Jake DiMera dies on Days of our Lives; what does that mean for portrayer Brandon Barash?

Posted Thursday, July 28, 2022 6:22:27 AM
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Brandon Barash closed the book on his second Days of our Lives character when Jake DiMera was pronounced dead this week. But could the actor be restarting his journey as Stefan DiMera?!

Just after the shocking death of Days of our Lives' Abigail Deveraux, the NBC soap's head writer, Ron Carlivati, teased that the Salem morgue would be a busy place this summer. The comment put fans on edge as they wondered who would be following Abby to the grave, and now the answer is clear: Jake DiMera, played by Brandon Barash.

Mary Beth Evans' Kayla broke the devastating news to Ava (Tamara Braun) at the end of the July 27th episode, explaining that despite doctors' best efforts, Jake died from the gunshot wound inflicted by Greg in the Horton Town Square. But is this really the end?

As DAYS fans know by now, Salem deaths can't always be trusted, especially when Dr. Rolf is around. The mad scientist has brought several characters back from the dead over the years, and with the news that DAYS has recently recast Dr. Rolf, he's likely to be integral to a major storyline very soon.

But even if the writers don't plan on having Dr. Rolf bring Jake back from the dead, there are still some fishy things about the character's death that have a lot of viewers questioning whether or not Barash's time on the canvas is really over. The first "hmmm" stems from the fact that this will be the second time that the actor has been killed off with a gunshot wound; he experienced the same fate back in 2019, when he was playing the role of Jake's twin, Stefan. Would the writers do that to Barash again?

And the second "hmmm" stems from the fact that just before Jake passed away, Gabi (Camila Banus) suddenly began waxing nostalgic about her relationship with Stefan, who she hadn't really mentioned in quite some time. Could her comments be a hint that Barash will be reprising the role of Stefan, possibly with a little help from Dr. Rolf?

DAYS is, of course, keeping mum about whether or not fans will see Barash return to the screen. So, for now, fans will have to wait and see how the story unfolds!

Barash originally joined DAYS in 2019 as a replacement for Tyler Christopher in the role of Stefan. Prior to his time in Salem, the actor starred as General Hospital's Johnny Zacchara from 2007 to 2013, and again from 2014 to 2016.

How do you feel about the death of DAYS' Jake DiMera? Do you believe that the character truly is dead? How would you feel if the writers found a way to bring Stefan back to the canvas? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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