The Bold and the Beautiful's Kimberlin Brown finally answers the biggest Sheila questions on fans' minds

Posted Monday, February 26, 2024 3:08:51 PM
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As Sheila Carter seemed to take her final breath after Steffy stabbed her with a butcher knife, The Bold and the Beautiful star Kimberlin Brown still had hope for Sheila's future.

Sheila Carter has been torturing CBS soap characters since the 1990s, first on The Young and the Restless, where she made a lifelong enemy of Lauren Fenmore, and later on The Bold and the Beautiful, where she's been making Forrester and Logan lives miserable for decades.

For the last few months, Krazy Sheila had been lying dormant while a more docile Sheila did her best to lay low, serve some pizza and pasta, and stay out of everyone's lives. However, one visit from Hope and another from Steffy changed all that. Hope convinced Deacon to break off his engagement to Sheila, and Steffy physically attacked Sheila after spotting her in the background of a selfie that Kelly took while on a playdate at Il Giordano.

Before Sheila's alleged final showdown with Steffy began, Kimberlin Brown joined B&B supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk for the return of Bold Live, the YouTube series in which fans can ask questions of their favorite stars.

Sheila has spent nearly three years obsessing over her son (and Steffy's husband) Finn and being a part of his life, but two fans wanted to know how Brown felt about Sheila's other children re-entering the scene.

"A lot of people message me on Instagram and ask about the kids, the children that I had with Massimo...that would be interesting because that would actually make my children siblings with Ridge," Brown said, referring to Ryder and Daisy, the twins she allegedly had with Massimo Marone, Ridge's biological father.

Brown even has a theory that places Massimo at the center of Sheila's life all these years later. She is sure he is bankrolling her, even in death, and that is how Sheila always seems to have the perfect wardrobe with some cash on hand.

She'd still like to see at least one of Sheila's kids be kind to her. "It would be nice if any of my kids would accept me and want to be a part of my life," she said with a laugh.

Deacon's kid Hope wanted to be a part of his life, which led her to once again beg her dad to end his engagement. Before Steffy stabbed Sheila, "Sheacon" fans still held out hope that they would one day wed, and one fan even asked Brown to describe the perfect wedding dress and location for Sheila and Deacon.

"I haven't even thought about putting on a wedding dress in years and years and years, so it would have to be something very age-appropriate," Brown said. "It's not the first rodeo for either one of us so I don't think it needs to be the full-length white gown that's traditional. Something kind of stylish and edgy is what I'd love to see."

As for location, Brown had a fantasy scenario and one a little more realistic. "Who knows, we've got such a great following in Italy and Australia, that would be amazing locations," she said, but then reminded us who Deacon and Sheila are. "Knowing Sheila and knowing Deacon, Vegas baby."

Finally, Brown and Kasprzyk addressed the one thing both Y&R and B&B fans have wanted to know for quite a while. Did Genoa City's Lauren even know that her arch-nemesis was alive and well, still living in L.A.? Even when Lauren was at the Forrester Creations fashion show last fall, there was no mention of Sheila.

"I don't really know," Brown answered, with Kasprzyk chiming in that he assumes Lauren got the news of Sheila's resurrection off-camera. Will Lauren find out that Sheila is dead -- again? Only time will tell.

To find out what Kimberlin Brown had to say about Sheila's apparent death, continue reading here.

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