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Andrew "Frisco" Jones
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Actor History
1984 to 1988; 1989 to 1991; 1994 to 1995; February 4, 2013 to April 8, 2013
Kevin Bernhardt
1984; temporary replacement

Director of the World Security Bureau (revealed Dec 29, 2014)

Spy for the WSB

Former police offer for the Port Charles Police Department

Former lead singer for the band "Blackie and the Riff Raff"


Formerly at the Port Charles Hotel

Marital Status

Single/Divorced (Felicia Cummings)

Past Marriages

Felicia Cummings (divorced)


Anthony Jones (brother; deceased)

Barbara Jean Jones (niece; deceased)

Lucas Jones (adoptive nephew)


Mariah Maximilliana Jones (daughter; with Felicia)

Georgianna Jones (daughter; with Felicia; deceased)

Georgie (granddaughter; via Maxie)

Flings & Affairs

Tania Roskov (dated)

Crimes Committed


Brief Character History

Frisco arrived in Port Charles when the manager of the band "Blackie and the Riff Raff" hired him to be the lead singer for the group. He and Blackie Parrish quickly became friends and Frisco moved in with Blackie at the Port Charles Hotel. The group eventually disbanded after Blackie was sent to prison for the murder of fellow band member Lou. Frisco remained in town and dated Tania Roskov until his brother Tony showed up in town and stole Tania away. Tania and Tony married and had a daughter together named B.J. Frisco forgave Tony and he helped Tony grieve when Tania was killed in a car accident.

Frisco fell in love with Felicia Cummings, an Aztec princess, although she was dressed as a boy when they first met. Felicia was anxious to get her hands on a family heirloom which was a ring that Frisco had purchased. Frisco and Felicia fell in love and joined Robert Scorpio and his wife Holly Sutton in Mexico to search for a hidden Aztec treasure. When their adventure was over and they returned to Port Charles, Frisco married Felicia and joined the police academy. He took a dangerous job working for the WSB (World Security Bureau) and was presumed dead in the line of duty.

Felicia was devastated but moved on with Lucy Coe's cousin Colton Shore and planned to marry him. She was unaware of Colton's involvement in Frisco's disappearance and was shocked when Frisco resurfaced just in time to watch her marry Colton. Frisco could not believe his wife had married the man that was programmed to kill him. After hearing this shocking news, Felicia developed amnesia and she had to choose between her Frisco and Colton. Luckily, Felicia regained her memory and she reunited with Frisco and they had a daughter. Fatherhood did not place a damper on Frisco's love for his job and he continued to take dangerous assignments for the WSB. Felicia could not handle the constant worry and filed for a divorce.

After the divorce, Frisco took off on various assignments for the WSB but he returned to town when his daughter Maxie was in need of a heart transplant. A donor was found and Maxie received a new heart, however Frisco and Felicia were devastated when they learned that Maxie had received her cousin B.J.'s heart. At the time, Felicia was engaged to Mac Scorpio but she sought comfort in Frisco's arms. Felicia broke off her engagement to Mac and reunited briefly with Frisco. He left town again, unaware that Felicia was pregnant again with his child.

In Frisco's absence, Mac stood by Felicia and they resumed their relationship. Felicia gave birth to Frisco's child, a daughter she named Georgie. Mac raised Frisco's two daughters as his own even after Felicia left town. In 2007, Felicia returned to town to attend Georgie's funeral after she was strangled by the text message killer. Felicia revealed that she and Frisco had reunited and worked together on several missions for the WSB.

Although Frisco and Felicia had reunited, Frisco continually made his job a priority and Felicia left him. She did contact him with the news that Maxie had chosen to be a surrogate and was pregnant. Frisco returned to Port Charles and was surprised to learn that Felicia had entered into a relationship with Mac. He made it clear to Felicia that he wanted her back. As Frisco tried to convince her that he had changed, he reached out to Maxie and tried to forge a relationship with her.

Maxie resented the years that Frisco had spent away but gave him the chance to redeem himself when she admitted that the child she was carrying was actually her own as the result of a one-night stand with her former boyfriend. Frisco kept Maxie's secret and helped her deal with the doctor that knew the truth and had been blackmailing her.

Frisco made a play for Felicia at the 2013 Nurses Ball. He sang a song to her and afterwards proposed marriage in front of the crowd. Felicia turned down the proposal and told him that she was meant to be with Mac. Frisco was devastated by Felicia's decision and told Maxie that he was leaving town. Maxie declared that she needed him here and begged him to stay. Frisco left Port Charles and returned to his work with the WSB. Police Commissioner Anna Devane remained in contact with Frisco and she shared that Frisco had replaced Victor Cassadine at the helm of the WSB.

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Who's Who in Port Charles

GH Actor biographies
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