GH's Nancy Lee Grahn shares her "transcending" abortion story

Posted Thursday, March 03, 2016 1:45:51 PM
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GH's Nancy Lee Grahn shares her abortion story

General Hospital star Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis) has decided to share a personal story about having an abortion when she was 25.

In a very personal blog post for the nonprofit organization A Is For, which is dedicated to advancing women's reproductive rights and ending the stigma against abortion care, General Hospital star Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis) shares that she chose to have an abortion in her mid-20s.

The Emmy-winning actress reveals that despite using birth control, she was "shocked, scared and overwhelmed" to learn she was carrying a child. However, she explains she was never uncertain about what she had to do.

"I knew I was not ready, prepared, or willing to be a mother at that time," she writes. "I never once wavered in my belief that this was not the man with whom I wanted to, or should raise a child. Simply put, I was resolute in my decision to terminate my pregnancy, and grateful for those that tirelessly fought for my right to make that decision about my own body, and my own life. I was relieved that I lived in a time where I would not be shamed, confronted or harmed by others while walking into my nurturing doctor's office for this safe and legal procedure."

In the personal essay, which you can read in its entirety here, Grahn also shares that she feels no regrets about having made the choice to give up her child. "The entirety of my short pregnancy and abortion was a deep and transcending experience. It is my story. It is my truth, and no one else's," she writes. "It belongs to me, and I cherish it. It helped me evolve as a person, and fueled my desire to be a good mother into actual manifestation when I gave birth almost 20 years later to the love of my life, Kate. It was ultimately a profound experience for which I have no regrets."

In addition, Grahn shares she stands "proudly with Planned Parenthood and all the reproductive health clinics all over America that love, nurture, and respect all women regardless of their race, income or zip code."

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