Doug exposes Marlena as the devil

Days of our Lives Recap for Friday, November 26, 2021
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Friday, November 26, 2021

In their apartment, Ciara grumbled to Ben about her morning sickness. "This is the sign of a healthy pregnancy...It will all be worth it in the end," Ciara said. Ben gave Ciara a present. "Our child is already spoiled," Ciara joked. "This one is for mama. Happy anniversary," Ben said. Ciara noted that it was not their anniversary.

"As far as I'm concerned, Thanksgiving four years ago was one of the most important days of my life," Ben said. With a chuckle, Ciara noted that it was the day she had first ridden her bike with Ben. Ciara opened the package, and inside was a motorcycle helmet for a child.

"All the things that truly matter are never going to change," Ben said. Ben said he had researched safety for bikes and cribs. With a grin, Ciara kissed Ben. Ben and Ciara recalled when they had first talked about their romantic feelings for one another on that Thanksgiving four years earlier.

"The first kiss. Was it really that long ago?" Ciara said. "In a way, it feels like yesterday," Ben countered. "And in other ways, it feels like a lifetime, baby," Ciara said. Ben said that day had been the best of his life and then the next Thanksgiving had been the worst when he had been in Statesville. "I never lost hope that you would come home," Ciara said. "You saved my life," Ben countered. Ben thanked Ciara for having never given up on him.

"Just like you never gave up on me," Ciara said. "Actually, I did," Ben admitted. Ben told Ciara that he had lost hope that Ciara had survived the explosion. "I took off on the bike," Ben said. "You may not have felt me, babe, but I heard you," Ciara said. Ciara told Ben that she had always believed Ben would find her when she had been in captivity.

"I'm never going to give up on you again, or on our baby," Ben said. Ben said he was relieved to finally have a real Thanksgiving to celebrate with Ciara. "No wonder I didn't know you didn't like pumpkin pie," Ciara lamented. Ben groaned. Ciara joked that she could not be with someone who did not like pumpkin pie. With a chuckle, Ben grabbed a couple of ginger ales to toast to one another. "Next year, it is going to be the three of us. You, me, and our little angel," Ciara said.

Steve forced open the door to the DiMera crypt. Susan stood there, covered in blood and shaking. "I had no choice," Susan whispered as she collapsed to the ground. Steve looked over at John who was still chained to the ceiling. "She did it to herself," John said. When Steve asked why, John explained that Susan had acted to protect her son.

As Steve pulled out his phone, he asked John if Marlena was to blame. John ordered Steve to take Susan to the hospital to save her. "What about you?" Steve asked. "I'll live! Get her out of here. Go!" John shouted.

At the Horton house, Doug called "Marlena" the devil when she arrived. "I understand how frustrated you are, but calling me names isn't going to help anything," "Marlena" said. Doug reiterated that the woman standing before them was the devil. "Now you see why [Doug] has to be medicated?" "Marlena" said. "Marlena" appealed to Kayla.

"I believe my husband!" Julie interjected. "Marlena" scoffed at the idea. Julie argued that if she had listened to Doug in the first place, she would have realized sooner that Marlena was actually the devil. "Julie is right," Doug said. Doug said that for the first time in a while, he was clear-headed. Belle stared at her mother, wide-eyed.

"This explains everything! Why you kept Doug locked up in a padded room, strung out on drugs, separated from all of us who love him!" Julie yelled. "Marlena" pleaded with Kayla or Shawn to talk sense into Julie. "What my grandmother is saying is making a strange kind of sense," Shawn agreed. "Marlena" turned to Belle.

"You don't believe this about your mother, do you? This is just nonsense," "Marlena" said. "I might have thought it was nonsense if it hadn't happened before," Belle countered. "Marlena" reminded Belle that John had cast the devil out of her. "John was not a consecrated priest," Julie reminded Belle. "Marlena" asked Belle to believe her.

"I'd like to hear what else Doug has to say," Belle said. Belle noted that "Marlena" had not been herself since Belle and Shawn had returned from South Africa. "Why would you say that?" "Marlena" asked. Belle reminded "Marlena" that she had dressed as the devil on Halloween. "Marlena" claimed she had dressed in the costume as a show of support for Johnny's movie. Belle then reminded "Marlena" of her treatment of the black cat "Marlena" had found.

"It was like you didn't care if it lived or died," Belle said. "Well, I'm not a cat person!" "Marlena" said. Frustrated, Julie cried out, "Why are we debating this? You all heard Doug!" "Marlena" argued that Doug was not in his right mind, and she appealed to Kayla as a rational person.

"I am also a Catholic, and my faith tells me that there is evil in the world," Kayla said. Kayla added that "Marlena" had ignored Kayla and Steve's phone calls for days. "Marlena" claimed she had been busy. "We didn't believe a word," Kayla said. When "Marlena" asked Kayla if she believed "Marlena" was a liar, Doug said, "That's all you do. That's what you are." "Marlena" gave Doug a withering glance.

"There is a reason that your entire family is concerned about you," Kayla said. Kayla told everyone that John had been so concerned about Marlena that he had listened to the recording of Marlena's therapy session with Doug. "That is a violation of my patient's confidentiality," "Marlena" objected. Kayla countered that it was not a violation because John had not heard Doug's voice on the recording.

"And that you sounded scared, Marlena," Kayla added. "Marlena" scoffed at the idea that she was afraid of a 96-year-old man. "No, afraid of evil incarnate," Julie corrected. "Marlena" sighed. Worried, Belle asked "Marlena" if she had hurt John. "Marlena" feigned innocence, but Julie told her to cut the act.

"You are not Marlena!" Julie yelled. Kayla demanded to know where to find John. "He is on a mission. I've explained that," "Marlena" said. "Steve said it seemed like [John] fell off the face of the earth," Kayla said. "He is undercover! That's how it works!" "Marlena" snapped. Shawn suggested that they continue the conversation at the police station.

"You're arresting me? For what?" "Marlena" asked. Shawn pulled out his handcuffs and snapped them onto "Marlena's" wrists. "Marlena" looked to Belle for help, but Belle noted that "Marlena" had left Shawn no choice. "You're going to be sorry you did this. You're all going to be very sorry you did this," "Marlena" growled.

"You really think handcuffs are going to hold Satan?" Julie yelled. With a shrug, Shawn said it was the only thing he could do. Kayla's phone beeped with a text message from Steve about John. "Is [John] okay?" Belle asked. "[Steve] just says to meet him at the hospital," Kayla said. Shawn told Kayla and Belle to go to the hospital, and he would handle Marlena.

"Give John my love. Tell him I'll see him soon," "Marlena" said with a smile. After Belle and Kayla left, "Marlena" asked Shawn how he planned to justify her arrest. Shawn noted that if John was unhurt, Shawn would apologize to Marlena then. "Please just get her out of our house," Julie pleaded. Shawn grabbed "Marlena's" arm to direct her to the door.

"Do you really think you can make me go someplace I don't want to go?" "Marlena" said. "Marlena" pulled her arms apart, snapping the chain of her handcuffs. The lights flickered. "Marlena's" eyes turned yellow. "Dear God!" Julie gasped. "Not exactly. Also, not exactly the Thanksgiving you had in mind, am I right?" The devil said. The devil yelled at Julie for her interference.

"Now I'm forced to inflict more pain and more suffering on your entire family!" The devil said. Julie pleaded with the devil to leave them alone, but she refused. The devil grabbed Shawn's arm and twisted it. Doug begged the devil to leave Shawn alone.

"I'm not afraid of you," Shawn said. "Then you are even dumber than I thought you were!" the devil bellowed. The devil threw Shawn across the table, sending him and the dinnerware crashing to the ground. With Shawn unconscious, the devil turned her attention to Doug and Julie.

"I've got such big plans for the two of you," the devil said. Julie marched over to the devil. "Not today, Satan!" Julie yelled. Julie told the devil that she would not hurt Doug. "I've been inside your husband. I know that he is weak and feeble, which made him a perfect vessel," the devil said. "No!" Julie said. The devil told Julie that she had used Doug as a vehicle to possess Marlena. The devil grabbed a knife, but Julie did not back down.

"I have loved this man for all of 50 years. I will continue to love him all the days of our lives that we have left. And I would rather die than see you strike him down again," Julie said. "That can be arranged," the devil countered. Julie said she knew that the devil was a lying trickster.

"I have a power, too. A power that you have forsaken eons ago. It's the power of love. God is love, Satan! And God stands with those who love," Julie said. "Stop it!" the devil bellowed. "Love is what makes us human, and after all your evil and all your destruction is forgotten, it is love, unbeatable, everlasting that will prevail. The God of love is stronger than your hatred, and stronger than your lies. You cannot defeat us!" Julie argued. Julie told the devil that the devil's reign was over. "It will NEVER be over!" The devil yelled.

In the DiMera living room, Anna asked E.J. if she could play Kristen in Johnny's movie. Tony smiled in agreement, but E.J. appeared shocked by the request. When E.J. noted there was some nudity and romance in the script that involved E.J.'s character with Kristen, Anna and Tony smiled.

"Are you suggesting that you're comfortable with me seducing your wife?" E.J. asked Tony. With a chuckle, Anna reminded E.J. that actors did not actually have sex with one another when shooting a love scene in a movie. "Not this kind of movie, anyway," Anna joked. Before E.J. could respond, a rattling noise emanated from the patio. Tony opened the door, and Steve helped a bloody Susan inside.

"Mother! What the hell did you do to her?" E.J. demanded as he rushed to Susan's side. Steve helped Susan onto the couch as E.J. called for an ambulance. Steve explained to Tony and Anna that he had found Susan in the DiMera crypt. "What were you doing out there?" Anna asked. Steve told Tony that he had been looking for John, who was still chained up in the crypt.

As Tony and Anna ran out of the house to tend to John, E.J. helped Steve stanch the blood flow from Susan's wound. "Hold on, Mother. Help is coming," E.J. whispered.

When Tony and Anna arrived at the DiMera crypt, John was still chained up. Anna held an axe aloft to cut John down, and a fearful John muttered, "No!" Once Anna had cut down John, Tony helped him into the house. "That shoulder is broken," John muttered. Anna gave John a glass of water. "Who chained you up in the crypt?" Tony asked. "Was it that kook Susan Banks?" Anna asked.

"No, it wasn't Susan. Marlena," John said. John told Tony and Anna that Marlena was possessed again. Anna made devil horns. "Yeah. The devil wanted Susan to kill me," John said. John explained that the devil had threatened to kill E.J. If Susan did not kill John. "How did [Susan] get hurt?" Anna asked. "Instead of stabbing me, she stabbed herself," John said.

Anna told John that Susan was alive and that Steve had called an ambulance. When Tony suggested they take John to the hospital, he refused. "I have to find Doc," John said. "Well, she is a doctor. Maybe a hospital is the best place to look for her," Anna quipped. John argued that Marlena was out "doing God knows what."

At the hospital, E.J. sat at his mother's bedside. When Steve walked in, E.J. said that Susan had not said anything. Steve told E.J. that Tripp had confirmed that the knife had not hurt any major organs. "So, they think she'll make a full recovery?" E.J. asked. "Looks that way," Steve said. E.J. thanked Steve for his help, and he apologized.

"I'm just glad she's okay," Steve said. "E.J.?" Susan whispered. E.J. rolled his chair close to his mother, and he told her he was there. "I thought she was going to kill you," Susan said. E.J. asked who. Susan said that Marlena was the devil.

"I think you're confused. We're not talking about Johnny's horror movie. That isn't real," E.J. said. "I wouldn't be so sure," Steve countered. Steve's phone beeped with a notification from Kayla, so he stepped out of the room. E.J. asked Susan what had happened. "The devil wanted me to kill John Black," Susan explained. Susan told E.J. about the devil's threat against him.

"That devil insisted that there be a dead body when he came back, or he was going to do it, and so I thought maybe, if he needed a human sacrifice, that he would accept mine," Susan said. "You were willing to die for me?" E.J. asked. "Of course, I was, silly. You're my baby boy. I'd do anything for you," Susan said. Susan added that she would gladly do it a second time to protect her son.

Susan told E.J. that the devil had turned her into a cat and how the devil had possessed her as Kristen DiMera. Exhausted, Susan said she did not want to talk about her captivity anymore. "I'm so sorry that you had to go through all of that, but it's over now," E.J. said. Susan worried aloud that the devil would go after E.J. "I love you with all my heart," Susan said. E.J. kissed his mother on her forehead. "I love you too, Mother," E.J. said.

In the hospital hallway, Steve met up with Kayla and Belle. "I don't know how to tell you this," Steve said. "Marlena is possessed," Kayla said. "You know?" Steve asked in surprise. "Where is my dad? Is he okay?" Belle asked. Steve confirmed that he had found John locked up in the DiMera crypt and that John was fine.

"I didn't have time to ask questions. Susan Banks was stabbed. I had to get her help," Steve said. Confused, Kayla asked how Susan had gotten involved. Steve explained that Susan had sensed the devil in Marlena. "Obviously, John knew, too, but it was too late," Steve said. Kayla told Steve that Doug had known about the devil, which was why "Marlena" had committed him to Bayview.

"I assumed that [John] would be here by now," Steve said. While Belle stepped away to make a phone call, Steve and Kayla talked about Marlena. "What do we do next?" Kayla asked. "For now, I'm just grateful we're all safe," Steve said.

Belle called Anna to check on John, and Anna confirmed that John was fine. "I know where my mom is," Belle said. Anna told John that Shawn had handcuffed Marlena at the Horton house and was on the way to the police station. John asked Anna to warn Shawn not to antagonize the devil, but Anna's phone connection to Belle was dead.

On the way to the hospital, John escaped from Tony and Anna. When Tony and Anna got to the hospital, they told Belle. "Single-minded determination to get to Marlena," Tony said.

At the Horton house, a breathless John raced into the dining room. Doug, Julie, and Shawn were seated at the table. "We're okay," Julie assured John. "Marlena is gone," Shawn said. "I knew she wouldn't let you take her to the station. Do you know where she went?" John asked. "She said something about fulfilling her true purpose," Shawn said. "My God," John muttered. At Ben and Ciara's apartment, Marlena knocked on the front door.

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