INTERVIEW: General Hospital's Katelyn MacMullen excited, shocked over Daytime Emmy nomination

Posted Friday, May 22, 2020 6:12:45 AM

Find out how General Hospital actress Katelyn MacMullen (Willow Tait) feels about her first ever Daytime Emmy nomination -- the thing that might finally get her out of her pajamas!

Fairly new General Hospital star Katelyn MacMullen (Willow Tait) is over the moon about her Daytime Emmy nomination in the Outstanding Younger Performer category. So much so, she was still obviously in shock when speaking with Soap Central about the exciting moment. She apologized for her answers being all over the place -- but in reality, she was just as charming, well spoken, and lovely as could be. Keep reading to find out about the special person who told MacMullen the good news, which scenes she submitted for her nomination, and what she might wear to the ceremony when it is televised in June (spoiler alert: it might be pajamas!).

Soap Central: Congratulations on your Emmy nomination, Katelyn! How are you feeling?

Katelyn MacMullen: I am so grateful. I'm just filled with so much gratitude. I'm in shock still though! I was not expecting it.

Soap Central: This is your very first nomination, so does it feel anything like you imagined it would?

MacMullen: No! I guess I just never expected this to happen, so I never really prepared myself for it. [Laughs] I'm just so excited and I'm so grateful, and I feel so lucky that I get to have this opportunity. I'm just grateful to the show and to all of my friends. It's just an amazing feeling, it really is.

Soap Central: I feel like you got really lucky, because for awhile, we didn't know what was going on with the Emmys or if they were even going to happen, which would have been a bummer for your first nomination. But now, it's full speed ahead, and they're being televised, which is so exciting!

MacMullen: That is so exciting. I didn't really know the whole situation with the Emmys, just because I am so new to it, but I just love how in general, since the quarantine, studios and the network and everyone I think is just feeling more appreciative and they're working together to bring content to the fans, and it's so special. I don't think anyone expected it, but I think everyone is just doing their best to make it work! And that's so exciting. I love it.

Soap Central: How did you find out about your nomination today?

MacMullen: I was tagged in a tweet, but I didn't even look at it, because I was like, "I don't even want to look," so I called my mom and said, "Can you look and see if something happened?" And she's like, "Yeah," and then she was like, "You got it!" I was like, "What?!" And I don't have cable, so she Facetimed me and we were watching The Talk on CBS together over Facetime.

Soap Central: I love that! It's so funny how we're all connecting in this way today, with Facetime and Zoom and everything.

MacMullen: I know! I love it! It just feels like a big family, and it's really special that way.

Soap Central: How did your mom react to the news of your nomination?

MacMullen: Oh, she was freaking out. She was like running down the stairs and screaming to my dad, but my dad was like, "I'm in a business meeting!" over Zoom. [Laughs] But my mom was like, "I don't care! Turn off your computer, I have news!" She was really excited.

Soap Central: That's hilarious. What scenes did you submit for your reel?

MacMullen: The scenes in Sonny's safe house where Willow is talking to Kristina about her experience in Dawn of Day, and that was with Maurice [Benard], Nancy [Grahn, Alexis Davis], Lexie [Ainsworth, Kristina], Chad [Duell, Michael Corinthos], and Joe [Flanigan], who plays Neil. And then I submitted a scene with Inga [Cadranel, Harmony] where Willow's mom first presents herself to her.

Soap Central: Were the scenes hard for you to narrow down, or did you have a pretty good instinct about what you wanted to submit?

MacMullen: I kind of knew right away. I knew that I wanted to keep it around ten minutes, and I knew that I had to say, '"Pick four scenes and call it a day." Because otherwise you start looking through that whole portfolio, and it kind of turns into this rabbit hole of, "Oh, well maybe this one! Or this one!" But I also asked around. I asked our producers if they had any suggestions, and so it made it easy. Oh, and I also submitted the courtroom scene and one with James Patrick Stuart [Valentin Cassadine] and Michelle Stafford [Nina Reeves] in the classroom when Willow and Nina have a blowout.

Soap Central: Speaking of James Patrick Stuart, how do you feel about some of the other people from General Hospital getting nominations? Is there anyone you're super excited for?

MacMullen: I am super excited for everyone. This cast is so amazing, and they're all so talented. I am so beyond excited for everyone. Truly, everyone! It's just one big family and we all get to work together and help one another. Well, mostly they're helping me, because I'm so new! [Laughs] So I'm beyond excited for everyone and also the show in general. It's just great that there are so many nominations for General Hospital.

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Soap Central: You're in the same category as Eden McCoy [Josslyn Jacks], so how do you feel about that? Is there a level of extra competition there because you work with her? Or the opposite?

MacMullen: No, not at all. She honestly feels like a sister to me because I'm close to her and her mom, and honestly, a win either way is a win for me. I don't really necessarily feel like there's a competition. I feel like I'll be so happy regardless. Obviously I'm biased and I would love for General Hospital to win, so either her or me, and that would be really cool. But I'm also in a group of very talented women and I'm just excited to have my name next to her and next to all of theirs.

Soap Central: Are you going to celebrate your nomination somehow?

MacMullen: I probably will. I haven't decided how yet, but I'm going to. I might go to my parent's house and then there would definitely be some celebrating happening for sure!

Soap Central: Have you received any guidelines or information about how the ceremony will be happening? They said that the actors will be participating from home and accepting their awards from home.

MacMullen: No, unless I got an email that I haven't seen yet, I haven't received any guidelines for that, but I'm guessing whoever has to give a speech will have to set up a Zoom from their apartment or whatever, and they'll probably have time to give a speech.

Soap Central: We usually ask "What are you wearing?" But I think the more pertinent question this year is, "What's your background going to be?"

MacMullen: Exactly! [Laughs] So funny. It's not about the dress this year, it's about the background.

Soap Central: That being said, have you given any thought to what you might wear?

MacMullen: I haven't, honestly. I guess I'm just like, "Katey, no pajamas." [Laughs] I haven't gotten out of my pajamas, so in theory, I'm going to have to put on some decent clothes.

Soap Central: That's hilarious. How have you been handling the quarantine and using the time you've had a home?

MacMullen: I've been reading a lot, working out, watching a lot of movies, just catching up on sleep, and hanging out with family, which has been really nice. Probably what everyone else is doing, honestly. [Laughs] And I'm also trying to find ways to stay creative and stay inspired, which can be a little tough, obviously. I'm trying to be productive.

Soap Central: Is there anything else that you want to add that I didn't ask you about?

MacMullen: I would love to send my thanks and my gratitude to the show and my peers and everyone involved. Also to my manager, Matthew Rusher, and my agent Dan Baron, and my acting coach, Holly Gagnier, who worked with me on every single episode. It's like her and I are sharing this nomination, because she has helped me develop this character so much. And also big thanks to [GH executive producer] Frank Valentini and [GH casting director] Mark Teschner for even giving me this opportunity to be on this amazing show.

Soap Central: Wow, you're already ready for your acceptance speech. You've got them all in!

MacMullen: [Laughs] If you can put that in there, I would love to send out some gratitude.

What do you think about Katelyn MacMullen receiving a Daytime Emmy nomination in the Outstanding Younger Performer category? Do you think she'll take home the gold this year? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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