The Bold and the Beautiful's Darin Brooks finds new TV life with Blue Mountain State sequel

Posted Monday, February 26, 2024 9:14:00 AM
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A new sequel is in the works for the comedy series Blue Mountain State with The Bold and Beautiful's Darin Brooks.

The Bold and the Beautiful fans just bid farewell to Darin Brooks’s Wyatt Spencer but will be able to see him tackle a new-old role as he reprises the character of Alex Moran on Blue Mountain State.

Brooks first premiered on Blue Mountain State in 2010 when the show premiered on Spike TV. It lasted for three seasons before finding new life and new fans on Netflix. Deadline reports that a sequel starring Brooks, Alan Rithson, and Chris Romano is in the works and likely to end up on Amazon.

Blue Mountain State centers around a fictional college football team, and Brooks’s Alex Moran was one of the freshman players adjusting to college life and college sports life. The last time Brooks played Moran was in 2016 in a made-for-TV movie called Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland. Brooks’s wife, Kelly Kruger, who still occasionally appears as Mac Hellstrom on The Young and the Restless, appeared on two episodes of the original series.

During the last few years, Brooks hasn't been seen much on B&B, as his character has existed mainly to be a sounding board for his father, Bill, and his brother Liam. Wyatt's last big story was in 2020 when Sally Spectra faked a fatal illness to keep Wyatt by her side rather than letting him leave her for his high school sweetheart, Flo Fulton. Flo was also one of the characters behind the kidnapping of Wyatt's niece Beth.

Brooks first debuted on B&B in 2013 after playing Max Brady on Days of our Lives from 2005 to 2010. In January, Wyatt finally told Bill that he needed a fresh start and was leaving Los Angeles. While some fans had hoped Wyatt would move to Genoa City and Y&R to complicate Sally's life, it looks like Blue Mountain State came calling instead.

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