Brad Bell explains why he had to "whack the beehive" with the Brooke, Ridge, and Taylor storyline

Posted Sunday, December 04, 2022 7:52:13 PM
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Have you ever wondered if soap execs set out to intentionally get fans worked into a lather? The Bold and the Beautiful's Brad Bell admits that he knew a storyline might be met with a passionate response.

Are you a fan of The Bold and the Beautiful and wondering why grown adults -- yes, Steffy and Thomas we're looking at you -- have been obsessed with their parents' love lives? You might find comfort in knowing that the Soap Central inbox and social media feeds have been swamped by viewers who feel just like you do.

You might not, however, find pleasure in knowing that B&B's head writer and executive producer is somewhat amused by your outrage.

"Yes, they're older but I think they feel that Brooke, through her manipulation and sexuality, has blindsided Ridge and he's been addicted to her," Brad Bell recently told Soap Opera Digest.

Manipulation and addiction are two very powerful word choices.

Bell explained that Steffy has been living with Ridge's decision to "turn his back on his family and his children... for many, many years."

Obviously, some fans may see things differently than Steffy.

"You have to kind of whack the beehive once in a while," Bradley Bell explained. "It's really fun to be back to Ridge, Taylor, and Brooke and have it be as controversial as ever. People have strong opinions on one side or the other. I love it."

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