Richards returning as GH's Maxie

Posted Sunday, July 21, 2002 5:07:21 PM
Richards returning as GH's Maxie

Robyn Richards will reprise the role of Maxie Jones, just a handful of months after she was let go in order to 'age' the character.

Robyn Richards (ex-Maxie Jones) will return to General Hospital later this summer. Richards, who originated the role of Maxie in 1993, was dismissed earlier this year when the show decided to "age" Maxie. In March, Richards was replaced by Danica Stewart.

The move to recast Maxie came as a surprise to many General Hospital fans. At the time, the show hoped that aging the character would provide the writing team with additional storyline options. However, Maxie wasn't aged as drastically as many expected and some fans immediately began to question why Richards was replaced.

According to setside sources, the decision to un-recast Maxie was one of newly returned head writer Robert Guza's first major moves.

Richards' first airdate was not immediately available.

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