Tristan Rogers back to GH this week; actor teases big adventure ahead for Anna and Robert

Posted Tuesday, December 15, 2015 10:11:41 AM
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Tristan Rogers teases big adventure ahead for Anna and Robert

Who needs a cup of cheer when you've got Tristan Rogers for the holidays? That's what many General Hospital fans are thinking as they look forward to the actor's return as Robert Scorpio later this week.

It's the most wonderful time of the year for General Hospital fans, who not only get to look forward to the show's upcoming holiday gala but also the return of Tristan Rogers, who's back on the screen as Robert Scorpio this week.

ABC's Current Series Executive Nathan Varni took to Twitter to express his own excitement about the actor's return, writing, "You're not going to want to miss this story!"

Rogers, who also appears as The Young and the Restless' Colin Atkinson, also posted to social media about his upcoming return. "Just finished today's work. We are getting more into the Anna [Finola Hughes] and Robert as a team. This is fun," he posted last week, followed by: "Just taped my last show for 2015. Be back in '16. The adventure continues."

To find out exactly what kind of adventure Rogers is alluding to, be sure to tune in to General Hospital this week to see Robert Scorpio's long-awaited return. And for more hints at what's ahead on GH, be sure to listen this Friday's Kroll Call, the online radio program hosted by Soap Central's Dan J Kroll. Varni will be this week's guest and will be giving an exclusive sneak peek at what's coming up in Port Charles.

How excited are you to see Rogers return to Port Charles? What kind of storyline do you foresee for Anna and Robert? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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