OLTL characters coming to GH

Posted Friday, March 30, 2001 5:09:41 PM
OLTL characters coming to GH

Look for Linda Dano (Rae Cummings) to bring her One Life to Live character back to Port Charles later this month. This time, though, she won't be coming alone.

Rae brings her newly-found daughter, Skye Chandler (played by Robin Christopher) to town in what is believed to be a search for Skye's father. Skye actually originated on All My Children, but moved to One Life to Live where she learned that Rae was actually her biological mother.

However, there's more to this tale. Rae is expected to return to Llanview, but it's believed that Skye will remain in Port Charles permanently. Reportedly, Skye provides the perfect stubborn leading female character for the writers now that Sarah Brown (Carly) has announced that she will leave the show. Ironically, Christopher's name was once bandied about as a possible recast for the role of Carly.

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