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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Friday, November 26, 2021
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B&B Daily Recaps (Friday, November 26, 2021)
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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful will not air on Thursday, November 25, or Friday, November 26. You can use this opportunity to get caught up on all of the B&B action with our Daily Recaps Archive, featuring daily B&B summaries dating all the way back to the first episode of The Bold and the Beautiful in 1987.

In Sheila's hotel room, Deacon chuckled as he realized that he and Sheila would be spending the holiday in each other's company. Sheila grumbled that she wasn't thrilled to be spending her holiday with him, either. As she played a game of solitaire, Sheila added that they should be spending Thanksgiving with their children.

Deacon confessed that he expected to get an invitation to the Forrester gathering because of all the progress he had made. Sheila laughed at the idea. The pair raided the minibar, and Deacon dreamed about what his ideal Thanksgiving might look like.

In Deacon's fantasy, he arrived at Brooke's house and was greeted warmly by both Hope and Liam. A smiling Ridge welcomed Deacon and said that Deacon would be seated at the head of the table. "You belong here," Brooke said as she embraced Deacon.

Sheila snapped Deacon back to reality and told him that there was zero chance of his "cozy reunion" ever happening. Deacon countered that he stood a better chance of spending the holiday with Hope than she did with Finn.

Sheila and Deacon ordered Chinese food and were amused by the fortunes in their fortune cookies. As she ate, Sheila envisioned what her perfect Thanksgiving would look like.

In her fantasy, Sheila arrived at Brooke's home, and Brooke jumped from her chair and demanded to know what Sheila was doing there. After a momentary pause, Brooke added "without the sweet potatoes!" Those in attendance laughed merrily at Brooke's joke. Steffy extended her arms and called out, "Mom!" She quickly pulled back her arms and asked if it was okay to call Sheila that. As the two women hugged, Finn told his "girls" how much he loved them.

Ridge announced that he was happy Sheila had joined them, and he touted how great it felt to celebrate "healing and forgiveness." Sheila thanked everyone for helping make her lifelong dream of spending Thanksgiving with her "beloved son" a reality.

"And then, they called the SWAT team, and you get dragged out of the house in handcuffs," Deacon said as he laughed, adding, "The end." Sheila asked Deacon why he felt her dream could not come true. He replied that "the entire Forrester dynasty -- past, present, and future"-- hated her.

On Thanksgiving Day, the Forresters and Logans gathered at Brooke's house to celebrate the holiday. Hope made what was described as "grandma's famous dish," though the reactions to the creation were less than rave reviews. Hope called it a "total crowd pleaser," while Ridge claimed it had a "unique flavor." Brooke added that it was "hard to put words to it," and Steffy announced that Finn would be getting a really big slice.

Zende and Paris were the next to arrive, followed closely by a reluctant, wine-toting Carter. Ridge assured Carter that his presence was wanted. Carter handed the bottle of wine to Ridge as a "peace offering." Ridge quipped that he'd decide if the peace offering had worked once he tasted it.

With everyone in attendance, Brooke welcomed everyone to her home and thanked them for attending what she knew would be a "fantastic Thanksgiving."

Finn filled everyone in on the twist in his quest to know the identity of his biological father. He thanked Brooke for inviting his mother but said that Li did not feel up to a social gathering. "I know that holidays can be tough without a parent," Hope interjected as she took a sip of wine. She muttered that she was certain Deacon wished he could be with them. Liam reminded Hope why it would not be a good idea to have Deacon at the gathering. Hope stopped her husband mid-sentence and explained that she did not want to ruin the holiday by arguing.

Steffy returned from checking on the kids and presented Finn and Liam with arts and crafts turkey headpieces that the kids had made. Across the room, Brooke and Ridge shared that they were both thankful to see their daughters happy. As Brooke and Ridge shared a kiss, Steffy and Hope looked over and smiled. Later, the two women talked about how much they liked it when they were friends and able to coexist.

Ridge told everyone that he had some good news and bad news -- the good news was that the food was almost done. The bad was that he wanted to say a few words before they all sat down to eat. "Life creates challenges. Families create challenges," Ridge stated. He declared, "How we deal with them, that's what defines who we are as a unit."

Ridge shared how happy he was that Paris and Zende were together, and he said that after her successful singing of the National Anthem, the Dodgers might let Paris play a few innings. "Speaking of players," Ridge said as he turned his attention to Carter. As Carter waited for what Ridge was about to say next, Ridge commented that everyone made mistakes, and he added that Carter was still his best friend. "And if somebody knows a single lady that likes out-of-shape COOs, maybe you can hook him up," he quipped.

Ridge continued, sharing his joy of seeing Hope and Liam together, and he praised Finn for weathering a year full of challenges. Ridge looked to his left, saw Brooke, and jokingly expressed surprise that she had been standing there the whole time he'd been speaking. He told her how thankful he was to have her in his life. "Without you, I don't think I could breathe," he said before kissing her.

The assembled guests got their plates of food and sat in Brooke's living room to have their meal. The laughed, smiled, and enjoyed each other's company.

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