INTERVIEW: Suzanne Rogers and Eric Martsolf discuss Brady giving up everything for Theresa and Maggie's shocking holiday story that will have DAYS fans in tears

Posted Wednesday, December 02, 2015 10:12:54 AM
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INTERVIEW: Suzanne Rogers and Eric Martsolf discuss Brady giving up everything for Theresa and Maggie's shocking holiday story that will have DAYS fans in tears

If you think you've seen some emotional storylines pouring out of Days of our Lives recently, you better think again say series stars Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Horton) and Eric Martsolf (Brady Black), who tease there will be plenty of shocks and sobs to come.

Days of our Lives has been one hell of a roller-coaster in recent weeks, taking fans on a whipping journey that has included plenty of drama, death, tears, love, laughs, and delight. And it seems there's no slowing the train, as both Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Horton) and Eric Martsolf (Brady Black) tease fans won't believe what is coming next. Lucky for you, Soap Central spoke with the actors to get the scoop on the dramatic decision Brady makes to hold onto Theresa (Jen Lilley) and the upcoming holiday tearjerker that places Rogers center stage. Okay, Eric, is Brady really giving up everything for Theresa?! That would be huge. Does it mean he thinks there's a real future with her?

Eric Martsolf: Well, Brady always goes big or he goes home. He's a man that acts before he thinks. I love playing that. I don't think that's the best philosophy to have in life; you should probably think before you act. But when he falls, he falls hard. And he's about to make a drastic change in his life in order to prove to the people around him that this is the woman for him. "I've made up my mind. You may think it's wrong, but that's [how it is]." Does he really feel the need to prove it to other people?

Suzanne Rogers: I think to Victor [John Aniston], he does.

Martsolf: Yes, and also to his father, John [Drake Hogestyn]. Sons are always on a constant battle to try and win their fathers' approval and affection. I know I was as a [child]. You want to please your father. And when you feel like you're being treated like a child for an extended number of years, you're anxious to show them that you're an adult. Sit back and watch me do all of these things as an adult. So then would you say his decision to be with Theresa is lashing out or trying to prove something to everyone, or does he really feel like they're ready to be together again?

Martsolf: I think that he believes that she would be a potentially good wife, a potentially good mother. And because of his past and his tribulations that he has had with substance abuse and, well I could go on with a laundry list of things, he's willing to give her a shot... Sometimes you've got to give forgiveness a little shot.

Rogers: He's giving her the benefit of the doubt. And there's a lot coming that you're going to be excited for. I haven't read any teasers about Maggie recently, but I imagine you must have something exciting coming up. I can see it in your eyes!

Rogers: Well, it's [been mostly] Caroline [Peggy McCay] and Victor and Maggie... But yeah, there are some exciting things coming. I think the audience is going to be shocked, happy, and they're going to cry.

Martsolf: Right around the holidays. Fans are going to be shocked. And she's right in the middle of it. And I don't know if you know this, but Suzanne is a hell of an actress. She's an Emmy winner, and the writers have decided to use her talents and abilities in a very, very shocking storyline. What is it like for you as actors to play so much strong material? Do you find yourself challenged in new ways?

Rogers: Very much so, and the older I'm getting, it's harder. But it's more exciting. Because you go, "Can I do this?!" That's kind of the question for me. It's like, "Whoa."

Martsolf: Isn't that great? And that's humility right there. I know she can do it, you know she can do it. I always say in life, if you're not scared about what you're going to be doing, why are you doing it? And the stage is the scariest place in the world.

Do you think Brady is making a mistake by giving Theresa another chance? What shocking story do you think will bring DAYS fans to tears this holiday season? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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