DAYS' Chrishell Hartley teases "big payoff" for Jordan's return to Salem

Posted Saturday, February 9, 2019 10:38:51 AM

Chrishell Hartley dishes on how her Days of our Lives alter ego, Jordan Ridgeway, has changed since she was last in Salem and what viewers can expect from her return.

Days of our Lives fans are ecstatic to have Chrishell Hartley back on the canvas as Jordan Ridgeway, and the actress is just as thrilled about her return to the NBC soap opera. But it looks like viewers are in store for a whole new Jordan this time around.

The actress, who also played All My Children's Amanda Dillon and The Young and the Restless' Bethany Bryant, spoke with TV Insider about being back in Salem, sharing that fans will "see sides to [Jordan] you haven't seen before."

These new sides stem from her tumultuous family history that includes a brother (Robert Scott Wilson's Ben) who committed several horrific murders.

"The family that [she and Ben] come from has experienced a lot of different kinds of trauma. Jordan had a way of coping with it and, now, those ways are failing her," Hartley teases. "She hasn't even dealt with some of her trauma and you'll see that come out now that she's back. Unfortunately, her coping mechanisms may make things worse!"

In addition to watching Jordan potentially fall apart, viewers of the NBC soap opera can look forward to seeing the character interact with Victoria Konefal's Ciara, who wasn't on the canvas when Hartley last played Jordan from 2013 to 2015.

"She's so lovely and has an 'it' factor," Hartley shares of her new DAYS costar. "I met her for the first time and then we were [quickly] put into a situation where we were working with one another. She's so wonderful!"

However, Jordan's interaction with Ciara isn't the thing that has viewers scratching their heads. The character has been acting super strange since returning to the canvas on February 4, and Hartley teases this is only the beginning.

"The character will take the audience on for a ride," she reveals. "Things that may not seem to make sense at first [but] will later on. There will be a nice payoff."

For more from Hartley on her return to DAYS, check out TV Insider's full interview here.

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