The Bold and the Beautiful's Annika Noelle and her fiancé have split

Posted Tuesday, June 20, 2023 2:19:45 AM
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Annika Noelle took to social media to share that she and her fiancé have ended their relationship.

In a moving Father's Day post, Annika Noelle (Hope Logan, The Bold and the Beautiful) announced that she and her fiancé have ended their relationship.

"Happy Father's Day ~ while we never got our chance to hold our rainbow, for a brief moment in time we held each other. And even though we could no longer bear the weight of the losses, you have left a lasting imprint on my heart. Thank you," Noelle wrote.

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Noelle kept the details of her relationship private and never revealed her partner's name.

In 2021, Noelle wrote a moving essay for Glamour in which she revealed that she and her partner had experienced the loss of two pregnancies.

Jennifer Gareis (Donna Logan, B&B) replied to Noelle's post, writing, "You will get your rainbow one day!!!"

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