INTERVIEW: DAYS' Cary Christopher on his first Emmy nomination -- and why it confused him!

Posted Wednesday, May 17, 2023 2:31:44 PM
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One of this year's youngest Daytime Emmy nominees, Cary Christopher, talks about the soapy DAYS storyline that helped earn him his first Emmy nomination.

For the first time in many years, there are a pair of truly younger performers nominated in this year's Daytime Emmys Outstanding Younger Performer category. The youngest is Cary Christopher, who plays Thomas DiMera on Days of our Lives. This is the first Daytime Emmy nomination for the eight-year-old actor, but even at that young age, he's already an established daytime actor. He's appeared on DAYS for nearly three years.

Soap Central caught up to Cary recently to chat with him about his Emmy nomination

Soap Central: Congratulations on your nomination, Cary! How does it feel to be nominated?

Christopher: It feels great to be nominated! And it makes me feel very special.

Soap Central: How did you find out that you were nominated?

Christopher: My parents surprised me at school with balloons! I was confused and thought it was someone's birthday!

Soap Central: Have any of your cast mates or friends reached out to you to congratulate you on the nomination?

Christopher: Yes! Billy Flynn called me on the phone to say congrats. I'm so excited for Billy!! I got to tell him congratulations on his nomination, too. I also heard from Abigail Klein on Instagram, Autumn, she plays my TV sister Charlotte, so many family members, and my grandparents who live in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They were all so happy for me!

Soap Central: Are you excited about the chance to walk the Red Carpet? (Make sure you look for the Soap Central spot -- we always have fun questions and snacks!)

Christopher: Of course, I'm excited to go to the red carpet! Because that's like one of my biggest dreams ever! Snacks?! Everybody loves snacks, and I love snacks! I extra love snacks!

Soap Central: Can you tell us a little bit about what you submitted this year?

Christopher: I was told my reel is about twelve minutes long. This was the paragraph that was submitted with the reel: "Six-year-old Thomas DiMera is struggling with the sudden death of his mother, who was killed by an intruder. He finds himself part of the murder investigation after witnessing a strange man in his basement who claims to be the Tooth Fairy. Thomas and his dad, Chad DiMera, take their bottled-up pain out on each other and then have to work their way through it."

So, first my reel has the scene where Thomas and Chad get into an argument, then where they apologize, they go out to get ice cream. There's the scene when Thomas tells his mom he saw someone in the basement, the Thomas and Leo clip, and Thomas speaking to the Salem detectives.

Soap Central: So many DAYS fans are excited about your nomination! Is there a message that you'd to share with them?

Christopher: Thank you! Thank you very much for supporting me for [four] years, especially for my Emmy nomination! Thank you!

Soap Central: Do you have any plans to celebrate your Emmy nomination?

Christopher: We celebrated at Olive Garden in Burbank. That's where I wanted to go!

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