past Marriages
James Gerald 'Jamie' Frame
Grant Harrison
Philip Carson (adoptive father) (deceased)
Grace Carson (adoptive mother) (deceased)
Michael Hudson (father)
Donna Love (mother)
Marley Love Hudson (sister; twin)
Nicholas Terry Hudson (half-brother)
Joe Hudson (great-grandfather)
Margaret Hudson (great-grandmother)
Clara Hudson (Garrison) (grandmother)
John Hudson (uncle)
Gregory Hudson (cousin)
Reginald Love (grandfather)
Elizabeth Love (grandmother)
Peter Love (uncle)
Nicole Love (aunt)
Steven Frame (son; with Jamie)
Kirkland Harrison (son; with Grant)
Bridget McKinnon (daughter; with Jake)
Michelle McKinnon (daughter; with Jake)
Flings & Affairs
Ryan Harrison
Shane Roberts
Crimes Committed
Indirectly involved in the death of Perry Hutchins
Kidnapped Kirkland to keep him away from Grant
Kidnapped a baby from Marley's infant-care facility to pass off as Kirkland
Brief Character History

Vicky was born to Michael Hudson and Donna Love. However, Vicky never knew her parents. Vicky was raised by Bridget Connell in Lassiter, Pennsylvania. In Lassiter, she met her best friend and future husband, Jake McKinnon. The two got themselves into lots and lots of trouble.

Vicky and Jake arrived in Bay City to swindle Marley out of her inheritance. Vicky saved Marley's life when she donated bone marrow to Marley for her leukemia treatment. Vicky never really liked Marley, because she was adored in town. However, the two made up several months later.

Vicky wanted Jamie Frame to be her husband. Vicky stole Jamie away from Lisa Grady. The two were married and conceived Steven. However, Steven's paternity was uncertain because Vicky slept with Jake McKinnon. However, it was later proven that Steven was Jamie's son. Reginald, in his will, left everything to Vicky.

Jamie eventually divorced Vicky, and sued for custody. When Jamie received custody of Steven, Vicky plotted to take over Cory Publishing. However, that attempt did not work. While, horseback riding, Vicky met Ryan Harrison. The two were at odds with each other from the beginning, but eventually became lovers. Vicky was a suspect in Jake's shooting, but posed as Marley during her trial.

Ryan proposed to Vicky, and she accepted. However, Vicky cheated on Ryan with his brother, Grant. Ryan eventually found out, and the two broke up. Grant and Vicky continued their relationship and were married. While Vicky was on her honeymoon, Ian Rain and Carl Hutchins kidnapped her. Grant accidentally shot Vicky and left her paralyzed for a few months.

Vicky conceived a child with Grant and named it Kirkland, after Grant's mother. Vicky wanted a divorce from Grant, so that she could be with Ryan. Grant shot himself and framed Vicky for the deed. However, at the trial, it was revealed that Grant had shot himself.

Vicky gained custody of Kirkland, which really irked Grant. Justine, Grant's mother, kidnapped Vicky and tortured her. In the end, Grant shot Vicky's lover, Ryan, and he was killed. Vicky fell for both Jake McKinnon and Bobby Reno. After finding out that Bobby/Shane had lied to her, she chose Jake and married him. Vicky still had feelings for Shane, but never acted on them. Vicky indirectly caused the death of her father due to her jealously of Shane Roberts.

After Jake was arrested for manslaughter for the death of Shane Roberts, Vicky confessed that she had been with Shane the night of the accident. The confession caused a major strain in Jake and Vicky's marriage. Jake eventually left Vicky, but she vowed to get him back. After several attempts, Vicky did win Jake's heart back.

Lila caused further strain when she forged Shane's journal, saying that Vicky and Shane had slept together on several occasions. Vicky also felt guilty about Marley's accident and her burns. After the truth was disclosed about Shane's forged diary, Vicky and Jake were back together and stronger than ever, and were attempting to conceive a child. Vicky and her sister Marley, however, fought over who had the rights to Jake.

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