Quick catch-up: What you need to know about The Bold and the Beautiful's Ivy Forrester

Posted Wednesday, March 27, 2024 9:48:47 AM
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Is been six years since Ashleigh Brewer last appeared as Ivy Forrester, so you'll be forgiven if you can't remember all the details of her stint on The Bold and the Beautiful. Soap Central is here to help.

The Bold and the Beautiful fans wondered what comes next when the news broke that Ashleigh Brewer would be returning to the soap as "Poison" Ivy, the sexy and scheming Forrester cousin who managed to get Liam to stop waffling between Hope and Steffy (at least briefly). To get you ready for her arrival, here's a quick refresher on who she is and what she has done.

Ivy Forrester is the daughter of Eric's brother, John Forrester, played by the late Fred Willard from 2014 to 2015. She arrived when Rick and Eric hired her to replace jewelry designer Quinn Fuller at Forrester.

Ivy quickly became friends with another young Forrester cousin, Thorne's daughter, Aly, while also involving herself in the Liam/Hope/Wyatt triangle.

One of Ivy's most memorable moments on B&B came during a 2014 trip to Paris for a Hope for the Future photoshoot. Hope had asked Liam to meet her at the Eiffel Tower if he truly wanted to marry her. However, Wyatt also wanted to marry Hope, and Quinn wanted Wyatt to have the woman of his dreams. To that end, a disguised Quinn followed the HFTH crew to Paris, found Ivy sitting on a retaining wall by the Seine while taking a pic of Liam, and pushed Ivy into the river. An alarmed Liam dove in to rescue her, thus missing his set time to meet Hope. That prompted Hope to run off and marry Wyatt, while Liam found solace with Ivy when they got back to L.A.

While Hope and Wyatt's marriage didn't last long, and Hope moved to Milan after a miscarriage, Liam and Ivy embarked on a romance. However, when Steffy returned to town after an extended stay in Europe, Ivy knew that she couldn't compete with her cousin and broke things off with Liam.

Other highlights of Ivy's time in Los Angeles include:

• Recorded Steffy bludgeoning an unhinged Aly with a tire iron in self-defense (and killing her)

• Blackmailed Thomas Forrester into supporting her as the new face of Forrester

• Electrocuted after a scuffle with Steffy Forrester

• Kissed Thomas Forrester despite her relationship with Wyatt Fuller Spencer -- and kissed Liam Spencer despite her relationship with Wyatt

• Kept quiet about Quinn's flirtation with Ridge while Quinn was married to Eric

• Helped make Steffy's zipline wedding entrance a reality when Steffy and Liam said "I do" in 2017

Ivy sort of faded from the canvas after four years of trying to find a happy love life in Los Angeles. She was last seen in 2018 after Brooke and Ridge's most recent trip down the aisle. What will her next stint have in store, and will it involve a romance with either of the men who have ended things with Hope over the last year?

As always, if you want all the details on Ivy Forrester -- or any B&B character -- check out Soap Central's character profile section, Who's Who in Los Angeles. You access that section here.

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