A private encounter with Xander leaves Leo breathless

Days of our Lives Recap for Monday, January 30, 2023
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Days of our Lives Daily Recaps (Monday, January 30, 2023)
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Monday, January 30, 2023

by Mike

Li started lashing out after catching Gabi fleeing from the Salem Inn. "You sent me into the shower so you could snoop!" Li realized before checking the burner phone and finding some recent activity in the call log that only Gabi could have initiated. "I talked to Rolf -- not only has he agreed to get Stefan back to how he was, but he's on the way to Salem as we speak!" Gabi bragged. "Stefan doesn't want to love you -- he keeps telling you, over and over, that you make him sick and that he has no interest in being deprogrammed --" Li argued. "Who says I'm giving him a choice?" Gabi interjected. "You...aren't?" Li sputtered. "Figure of speech," Gabi claimed before storming off while adding that taking away a person's free will was Li's specialty.

Li waited until the coast was clear then dialed a number on the burner phone. "I need you to make sure Dr. Wilhelm Rolf stays away from Salem -- permanently!" Li ordered the person who answered the call.

Stefan, still bound and gagged somewhere within the secret tunnels of the DiMera mansion, tried to retrieve a cell phone from a pants pocket after realizing that Gabi had neglected to confiscate the device -- but it fell to the floor during the struggle.

Stefan kicked off a shoe and a sock in the hope of using the toes of a foot to operate the cell phone's touch screen -- and the device started ringing just then, announcing a call from someone at Statesville.

Stefan shook off the gag then activated the speakerphone setting and begged the caller for help. "Why should I lift a finger to help such an ungrateful son?" Vivian wondered. "I tell you that your son has been abducted by a crazy person, and you're not even the least bit concerned?" Stefan protested. "Where was your concern for your grieving mother when you rose from the dead? How many months now, and you haven't visited me even once?" Vivian countered. "You're right. I am sorry. It's just that I've been --" Stefan tried to explain. "Busy?" Vivian guessed. "You sent your attorneys to have me sign your late brother Jake's DiMera Enterprises proxy over to you," Vivian recalled. "Plenty of time for that, am I right?" Vivian snapped.

Stefan apologized again then continued begging for help and even promised to get Vivian released from prison as a way of returning the favor. "I'll take it under consideration," Vivian responded before starting to hang up on Stefan.

Gabi returned while Stefan was trying to convince Vivian to continue their conversation. Gabi seized Stefan's cell phone and deactivated the speakerphone setting then began chatting with Vivian. "Always so dramatic!" Gabi explained with a laugh when Vivian repeated Stefan's claim about having been kidnapped. "He's had plenty of time to take Chloe to New York for Christmas -- and Miami for New Year's!" Gabi stressed after realizing that Vivian was upset with Stefan for having neglected to visit since returning from the dead. "Rolf brainwashed Stefan to hate me and love Chloe. Maybe he did something to make him stop caring for you, too!" Gabi declared with a gasp before promising Vivian weekly visits once Stefan was back to normal again.

Gabi ended the phone conversation with Vivian then gave Stefan a shake of the head. "Nice try, but funny story -- Mommy Weirdest is Team Stabi," Gabi informed Stefan -- just as Rolf arrived.

Jack entered the Horton house while Gwen was wrapping up a phone conversation with the Spectator's webmaster. "This new exposť on the Salem Police Department's gonna send our online subscriptions soaring -- yes, I'm talking rampant corruption, gross incompetence, and personal vendettas --" Gwen teased, prompting Jack to interrupt with a cough.

Gwen said a quick goodbye to the webmaster then ended the call and greeted Jack with a hug. "I didn't know you were coming in, but it's really lovely to see you!" Gwen declared. "I don't suppose you'll feel that way when you find out why I'm here," Jack countered before revealing that Rafe had recently phoned to share a theory about Gwen's involvement in Xander's latest crime spree. "You're disappointed --" Gwen tried to summarize. "Sweetheart, we have graduated from 'disappointed' to 'disgusted' -- about three schemes ago!" Jack responded. "I was helping a friend," Gwen explained with a shrug. "A guy who's in love with another woman!" Jack pointed out with a shake of the head.

Gwen refused to turn on Xander simply because they were no longer in a romantic relationship. "He's your friend, too!" Gwen reminded Jack. "But I will not throw my life away for him!" Jack insisted. "Are you saying that you can't forgive me for helping Xander?" Gwen wondered. "I've lost track of all the things that I have forgiven you for," Jack grumbled. "Losing Abigail has changed everything for me -- my relationship to life, to family, to the preciousness of time," Jack continued. "I want to spend the time I have left making Jennifer as happy as I can, honoring the legacy of our daughter, spending time with J.J. and the grandkids -- I don't want to lose you, but I can't keep dealing with the negativity and the drama that you bring!" Jack concluded.

Gwen flinched at the criticism then guessed that Jack was simply blowing off steam. "I can understand why you would be skeptical after all the times that I have threatened to disown you, only to bring you right back into my life and into my heart," Jack conceded. "If I could have been a father to you when you were a little girl, perhaps I could have taught you the difference between right and wrong," Jack continued. "Do the right thing -- go to Rafe and tell him everything you know about Xander -- or you will lose not only the roof over your head and your job at the Spectator but me as a father!" Jack concluded. "Dad, we can fix this --" Gwen tried to object, but Jack interrupted and demanded an answer.

Xander was alone at the roach-infested motel, drinking whiskey and watching a movie about a bad man who was trying to win the heart of a good woman, when Leo arrived to deliver a warning. "I'm...kind of, sort of...testifying against you to a grand jury," Leo confessed with a sheepish shrug while ogling Xander's nearly naked body. "So, because your shabby little love triangle blew up in your face, you're gonna sell me out?" Xander snapped after Leo explained why keeping quiet about their recent partnership was no longer a priority. "It's nothing personal, big guy -- I just have to look out for my own interests," Leo reasoned, giving Xander another shrug.

Xander wrapped an arm around Leo and led the way to the bed. "What if I offered you another incentive?" Xander whispered. "What are you proposing?" Leo sputtered. "I can remember a time when getting me into bed was at the very top of your agenda," Xander elaborated while rubbing Leo's right thigh. "We have a deal -- take me now!" Leo agreed after some thought, prompting Xander to reach for another body part.

Xander wrapped both hands around Leo's neck and started squeezing. "I like it rough, but...safe word, safe word!" Leo managed to choke out, but Xander waited a few more seconds before finally letting go. "You nasty little bottom-feeder -- what made you think you could waltz in here and threaten me with no repercussions?" Xander snapped as Leo backed away. "Have you forgotten who I am? What's to stop me from snapping your neck like a twig?" Xander continued before starting to choke Leo again. "I've already lost Sarah -- most people would say that she was my conscience, the only thing keeping me from turning into the worst version of myself," Xander concluded before releasing Leo again.

Leo started to flee from the motel room while begging Xander to stay away. "Make no mistake, Stark -- if you tell the cops that you helped me, I will make sure that you join Susan Banks in the afterlife!" Xander called out as Leo disappeared from view.

Sarah entered the study of the Kiriakis mansion while Justin was telling Maggie about Bonnie's change of heart toward Xander. "Bonnie convinced you to give Xander another chance?" Maggie summarized, drawing a nod from Sarah. "Unfortunately, it didn't stick," Sarah revealed, prompting Maggie to release a sigh of disappointment.

Sarah began venting to Maggie and Justin about having caught Xander with Gwen in a state of undress. "Are you sure that you didn't misunderstand the situation?" Maggie wondered at the end of the tale. "Does it really matter?" Sarah countered with a shrug. "Even Bonnie was willing to give Xander another chance -- surely you can, too!" Maggie argued. "Maybe he is telling me the truth this time, but seeing him like that -- with that woman -- just proved to me that I'm never going to be able to trust him again," Sarah explained. "But he's not a bad person --" Maggie insisted. "Mom, I know you mean well, but my mind is made up. It's over between Xander and me. I mean, once the trust is gone, there's nothing left," Sarah maintained.

Maggie grew even more upset when Justin sided with Sarah. "I went along with Bonnie's decision to give Xander a second chance, but I don't think I'll ever be able to overlook what Xander did to Bonnie and Susan," Justin admitted. "I'm really glad to hear you say that. Maybe you could draw up the divorce papers?" Sarah responded. "So soon?" Maggie sputtered. "Are you not listening to me? I am ready to move on from this marriage!" Sarah declared with finality, prompting Maggie to drop the subject with a sigh of defeat then fight back tears while listening to Justin promise that it wouldn't take long at all to create divorce documents for a couple who shared no children and very few assets.

Leo ran into Gwen while passing through the town square. "I've decided not to testify against Xander -- turns out telling the truth may be hazardous to my health," Leo revealed. "That makes two of us who decided not to turn on Xander today," Gwen muttered. "I thought you'd already made up your mind not to cooperate with the police," Leo admitted, prompting Gwen to begin explaining how that decision had been put to the test earlier. "I'm on my own again. Jack made good on his threat -- he kicked me out of the house, fired me from the Spectator, and said I no longer have a father," Gwen concluded while Jack was numbly ridding the Horton house of photographs they had taken together.

Justin apologized for having gone against Maggie in the earlier debate about whether it was time for Sarah to divorce Xander. "He loves her so much -- you know he's not gonna take this well," Maggie fretted, drawing a nod from Justin.

Xander was still drinking whiskey and watching a movie when Sarah stopped by the roach-infested motel to drop off the divorce paperwork.

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