Kelly Monaco and Derek Theler share GH/Baby Daddy crossover deets

Posted Thursday, January 29, 2015 4:20:40 PM
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Kelly Monaco and Derek Theler share GH/Baby Daddy crossover deets

What happens when soap stars and sitcom stars unite for an exciting crossover event? GH's Kelly Monaco and Baby Daddy's Derek Theler spill all.

ABC's beloved soap General Hospital and ABC Family's popular sitcom Baby Daddy might not have much in common (besides the fact that they're both awesome), but the powers that be decided to take a chance and try a fun crossover event despite the differences. The result: GH's Kelly Monaco (Sam) will hit the ABC Family series on Wednesday, February 4, and Baby Daddy's Derek Theler (Danny) and Melissa Peterson (Bonnie) will show up in Port Charles on Friday, February 13. But just what can fans expect from the special episodes? Soap Central caught up with Monaco and Theler to find out.

As Soap Central previously reported, the GH/Baby Daddy crossover event promises to bring two pretty hilarious situations to both shows. When Monaco heads to Baby Daddy on February 4, she'll be playing an exaggerated version of herself, which she says will be quite fun for her fans. "The interesting thing is I went into Baby Daddy, thinking I was just going to play Sam, a dramatic soap opera actress like I am. But they wanted me to play what the audience perceives a typical soap diva to be," she explains. "So I got to really play around and kind of poke fun of myself and do like a heightened version of the perception of what a soap opera star is. So I went for it, and I played a big diva and a really bad actress. It was fun."

The Baby Daddy story, as an official press release teases, has Danny being offered a cameo role on General Hospital: "He's really nervous and asks Riley [Chelsea Kane] to help him rehearse. Riley is a huge fan and can't believe Danny is going to be in a scene with Kelly Monaco, who plays her favorite character, Sam. Although Kelly is initially annoyed by the stunt casting, she soon finds Danny charming and decides he needs to be her new love interest. Meanwhile, Tucker (Tahj Mowry) and Ben (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) are tired of living with Bonnie and are determined to get her out of their apartment and back into hers. The boys figure out the best way to break the lease is to have Bonnie 'die,' so they stage a funeral on the General Hospital set."

In a very different yet still over-the-top situation, Theler visits Port Charles on February 13 and will be playing Derek, a good friend of Dr. Patrick Drake's (Jason Thompson). "I'm Chief of Plastics at the hospital, which I think is a pretty solid title," he jokes of the episode that finds his character out on a non-official Valentine's Day date with Sam after he's stood up and Patrick is called away. "I was really hoping for an evil twin [storyline]. It would be fun to find out that I had a baby or something crazy. But it was good. It wasn't anything too crazy that I was working with when I got there."

As for the experience of being on a soap opera, Theler says it was more or less what he expected -- just loads faster. "It's dramatic, and it's more real than what I'm used to, but what I keep telling people is that the pace was so fast on the show," he says. "Everyone gets one shot at the scene and then we're moving on, we're going on to the next thing because we have so many things to shoot, and everyone has to stay so focused on set."

Conversely, Monaco says the vibe at Baby Daddy was way different. "I had much more time with Derek and the cast over at Baby Daddy, and we got to laugh a little and really kind of get to know each other, whereas at General Hospital, we move so fast, and it's so quick, you blink your eyes and it's over," she says. "It's a big difference in how you can interact with one another. At GH, we're not really around to laugh and screw around, and over there, they want you to laugh and screw around."

Says Theler, "Yeah, we spent a lot more time together on the Baby Daddy set, just because the way it works. The dynamic of the show is everyone kind of hangs out and rehearses together and tells jokes and enjoys each other, and at General Hospital, everyone is kind of focusing and working quickly and in and out of the scenes, and everyone has a purpose. On our show, everyone is like, 'Let's just take five and you know, hang out.'"

Adds Monaco, "Yeah, they'd hang out and eat and tell stories. It was fun. It was really fun being over there."

If the crossover is a hit with fans, there's always the possibility of the shows crossing over again, which both actors would be keen to do. "I love shooting comedy, so it was a nice break from having to cry and be upset all the time," Monaco says with a laugh. "But it's funny, because I'm way more dramatic on Baby Daddy than I am on General Hospital, so I think that's kind of the funny part of that. And the fans know, obviously, what I do. So I think it'll be fun for them to see me kind of make fun of myself... And I think the fans will enjoy seeing us in each other's elements."

As for Theler, he says he'd beat it back to Port Charles in an instant: "Maybe I will have an evil twin!"

To catch Monaco on Baby Daddy, be sure to tune in to ABC Family on Wednesday, February 4, at 8:30PM ET/PT. And to catch Theler and Peterson on GH, be sure to tune in to the ABC Daytime series on Friday, February 13.

Are you looking forward to the GH/Baby Daddy crossover episodes? If so, are you more excited to see Kelly Monaco on Baby Daddy, or more excited to see the Baby Daddy stars in Port Charles? Share your thoughts in our Comments section below, on our message boards, or by submitting Feedback.

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