Victoria Konefal will return to Days of our Lives this summer

Posted Wednesday, April 28, 2021 5:23:42 PM

Days of our Lives viewers watched Ciara Brady leave town in today's episode, but there's no need to break out the Kleenex. Portrayer Victoria Konefal will be returning to Salem this summer.

Fans of Days of our Lives' actress Victoria Konefal were crushed to see her popular Salem alter ego, Ciara Brady, take off to South Africa with Theo (Cameron Johnson) during today's episode of the NBC soap opera, but the goodbye won't be a long one. Though the actress chose to leave the series (which is why the story has gone the way it has), she has since decided to return to the role of Bo and Hope's daughter later this summer!

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, DAYS head writer Ron Carlivati reveals that it's always a curveball for writers when a popular actor in major story or a front burner romance leaves the show, but he's proud of the story that he and his team crafted to incorporate Konefal's exit. However, he knew that having Ciara leave town after losing her memory of the love she shares with Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) was going to be disappointing to some fans, because they didn't get the big romantic Cin reunion they were hoping for after Ciara almost died.

"So, from the moment we were coming to that point and we knew Ciara was going to exit town with Theo, we were immediately pursuing the next chapter with Victoria: When would she be available or willing to come back, and when could we tell the next chapter because I knew that would feel unfinished and be unsatisfying to a lot of people," Carlivati explains, adding, "So, that's why I'm happy to announce here that Ciara is coming back and we are going to tell that next chapter of the story and hopefully, this time, the audience will get the payoff that they're looking for and hoping for."

As for how long viewers can expect to see Konefal back in Salem, the head writer says he can't speak for the actress or the show, but he believes it will be long enough to tell some really juicy stories.

"This is not an official announcement in any capacity, but I will say at this point, there is not an end date," he teases. "We are working with Victoria to keep the story going and keep Ben and Ciara's love story alive."

For more from Carlivati on what's ahead for Ciara and Ben, check out SOD's full interview with Carlivati here.

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