How DAYS' Ari Zucker convinced Shawn Christian to take ballroom dance lessons

Posted Thursday, March 22, 2018 1:11:02 PM
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Find out why real-life Days of our Lives couple Ari Zucker (ex-Nicole Walker) and Shawn Christian (ex-Daniel Jonas) are twisting and turning on the dance floor.

It takes two to tango, so it's a good thing Days of our Lives alum Ari Zucker (ex-Nicole Walker) has Shawn Christian (ex-Daniel Jonas) in her life. The actress was interested in taking ballroom dance courses, and her real-life beau happily signed up with her.

"I won a certificate for ballroom dancing at one of the auctions at my daughter's school, and originally it was by myself," she tells Soap Central. "But I said to him, 'Hey, I got this certificate. Would you want to go?' And he was like, 'Yeah!'"

The decision turned out to be quite nice not only for their résumés (actors can never have enough talents) but also for their connection.

"It's good for the relationship, doing something new and doing it together," she says. "I think it's always important to always lift up your relationship in some way, and that was one way we're doing it. And we're having a blast."

Thank you @jdlifeinpics and @laballroomdance for the baby steps!

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"It really is wonderful," she continues. "Our private coach is amazing, and it's a beautiful studio. So now I know how to do the tango and the foxtrot -- so many things! It's really fun."

Zucker originated the role of DAYS' Nicole in 1998. She shocked the soap world in 2017 when she announced that she would be departing the role in order to free herself up for different adventures. She recently starred in Ex-Wife Killer and Web Cam Girls, which you can read more about here.

Christian took on the role of Dr. Daniel Jonas in 2008 and left Salem in 2017. His latest projects include Last Seen in Idaho, Unwritten Obsession, and Famous in Love.

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