Anthony Geary already planning GH return?

Posted Thursday, July 30, 2015 9:33:05 AM
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Anthony Geary already planning GH return?

Is General Hospital's Anthony Geary (Luke Spencer) missing the soap world already? The recently retired star says he's keen on returning -- if the story is right.

Fans who are having a tough time adjusting to General Hospital without Anthony Geary's Luke Spencer on the canvas may in for a treat. The recently retired actor says he'd be more than willing to make a return under the right circumstances.

Monday was Geary's final airdate on the ABC soap he's called home since 1978, and though he's been none too shy about expressing his strong desire to leave and stay away from the world of Port Charles in every exit interview he's given, one reporter managed to get him to admit that he's willing to make a GH return.

"If the story is interesting to me and it works out, I may come back to the show for six weeks or so," he told Entertainment Weekly.

The ABC soap's executive producer, Frank Valentini, also welcomes a possible Geary return. "He has millions of friends here," says the exec, who admits he was "devastated" when Geary came to him about wanting to leave. "It's not a question of him being able to stay or come back. It just has to be a good enough, solid to bring [him back]."

Meanwhile, as Soap Central previously reported, Geary will be keeping himself busy in a variety of ways, including going back to school and immersing himself in the culture and language of his now permanent hometown: Amsterdam.

"I'm not sick of Luke," Geary stresses. "He's an infinitely fascinating character. He's one you can take out of modern context, put in the16th century, and give him a sword. I really don't think we have exhausted what he can do. It depends on the writers and how far they want to look. We had just been repeating ourselves for a while. I had become a dad, a grandfather. There was no way I was going to stick around to become just another guy. If they come up with something, a twist, I would come for it."

The actor made no qualms about revealing his dislike of the show's former head writer, Ron Carlivati, and Carlivati's material. So perhaps new head writers Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman can write something Geary prefers, thereby making a miracle return happen? Looks like fans will just have to wait and see!

The topic of Geary's departure and the firing of Ron Carlivati will be discussed on the Friday, July 31, episode of the Kroll Call podcast, hosted by Soap Central's Dan J Kroll. For details on how to listen to the live stream or archived broadcast of the show for free from any web-enabled device, click here.

What do you think about Geary's conditions regarding a possible return? Would you welcome him back to Port Charles with open arms? Or do you think GH needs a little sans-Luke material? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below, on our message boards, or by submitting Feedback.

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