Matthew Ashford returns to DAYS for life and death storyline

Posted Thursday, December 14, 2017 2:11:15 PM
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Matthew Ashford returns to DAYS for serious storyline about suicide

Days of our Lives' Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford) is back to save yet another of his lost and distraught family members.

When the going gets rough, dead Days of our Lives characters get going... straight out of the grave and back to Salem to help out their still-living family members. Or at least, that's going to be the case as J.J. (Casey Moss) slips further and further into depression in the weeks ahead.

Word is that J.J. contemplates killing himself after the guilt over shooting Theo becomes too much for him bear, and his dearly departed dad, Jack -- played by Matthew Ashford -- makes a spectral return to steer his son back onto the right path.

Though the idea of Jack making another return as a ghost seems a bit silly, there's reportedly no joking around when it comes to this very grave turn of events.

"This is a really intense story we're in," Ashford reveals in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest. "It's never easy when people are considering losing their lives, and it shouldn't be treated lightly, especially considering everything that's going on with people and young people these days. The show is taking it pretty seriously."

DAYS is said to be planning an entire episode centered around J.J. that will air on Wednesday, December 20. Racked with guilt, the young character begins writing goodbye letters, remembers his life, and makes plans to end it all after saying goodbye to his mother, Jennifer (Melissa Reeves).

"It's important that we tell these stories and bring [this issue] to light," says Moss. "I'm glad DAYS can help people who may be struggling."

As fans may recall, Ashford was last seen on DAYS when Abigail was locked in a mental institution and saw visions of her father, who died after falling down an elevator shaft in 2012. Jennifer also conjured up images of her deceased hubby when she was battling a pill addiction in 2016.

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