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Jasmine Malone
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Actor History
July 5, 1995 to October 16, 1996 [contract]

Other Names

Jaz (nickname)


Waitressed at the Bikini Bar

Former designer for Spectra Fashions

Resides At

Formerly a Los Angeles apartment with Dylan Shaw and Michael Lai

Marital Status


Past Marriages

None known




None known

Flings & Affairs

Irving "Sly" Donovan

Crimes Committed

Unwittingly reworked designs stolen from Forrester Creations [1995]

Had an affair with the engaged Sly Donovan [1996]

Complicit in Sly's plan to impregnate Jessica Forrester and marry her for her money [1996]

Health and Vitals

Injured when a Spectra Fashions elevator plunged three floors [1995]

Kidnapped and held prisoner by Sly Donovan [1996]

Survived a bar fire and explosion [1996]

Brief Character History

Jasmine Malone was an aspiring fashion designer who interviewed at knockoff fashion house Spectra Fashions for a job. Jasmine and Spectra's owner, Sally Spectra, took an immediate dislike to each other and Jasmine left in a huff, but got hurt when Spectra's rickety elevator plunged three floors. While in the hospital, Jasmine considered suing Sally, who ended up being Jasmine's roommate when she was shot by deranged designer Anthony Armando. Jasmine and Sally continued to bicker, though Jasmine softened when Sally's tailor and good friend, Saul Feinberg, asked Jasmine to ease off. Knowing Spectra needed a new designer, Jasmine snuck one of her sketches into a pile Sally had received from other prospects; Jasmine was thrilled when Sally liked her work and offered her the position.

Jasmine became a confidante in the romantic entanglements of her friends Dylan Shaw, Jessica Forrester, and Michael Lai. Jasmine was confused when Sally presented her with seemingly complete designs and asked her to alter them. After Spectra produced a collection from Jasmine's alterations and set up a showing, Jasmine found out that Sally had stolen the original sketches from rival fashion house Forrester Creations, which specialized in couture. Jasmine's designs were pulled from the Spectra showing when Forrester's lead designer, Eric Forrester, proposed to Sally on his runway. Jasmine was furious and felt that Sally had made her the fall guy for the stolen designs, so she quit Spectra.

Jasmine got a job at Malibu hotspot the Bikini Bar, where she immediately took a shine to bartender Irving "Sly" Donovan. Jasmine pooh-poohed Dylan and Michael's warnings to stay away from Sly, and continued seeing him even after he admitted he had proposed to Jessica. When fellow former Spectra employee Dylan needed work, Jasmine suggested he check out the Beverly Hills Hideaway, a strip club. Jasmine and Michael witnessed Dylan's stripping début from the front row, which Jasmine helped keep a secret from Dylan's girlfriend, Jessica, who had broken off her engagement to Sly.

Jasmine kept another secret: she knew Sly was planning to get Jessica drunk and have sex with her using a faulty condom so he could get her pregnant and live off her money, but Jasmine said nothing to her friend because Sly was still willing to see her on the side. When Jessica indeed got pregnant and made him train on a computerized baby doll, Jasmine and the other waitresses at the Bikini became annoyed because Sly couldn't make the "baby" quit crying by figuring out what it needed. But Jasmine's annoyance turned to amusement when Jessica began tallying up how much money they'd need for their child because her rich family had cut her off; Jasmine whipped out a calculator and watched Sly turn white as a ghost.

Jasmine counseled Dylan when he started stripping at private parties and was offered $10,000 to have sex with a client, which would help him pay off his tuition at the prestigious Design Academy. Jasmine was surprised when Dylan reported he'd finally told Jessica about his job, and that while Jessica had been upset, she now wanted to be in attendance at Dylan's last performance; Jessica cheered Dylan on with her friends. Jasmine quit the Bikini Bar after Sly, who realized he wasn't cut out to be a father, left town; Jasmine admitted to Michael that she knew Sly had no redeeming qualities but loved him anyway. However, when Sly came back and learned that Jessica had only pretended to be pregnant to teach Sly a lesson, Jasmine lent the furious Sly an ear, annoying him more because she seemed to be on Jessica's side.

Jessica took both Sly and her job back and asked Sly if they could take things slow, especially since Jasmine was having to defend Sly to her friends. Jasmine comforted Sly when his buddies made fun of him for being duped by Jessica, who had been very distant in recent weeks. Jasmine couldn't believe it when Jessica admitted she'd been raped and suspected Sly of violating her; Jasmine was sure of Sly's innocence. But when Jasmine had Sly over for dinner and he whipped off his shirt, she saw the birthmark that Jessica had told her about and realized she was telling the truth.

Jasmine ran to Jessica, and together they agreed to go to the police. On the way to the station, Jasmine panicked when Sly popped out of the back seat and forced Jessica to drive them to the Bikini. As Sly tied them up, Jasmine pleaded with Sly not to hurt them, but all Sly cared about was getting back at Jessica for humiliating him. Jasmine was terrified when Sly declared he was going to set the bar on fire with her and Jessica inside and collect the insurance; as Sly started the blaze, Jasmine and Jessica were rescued by Dylan. Jasmine watched helplessly as Sly and Dylan's fight ended with Sly falling onto a burning table and catching fire. Jasmine was last seen escaping the Bikini with Jessica and Dylan before it exploded; she has not been seen nor mentioned since 1996.

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Who's Who in Los Angeles

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