Hope for Thomas' future? Annika Noelle weighs in on the paused Bold and Beautiful pair

Posted Tuesday, May 07, 2024 10:16:12 AM
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The Bold and the Beautiful's Thomas and Hope are on a break. Will it end anytime soon?

It's been well over a month since The Bold and the Beautiful's Thomas Forrester flew to Paris with young son Douglas in tow, leaving poor Hope devastated and heartbroken. She wasn't able to say yes to Thomas' marriage proposal so soon after the end of her marriage to Liam, and Thomas got tired of waiting. Adding insult to injury was the fact that Hope finally told Thomas she loved him in the same breath that she rejected the idea of marriage -- for now.

Thomas' sister Steffy also meddled in their romance, making the situation worse as she tried convincing Thomas that Hope could never love him the way he loved her. Does Thomas' absence mean it is over between Thomas and Hope for good? After all, we haven't even seen any phone calls between the pair and their son -- not even one-sided ones. Except for a few random mentions, it seems Thomas has fallen off the face of the earth.

When Hope first threw caution to the wind and kissed Thomas outside the Colosseum in Rome last year, it seemed out of character for her, but it soon became apparent it was part of her journey to becoming a stronger, independent woman, ready to break free from a suffocating and toxic marriage. She chose the bad boy to rebel with -- a man who had loved her forever but did a very bad thing five years ago when he kept the secret that her daughter was alive.

Annika Noelle used parts of Hope's journey for her Daytime Emmy reel. On June 7 we will learn if she takes home the gold for Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actress, as she competes against on-screen mom, Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan). Noelle even thinks some of Hope's actions stemmed from her complicated relationship with her mother.

"Brooke and Hope have maybe ironed out some misunderstandings," Noelle told Michael Fairman TV of the current state of their relationship. "I think there's still that little bit of Hope's baggage or just unresolved trauma, or she needs to go see a psychiatrist about not wanting to become like her mother. I think she acted out in a lot of ways within the Thomas storyline."

Lang also thinks that Brooke and Hope have gotten their relationship back on track thanks to Thomas' leaving town.

"Brooke wasn't happy with Hope and Thomas," Lang admitted. "She didn't approve. Brooke's a little bit more relieved and doesn't have to deal with that pressure and can get back to the relationship with her daughter. I think they're really good friends, and I think they have a good understanding of each other and their positions within this relationship."

But that doesn't mean things are over for good between Hope and Thomas. As fans wonder what happens next, so does Noelle as she teases it won't be long before we know.

"I'm just as in the dark as everyone else about what is to come with that," she said. "So, I'm kind of waiting on pins and needles to see if we revisit it, or if Thomas has moved on. I'm just so curious to see what is to come. I think we're going to find out very soon."

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