The Bold and the Beautiful breakup: Thomas and Hope's heartache has Thope fans divided -- and united

Posted Thursday, March 28, 2024 4:03:21 PM
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Thomas and Hope are no more (for now) on The Bold and the Beautiful following a heartbreaking split that -- surprise -- didn't involve cheating.

Hope Logan never expected her day would go so wrong. She started it happily enjoying her time with Thomas and was thrilled by a stunning gold gown he designed just for her and had her try on. A romantic table setting in the Forrester Creations showroom turned the day into a fantasy -- until it morphed into a nightmare.

Thomas got down on one knee (again) and proposed (again), and Hope tuned him down (again). This time, the rejection came with a kicker. It was the first time she ever said she loved him -- right before she told him she couldn't marry him because she just wasn't ready. Even Thomas told her that was like a knife through his heart. He finally heard the words before another letdown.

Now, Thomas is off to Paris with their son Douglas, Hope is both heartbroken and furious, and Steffy is reveling in her victory because she managed to get Thomas to do the seemingly impossible -- walk away from Hope.

The reasoning behind this breakup has left everyone with an opinion, as any good soap story should. Hope isn't ready to get married. In Steffy's eyes, that means she is not in love with Thomas.

Apparently, marriage is the only way to let people know you love them in Steffy's eyes, which can explain the number of times she has been married. In all fairness, Hope has also been married multiple times (to the same men as Steffy), but she seems to be over it. This leaves some fans wondering why Hope is now "the villain" for just wanting to not be married but still be with the man she loves.

"It hasn't even been a year since their first real kiss in Rome," @l3neee91 wrote on X (formerly Twitter), putting things quite simply. "And Hope just recently got divorced. I get why she's not ready to get married again."

@glasse8585 also thought the soap is taking this obsession with marriage a little too far.

"#BoldandBeautiful all ships aside...very bad messages you sent to women out there. You lose everything because you say no to a proposal? Taking out ships and characters..bad messages," they tweeted.

Still, others are happy the shoe is now on the other foot and Hope can be the one to chase and long for Thomas. It's a complete switch from Thomas chasing Hope for the bulk of his adult life.

"Thomas just had enough the I love you and then rejecting his last proposal just broke him," said wrote @xolizzie31, who can also see Thomas's point of view. "He's running away from everything cause he doesn't want to be hurt anymore and it's giving classic old school soap angst where Hope has to do the chasing."

@TeelRealFeel can see both sides equally, saying, "I am Team Thomas AND Team Hope. Not trying to slam Hope here (and Thomas made mistakes too) but the problem isn't that she said "no", it's that she didn't give him respect by reflecting on what the future could be & giving him some kind of timetable."

In the end, Thope fans seem united on one very soapy thing -- the angst this story will bring their favorite pair. After all, if a soap "ship" doesn't have angst and at least one heartbreaking split, are they really a ship?

"#Thope has been so good for the past two weeks," declared CarneAsada74. "It's what soap opera angst and couples should always be! Kudos to MA and AN on their performances and chemistry!"

What do you think? Will Thomas and Hope reunite? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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