GH actors accidentally botch lines, affect accurate retelling of history

Posted Wednesday, July 01, 2015 2:17:47 PM
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GH actors accidentally botch lines, affect accurate retelling of history

An unintentional mistake made by General Hospital's Anthony Geary (Luke Spencer) and Emma Samms (Holly Sutton) had fans in a mini-uproar wrongfully aimed at the ABC soap's writers.

Slip-ups were expected on the recent live episodes of ABC's General Hospital, but not so much on the currently airing pre-taped episodes. That may be why fans were a little confused by an on-screen conversation that inaccurately reflected the show's history.

On Tuesday's episode of GH, Genie Francis' Laura Spencer and Samms's Holly finally had a heart-to-heart about their turbulent past. As viewers may recall, Luke had sex with the former character and got her pregnant while he was still married to Laura. The mattress mambo resulted in Holly getting pregnant with Ethan (Nathan Parsons), a storyline twist the two female characters never had the chance to hash out until now. Unfortunately, during the much-appreciated moment, a line insinuated that Holly did not know Luke's look-alike cousin, Bill Eckert, when in fact, she did. Fans immediately began voicing their displeasure with the writers, but their fire was aimed in the wrong direction.

GH head writer Ron Carlivati took to Twitter to defend himself, posting a photo of the original script and writing, "Today's script made clear Holly knew Bill. Don't know why the line was changed."

Turns out, Samms and Geary were to blame. "Big confession re GH," Samms tweeted. "Tony & I couldn't remember the Bill/Holly thing so changed line. NOT fault of @carlivatiron or @valentinifrank"

The actress then followed up her original tweet with, "Please don't be mad at @valentinifrank and @carlivatiron It's not their fault!"

What do you think about the blunder on yesterday's GH? Is it a forgivable mistake? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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