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Monday, July 19, 1999

Carly is working out with Kevin and Brad walks in and catches them. He asks Kevin to leave. Brad says to Carly that it is obvious that her back problem is not what is keeping her from their marriage bed. She tells him that the back problem is a lie. He asks her why she lied and she tells him that she is confused. Before she can explain, he says that it is because of Jack. But, he doesn't understand because he goes on to say that she said good-bye to Jack and everything is moving so fast. She tells him that isn't quite it. He interrupts her and says that all they need is one more night and he thinks that things will become more clear for her. He says that he has a meeting to go to and when he returns they will spend a romantic evening together. He tells her that he will make this the shortest meeting in history and he will be back before she has time to miss him. He leaves and she looks perplexed.

Andy and Molly are discussing the picture and how Andy has run the picture through a computer to enhance the photo and get some information on the man in the photo, such as height, weight, bone structure. Molly has a flashback of Reid pushing the gurney into a room at the institution. Andy sees that her mind is wondering and asks her if she is thinking about David. She says that she hasn't had anything to do with David in a long time and his sister was just raking her over the coals about it. She tells him that she could care less about David and she hopes he gets what is coming to him. Andy tells her that is good, because they are going catch him and bring him back and put him on trial. Andy's phone rings and he answers it. When he hangs up he tells Molly that it is a guy that he sponsors and he needs to go meet with him. Molly tells him to go. She kisses him and says that she loves him. After he is gone, she takes the picture out of her purse and looks at it and then she leaves.

Reid is telling Julia that he forgives her for thinking that Melinda was Lily and Holden's baby. They kiss and she pulls away from him. He tells her that she can trust him and she shouldn't question this, too. They kiss again and she unbuttons his shirt and take it off. He takes off her blouse, but she is wearing a camisole underneath. He pulls her close and kisses her neck. She silently says Jack's name. Reid picks her up and lays her on the bed and they kiss again. The next thing that we see, they have done the deed and Reid is stroking Julia's arm. He asks her how she feels and she says that it was so unexpected, but it was nice. They talk about their relationship and Reid tells her that he held the wall up as long as he could. She says that her therapy was over long before they got involved. She says that she feels so guilty that she thought he was holding Lily and Holden's baby from them. He tells her not to think about that, it is over and done with.

Camille and her mother, Sara Ruth, are walking through the Lakeview talking about holding the Gala there. Dolores and Jack come walking up to them and Dolores says hello to Camille. Dolores and Sara Ruth coldly acknowledge each other. Sara Ruth tells them that they are busy planning the Gala. Dolores tells Camille to give her a call sometime. She and Jack walk away and Dolores says that she could just cry that Camille and Brad didn't make it. She starts to say something and then stops. Jack questions her and she says that she forgot what she was going to say. Jack asks his mother if she knows something about Brad and Carly's marriage. She asks him if he thinks that Brad would tell her anything about his marriage. Jack says that he knows that she would snoop to find something out. She tells him that he is a good cop. She tells him about Peter Wentworth blackmailing Brad that if he didn't give him a substantial amount of money, he was going to do unspeakable things to Camille. She tells him that Brad then broke up with Camille and married Carly to get the money to pay off Mr. Wentworth. Barbara comes up and wants to have a word with Jack and Dolores leaves. Barbara tells Jack that she and Hal are glad that he will be at their wedding. She goes on to say that she doesn't know what kind of an arrangement that he has with his brother's wife and she doesn't want to know, but she wanted him to know that Carly is not welcomed at their wedding. Jack says that first of all, Carly would not go where she is not wanted. Barbara gets a chuckle out of that. Then he informs Barbara that Carly has made mistakes just like everyone else and at least she is honest enough to own up to them and make it better. Camille hears this and she tells her mother that she thinks that she should tell Brad that she saw Jack and Carly together at the boathouse. Sara Ruth tells her that it is not her business and she should stay out of it. Brad walks up behind Camille and says Hi. Sara Ruth says Hi and then leaves the two to talk. Brad is telling Camille about his business meeting and how he cut it short to get back home. He says that he has got big plans with Carly. Camille drops her head and looks away. Brad asks her if there is a problem and she says that there isn't a problem. She picks up a box of envelopes and he takes them away from her. She says that he is always there to save her and she wishes that she could return the favor. Brad says that everything is going great for him and he is on his way home to an incredible wife. She says that he really does love Carly. He tells her that things are finally working out for them. Camille takes the box of envelopes back and says that it looks that way but he deserves better. He asks her if she is not telling him something?

Carly is trying to call Jack and Molly walks in. Molly starts rambling about Andy running this picture through a computer and how they got a description of the man that may have Holden and Lily's baby. She rambles on about Reid and Rita and how he had Rita admitted at The Benedict House and now Rita is missing. Carly tells Molly that she is giving her a headache and that she should admit herself into The Benedict House. Molly asks Carly what is up with her that has put her in a bad mood? Carly tells Molly that Jack wants to be with her. Molly says that she should be with him and divorce Brad. Carly looks at her and Molly remembers that she can't have her marriage annulled because she slept with Brad. Molly asks her why she did that. Carly tells her that she thought it was all over with Jack. Molly tells her to stay with Brad and Carly says that he is not Jack. Molly asks Carly what is going to happen if Brad and Jack get together and compare notes? Carly says that men don't talk about that kind of stuff, do they? Molly says that Brad told her and she thinks that he would shout it from the rooftop if he could. Molly tells her that she thinks that she is doomed. Molly leaves and Carly starts to pace. She is saying to herself that she needs a plan and Jack walks in and tells her to look to her left. She is excited to see Jack. Jack tells her that he knows why she and Brad got married. Carly is worried until Jack says that he heard about Brad and Peter Wentworth. Jack wants to go to Mr. Wentworth and talk with him. Carly tells him that he can't, Wentworth is a criminal and Jack tells her that he deals with criminals all the time, that is his job. Carly suggest that they run away together. She says that they should leave Oakdale and never look back.

Molly is sneaking around Reid's apartment with a flashlight. She goes to his closet and finds the same shirt as in the photo. She takes the shirt and is walking back to the door when Andy opens the door and turns on the light. She asks him how he knew she was in the apartment and he says that he saw her flashlight through the window. He asks her if she is moonlighting as a cat burglar? She lies about some expose' and Andy knows that she is lying. He tells her that he knows that she hates Reid but she needs to just let it go. He says that if she just forgets him that will be the best way to get back at Reid. She says that he is right and she will put the stuff back where she found it. She asks him to be the lookout. She goes to the closet and instead of putting the shirt back in the closet, she puts it in her tote bag. Andy tells her to come on the coast is clear. They leave together and turn out the lights.

Julia and Reid are laying together in the bed and Reid is thinking back about he and Julia making love. But Julia turns into Molly. Julia looks up at him and asks him what he is thinking about? Reid says, "You." The baby starts to cry and Julia gets up to go see about her and the phone rings. Reid answers the phone. Molly is on the other end, but she doesn't say anything.

Tuesday, July 20, 1999

Molly has called Reid and Julia's hotel room and Julia is going to check on the baby. Reid answers the phone and Molly doesn't say anything. Reid asks who is there and she still doesn't say anything. Reid whispers, "Dad?" Molly hears the baby crying and hangs up and says to herself that Reid Hamilton has a baby?!

Tom has got Emily's conviction overturned and Susan is congratulating him. They are at the police station. A police officer brings Emily in and she and her mother hug. The cop tells her not to leave until all the paperwork has been filled out. Emily is hugging her mother and Tom and she is jumping up and down saying that she is free, free! Margo walks in and asks if she can talk with Emily. She shows Emily the picture of the baby and the man's arm and asks her if that could be David's arm? Emily is looking at the picture and Tom intervenes and says that Emily has been through enough and Margo should leave her alone. Emily tells Margo that if she wants her opinion if she thinks that David has Lily and Holden's baby, she thinks he does. But, if she wants her to tell them that this is David's arm in the picture, she can't do it. Her brain is fried and all she wants to do now is go home with her baby and make a life for the two of them. Margo leaves and Tom follows her. He starts raking her over the coals about bugging Emily after everything that she just went through with David and being in a mental hospital. Margo tells Tom that at least Emily has got to hold her baby and be with him. Lily and Holden are being cheated out of being with their daughter and she is not going to apologize to anyone about doing her job. She asks him to excuse her, she has got work to do. Tom walks back over to Susan and Emily. Emily has changed into a nice blue summer dress. Emily tells him that they are going to her mother's house to celebrate and would he like to come with them. He says that he has some loose ends to tie up and he needs to stay there.

Julia and Reid are dressed and having dinner. She is not eating much and Reid asks her if something is wrong. She says that she feels claustrophobic and he suggests that they go out on the balcony. She says that she would like to go for a walk alone to clear her head. Reid doesn't want to let her go, but then he gives in and tells her to come back soon. Julia says that she will stop by the front desk and see if they have any messages for them and Reid asks her if this isn't supposed to be a vacation? Julia flashes him a look. He apologizes and tells her to enjoy her walk and hurry back. After Julia is gone, he goes into Melinda room where she is sleeping. He tells her that the lady that has been taking care of her is not her mother, she is just the nanny, for now. The doorbell rings and Reid goes to the door, thinking that it is Julia returning and when he opens the door, Molly is standing there.

At Susan's house, Alison has made a welcome home sign for Emily before she left for camp. Emily talks about how she will have to apologize to Alison for making her look bad in front of her friends for the things that she has done. Daniel's nanny comes in to get him to put his jammies on. Emily doesn't want to let him go, but realizes that it is late and time for him to be in bed. Susan tells Emily that she is sorry, but she has to go in to the hospital, she couldn't get anyone else to cover her shift. Emily tells her that she will be fine and to go ahead. After Susan leaves, Emily is walking around the living room, enjoying her freedom and the doorbell rings. Emily starts to freak thinking that it could be David at the door. She creeps over to the door and asks who is there. From the other side of the door, Tom answers. She opens the door and is happy to see him.

Brad is asking Camille if she is holding something back from him? Camille says that she is just being a friend and she is worried about him. Brad says that there is no reason to worry about him unless she is not telling him something. She says that she just hopes that he will find a woman that will make him happy. She tells him that Carly only throws him crumbs and runs off with his brother. He says that he is happy and that only happened once. He tells her that they are really great together and they are two of a kind. Camille says that even on his worst day, he couldn't be as bad as Carly and he should never compare himself to her. Brad says that he can't judge Carly, he married her for her money. Camille says, "that was to save me." Brad tells her that he has pulled some things since then to keep a hold on her. He goes on to tell Camille that everything is going to change tonight, he is going to take back everything that he has been holding over her head. He says that Carly has told him some things that were rough to admit. Camille asks him if they were things that were hard to forgive? Brad says that he doesn't know about that, but he has a good feeling about the two of them and maybe the truth will set them free.

Carly is asking Jack to run away with her and Parker. She says that they can have a fresh start on their life together. She wants to have an eternity of nights like the night that they had in the wine cellar. She doesn't want to wait to suit everyone else. She is tired of putting her life on hold. She says that they have paid their dues and she is ready to get on with her life. They love each other and deserve to be together. She begs him to leave with her tonight. Jack says that what he is about to say, he doesn't want it to come out wrong, but he doesn't want to leave Oakdale. He talks about their families being there and their life is there. He says that he can't run away from Oakdale and he doesn't want her to run away either. He tells her to hang in there and they will be together, he will find a way. They start kissing and she asks him if he knows what he is doing to her. He says that he hopes he is making her feel the way he feels. She says that she wants ecstasy with him and they can't have it in this house. Jack tells her that she looks tired and she should get some rest and everything will look better in the morning. He leaves and Kevin brings in a big bouquet of roses and tells her that Mr. Snyder is on his way home. Carly starts to leave and then remembers Parker. She calls John's house and gets the sitter. John is working and Carly tells her that she is going to have to pick Parker up tonight and not tomorrow morning. She tells her that she will be there in an hour or two and hangs up.

Later, Carly is at the boathouse with a note to Jack and the compass that he gave her in her hand. She thinks back about when they were there together and kissing. She says, "Oh Jack." Jack walks in behind her.

Wednesday, July 21, 1999

When Tom stops by to drop off a toy, Emily correctly surmises that Tom is already missing Daniel. Brad learns that Carly left the house with suitcases in town. Jack finds Carly in the boathouse and she gives him the goodbye note she wrote. Molly demands Reid show her Holden and Lily's baby. Carly refuses to explain to Jack why she has to leave town. Jack promises to track her down and they kiss each other desperately. An anxious Lily confides in Andy about looking for her daughter in ever child she sees.

Reid admits to having a daughter, as well as being the man in the photo, but insists Melinda is his child by his late wife. Tom confides in Emily about losing the sense of closeness he had with Adam and Casey. Molly dares Reid to stop running and show Melinda to the Snyders, if in facct he has nothing to hide.

Jack and Carly finally make love. Under Brad's questioning, Camille admits she saw Jack and Carly at the boathouse. Molly doesn't buy Reid's story. A touched Lily tells Andy he'll be a great father, and urges him to cherish those moments. Reid tells Molly David came to him while on the run and gave him Melinda. When she threatens to call the police, Reid forcibly stops Molly from leaving.

Emily assures Tom he'll always be a part of Daniel's life and he can come over any time to be with him. She then admits she doesn't know her son very well and doesn't have a hard time convincing Tom to stay the night.

A choked-up Reid swears to Molly that she knows him like no one else and that there's something he should've told her a long time ago--he loves her. Brad spies Jack and Carly cuddling at the boathouse.

Thursday, July 22, 1999

Ben met Camille quite by chance at a restaurant while waiting for Denise. She tells him she is sorry for the way she treated him when they were together. Denise come in, interrupting their conversation, and tells Ben she wants to have an evening at his apartment, rather than at a public place. They get very intimate after close dancing, but Ben explains he cannot go all the way, that he's made mistakes before and wants to do everything in the eyes of God. Denise, reminiscing about talks with her mother, agrees that they should wait. Ben calls Camille to meet her and talk about Denise.

Reid Hamilton confesses to Molly that he loves her, but that he cannot give up Julia because he wants another life. Molly asks him to repeat a sentence he has said ("You remind me of the man I used to be"). Molly is puzzled when Reid says he has always loved her, and that she doesn't love Andy, she loves him. She confronts Reid that his baby is really Holden and Lillie's baby. Julia in the meantime comes back from a walk and approaching the front desk is introduced to a minister waiting for Reid. The minister tells her he has been waiting some time, and that Reid was anxious to set up a wedding in his church for tomorrow. Julia takes him to the room to straighten out this statement. Reid and Molly hear her coming, and Molly goes to hide in the baby's room. While there she drops her identification card, and grabs a pacifier belonging to the baby. Reid apologizes to Julia and the minister, and promises to mail a check for the inconvenience for his trouble. Julia goes in to check the baby's crying and Reid is concerned, as he finds Molly has escaped through an open window.

Carly has tangled in a web of lies telling Jack she doesn't love Brad, and that Brad married only to rescue Camille from Wentworth. Jack thinks Brad married Carly only for money. Carly tells Jack they cannot be together, but Jack is insistent and offers to meet with Brad about it. Carly says she will talk to Brad. Jack meets Camille in the restaurant ordering a fancy take-out meal to return with to the boathouse. He finds Carly gone.

Brad, very distraught, has seen Carly and Jack in the boat house making love. He hesitates going in to have it out and goes back to Lisa's restaurant, where she shows him an elegant wedding cake designed by a very proud chef. Brad loses it and smashes the cake with his fist. Camille tells Brad he deserves better, that Carly and his brother have been behind his back making love. Not knowing he has observed them, Carly calls Brad and meets him in Parker's room at the mansion. Carly tells him she just wants to be a friend, and that the reason she has avoided his bed is because she thinks of him only as a friend. She thanks him for his support and friendship, and adds an offer of money. Brad reminds her of their love making...and she tells him that was only one time. She is thrilled when Brad says he will give her a divorce. He says as she exits "I am going to get all I deserve, and so are you!"

Friday, July 23, 1999

Jack rejoices when Carly announces Brad has agreed to a divorce. Brad and Dolores toast to his impending bachelorhood, with Brad promising that Carly will be the only casualty of their marriage. When Reid finds an open window, and Julia can't locate Melinda's pacifier, Reid realizes what Molly's done and runs out of the room. Julia finds Molly's press pass on the floor. Molly escapes via helicopter just ahead of Reid.

Carly silences Jack when he questions what his brother will do now that he's getting divorced. While Barbara and Hal look over Andy's wedding portfolio, Barbara quizzes her cousin about Molly's on-air proposal. Andy admits he turned it down, but he hopes to plan a wedding with her soon.

Reid fibs to Julia that Molly was there to do an expose on his unorthodox treatment of her. An angry Julia chastises him for continuing to hold things back from her. He pleads with her to go back to Oakdale with him "as a friend."

Jack nixes Carly's big plans for them to travel the world with Parker in tow, dreaming instead of them living a cozy life in Milltown. Camille agrees to help Ben with his plan to get Jeremy Richards to perform with Denise. Denise comes in and detects perfume on Ben's clothing and Ben admits Camille stopped by--she's helping him plan a surprise for Denise, he reveals.

Barbara and Hal recall the many ups and downs of their relationship: the first time he proposed, the secrets of Adam & Jennifer's paternity, Barbara's reaction to the kiss between him and Margo. Molly's resolve to get the pacifier tested momentarily weakens when she remembers Reid's declaration of love. When Hal makes reference to Barbara's fling with "the boy wonder lifeguard, Evan Walsh," Barbara retaliates by mentioning his marriage to Carly. Smiling, they agree both are "water over the dam."

An awkward conversation ensues when Brad walks over to Jack and Carly's table. Carly begs Brad to back her up on her lie about why they got married and stayed married--she wants to keep private the fact that they consummated their marriage. An expressionless Brad agrees to her request.

Julia overhears Carly arranging Brad's payoff--$500, 000 in cash and another $500, 000 to be transferred to his account. Molly is stunned when Andy arrives home and tells her he's accepting her proposal. An impatient Denise surmises that Ben's surprise has something to do with her love of ballet, but when Ben refuses to help her further, she holds out on making love with him.

When Barbara expresses qualms, noting marriage is "an institution that brings out the worst in both" of them, Hal assures that the third time will be the charm. Carly relishes in informing Julia that she's back with Jack again--"in every way." Brad tells Jack he won't be getting an annulment.

Molly wishes Andy's happy news would've come on a better day, then determines to get the unpleasantness with Reid over with as soon as possible. Reid rushes into Molly's apartment and tells her their "love affair" is over.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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